Ultimate Review Of Best Frisbee Discs In 2023

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Ultimate Frisbee also called ‘Ultimate’ by the fans is a rapidly growing common no-contact field sport. It uses a flying disc or frisbee and combines the elements of football, basketball, and soccer. Played in teams, you will now find Ultimate clubs, leagues, and teams popping up near you. 

To start playing all you need are some friends, a flying disc, a good pair of cleats and maybe even a pair of friction gloves to enhance your grip. In this guide, we will talk about the best kind of frisbee discs available online and how you should choose the best one for yourself.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Things To Consider When Buying Your Ultimate Disc


According to the USA Ultimate regulation, the weight of a frisbee disc is 175 grams. This is the standard what you will notice in competitions and official games.

But if you’re a beginner who is simply looking to learn or play for fun, you should go for a heavier disc. These discs will fly a longer distance and faster than an official disc.


An Ultimate disc gets a lot of wear, tear, and scuffs if it’s in use regularly. If you get a less durable disc, like many of the small plastic ones you can win at giveaways, it will be more prone to cracking or chipping. That a disc will change its course of flying,  disrupting its course making it unpredictable to use. All of the flying discs in this list like the Discraft Ultra-Star are made created following the regulations which will help maintain consistency in flight, even if it gets rough around the edges. 

Throwability & Forgivability

These two elements are the key to mastering ultimate frisbee. You should be able to throw the disc forehand, backhand and other ways without losing your grip on it. When we talk about forgivability, we are talking about the ability of the disc to adjust in the air. Cheap discs are not the best in terms of throw ability and may curve off course when flung, and can hurt you with its sharp edges. If a disc is unstable it will shake in the air making it unstable in a phenomenon called ‘taco-ing’.

Material Of the Ultimate Frisbee Disc

Generally, frisbee discs are made of plastic as they are durable, can handle wear and tear, will not break easily and are lightweight. Good brands use hard plastic which will not corrode and are thus weather-proof. However, you shouldn’t keep them out in freezing conditions as they can crack.

Discs made for are made up of fabric elements which are primarily meant to be soft and not hurt kids while playing. In choosing safety, these frisbees are less resistant to weather, wear and tear.

And if often play with your furry friend, you need to make sure that the disc is dog-friendly. Look for a lightweight disc made of flexible material that will not hurt your dog and not get damaged by your dogs' teeth. Some discs are marked to be used by dogs and are specially made to take to the beach with your best bud.

They recommended staying away from soft discs that get floppy in the heat, which can be a sign of too-squishy plastic. Discs that crack easily with rough play are another sign of cheap materials. 

Grip and Rim of the disc

The Grip of frisbee is important as its main role is to enable great throws and catches. This means that the rim needs to be in good shape. Some discs come with textured edges which make it really easy to hold and throw. A deep rim also prevents the frisbee disc from slipping when thrown to you.

LED Frisbees

Some frisbee discs feature integrated LEDs which is great if you want to play outdoors after sundown. It glows while being thrown which makes it easy to spot it in darkness and late-night practice sessions.

The only catch is that these frisbees will need their batteries replaced every so often. Look for frisbees that come with a replaceable or removable battery otherwise you’ll have no option but to buy a new frisbee. There is another kind of LED disc available which can recharge using solar energy during the day and emit LED glowing light at night.


Probably the least important factor to consider while buying a frisbee unless you are finicky. There is nothing wrong with being style-conscious but do look for bright discs as they can be easier to spot. Out there colours like neon yellow, fluorescent orange, violet can be easily seen in the air.

The Best "Ultimate" Frisbee In The Market For The Money

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#1 Nite IZE Flashlight LED Light Up Flying Disc

While the Nite IZE Flashlight LED Light Up Flying Disc is heavier than the official regulation disc at 185 grams, the disc is still one of the most popular ones for the majority of players. 

Nite IZE Flashlight Disc

The unique aspect of this disc is its fibre-optic LED array, which allows you to play Ultimate frisbee in low-light conditions and even at night! The lights are bright and are placed all over the frisbee so that the frisbee can be seen at all angles. Now all the good frisbees are waterproof so it is no surprise that this disc also has that feature but it being an LED disc this is commendable. 

