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We know that having a game room is the ultimate dream for many players out there. Whether youenjoy video games, table top games, or you’re just there for the competition, knowing what types of tables and which brands to include in your luxury game room is essential. Luckily, we are the authority on all things gaming! Read on here to learn more about our top recommendations for everyone’s favorite tables and what brands to explore to create a place you’ll never want to leave.


Here, we have the quintessential family classic. It might take you back to college frat parties, afternoons at the community center, or playing at that one friend’s house who always had the best setup. The foosball table was everywhere and it has stayed on in all our hearts as a nostalgic choice that people love to revive. It’s a game for all ages and skill levels, making it ideal for families.

Whether you choose to play one on one or two on two, our favorite foosball table brand is RS Barcelona. Since you’re building a luxury gaming room, you don’t want the basic plastic and polyester model to grace the center of your space. You need finely crafted and aesthetically pleasing choices that take the table of your younger years and make it fit for the adult in you. In addition to wooden elements, one of the other benefits of RS Barcelona is their use of cast aluminum players that really make wacking that mini soccer ball truly satisfying.



Reminiscent of curling, shuffleboard lets everyone bring out the olympian inside by turning a massive ice rink game into a miniature table top version. Another game that you can play with as few as two and as many as you want, it’s popular in tons of bars and lounges. When you choose the shuffleboard as your main centerpiece, you can bring the bar home and hang out with friends in absolute comfort.

There are tons of shuffleboard brands out there including Kush, Venture Shuffleboard, and Plank & Hide Co. If you’re looking for a brand that deals exclusively in shuffleboards, Kush ​​should be your top choice. They’re experts in creating tables of different heights and colors that come with a unique look and picture perfect markings. Customize everything about your table from playing field colors and field type to score keeper, stain, logo, and so much more.

Ping Pong

Another popular choice for everywhere from community centers and frat houses, table tennis has a wide range of fans. While some players take table tennis more seriously than others, even casual players love to take a swing at this game. From casual garage players to top level competitors, everybody enjoys some back and forth action with ping pong. If you’re a table tennis fan, getting one of these tables in your game room is a no brainer. Just make sure you stock plenty of extra balls and get a scoreboard to keep track of your games.

While they started out making shuffleboards, Venture Shuffleboards quickly expanded their inventory to include ping pong tables and so much more. With their level of expertise in wood crafting, they manage to take something as basic as a ping pong table and bring out every bit of luxury aesthetic. Explore options made of top quality woods including pieces made of walnut or maple.


basic Pool

Popularized by European royalty in the 15th century, these days you can’t find a city worldwide that doesn’t have some sort of pool hall. It’s the most popular at-home luxury that’s also the perfect recreational choice for every place from bars and break rooms to arcades and rec centers. There is nothing cooler than walking into a game room and seeing the pristine velvet of the tabletop beckoning you take a stab at being the best player around. Be the hustler you’ve always wanted when you bring a pool table into your luxury game room setup.

Since pool tables are such a popular option both for private owners and communal spaces, it’s one of the industries that offers the most choices for buyers. Some top names to look into include Valley-Dynamo, Imperial, Great American, and Brunswick Billiards. Get a super in-depth look at all of these brands when you check out our review of the best pool tables to buy ​​for your home.


While this isn’t strictly a gaming table, it still belongs in any respectable luxury game room. We love arcade games because of their versatility. You can have a single machine that plays literally everything from Tekken and Street Fighter to Mario and Donkey Kong. It’s also a great choice for your game room because you have a number of buying options and customizable arrangements. There are always vintage pieces from sellers online or you can make it a DIY project and completely tailor your own build, game options, and design.

Your basic arcade game model needs a cabinet, controls, television screen, PC, power strip, and game emulators. From there, you can totally personalize your gaming system with additional speakers, marquees, paint, and most importantly — games. Bring back everything from Galaga and Pac Man to Zelda and NBA Jam to play any time you want!

Air Hockey


A hit with both kids and adults, an air hockey table is perfect for a full household. All generations will have a great time playing, and it allows kids to bond with both parents and grandparents alike. The air hockey table is a little more complex than many other gaming tables due to the internal air pressure that comes up through the small holes of the table’s top. The mechanics of a hockey table make it even more important than usual to find a reliable brand to buy from.

One of the best names in the air hockey arena is Valley-Dynamo, and they have a number of great sizes and price ranges. The Lancaster Gaming Company is also a strong contender for a solid air hockey table at a great price. Compare the number one brands we recommend when you check out our ultimate review of air hockey tables here. 

Card Tables

While high activity games are full of excitement and competitive spirit, poker, blackjack, and other gambling card games should not be underestimated. For a more adult game night that brings out your Rat Pack spirit, get a card table that is as professional as one you’d find in a Las Vegas casino.

A card table in this style still offers a number of different sizes, shapes, and seating arrangements. You can get an octagon table for eight players with a felt top and cup holders for a large group of players or you can opt for a card table that has space for a single dealer. You should also consider marked tables with set areas for card placement, chip placement, and chip storage for a more professional field. For the true card shark, you can even get just the table tops that ensure you have a separate space for each of your favorite card games.

Some of the top selling brands include BBO Poker, Coaster Home Furnishings, and Bowery Hill. All of these companies offer several size and shape options to provide you the comfort and styles you’re looking for. Whether you’re hosting a night of Texas Hold ‘Em or Pai Gow, you’ll have more fun with a pro set.

Game Night Table


Not everyone loves playing stand up games like foosball or pool. If you’re more of a board game junkie, having a really cool table will elevate your space and ensure everyone is dying for you to host. You’re going to need something versatile that can handle Scrabble, Pictionary, Chess, Checkers, and maybe even some role playing games.

Instead of your basic kitchen table, look for something a little more special that includes extras like drawers, pull out shelves, extendable sizes, raised edges, compact storage, or a central screen on which you can project your more intense role playing campaigns. For this style of table, you may also want to explore sets that come with super comfy matching chairs. 

Your Perfect Setup

The first time I heard about an L shaped game station setup, my jaws dropped on how much people care about their gaming. Some people love just one game and end up designing their entire gaming space around it while others prefer to have a room that encompasses multiple pieces. When you’re getting ready to choose tables for your space, make sure to measure the room and pay close attention to table sizes before you commit. You want enough space and storage so that you can move around comfortably and relax with your whole clan.

A few other tips to keep in mind include making sure your tables have a cohesive theme, buying enough backup accessories for each game so that losing a ball or card doesn’t ruin game night, and having enough storage space to put everything away and avoid clutter. 

Now it’s time to get your game on! Shop our favorite brands and recommendations to find the perfect tables for your luxury game room.

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