Amazon Echo Show vs Echo Spot vs Echo Plus vs Dot – Which One To Buy?

Amazon Echo Show vs Echo Spot vs Echo Plus vs Dot

16% of American residents own a smart speaker. Among these, 11% own an Amazon Echo device. Thus, Amazon made a reputation with its Amazon Echo smart speakers.  

So, if you want to purchase an Amazon Echo speaker for yourself or a friend, which one do you go for? Do you go for the simple Echo Dot or the Echo Plus?

We understand that it can be confusing. That is why we have done the groundwork for you in this article. Among the various Amazon Echo speakers, we have singled out four of them that we want to concentrate on in this article. That is the Amazon Echo Show, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot. Follow us to the end so that you can tell one apart from the other.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora etc

Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora etc

Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora etc

Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora etc

Display Screen?

Yes/8.0” with 1280 x 800p resolution

Yes/2.5"480 x 480




1 MP




Video Calls?





Audio Quality
Good/2 x 2.0” @ 10W per channel

Good/ 2W

Excellent/ 2.5" woofer and 0.8" tweeter

Good/0.6" speaker


Dimensions (Inches)

7.9”x 5.4”x 3.9”

4.1” x 3.8” x 3.6”

9.2" x 3.3" x 3.3"

1.3" x 3.3" x 3.3"

Weight (Ounces)





Amazon Device Exhibition

Similarities between Echo Show, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot 

  • For music lovers, all the models allow you to stream live music using Wi-Fi from sources such as Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, and so on.
  • As much as all these models come in different shapes and colours, they have a common denominator of having a sleek and elegant design.
  • You can use either of these devices to control the other smart devices in your home.
  • The fact that the smart speakers support Alexa means you can control them using your voice.
  • These speakers offer you the option of making free audio calls to the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Now let's have a look at each Amazon smart speaker in-depth and put all the myths to the sword.

The Four-Way Battle For The Best Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo Family

Amazon Echo Show

Being a smart speaker, it would make no sense if it didn't give you the sound you desire. For Echo Show, it lives up to the expectation of a smart speaker with its two speakers at its sides. The speakers have upgraded neodymium drivers that fill your room with excellent quality sound.

Amazon Show

Are you a cooking enthusiast and like experimenting with different recipes? Amazon Echo Show is your kitchen companion of choice. With the large high-resolution display, you can watch recipe videos, add items to your shopping list, as well as set wakeup calls and reminders on alarm clock and timers respectively

What's more, the device comes with a 5-megapixel camera on the front side just above the display, which makes it possible for you to make clear video calls through Skype and Alexa.

What would you do if you had a device that you could call out to do stuff for you? Amazon Echo Show smart speaker comes with an in-built Alexa voice assistant such that you can ask it to display your playlist, see the weather forecast, show you lyrics and albums, and much more, using your voice. 

The device allows you to watch movies, shows, music videos, live TV, and sports with a Hulu subscription.

With this smart speaker, you do not need a separate hub in your house. You can use the device to connect to the other ZigBee devices in your home and control all of them using this smart speaker. Plus, you can see who is at your door and communicate with them via the two-way audio without having to open the door.

Amazon Echo Show values your privacy very dearly with all the regulations being introduced across the world. You wouldn't want a device whose camera is on even when you need your privacy. As such, Amazon Echo Show smart speaker comes with a camera and microphone on/off button that electronically disconnects the microphone and camera, which guarantees you your privacy.


Amazon Echo Show goes for ~$230.


The Amazon Echo Show comes with a 10-inch screen that is nice to look at. It has a sleek and elegant design and offers you better sound quality.

The smart speaker comes equipped with two speakers at the sides of the device.


  • High-resolution display
  • A camera that enables you to make video calls
  • High-quality speakers
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Ability to control other smart devices in the house
  • Alexa voice assistant support
  • You can watch videos


  • The camera is not very strong thus the video call may not be very clear

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Amazon Echo Spot

For you to start using your Echo Spot smart speaker, you have to sign in to your Amazon account and connect to the local Wi-Fi. The process of signing up is effortless and straightforward that you can do using the on-screen keyboard, and if you are an app smart home junkie, you can use the Alexa app or your Smartphone keyboard instead.

Your smart speaker has an analogue clock face by default. Otherwise, you can choose to use any other face, including Bold Teal, Modern Fuschia, Onyx, etc.