All good flying disc available online are waterproof and the Nite disc is no exception. But this disc is unique as it is an LED disc yet is waterproof, floatable, and is very durable. 

Reviewers rave about the brightness of the colors and durability of the disc. The Nite IZE LED Disc is also a safe buy as it comes with a Worry-Free guarantee. While the amount of time the warranty is valid has not been clearly mentioned, they do have active customer support so you should be able to buy it safely.


  • Made of flexible plastics
  • Aerodynamic design that allows it to fly high 
  • LED lights make the disc visible at night and its colour-changing abilities make the disc good for low-light conditions
  • Comes with a worry-free guarantee, while we’re not sure for how long it is, the customer support seems always willing to help


  • We would not recommend that you use it in a pool as the shield holding the battery is a twist-on and might let water in

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#2 Discraft 145 Gram J-Star Sport Disc

Till the 1980s, Wham-O discs were the most popular and highly regarded by the USA Ultimate. They were lighter than the ones used today and made of soft plastic. In 1980, Wham-O decided to alter the composition of the plastic thus making them cheaper and sturdier. This allowed other brands like Discraft and Innova to make similar ones and break into the frisbee scene. And in 1999, Wham-O lost its top spot after Ultimate leaders voted to choose Discraft as its official disc. 

Discraft 145 Gram J-Star Sport Disc

This is one of the official discs offered by the USA Ultimate Championship Series today. This distinction alone is a good reason to buy it. Since it has been designed with the rigorous standards of USA Ultimate in mind, the weight of the disc is 155 which is perfect for children and absolute beginners.

The Discraft has been designed keeping in mind aerodynamics and ergonomics and this allows it to fly longer and straighter than unofficial frisbees. The edges have flight rings in the grips to allow for precision during flight.

Discraft also has a glow-in-the-dark option allowing the disc to change color in the sunlight. This makes Discraft discs weather-proof. A big bonus is the affordability of the Ultra-Star Sport Disc as it is within an affordable range. 

Another reason we like Discraft is the company’s focus on community building. Discraft has been working for years to bring sports and fitness into underserved and vulnerable communities. All in all, the UltraStar deserves a top spot in this list thanks to its durability, good company values, high and speedy flight, flexible materials, and affordability.


  • Lightweight making it suitable for beginners
  • Made of a soft material which will not hurt the hands of a child
  • Durable like the original that can handle scuffs and reduce warping that occurs with repeated play


  • Available only in white color

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#3 Innova Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna frisbee is true to its name as it is heavier than the official standards to make it easier for beginners. The extra weight also helps the disc withstand strong winds and throws, so if you want to play on the beach or a windy afternoon, you can go for it with this disc. It is also pretty wide with a 23.5 cm diameter which helps the frisbee stay in the air for longer. It might take a while to get used to the thick grip but once you get used to it, you will not like any other kind of grip.

Innova Big Kahuna

However, we would recommend that you play with caution if you are a child or a beginner as you can get hurt due to its heavier weight if you accidentally miss it. 

The frisbee comes in a wide variety of colors, from basic black to bright blue, green, red, and yellow. Each has a big pattern of an intricate Big Kahuna on top of the frisbee for a beautiful aesthetic.


  • Affordably pried
  • Heavier at 200g which makes it suitable to use in high winds and to handle strong throws
  • Durable and can last for many years
  • Available in many bright colors


  • Not suitable for disc golf
  • May be heavy for small kids

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#4 Discraft 175 Gram Super Color Ultra-Star Disc

The UltraStar offers a good grip thanks to its flight rings that can help you throw the disc at high speeds even in the rain and the wind. Since this is an official disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series, we can be sure that it is made of good-quality plastic. The Discraft is manufactured in Michigan and has better quality than those made outside the country.

Discraft 175 Gram Super Color Ultra-Star Disc

While the throw depends on the skill of the player, we think the disc is designed to fly faster and steadier than unofficial discs.

