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The drones are here. And they're not just for military purposes anymore, either. These days, you can find a drone in almost every industry imaginable. Whether you need to inspect high-rise buildings or monitor crops from the sky, there's a drone on the market that's perfect for your needs! If you're thinking about getting into this new and exciting field of technology but don't know where to start, we've got all the information you'll need right here in this blog post!.

These advances are not only made for toy drones, but for commercial drones, and military drones as well.

Toy drones are manufactured for the enjoyment of all. Given a chance, an enthusiast can fly a small toy quadcopter, out to long distances than the toy helicopter or toy airplane has ever been able to go. Some drones are equipped with such high definition cameras that are capable of challenging those of the professional photographers. It can be fun downloading all the photos and videos after a day on the field.

There are even drone pilots who consider themselves professionals. They provide various professional drone services that cater to individual needs, and even compete in some of the new drone festivals that have been gaining huge popularity in the USA over the past couple of years.

Commercial drones are making some advancements in the trades too. The company Flirtey is a UAV-based business that has been working on developing drone delivery services to carry small packages to clinics and hospitals in third world countries. Amazon and Walmart are both in the testing phases for their potential customer package delivery service, with Google also interested in jumping onboard.

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the latest innovations in drone technologies, just scroll down!

Military latest drone technology has already been used for pre-programmed air strikes against enemies in the middle east. These military drones are not only precision accurate, but are also meant to get the job done with minimum loss of civilian life through accurate GPS targeting.

The US government recently announced that it would be looking into having a new budget of $20 million dollars to invest in military drones to fight against ISIS.

Advances made in this fast growing technology is always enticing as you get to try out some new stuff for fun or potentially convert it into a hobby or a profession. It’s always exciting to read the drone news to see how far advanced latest drone technology has become today.

The Latest Drone Technology for Toys

There has been some exciting milestones achieved in terms of technology for toy drones. Many of these advances have been made in aerial photography and videography. If you can play a video game, you can learn how to operate a drone camera with ease. In fact, drones can be the best option for recording video in the wilderness. Not only is the quality of the video of very high-quality, it’s 4K video recorded on three axis camera gimbals gives it a perfect 3D aerial coverage that provides a treat to your eyes. Drone manufacturers are now offering collision avoidance, and customizable flight pathing options in order to stay ahead of the ranks.

In fact, many drone manufacturers have recognized the growing need to have the latest and best camera technology, and many more features incorporated in it as the competition in the market is getting challenging with time.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!





  • Gimbal stabilization technology
  • Built-in video editor


  • Replacement Propellers
  • Hard Side Case


Other Great Recommendations

  • Fully Autonomous Drone
  • Ground Collision Avoidance with LiDAR

GoPro Hero 3 above compatibility

  • Solo video game-style controller
  • High-quality HDMI port


  • Advanced aerial photography and videography platform
  • Longer flight time

CGO3+ 4K-resolution

The AirDog Drone


You may have seen many drones that are controlled with a radio controller, or that can be controlled through the use of a smart app on a smart phone or tablet. Now there is the Airdog Drone that can be controlled with the use of what looks like a wristwatch. The drone comes in a purple, black, and yellow quad-style body. To run it, it has a large black controller that is worn around the wrist. It has a small viewscreen, and has up, down, left, and right control buttons. There are also trim buttons and a few other features.

This is a drone that has been developed for action sports junkies, a potential new market. The AirLeash is the name of the viewscreen, and is perfect for the hiker or climber out in the wilderness who needs to keep both hands free. It also enables people to film themselves without assistance from others. The AirLeash is water-resistant and can be preprogrammed with a variety of flight patterns. It can also be operated manually.

The AirDog Drone can be used by people who ski, skate, surf, or wakeboard. The AirDog doesn’t come with a camera though, so you’ll have to buy one. But it does have a gyro-stabilized gimbal that fits a number of third-party cameras. The drone can fly up to 40 mph, and it can last from 10 to 18 minutes on a single charge. The drone itself is extremely lightweight and easily operable.

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3DR Solo Drone


3DRobotics has developed the 3DR Solo Drone for complete camera control.This quad is made with a dark grey frame and four long rotating blades. The camera gimbal hangs down from the base of the drone, which is protected by four long “I” shaped landing legs.