Just like with Amazon Echo Show, you can use your Echo Spot to watch videos, movies, trailers, and so on. The only challenge is that you will watch rectangular videos on a round screen, which may force you to view small videos or large videos that may crop some content.

Wouldn't it be fun reading the lyrics of your favourite jam as you sing along? Amazon Echo Spot displays the lyrics of a song as it is playing, which comes in very handy.

The Echo Spot smart speaker displays the feed from your security camera, which allows you to know what is going on in your compound. However, you cannot zoom in and out, thus making it challenging for you to see the fine details of what is going on.

Echo Spot is a god-send for you if you love music. The 0.25 inches speaker that faces downward fills your room with nothing but the quality sound of your favourite jam, though the bass isn't as strong as the other Echo products. Of course, you can add some extra speakers if need be by connecting them through the 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth.

Using the built-in Alexa voice assistant, you can use your voice to tell the Echo Spot to perform specific tasks such as controlling other smart home devices, ordering pizza, playing music, showing you the weather forecast, and so on. The device comes with four microphones that help to pick your voice from across the room.

Lastly, Echo Spot comes with a camera that assists you in video chatting


Amazon Echo Spot retails at $129.


Amazon Echo Spot is a small smart speaker with a round shape and looks more like a watch. It has a smaller screen and speaker than the Amazon Echo Show.

It weighs 420g, which makes it steady while enhancing its portability. The Echo Spot also comes with a jack and Bluetooth that you can use for connection with other speakers. You can use the Bluetooth feature when you want to connect the speaker to your phone and listen to music.

There are three buttons that you will find on top of the device. Two buttons will help you to increase or reduce the volume while the other one will turn the microphone on and off. It features a powerful camera that comes with a toggle to turn it on and off.


  • Camera for video calls
  • Four microphones to pick your phone adequately
  • Allows you access to your security cameras
  • Alexa voice assistant support
  • Camera and microphone on/off button for privacy purposes
  • Compact design for portability
  • Displays lyrics while playing music
  • Good audio sound quality


  • You cannot zoom in and out on the security camera
  • Round screen not appropriate for watching rectangular videos
  • Speaker distorts if the volumes are high

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Amazon Echo Plus

In terms of audio performance, Echo Plus performs well as it comes with powerful speakers and a slightly larger tweeter. However, the smart speaker does not perform well when it comes to bass and when you crank up the speaker, you will have a challenge getting what the musician intended to say as the sound becomes distorted.

If you want to listen to cranked up music on better speakers, you can connect the speakers to the Echo Plus using an audio jack or the integrated Bluetooth.


Amazon Echo Plus stands out not because of its audio quality but because of the Alexa voice assistant. The device comes with seven microphones which are highly sensitive to pick your voice from across the room. At the mention of the activation word "Alexa", the smart camera comes to life ready to perform your task. 

Still not convinced why you should get the Amazon Echo Plus? Read on. You do not need to get other intermediary hubs as the smart speaker will act as the smart hub and control all the smart devices in your home using the Zigbee protocol.

With the Echo Plus, you can call or message someone who also has an Echo device or the Alexa app, and make calls on Skype using Alexa.

You can also use Alexa to order food from Zomato, book a carpenter from Urbanclap, and much more. You can also ask for a song from Amazon Prime Music, among other music platforms.


It will cost you ~$149.99 to get the Amazon Echo Plus.


Echo Plus smart speaker measures 235 x 85 x 85 mm and weighs 954g, which makes it easy to carry around and place it anywhere.

The device comes in a cylindrical shape with an extra height, which allows for a larger tweeter, which enhances its audio quality significantly. It also comes with a 3.5 audio output jack and Bluetooth, which will enable you to connect with other speakers if needed to form a group to broadcast across your living room.

The black Echo Plus has its control centre at the top of the speaker. Here, you will find the privacy button that you can use to mute the microphone and an action button that you can use to control the device instead of using your voice command. The volume controls are also at the top of the speaker in the form of a ring.

Amazon Echo Plus features seven microphones that enable it to pick up voices from across the room easily. The microphones are sensitive enough to detect the activation word easily.


  • Seven sensitive microphones
  • Slightly larger tweeter
  • Strong speakers
  • Audio jack and Bluetooth to connect to other speakers
  • Acts as your home's smart hub
  • Alexa voice assistant support


  • Sound quality distorts at high volumes

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Amazon Echo Dot

If you are looking for a smart home assistant speaker that you can effortlessly set up by yourself, Echo Dot is your answer. You only need three steps to set it up, which include plugging it in, connecting it to the internet, and then asking it to perform a task for you, such as playing music.

