Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter

by Lisa Hayden
Blade Nano

Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter

The Nano QX RTF quadcopter with SAFE is small, and safe to fly indoors or out. Its styling is in traditional quadcopter shape with a smooth black casing and green stripes on the central shell. There is also another model in black, with yellow stripes on the body.

Blade is a leading maker of quadcopter and toys and has created a nano-sized quad for both the beginner and the advanced quad enthusiast. But this is not a basic entry-level toy: The Nano is packed with cool technological features to help to keep it in the air, and to prevent it from being damaged.

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This S.A.F.E. technology enables the quad pilot to select between two different flight modes. These modes are either beginner or for advanced flight. The stability mode is perfect for beginners and allows the Blade Nano QX RTF to fly upright, even when the beginner is clumsy at the controls.

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In this mode the quad will have self-correcting flight characteristics, so the beginner doesn’t have to worry too much about the intricacies of flight, and they can simply enjoy flying.

In the agility flight mode, the experienced drone pilot can take over, and see what the Nano QX has to offer. In this mode, it’s possible to have it perform many aerobatic maneuvers. In either mode, the Nano QX RTF is easy to operate, and it’s simple to quickly switch between either mode. You have the choice and can decide which mode may be right for you.

Overview of the Blade Nano QX RTF

You can remove your Blade Nano QX RTF from the box, charge it up, and be ready to fly. There’s no assembly required, unless you wish to switch out the body color or the blades.

The Nano QX RTF is perfect for people who have never flown a quadcopter before. It’s great to learn on, and should you crash, its resilient material will just bounce back. The internal motor is well-protected. The beginner will enjoy taking it out for their first flight.

The Blade Nano QX RTF is so compact that you’ll be able to take it with you anywhere. Simply tuck it into your bag or backpack. Be sure to buy a protective case, or tuck it into a plastic storage container so that it doesn’t get damaged. You may wish to buy more than one, so that each member of the family can have fun on the playground.

It’s so small, that you’ll even be able to fly it within your own office cubicle, without any need to bother your other coworkers.

Best Features of the Blade Nano QX Quadcopter

The SAFE technology stands for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope, and is what makes the Nano QX RTF special.

In stability mode, the pitch and roll of the Nano QX RTF is kept to a specified 180 degrees, so it will never accidentally roll over. You can hold it in hover mode, even if you’re a beginner.

The best way to allow the drone to stabilize itself is to release the levers. When it’s in beginner mode it will simply take over. It will right itself, and move itself back into a stable hover mode.

Once you’re a pro in the stability mode, you’ll be able to switch the SAFE mode into agility mode. This enables the drone to fly at faster speeds than in stability mode, and achieve better maneuverability. In agility mode, you’re able to roll and flip the drone, without restriction.

Besides the two key modes there are many other interesting features to excite the drone enthusiast.

The Blade Nano QX RTF is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It’s small enough that it can be flown indoors. You can fly it in any room of your home, or you can use it for office fun.

The Nano QX RTF has been built with durability in mind, as it is smaller than your average quad. It has a tough casing, with a lightweight airframe. Each of the four blades is protected by blade guards.

The motors are brushed, which allow it to function smoothly

The radio controller contains a four in one DSMX receiver, mixer, safe sensor unit, and ESCs. It has four channels, to avoid interference on the flying field and E-Flite(R) 1S three point seven Volt, 150 mAh 25C LiPo rechargeable battery.

In the box is also a compact USB wall charger that contains a LiPo reusable battery.

Each kit contains a yellow and a green body casing, in cool Nano QX RTF graphics and logo, so you can choose your favourite look. There are also an assortment of spare rotor blades, that can be replaced when they get broken, or you can customize your look.

Blade Nano QX RTF Detailed Specifications

  • The Nano QX RTF only weighs 0.58 ounces or 16.5 grams
  • One rotor measures 1.97 inches or fifty millmeters
  • The length of the entire Nano QX RTF is 5.5 inches or 140 millmeters
  • The motor size is 6 millimeters brushed coreless
  • Drone flight time up to 7-8 minutes
  • It’s an RTF kit

The Nano QX RTF is designed to be flown by people of fourteen ages and over. It’s perfect for beginner or intermediate levels. The recommended environment is indoors, though it can be flown in the backyard if you wish. There is no assembly required.

Support for the Blade Nano QX RTF

You can expand your education about the technology that the Nano QX RTF is built with at FlySAFErc.com. There are extra parts and accessories you can buy for your Nano QX RTF, such as control units, motor, blades, and canopy. It has a limited warranty.

The two modes of the Nano QX RTF are perfect for two different types of skill levels. The price is at entry-level at under $90. Overall, everyone will be excited to get the Nano QX RTF unpackaged and soaring through the air.

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