Ultimate Review Of Best Bocce Ball Sets In 2023

Best Bocce Ball Set

Bocce ball is truly among the best outdoor leisure sports, and we totally see why. This sport is interactive, social, and a fantastic way to spend your lazy afternoons.
In our opinion though, the popularity of this sports is because, unlike a majority of the outdoor sports, you don't have to spend anything near fortune to play. If anything, you can find the best bocce ball set without causing hole through your pocket.
That said, finding the best bocce set there're numerous bocce set options in the market, and finding one that suits your needs can quite a challenge.
But the good news is, in our comprehensive guide we shall introduce you to some of the finest bocce ball sets in the market. And at the end of the guide, we shall also disclose some of the essential features you need to consider in your next purchase.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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  • 8 Bocce balls
  • 1 Pillion
  • Measuring tape
  • Carry bag



  • 107mm bocce balls
  • 60mm Pillion
  • 5’-foot measuring tape
  • 8 Bocce balls
  • 1 Pillion
  • Carry bag
  • Poly-resin


  • 90mm bocce balls
  • 38mm pillion
  • 8 Bocce balls
  • 1 Pillion
  • Measuring device
  • Carry bag
  • Poly-resin


  • 100mm bocce balls
  • 40-50mm pillion

    Other Great Recommendations

  • 8 Bocce balls
  • 1 Pillion
  • Measuring device
  • Carry bag



  • 90mm bocce balls
  • 8 Bocce balls
  • 1 Pillion
  • Measuring device
  • Carry bag
  • -


  • 107mm bocce balls
  • 50mm pillion

    The Best Bocce Ball Sets On The Market For The Money!

    woman playing bocce ball

    Baden Champions Bocce Ball Set - Editors Choice

    The Baden Champions ball set is one of the expensive options in the market, but the good thing is that it lives up to the hefty price tag by offering unmatched quality, and at the very least, it's going to provide you with the value for your money.

    Baden Champions Bocce Ball Set


    The Baden set comes with everything you need to play a game of bocce ball with friends. This set includes eight bocce balls (4 green & 4 red), a pillion ball, and a measuring tape.

    The bocce balls are designed with multiple scoring patterns, making the Baden set an incredible game for multiple plays for groups of 2 to 8 players.


    The bocce balls on the Baden set measure 107 mm, and though a tad larger than a majority of the bocce balls on this list, they're still within the acceptable standard sizes for professional play.

    Even so, their size limits their usage to adults alone as the kids will have a hard time handling the balls.


    Admittedly, the 2.0 pounds on each of the ball is a tad on the higher side, and I was concerned it would be difficult for my better half to make a throw. Surprisingly, however, Baden balls are more comfortable to throw, and more importantly, they're heavy enough to play on various surfaces such as grass, sand, and even at the beach.


    The Baden set is constructed from premium polyresin for added strength, and they don't usually crack like the plastic-made balls. However, the balls developed small chips after a few frames, but this is not a deal-breaker, as it's a regular occurrence for a majority of the balls.


    The Baden set comes with a durable denier nylon weather-resistant bag that allows you to take your set with you while on vacation easily. For improved safety and storage options for your balls, the kit comes with a foam divider that keeps the balls from bashing into each other. 

    You also receive a measuring tape, and though I don't consider this as a necessity, you might occasionally bump into a friend who doesn't give you the benefit of the doubt.


    • Durable
    • Professional-grade construction
    • Comes with accessories


    • Expensive

    Check Baden Champions Ball Set Price On Amazon

    Hey! Play! Trademark Games Bocce Ball Set - For Casual Play

    Our second-best option is a product of Trademark Games, and probably the best set you would need for the casual plays with family or friends.

    Hey! Play! Trademark Games Bocce Ball Set


    Hey! Play! Trademark Games arsenal features all the necessary components you would need to enjoy playing Bocce in the sunny summer afternoon, and this includes eight bocce balls, a single pillion, and a durable carrying bag.


    The bocce balls on this set come with a dimension of 90 mm, and in my opinion, its' the only limiting factor against the Trademarks Games set for professional use.

    Many users have an issue with the regulation size, but here's the thing, this set isn't destined for the competitive plays, so who cares?

    The Trademark set is ideal for use for the entire family, and if anything, I found it quite forgiving for my young ones as they had no issues handling the balls.


    The polyresin material on the Trademark Games bocce set gets you as close as to the professional bocce set.

    This material is sturdy, and it guarantees the perfect balance between size and weight.  

    Now, while they're slightly less weighty than the pro tournament balls, they feel full and will keep rolling, on almost any surface, and great for the non-serious lawn/dirt play.


    This set does not include a measuring tape, so you're going to purchase that yourself, but it includes a Coca-Cola bag, which seems quite resilient and durable. The seams on this bag, for instance, are expertly done, and the heavy-duty material is weather-resistant for the ultimate strength.