Echo Dot values your privacy, and that is why it comes with a microphone on/off button that you use to mute the microphones if need be. Additionally, it gives you control over the voice recordings such that you can view, listen, and delete them at will.

Amazon Echo Dot

If you have kids in the house, Echo Dot makes it easy for you to control their interactions with the device through the parental controls on the Amazon dashboard. As such, you can set time limits for how long they can use the device; you can filter explicit songs, and also add approved contacts all for free. You can also subscribe to the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited subscription and give your kids access to over 1,000 audiobooks, and premium kids skills from brands such as Nickelodeon and Disney. 

Did you know you can use your Echo devices as an intercom? Yes, you do not have to move from one room to the other making announcements to your family members. You can use Echo Dot as an intercom and talk to people in any room with Drop-In and announcements.

What's more? It enables you to make hands-free calls to your family members and friends in Canada, Mexico, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

With the Echo Dots, you do not need to have different hubs to help you switch off the lights or turn the thermostat up and so on. These smart speakers act as the smart home hub that enables you to control all the compatible smart devices at your home using your voice.

Also, you can enable Alexa Guard so that the device will send you alerts if the smoke alarm goes off, as well s the carbon monoxide alarm, and so on.

We all strive to make our lives as simple as possible, and Echo Dot is making your life more comfortable with the built-in Alexa voice assistant. Now, you can use your voice to ask for sports scores, weather, set timers, reminders, and so on.

You can also use your voice to play music from different music services such as Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and many more. Also, you can use compatible Echo devices in different rooms to fill your home with the sound of your favourite jams.


During its launch time, Echo Dot was retailing at ~$59.99, but with Amazon's current deal, it is retailing at ~$34.99.


Amazon Echo Dot measures 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.7 inches, and it weighs 10.6 oz, which makes it highly portable and flexible such that it can fit even in small spaces.

It also comes with a built-in speaker and an audio output for use with external speakers.

This smart speaker with a fabric design is available in a variety of colours, including plum, charcoal, heather grey, and sandstone. 

At the top of the speaker is the control centre. You will find volume up and down buttons, as well as the mic off button that you use to mute the mics. At the back of the device are the power port and the audio output.


  • Enhanced privacy
  • Acts as the smart hub
  • Alexa voice assistant support
  • Highly portable and flexible
  • Allows you to play music from different sources
  • Allows you to make hands free calls
  • Kid-friendly
  • Family sync
  • Easy setup


  • The sound becomes distorted when the volume is high   

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Differences between the four Products From Echo Speaker family

  • The Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot come with screens for display while the other two don't have screens.
  • All four Echo products differ in terms of shape, colour, and size
  • The Amazon Echo Plus comes in a cylindrical shape that makes its tweeter slightly more significant than the others.
  • The Echo Dot is the cheapest of them all and is the most portable and flexible
  • Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot come with cameras that you can use in making video calls; the other two don't.
  • The New Echo family products also differ in the number of microphones that help them to pick your voice

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Amazon Echo Comparison


It is quite tricky choosing one Echo device over the other as all of them offer you irresistible features. Note that the Alexa experience is the same in all the products irrespective of the make and price. If you are looking for an Alexa experience without spending so much, then you should go for the Echo Dot. It is the cheapest, has a fabric design, and comes in different colours.

On the other hand, you should go for the Amazon Echo Plus if you are looking for the best Echo experience. The device comes in a cylindrical shape that makes its tweeter slightly bigger and great speakers that result in better quality sound. Echo Plus also serves as a smart hub that enables you to control all the Zigbee smart devices in your home from one centre. Additionally, Echo Plus features 7 sensitive microphones that help to pick your voice from across the room.  

Editor Notes:

Choosing one Amazon Echo product over the others is not an easy task as each offers a range of beneficial features. 

For instance, the Amazon Echo Spot and Echo Show come with screens that make it seamless to operate. They also come with cameras, which you can use to make video calls.

As much as they are all great products, we recommend you go for the Amazon Echo Plus. Although it doesn’t feature a screen or camera to make video calls, it comes with advanced and irresistible features. 

For instance, it comes in a cylindrical shape, allowing bigger speakers, resulting in better quality sound. The tweeter is also bigger than other Echo devices, which offers clearer sound. 

With the seven sensitive microphones, the Echo Plus can pick your voice from anywhere in the house. Even better, it can also be used as a smart hub, enabling you to control the Zigbee devices in your home.

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