How to Make a Flower Pot in Minecraft – A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Make a Flower Pot in Minecraft

There is a plethora of different flowers that can be found in the world of Minecraft. These flowers come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and make for a beautiful decorative item to use in your home base. Although players usually plant them in the ground, you don’t have to be limited to that. Flower pots allow you to plant your flowers anywhere you want, allowing you to take your creativity and decoration to another level.

This article will guide you on how to make flower pots in Minecraft, as well as some ideas on how you can use them to decorate your interior and exterior.

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Pre-Requisites: What You Need to Know First

For players unfamiliar with crafting mechanics in Minecraft, let’s review them once to give you a short overview and get you up to speed.

Basics of Minecraft Crafting

Basics of Minecraft Crafting

In Minecraft, if you press ‘E’, it will bring up your inventory and the crafting menu. This is a 2×2 grid that allows you to craft limited items by placing them in a particular order. This grid is quite limited, however, and doesn’t let you craft a lot of items. To be able to craft more items, you will need a Crafting Table.

Understanding the Crafting Table

Understanding the Crafting Table

The Crafting Table is obtained by placing Wood blocks in a square pattern in your 2×2 crafting menu. Once you have placed down the Crafting Table, right-click on it to open the complete crafting menu.

Understanding the Crafting Table

Now, you can place items inside this 3×3 grid to craft the items you need.

Gathering Materials To Make a Flower Plant in Minecraft

To craft a flower pot in Minecraft, you will need three Bricks. However, obtaining bricks isn’t as easy of a process since you will need to farm Clay blocks first and then convert them into bricks.

Mining Clay Blocks

Clay Blocks are naturally generated in Minecraft and can be harvested to obtain four Clay Balls. This number does not go higher using Fortune-enchanted tools; however, you can obtain Clay Blocks using Silk Touch.

You can also convert Clay Blocks into Clay Balls by placing them in your crafting menu.

Where to Find Clay Blocks

Here are the different ways you can find Clay Blocks in Minecraft:

  1. Near Water
Where to Find Clay Blocks Near Water

Clay Blocks can be found in the Overworld near water. They are most commonly found underwater in swamps, beaches, oceans, and at the bottom of rivers and lakes. They are generated in small amounts, so if you want to collect a lot of clay for your flower pots, farming them may take some time.

  1. In the Lush Cave Biome

Lush Caves were added to Minecraft in the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update and can be found underground. They can generate at any height and are easily recognizable due to their many green blocks.

The Lush Cave biome is a good source of Clay since they have a large quantity of Clay Blocks on the floor of the ponds.

Tools Needed for Mining Clay

Tools Needed for Mining Clay

You can mine Clay blocks with any tool or pickaxe, but a Shovel is the best choice if you want to mine efficiently since it breaks them much quicker. A shovel can be crafted using:

  • Sticks,
  • Wood/Stone/Iron/Gold/Diamond/Netherite.

You can also enchant your shovel with Efficiency to increase its speed of farming.

Crafting Clay Balls

Breaking Clay Blocks for Clay Balls

Approach a Clay Block with your shovel and hold down left-click to break it. When you break a clay block with a tool that doesn’t have the Silk Touch enchantment, you will obtain four clay balls.

Inventory Management Tips

  1. Use Shift + Click

Instead of dragging and dropping your items in the inventory, press “Shift + Left Click.” But if you’re moving a bunch of the same item, the fastest way is holding shift, then double clicking.

  1. Manage The Toolbar

You can efficiently move items to your toolbar by simply hovering your cursor over the item and pressing a number key from 1 to 9. Each number corresponds to a different slot on the toolbar, allowing for quick item placement.

  1. Shortcut to Split Stacks in Half

Manually dividing stacks in half can be a bit tedious, but in Minecraft, there’s a helpful shortcut. Players can easily split a stack in half by right-clicking it. By default, the stack is evenly divided into two halves, but if there’s an odd number of items, they will be split unevenly.

Furnace 101: Creating Bricks

Furnace 101: Creating Bricks

How to Craft a Furnace

You need 8 pieces of Blackstone or 8 pieces of cobblestone to make a furnace. Open your crafting table to access the 3×3 crafting grid. Arrange 8 pieces of either stone around the outer edge of the crafting GUI, leaving the center square empty.