    The bag also includes straps for easy transport, allowing you to take your set wherever you go.


    • Perfect grip
    • Ideal for beginners and kids
    • Inexpensive option


    • Not standard size

    Check Hey! Play! Trademark Games Price On Amazon

    AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set - Best for Beginners

    Next on our list of the best bocce set is AmazonBasics Bocce set, a highly functional set that offers a relaxing, yet strategic game for anyone above 14 years.

    AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set


    AmazonBasics Bocce Set has a way of bringing people together for family time and socializing, and this is because it includes complete Bocce set with all the necessary playing essentials, including eight bocce balls, a white jack, measuring device and carry bag.


    AmazonBasics Bocce balls are available in 100 mm size and expertly sized for the professional tournaments.

    While the size might not be ideal for use by the kids, the 100mm balls provide the perfect compromise between the kids 90mm and the 110/115mm for family plays.

    When in use, I found the balls perfectly balanced and sized for both the even and uneven environment, including the lawn and rough surfaces.


    Each of the balls on this set is constructed from polyresin composite, and this makes the balls certainly among the more durable options that you could select for your bocce ball game.

    Unlike the plastic-constructed balls, these are not susceptible to lawn imperfection and do not easily break and crack even on the rough surfaces.


    AmazonBasics is a value-packed bocce set that includes a variety of accessories, including a square nylon pouch. 

    Now, while it was nice that they included a pouch, many of the users were concerned with the overall performance of the bag. For instance, the lack of compartmentalization caused the balls to move around a lot, especially when picking it up. 

    Now, while this is by no means a deal-breaker, bocce enthusiasts know well that transportation is equally as important as gameplay. In spite of this, the bag is decent and quite durable, too, and I was able to carry the bag effortlessly without fearing the straps would break off.

    The second accessory, the measuring tape, is, however, up to the task, and it was nice that I could take the most accurate scores.


    • Good bang for the buck
    • Premium quality
    • Weighty & balanced


    • The travel pouch is a tad flimsy

    Check Amazon Basics Bocce Price On Amazon

    GoSports 90mm Bocce Ball Set - Great for Kids

    Coming in at the fourth position is the GoSports 90mm, a set that is ideally suited for the kids as well as the adults who don't mind the size of the bocce balls too much.

    GoSports 90mm Bocce Ball Set


    Similar to all the premium options on our list, GoSports 90mm Bocce Ball Set is a complete solution for all your Bocce playing needs as it includes eight bocce balls, one pillion, a carry bag, and a measuring tape. 


    A major defining feature on this set is that it's designed with the kids in mind.

    For starters, it comes with 90mm-sized bocce balls, which are not only safe and unlikely to hurt your young one's toe when dropped, but they're easier to throw.

    Secondly, the GoSports 90mm departures from the tradition, and rather than having the traditional all-red and blue combo on the bocce balls, the brand has introduced yellow and green balls for greater visibility and appeal.

    Finally, the bocce balls are relatively light, and at 1 pound, they quite easy for your kids to make a throw without a struggle. 

    Despite the lightness, they feel weighted, which is a good thing as it easily accustoms the kids to underhand throwing techniques, therefore readying them for something a bit heavier. In any case, the weight difference is not too big, and the transition to the heavier bocce balls won't be a challenge.


    Material is yet another component that underlines the suitability of this set for kids' use.

    This bocce set gives you the option of choosing between two materials (Poly-resin and rubber) depending on your playing needs.

    The soft rubber, for instance, is quite the ideal option for playing on the hard surfaces, though it's not as lasting as polyresin.

    Polyresin, on the other hand, is ideal for soft surfaces, and it's a popular option because of its ruggedness and ease of use on various surfaces.


    GoSports 90mm Bocce Ball Set features a canvas carrying bag for easy transport and storage, alongside a measuring device for accurate shots.


    • Good value
    • Oriented for kids
    • Premium construction


    • Balls are not of regulation size

    Check GoSports 90mm Price On Amazon

    Playaboule Lighted Bocce Ball Set - Best for Playing at Night

    Playaboule Lighted Bocce Ball Set is the perfect Bocce set for anyone looking for a set that is a little more eccentric and out of the box. 

    This Bocce set is a premium option that boasts some of the ground-breaking technology, such as LED lighting system.

    Playaboule Lighted Bocce Ball Set


    Playaboule Lighted Bocce Ball Set provides players with a one-stop destination for all the Bocce playing needs as it includes a hot of Bocce playing necessities including eight bocce balls, a pillion, a carry bag, and a measurement device. 

    New Design V4 Plug Set

    Typically, Bocce is a daytime activity, but with the Playaboule, you can extend your fun time late into the night, thanks to the lighted bocce balls.

    By inserting a light inside each of the bocce balls and making the shell translucent, the balls become illuminated, letting players use this set even at the dark of the night.


    At this point, I know you might be wondering about what happens to the lighting system in case it becomes wet or even get hit hard.