If you’re particular about style, you will be really pleased with the Discraft as you have a boatload of colours to choose from and a lot of design options too. 

including eagles, yin yang, palm trees, iguanas, and more. There is also a glow in the dark option available if that’s what you require. 

It’s available in many different colors, so you can choose what will stand out best against your surroundings, whether you’re playing in a field, at the beach, or in the snow. 


  • Official disc of the Ultimate Championship Series since 1991
  • Available in a variety of colours and patterns
  • Glow in the dark options available
  • Made of a flexible plastic flexible plastic that can retain its shape
  • Easy grip thanks to flight rings on the edges


  • Cannot be used for disc golf

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#5 SLR Brands175-Gram Star Sport Glow In The Dark Flying Disc Frisbee

Another glow in the dark option is the SLR flying frisbee which is more affordable than the Nite Ize disc. Another point of difference is that this one glows without using LEDs or batteries and is at the recommended weight as per USA regulations. The SLR uses non-toxic phosphors that charge using sunlight and emit glow-in-dark light in the dark that is yellow-green, enough to be seen from a distance.

SLR Brands175-Gram Star Sport Glow In The Dark Flying Disc Frisbee

The SLR flying disc is made of hard yet flexible plastic that can hold the disc’s structure even after years of play while preventing warping or chipping of the edges. This means you no longer need to be bothered about the bends or cracks.

At the same time, it does not hurt anyone should it come into the contract with anyone. You can even use this disc with your dog. This disc meets the regulation recommendation of 175 grams which makes every throw consistent and higher. 

Since it does not use LEDs, the disc is safe in rainy conditions and will not malfunction in water or give off shocks. Even if you leave it in the rain, the glow will continue to be as bright as before. 


  • Lightweight and is at the official weight recommendation by the 
  • Bright and  glow in the dark
  • Great long throws
  • Dog-friendly and will not lose its shape after a bite
  • Non-toxic materials used that does not require batteries
  • Safe for kids
  • Affordable


  • Pricier than other frisbees on the list

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#6 Innova Pulsar

Many reviewers could not find any distinction between the Innova Pulsar disc and the Ultrastar. At 175 grams, the Innova Pulsar is a certified USA Ultimate disc with a similar shape to the UltraStar. It is quite stable, and the plastic is somewhat softer than that of most other discs reviewed on this list. 

Innova Pulsar

Durability is the biggest USP of the disc and the Innova Pulsar can take a beating. We have used it for about 6 months with frequent plays that ended up rough. Even when the disc crashed against the walls, there was no damage to the disc. The rim is thick which makes it comfortable to throw for beginners and does not need much more power to throw.

The Pulsar hold us well over months of heard usage but you may not want your dog to chew at it since the plastic is soft and susceptible to dents.


  • Official disc used by the Major League Ultimate
  • Can handle bites of a dog
  • More than 10 colors available
  • Can also be used for disc golf


  • A few people got a greasy disc in their package

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Girl Playing Frisbee


In this guide, we’ve discussed the top 6 flying discs for the game of ultimate. Now the USA Ultimate regulators have done their job and have set up regulations that decide the characteristics of a good disc. The safe option would be to purchase the official ones offered by the Daredevil Game disc, the Discraft UltraStar, and the Innova Pulsar. But have fun with the list and choose fancy colours if that's what you wish. The good thing is that neither of the top ones is expensive so go ahead and try the sport today. If you want to look the part, add some fancy cleats that are purpose made for ultimate.

Editor Notes:

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Although all the frisbee discs in our list are high-quality and reputable products, the Nite IZE Flashlight LED Light Up Flying Disc stands out as our best choice. 

The flying disc comes with many features that you’ll also find in other competing products. For instance, it is waterproof, just like any other disc is waterproof, which enhances durability. 

However, the Nite IZE Flashlight LED Light Up Flying Disc stands out due to the fibre-optic LED array in addition to the standard features. The lighting enables you to enjoy the sport in low light or even at night. The LED lights are placed on the entire frisbee disc to ensure you can see it from any angle.

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