How to Craft a Furnace

After correctly arranging the items in the crafting area, the furnace will appear in the box on the right. Now, move the newly crafted furnace into your inventory.

Smelting Clay Balls to Make Bricks

Smelting Clay Balls to Make Bricks

To craft bricks, you’ll require a furnace, a fuel source to power it, and the main ingredient, clay. Place your clay and your chosen fuel in the furnace to smelt. Each clay ball will result in one brick.

Crafting the Flower Pot

Accessing the Crafting Table

How to Place Your Crafting Table

How to Place Your Crafting Table

To place the crafting table you’ve created, open your inventory and pick the crafting table. Scroll through your essential items list or use the number keys 1-9 for a swift selection. Once you’ve chosen, you’ll notice a distinctive white outline around the crafting table. Simply right-click on the location where you want to place it.

Interacting with the Crafting Table

Interacting with the Crafting Table

You can interact with a crafting table by opening your inventory, right-clicking (PC), tapping (mobile), or using the designated button. The 3×3 grid allows for more complex crafting than the personal 2×2 inventory grid. This will enable you to create various items, blocks, and tools following specific recipes or experimenting with new ones.

Placing Ingredients

Layout of Bricks in the Crafting Grid

Layout of Bricks in the Crafting Grid

As shown in the image above, set up three bricks in a V shape on your crafting table. This will allow you to create a flower pot.

Confirming Your Craft

After you have placed your bricks correctly, left-click on the flower pot on the right to confirm your craft and receive the item in your inventory. You can also press shift + left-click to place the flower pot in your inventory quickly.

Different Types of Flowers

Flowers are abundant in Minecraft and serve multiple purposes, including decoration and the production of dyes. There are currently 17 distinct types of flowers available.

Overworld Flowers

Poppies, Dandelions, and More

Overworld Flowers

Poppies, Dandelions, and More

Poppies and Dandelions are among the most common flowers in Minecraft. These yellow flowers are typically located in plains, forests, and mountain meadow biomes. In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, you can generate them in swamp biomes by applying bone meal.

Nether Flowers

Warped Fungus, Crimson Fungus, etc.

Nether Flowers Warped Fungus, Crimson Fungus, etc.

Warped fungus is a blue-hued mushroom introduced in the Nether Update 1.16. Warped fungus is not crafted on a crafting table. Instead, it must be located in either the crimson or warped forest, two of the five Nether biomes introduced in the same update.

Crimson Fungus primarily appears in the Crimson Forest biome but can occasionally be spotted in Warped Forests as well. With a guaranteed drop rate, it can be easily gathered using any tool or hand.

Placing the Flower Pot

In Minecraft, Flower Pots have been introduced as a means for players to display various plants within their home base.

On the Ground

Placing the Flower Pot On the ground

Ground Material Considerations

Flower pots can be placed on various surfaces, including grass, dirt, sand, stone, and wood. Some surfaces, such as water or lava, might not be suitable for placing flower pots.

You can’t place flower pots directly on top of other blocks or surfaces. They must be placed on the ground adjacent to the block you want to decorate with potted plants.

On Other Surfaces

Tables, Furnaces, etc.

On Other Surfaces Tables, Furnaces, etc

Locate a suitable surface, such as a table, furnace, or any solid block, where you want to place the flower pot.

Approach the chosen surface and right-click (on PC), tap (on mobile), or use the designated action button on your platform to place the flower pot. It will be set on top of the surface, creating a decorative display for your potted plants.

Alignment and Arrangement

Alignment and Arrangement

You can place a single flower pot on any solid block or align them in rows and columns for a neat look. Clustering them together adds vibrancy, while mixing flower types and pot colors adds variety.

Flower pots can also be hung from ceilings or walls for a unique touch, and if you want to conserve space, you can even stack them vertically.

Decorating with Flower Pots

Interior Decoration Ideas

Living Room, Bedroom, etc.

You can add elevated flower pots to give an aesthetic touch to living rooms, bedrooms, etc. You’re going to need four sticks and a flower pot. Once you drop them, you can decide where to place them in the room. Then, grab some beautiful flowers and put them in the pot.

Exterior Decoration Ideas

Garden, Patio, etc.

