Top 4 Additional Must Have Accessories For Your Gaming Chair

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Additional Must Have accessories for gaming chair

Other Side Accessories that you should have with your PC gaming Chair

You've got your extremely comfortable gaming chair and rocking it by spending hours on your favourite game, but perhaps mulling over if you want to sway towards the luxury breed and take your comfort to the next level or just want to check what the fuss is all about adding accessories to your chair?

Most gamers like me are what I call non-moaners! Give me a seat and my favourite game and all I care about is how much progress I have made in the game. But then there is a growing breed of  gamers who swear by scientific reasons on how your posture and comfort while playing can actually influence your gameplay. If you are one of the latter, you will probably love this article.

Dirza Clip On Cup Holder for Office Chair

Dirza Clip On Cup Holder

Alright, this is definitely a personal choice for us. As a gamer, one of the things we just can’t live without is an awesome drink to keep us boosted up for playing games. Drinks are essential to gamers. Still, we have one big problem regarding that. A cup right beside our computer can really mess the entire game up if it tips over and spills. It’s a major game buster. So, we really recommend that you get this Clip on cup holder.

The Dirza Clip-on cup holder is an awesome accessory for your chair. It’s lightweight and easy to use. It keeps our drinks from ever spilling on our game console. It has a very reliable strong grip on the sides of the table as well as on your arm rest.

What we love about this cup holder is that it can also hold cups with a handle. You can also put your phone in it and other necessary items. The cup holder has a 3-inch diameter opening which means that it can hold wider cups. It is also very lightweight and for that reason, it doesn’t add much weight on the side of your table or your armrest. It can hold a cup that contains up to 24.69 ounces.

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If you’re really tired of knocking your mug over or tipping your drinks on your beloved gaming console, then this is the perfect solution. It is very affordable and also lightweight, so this accessory is a sure winner for any gamer.

Mount-It! Ergonomic Footrest (MI-7801)

Mount-It! Ergonomic Footrest (MI-7801)

One of the reasons why we often experience fatigue in our legs is when we sit down for long periods of time. There are times when we really need an ottoman or a step-stool for us to rest our feet on for additional comfort.

A footrest--specifically an angled footrest--gives comfort to our legs and also to our feet overall, especially when we sit for a very long time and that includes gaming. The reason why we chose this angled footrest is because of the simple ergonomic design.

The foot rest has three height adjustments (4.3 in., 5.5 in., and 6.7 in.) for added comfort. The tilt adjustment also provides an angle starting from 0 to 30 degrees. You will also like that it is a high-impact plastic, so even if you do get frustrated with your game and start stomping on the footrest, guaranteed that it can withstand the impact.

The footrest has a wide foot space. This is particularly helpful for those who have larger feet sizes. The footrest has an anti-skid surface allowing you to gently relax your feet over the footrest without worrying about sliding off.


This is a great solution for elite gamers who spend hours after hours of gaming or working overtime on their office chair. You will definitely have lesser instances to stretch because a great foot rest relieves the tensions and the strain that your legs would feel when you sit down for extended hours.

DXRacer DSC11/NO NewEdge Edition Office Chair Black PU Ergonomic Headrest

DXRacer DSC11/NO Newedge Edition Office Chair Black PU Ergonomic Headrest

Unfortunately not all racing style gaming chairs come with a pillow for additional headrest. A great headrest offers a quick release of comfort especially for the neck. One of the places where we often feel fatigued when sitting down for a long period of time is the neck. The neck and the shoulders experience a lot of strain because we have the tendency to keep bending inappropriately.

This ergonomic headrest is comfortable and really soft. It is also made of high-quality PU leather. It offers great head and neck support. What’s great about this is that it can be mounted on any racing style chair. It can also be placed comfortably on your shoulders because it’s lightweight.

The padding is made of memory foam making sure that it contours to your neck and your head properly every time you rest your head over your shoulders. Although it can be stiff at the beginning, the fact that it softens up as time goes by and easily goes back to its shape and form even after long periods of use makes it an ideal item for daily usage.


Our head, neck and shoulders are the important parts of the body that we should take care of when playing games. That’s why getting yourself an ergonomic headrest accessory for your PC gaming chair will definitely add more comfort to your gaming experience.

BCP Stripe Stretch Slipcover

BCP Stripe Stretch Slipcover

If you notice, most of the chairs that we have here on our list have PU leather as their cover. The problem is that when we sit down on our leather seats for extended hours, we end up sweating because the heat gets trapped. It is also very unfortunate that we end up feeling soggy when we’re seated down for extra longer hours.

This BCP slipcover is a flexible stretchable cover that often fits most of the PC gaming chairs we have on our list. The seat cover is made of 65% polyester, 32% cotton, and 3% spandex. This is definitely breathable and takes a break from the heat being trapped by the leather.

It is very easy to clean. Just dump it in the washing machine and you’re good to go. Since it is very breathable, it is also easy to dry and reuse again. What’s also great about it is that the material is light and easy to use and also has anti-stain properties.


Slipcovers aren’t a necessity but they do add more comfort. It also adds an extra level of protection to your PC gaming seat that lengthens the lifespan of your computer gaming chair.

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