California Robotics calls this the world’s first “smart drone”. It’s supposed to give the drone pilot more control over aerial videography features than any other drone on the market today. It can actually isolate the camera movements from the actual movement of the drone itself. This latest drone will let you choose exactly how you want to film snapshots or footage.

It’s powered by a dual 1 Ghz Linux companion computer. You can preset a path in advance for when you control the camera, or vice versa. The Solo will work with any Hero4 camera.

The 3DR Solo Drone also has some great features, including selectable flight modes. A Cable Cam also allows you to select two different locations, which will enable your drone to fly an invisible line between Point A and Point B. There is the Orbit mode, which will allow you to select a single location, while your drone will encircle it in a wide oval. Follow Me will also allow your drone to follow you along. There is also the Selfie mode which will allow you to photograph or video yourself with your drone.

The 3DR Solo Drone will also allow you to stream live video directly to your mobile device through the use of a remote controller. The remote is HDMI compatible.

The downside is that 3DR does not come with a gimbal mount and camera. You could either buy it as a seperate unit or possibly purchase an entire kit with a little added cost to it.

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Yuneec Typhoon H


When checking out the latest drone technology you’ll want to take a look at the Yuneec Typhoon H. This is a dark grey metallic quad that also has a camera gimbal with attached camera. What’s notable about this drone is that the landing legs actually raise up in the air, offering a clear view for the camera to record its footage.

The Yuneec Typhoon H has been made by the Chinese manufacturer Yuneec International. This is actually a hexacopter, not a quadcopter, as it has six rotors and not the four of a quad. One unique benefit of six rotors is that if one malfunctions in flight, the drone can switch to a five-rotor mode in case one of the rotors malfunctions. There is no need to return to home, as the drone can still fully function.

This drone also has exceptional video and photo resolution. It has a native three axis CG3+ gimbal camera. This camera can take 4K footage at 30 fps, or 1080p footage at 120 fps. The camera can take vivid twelve megapixel snapshots in any of 360 degree directions. It will also stream live video directly to the included seven inch screen that is built into the remote control unit.

The Yuneec Typhoon H is made from a strong and durable carbon fiber frame that also has a collision avoidance system. This has resulted in it being one of the most durable drones on the market today.

It also has some flight modes that are similar to the 3DR Solo drone, such as Orbit Me, and Point of Interest. There is also the Curve Cable Cam which allows you to preset not just two preset coordinates, but many, to take your drone on a predetermined oval flight pattern. This function is excellent for those who wish to control the camera.

On one charge you can fly your drone for about twenty-five minutes.

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DJI Phantom 4

Quadcopter Photography

The DJI Phantom 4 is the latest in a long line of Phantoms. They have all been made in a distinctive shiny white casing, and are quad-style. They have two “D” shaped landing legs that protect the camera gimbal that is suspended from the bottom of the body. This line of drones has the distinction of being the best selling toy drones of all time. DJI is constantly trying to stay ahead of their competitors by offering the best and latest drone technology.

It has automatic collision control which will alert you when the drone has come too close to an obstacle. There is also a Sport Mode which will disable this collision detection and will make your drone fly at super fast speeds of over 45 mph. You can also record great video at this speed.

This drone also has ActiveTrack technology which will enable the drone pilot to select another moving object, for example a car, cyclist, or another drone, and the Phantom 4 will actually follow it without assistance from a tracker chip or beam.

The DJI Phantom 4 also has a 3 axis camera, and it can record 4K footage at 30 fps and 1080p at 12 fps. It will take 12 megapixel images in Adobe DNG Raw format.

One full battery charge will give the drone flier about 28 minutes of flying time.

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Parrot Bebop 2


The Parrot Bebop 2 is a toy drone quadcopter that comes in a white and dark grey body casing with four long black arms, with rotor blades on the ends. This quad has a built-in camera so there is no optional choosing of which type you want, but it provides a more affordable solution for amateur drone pilots who want the latest drone tech.

The camera is a three axis one that is capable of taking 1080p footage at over speeds of forty mph. It comes with several sensors, gyroscopes, and stabilizers that will help the drone stay balanced in almost any type of wind conditions.

The Parrot Bebop 2 has been manufactured with a durable frame made of ABS plastic and reinforced with glass fiber. The Parrot has a mobile app for iOS and Android so you can watch live-streaming video. There is also an auto-land button so you can land your drone quickly if you find it’s getting out of your control. One battery charge will also last twenty-five minutes, which seems to be the standard in the higher-quality tech drones on the market today.

