How to Improve Your Posture and Why it Will Help You Become a Better Gamer?

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Good Posture=Better Performance! The Nitty Gritties

It’s gaming time and you’re getting ready to vaporize enemies as they threaten you. That's when I come in - to help you assume the right posture that will guarantee victory in the next battle campaign and convince you, that an improved posture will not only influence your overall well-being, but will help you focus on the game challenge ahead.


This guideline will look at how you can adjust your gaming setup so that you can assume a better position while playing so your body is comfortable and, most importantly, safe. You probably already know that natural and relaxed positions relieve your body from excessive strain. This, in turn, minimizes the probability of you suffering from neck pain and back pain. 

I’m an avid gamer and composing this article was more of an adventure, than work. As once I wanted to help myself, I am willing to help you and other gamer's improve their posture. It might sound cheesy - I did a thorough research to compile this handy article and some moments I have lived through myself, so it's full of practical tips.

You might not believe it at first, but gaming, despite being a ´sitting´ activity also has its own risks that might lead to an injury, and as much as gaming seems like a sedentary activity, a wrong posture can cause injury that lead to serious problems if not treated well.

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Common Injuries To Watch-Out For

The first condition that you ought to watch out for is the carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s caused by the performance of repetitive movements.

When you hold your wrists and hands in a locked position this can cause the carpal syndrome.

According to Rob Sherman, who is an occupational therapist with Renown Rehabilitation Hospital: “It’s a condition that occurs from compression of the median nerve as it travels through the wrist,” - who is - explains. “Symptoms can include numbness, tingling, pain, and weakness in the hand and arm.”

If the pressure builds up on the nerve, a permanent damage may result. If you have such systems, it’s advisable to see a doctor.

The other injury you need to be aware of is the hunchback. It often results from sitting in the same position for prolonged periods of time. “This often leads to a ‘hunchback’ type of posture, which may cause both neck and back pain,” Sherman says.

Man Leaning ON Chair With Console Controller

Tips on How To Adopt The Right Posture

Moderation And Variation

Moderation and variation will help you avoid sitting too close to the screen. This can result in eye strain and pain. Also, by being moderate in your gaming sessions, you’ll be in a position to avoid migraines.

“Carpal tunnel syndrome and back and neck pain can be prevented by limiting playing time to one-hour blocks, getting up, stretching and engaging in some form of physical activity,” Sherman says. Every now and then, make a point of taking up physical alternatives such as running.

Sit Up In A Chair That Has A Good Back Support

The sitting position that you adopt will vary depending on the console you’re using. It also varies with the type of seat you have at home. First, I’d recommend that you get yourself one of these They're ideal for both long and short-term gaming sessions. 

Moreover, I advise you to ensure that the screen or monitor is at eye level while you’re gaming.

“Incorporating principles of ergonomics, such as working in neutral postures, reducing excessive motions and maintaining good body mechanics will also help decrease the likelihood of developing these conditions,” Sherman says.

Identify Your Ideal Seat Height

The ideal seat height is the distance from the floor to beneath your kneecap.

Recline The Chair At An Angle Of 100-135 Degrees

Ensure that your lower back is resting against the backrest. Open up your shoulders and avoid leaning forward. There are chairs that offer a decent lumbar support, which you can check out here. They're also equipped with headrests, which can help you adopt a better posture and relax your muscles.

Maintain A 90-Degree Angle With Your Elbows

If you’re using your pads, let your elbows rest close to your body at a 90-100 degree angle. This leaves your hands resting on your lap.

In case you’re using desk space, your elbows can maintain a neutral position. This can be done by deploying an adjustable keyboard tray.

Keep Your Feet Flat On The Floor

Make sure that your feet are resting flat on the floor. The knees should also bend at a 90-degree angle while your feet are shoulder-width apart. Also, make sure that your hips are above the knees.

Parts Affected by Bad gaming Posture

Find Monitor Heights

Measure the distance from the floor to the eyes. Having done that, position your screen so that your eyes rest on the top 1/3 of the screen. Do this by attaching your monitor to a stand or an arm. Or, as an exclusive personal life hack: you can stack books under your monitor.

Distance The Monitor One Arm’s Length Away

The center of your screen ought to be one arm’s length away from you. For farsighted or nearsighted gamer's, you might have to readjust according to the prescription.

Switch Positions Often

This will help improve the circulation and keep your blood flowing. It will also improve your reaction speed while gaming.

Buy The Right Gaming Chair

There has been a market boom of gaming chairs in the recent past. This is due to the style and comfort that they offer.

The chairs are designed for gamers. If you happen to spend long hours sitting down, then you should buy one of this.

The next thing is to learn what posture is best for you. Do this by sitting up straight, putting your shoulders down and back while you tuck your chin. According to a study, published in 2014, sitting up causes positive changes in the mood, while hunching can cause its downslope.

Why Does Adopting The Right Posture Help You Become A Better Gamer?

Improved Blood Circulation

If you assume the right posture and use the right gaming chair, blood will flow to all parts of the body evenly. This will ensure that after a long time of playing your will not get a needle-like pain in your legs. The easiest way to do it - regular pauses. Since it is almost impossible to redeem your excitement while playing a cool game, getting a good ergonomic chair is a solution. 

Less Pain Equals Better Game-Play

Maintaining a good posture implies that you will not get distracted by neck and back pains. Your stress levels will drop and having fund will never be painful again.  As a result, you will reach better results in your gaming performance your competitors can only be jealous of.

At the end of the day, you need to remember that gaming chairs are not a magical fix. It’s up to you to be conscious of the posture that you often assume. Having done that, take this guidelines and the suggested initiatives to make necessary adjustments.

  • Take good care of yourself by being moderate. 
  • Avoid excesses.
  • Taking a walk or engaging in light physical activities in between gaming sessions would be a good start.

As we only live once (but who knows?), we should take care about our physical and mental health to live our life productively. 

The way to a better health is composed of small steps one should take every day, incorporating them into such routine activities and entertainment. This will give you the opportunity to prolong your moments of fun and prevent you from injuries. Ironic, but investing in a high quality is cheaper than paying a chiropractor.




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