The regular cactus in Minecraft is quite plain-looking and boring, to be honest. So, you can improve them by grabbing a couple of cactus pieces. About six will do, then throw these pieces on the ground. Your improved, fancy cactus will appear.

Technical Aspects and Limitations

Flower Pot Capacity

Number of Flowers Per Pot

Each flower pot can only accommodate one flower or plant at a time. This means you can place a single flower, sapling, fern, dead bush, root, azalea, bamboo, or cactus in a flower pot.

Interaction with Other Items

Can you Place Torches or Other Items?

Flower pots are designed specifically for holding plants, such as flowers, saplings, ferns, dead bushes, roots, azaleas, bamboo, and cacti. You cannot place torches or other non-plant items directly into flower pots. If you want to place torches or other items, you must use different blocks or designed containers.

Aesthetic Considerations

Aesthetic Considerations

Color Coordination

Matching Flower Colors to Your Building Materials

When choosing flowers for your building, consider the color palette of your construction materials. For example, if your building features predominantly warm-toned materials like wood or terracotta, you might opt for warm-colored flowers like red or orange tulips. This way, you can achieve a visually pleasing and cohesive design in your Minecraft world.

Theme-Based Decoration

Gothic, Modern, Rustic Themes

You can enhance your decorative efforts by adopting specific theme-based styles like Gothic, Modern, or Rustic. Gothic embraces darkness; Modern emphasizes sleekness and minimalism. Rustic offers a cozy and weathered look. Use materials and decorations aligned with the chosen style and create a visually appealing atmosphere in your Minecraft world.


Common Issues

Unable to Place Flower Pot

You might have noticed a common issue of not being able to place flower pots. The reasons for this can vary. Players may need to explore and experiment to find suitable locations for these decorative items.

Flower Not Fitting

Another common issue you may have encountered is that the flower may not fit inside the pots. Flower pots are crafted to accommodate specific one-block-high plants, and sometimes, certain plants may not appear to fit as expected due to their size or shape.


Resolving the Above Issues

You can check the surface where you’re attempting to place the flower pot. It should be a suitable solid block like dirt, stone, or wood. Clear the area around the intended location and make sure you’re using the correct action for placement on your platform.

If a flower does not fit in a pot, ensure you use a compatible one-block-high plant like flowers, saplings, or others. Check the size of the plant, as it should be one block high or smaller to fit. You can also try different compatible plants to find one that fits well in the flower pot.

Community Contributions

Popular Minecraft YouTubers’ Takes on Flower Pots

You can find a lot of good decoration ideas from Minecraft YouTubers. These content creators take their time to pick out the best layout for your flower pots carefully.

These are just two of the many YouTube videos available on the topic. So head to YouTube and start exploring!

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How to make a flower pot in Minecraft FAQs

Can I Place a Cactus or Bamboo in a Flower Pot?

Yes, you can place cacti and bamboo in flower pots. A flower pot serves as a container for mushrooms, fungi, and various plants in Minecraft. It provides a suitable home for numerous plant types, including cacti and bamboo.

What is the rarest flower in Minecraft?

The rarest flower in Minecraft is the Wither Rose. While other flowers are readily obtainable or can be duplicated using bone meal, the process doesn’t apply to Wither Roses. It is also the most hazardous flower in the game, akin to the danger posed by a cactus.

Where is the flower pot in Minecraft?

Flower pots naturally appear in various Minecraft structures, such as witch huts (containing red mushrooms), igloos (containing cacti), and woodland mansions (holding different plants like saplings and flowers).

You can also make them using the steps mentioned above.

What blocks can flower pots be placed on Minecraft?

In Java Edition, flower pots, including air, can be placed on any block. However, Bedrock Edition requires a full-block top surface, the top of a fence, stone wall, or hopper. They cannot be placed on slabs and stairs unless those blocks are upside-down.


This guide provided a comprehensive overview of creating and using flower pots in Minecraft. We covered the basics of crafting and how to gather and use different materials to make flower pots.

The guide highlights different kinds of flowers and where you can find them naturally. We also provided a few ways to make your Minecraft world visually appealing with different interior and exterior decoration tips.

Additionally, we addressed common issues and offered troubleshooting tips. The guide emphasizes the importance of crafting tables in Minecraft and gives key information for players to enhance their in-game gardening and decoration skills.

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