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The Latest  Drone Technology: Military

In 2002, George W. Bush authorized drone air strikes for non-battlefield related missions. The USA first used drones regularly in battlefield airstrikes shortly after President Barack Obama began office in 2009. They were dropped on Al Quada militants’s homes in the Waziristan region of Pakistan. Drones were officially used in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, yet in 2012, it was acknowledged that these drones were also being used in Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia for the “War on Terror”.

In the beginning, the intelligence needed to identify targets fell short, killing civilians in the process. This has even happened as late as 2015, when two hostages were killed on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan by a drone bomb.

Today, the USA runs nearly 1200 UAVs—unmanned aerial vehicles—for the military. The USA wants to have complete transparency, so it’s recorded that they use the following models. Unfortunately, none of these drones is made for the toy market, so we can only seem them in action in the news. 

• RQ11 Raven
• AeroVironment Wasp III
• AeroVironment RQ-20 Puma
• RQ-16 T-Hawk
• Predators
• MQ-1C Grey Eagle
• MQ-9 Reaper
• RQ-7 Shadow
• RQ-4 Global Hawk

There have been swift advances in military  latest drone technology. This means that military drones can become much smaller, go higher, and faster. They can also fly a longer length of distance, helpful for when the target is several miles away. This smaller size of drone means that there have increasingly been more drones manufactured for the battlefield, due to decreasing costs, and less space required for stowage.

And it’s not just the USA who has been utilizing drones either. Other nations have been developing and researching their own military drones, leading to new advances for missions.

Most UAVs currently are still only used in intelligence operations, such as for surveillance or for reconnaissance missions. Besides strike missions, drones have also been used for electronic attack, and to take down enemy air defence stations, networks nodes, and communication relays. Drones are also useful for scoping out regions where civilians may be in need of rescue.

These types of drones can cost from $1000s to $1 million or more. Their size can be from under one pound to over 40,000 thousand pounds.

Drone Air Strikes

The latest drone strikes are often in the news. Around June 13, 2018, a US drone attack killed two Al Qaeda fighters and wounded their driver. Apparently this one USA drone had targeted a car that was driving in Habban, Yemen. It had been the second deadly strike that month, with the other one targeting two other Al Qaeda members in Marib province.

It’s unknown how the drone targeted the car, but most likely through GPS technology. This branch of AlQaeda is considered one of the most dangerous in Yemen. Apparently the US has also deployed military personnel to this region to retake Mukalla.

The USA openly acknowledges that it is still conducting air strikes against Al Qaeda. Back in March, there was also a drone strike that killed 70 fighters in a training camp near Mukalla.

ISIS is another terrorist organization that has not only been routinely targeted by USA air drone strikes, but also has been using their own drones for attacks too.

Recently, USA managed a successful drone strike that killed one of their rocket experts, Jasim Khadijah. It’s believed that he was responsible for a drone attack on US troops in northern Iraq, resulting in several troops being killed.

Since the enemy has been developing their own military drones, it’s been important for the United Nations to develop their own drone technology. Surprisingly, there have been actual few deaths for USA servicemen in actual combat missions. For this reason alone, advancing latest drone technology is perhaps the best way to decrease the loss of life in wars.

Keep an eye on the news over the next six months, as there will likely be some cool new toy drone releases in time for Christmas. The news is also worth watching to see the latest advances in military drone technology. There can be a lot of controversy surrounding drone use in warfare, but then there always is during conflict.

If you don’t already have your own drone, you’ll likely find some great deals on last season’s old drones, as the latest drone technology will soon take over for the latest and best releases.

Whilst we aim to provide you the best priced products in the market, there are always special occasions like Black Friday & Cyber Monday where, all products are available at an extremely discounted price on Amazon through deals.

Editor Notes:

After a thorough analysis of the five drones, the DJI Phantom 4 drone is our best pick. First, the company is the best overall when it comes to the latest drone technology. With phantom 4, you’ll be able to avoid colliding with objects thanks to the automatic collision control feature.

Furthermore, the drone has a Sport Mode function that disables the collision feature to allow your drone to fly at high speeds of over 45mph without interfering with the footage's quality.

Additionally, the drone has the ActiveTrack technology, enabling you to select another object and follow it without relying on the beam. The three-axis camera records 4k footage, which is above the rest in this category.

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