    Well, you'd be glad to know that the bocce set is waterproof, and while they're not designed for use in water or pools, they're grit prof and sand proof.


    As for the size, the Playaboule Lighted Bocce Ball Set is designed for those who are serious about their game as the 107mm balls give players a professional feel. It's also worth mentioning that these balls can equally be used on a variety of surfaces.

    Similarly, the 50 mm target on this light-up Bocce set respects the US Bocce Federation ball diameters, and it's both great for the beginners as well as experts.


    Included in this light-up pack is measuring equipment that lets you draw the perfect foul line or build the right bocce ball court.

    Moreover, everything on this set is housed in a branded carrier bag that comes with an external front pocket.

    All in all, Playaboule Lighted Bocce Ball Set is an incredible playing set that offers excellent value for more, and it will genuinely improve your camping trips. 


    • Can be used both day and night
    • Balls are expertly designed
    • Ideal for family fun, especially when camping


    • Short lifespan

    Check Playboule Lighted Price On Amazon


    1. What size bocce balls should I get? Depends on how far would you like to take the game. For kids, balls of 77mm to 100 mm, is ideal and for those with generally smaller hands. International Federation for Bocce Ball rule requires balls to be 107 mm for adults, but women have the luxury to choose smaller balls of 106 mm.
    2. How much does a bocce ball set cost? Very inexpensive really. It will set you a couple of tenners
    3. What are bocce balls filled with? Bocce balls are usually made out of wood. These days, the best quality bocce balls are also made of solid resin; as they provide better durability and playing quality. The cheaper sets are made of recycled material or hard plastic, which aren't as durable as the resin equivalent.
    bocce ball buying guide

    Best Bocce Ball Set Buying Guide

    Generally, Bocce ball is a simple game to understand, but the quality of the set usually has a significant impact on the fun and consistency you'll have.

    That said, we tried to find some of the unique features that separate the cheaply designed set and the premium models.


    The first consideration to make when investing in a bocce set is determining the size of the bocce balls. In any case, the volume has a massive impact on the level of play, expertise, and age.

    For instance, a smaller size set, with balls of 77mm to 100 mm, is ideal for kids, seniors, and those with generally smaller hands.

    For kids, it means that the smaller balls can easily fit into their hands, and for the seniors, the small balls translate to lightness, making it easier for them to make their throws.

    For the regular adults, the typical size of the bocce ball should be 107 mm in dimension, and this is the recommended professional standard.

    Level of Play

    When purchasing a bocce set, you similarly need to consider the level of play. Are you planning to play for leisure play alongside your kids on the beach, or you're looking for something more professional or competitive?

    When searching for a bocce ball, you need to be aware of certain things; for starters, understand that the International Federation for Bocce Ball rule requires balls to be 107 mm for adults, but women can choose smaller balls of 106 mm.

    Besides the weight, the IFBB also requires a specific weight of 920 g per 107 mm, and so, if you're planning on investing in a ball for the higher competitive levels, then you need to consider the right size and weight.

    Material Construction

    It's equally crucial to determine the material construction of the bocce ball as it determines the durability as well as the overall performance of the set.

    The best material to choose is resin, which is exceptionally durable, but you can also find sets made from other materials such as hard plastic or even recycled material. With the latter materials, however, the set is likely to chip and fade, but the good news is they're cheaper and suitable for the beginners and or casual play.


    One great thing about bocce balls is that they're available in a myriad of prices to suit the budget needs of every player.

    However, this makes it even harder for players to select a bocce set based on the prices.

    The most expensive bocce sets are not necessarily the best, and in our opinion, your selection should be based less on the price but more on what the model has to offer.

    Ideally, you should pick a bocce set that is within your budget range, but most importantly, one that is will address all your playing needs.

    game of bocce ball


    Bocce is an incredible way to spend your quality time with friends and family. And fortunately, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the best bocce ball set and a guide that highlights everything you need to know about choosing Bocce set for your need.

    Use this best bocce ball set as a checklist while shopping, and we guarantee you that you won't be disappointed with your next purchase. Bear in mind, some provide carrying a bag along with the bocce ball sets as standard but some don't; worth checking out!

    Editor's Notes

    Why the Baden set is not only a champion in its name but also on this list is its level of flexibility. Unlike Gosport’s 90mm set, Baden allows you to enjoy the fun with as little as two individuals. Besides, you can play it with seven of your friends, unlike the Hey! Play! Set limiting you to only four people.

    Despite being a bit more expensive than other options listed here, it offers you a sturdy poly-resin construction to deter cracking. It also comes with a tape measure which is not available with most bocce ball sets on this list.

    Each ball measures 107mm, which is quite large and may prove challenging for children. Additionally, the balls are a little heavier than the other sets, making the Baden set more of an adult kit. However, their weight makes them easier to hit the target and usable on various surfaces.

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