The 10 Best Gaming Chairs Of 2022

by Lisa Hayden
Man On A Gaming Chair

The 10 Best Gaming Chairs You'll Ever Want to Have

One of the things that any gamer cannot live without is a decent partner in gaming. Computer gaming has completely become a sport and in order to be a real competitive gamer, you need the right and proper equipment to give you your maximum boost—even if it's just by the means of choosing the right chair for the job. If you're on the look-out for a great gaming chair, then we've got you covered.

We have a selection of great value gaming chairs of 2018 that you would not only love to have, but surely need to own. Comfort is definitely the top criteria for owning a great gaming chair. If you spend most of your time in front of the computer, you need something that will offer longer lasting comfort. Besides, the wrong chair can cause consistent back pains, butt aches and even those annoying instances where your legs fall asleep.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Picks

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What are the different types of gaming chairs?

Initially we would only limit our thought to buying gaming chairs for PC gaming. However, there are different types of gaming chairs out in the market so its probably worthwhile just to skim through the available variants to give you an idea. Typically these chairs are classified by the material they are  made of rather than their function. The key classifications that you need to be aware of are:


PC gaming chairs are the typical swivel chairs that we use for normal desktop computer usage. But when compared to swivel office chairs that we are commonly familiar with, they are designed like bucket seats or car seats for added comfort. They are built for comfort since it is expected that gamers would spend more time seated down on a chair to play.

PC chairs typically come with armrests, headrests, upgraded lumbar support, and a headrest for next support. They are also relatively well-balanced seats because despite carrying a heavy weight, it can bend back or recline all the way to 180 degrees without tipping over.


Just as the name suggests, these are chairs made with memory foam which is a really comfortable material. It is a preferred material for a seat because it doesn’t wear off easily since it retains its original shape despite being used for long hours of extended pressure. Memory foam has the ability to adjust to the different contours of whoever is sitting on it, adding great support and personalized comfort no matter what seating position you are in.

However, memory foam is perfect for younger gamers than adults. Memory foam chairs tend to be smaller and do not offer full body and spine support for adults. In contrast to younger players like teens and kids, this is the perfect gaming console for them since it offers a full body support.


Bean bag gaming chairs used to be the in-thing when gaming started to become really popular. But in the long run, gaming seat become less comfortable as a gamer sits on it for too long. Bean bags also heat up, making our bodies sweat and feel uncomfortable.

They are simply comfort chairs for any occasion and do not really offer the best comfort and convenience that gamers would often require installed around them for maximum gaming efficiency.


When you think of a pedestal gaming chair, it literally sits on top of a pedestal. Made with comfort and functionality in mind, pedestal chairs are much like PC gaming chairs. The only difference is that they sit on a pedestal or are chairs simply raised a few inches above the ground. They are also designed to look like bucket seats and designed for maximum gaming efficiency. This is preferred to be used by video game players rather than games done on a desktop computer. They are also great seats for the living room but are relatively not fit for desktop gaming.

Which chair is the best to use overall?

Besides the obvious functional usage to cater to like, neck support, ergonomic design, specific ones for tall, short or average people like me, Overall, there are only two top choices. But let’s talk about features first. When it comes to features, a memory foam seat and bean bag chair aren’t fully equipped to aid a gamer in playing a game. They are simply comfortable seats that prevent our bottoms from getting sore.

PC gaming chairs and Pedestal chairs are the best gaming seats for many good reasons. One reason is that they are really designed for maximum comfort while playing. They also come with added features like installed audio that can be linked to the game and add a more realistic appeal when it comes to sound effects. The seats are also ergonomically made to give support to the head, neck and spine while also giving maximum ease in playing games.

PC chairs are made for PC gaming while pedestal chairs are made for video gaming. However, when it comes to added features, pedestal seats are at leverage as they can be easily installed with other features like cup holders, Bluetooth speakers and connection, some even come with massagers and what’s great about them are that they are also perfect for larger gaming individuals.

The Best PC Gaming Chairs For The Money (Inc. Buyers Guide)

Despite the different types of gaming chairs in the market, our attention is on PC gaming chairs since PC gaming has become a sport. With these chairs gaining more attention, we have chosen only the best of the best ones that are readily available in the market; in other words only the best make the cut!

Our Pick - The PC Gaming Chair With Top Quality – DXRacer Formula Series OH/FD01/NR Computer Gaming Chair

DXRacer Formula Series OH:FD01: NR


The DXRacer Formula Series Computer Gaming Chair is patented after a real race car seat. With that said, the chair is made with great comfort in mind. Built for efficiency and comfort, it follows a design structure that smoothly contours the back for longer-lasting comfort while gaming for long hours.

The ergonomic design of  DX Racer comes with a head rest. Or rather, the back support of the seat goes all the way to supporting your head while you enjoy your game. The back seat offers a full back rest that is capable of supporting your head, neck, and spine. It also offers a semi-full recline to let the back rest for added comfort, especially in the urgent need to rest when gaming starts to take a toll.

We love that the seat is made with a highly breathable material allowing better air flow and preventing our back and bottoms from ever getting moist and sore. The seat is made with a smooth PU vinyl cover and a strong mesh. They are relatively easy to clean and also pretty gentle on our bodies.

The seat also comes with specially designed armrest for easing the strain on the wrists and shoulders to make gaming more efficient. It also comes with side supports for you to lean on when one gaming position gets too tiring.


What we love about DX Racer is that it is very comfortable; it is also durable because the frame is made with a heavy duty aluminum base. So this is a bonus for slightly overweight customers. It's also a highly preferable chair for people on the bigger and taller side because the height is highly adjustable along with the armrests. With a weight capacity of 265 pounds, you’re sure to be able to use it for a long time despite it weighing only 55 pounds.


On the down side, the chair’s cover is made with fabric which is harder to clean. Though PU vinyl is generally an anti-stain material, clean-up can still be a bust. Another problem it poses is that even if it can carry a person weighing about 265 pounds, the width can be restricting because the seat is actually quite narrow. It is also not fit for people who are taller than 5’11”, since the seat has contours that fit a person standing at around 5’7” to 5’11”.


Overall, it’s a great chair for gaming because it’s sturdy and comfortable, but it may not be a great choice for taller and bigger people.

Mid-Range Top Seller – Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair

Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair


If you are looking for the most comfortable gaming chair, then Ficmax is the best choice for you. It is designed for your maximum comfort and elite gaming experience. The seat is double padded and covered with breathable PU leather. The synthetic leather seat with high density sponge filling promotes great airflow which allows trapped heat to easily escape and allowing cool air to move freely throughout the seat.

What’s also great about the Ficmax chair is that the vinyl cover is easy to clean. It has anti-stain capabilities so it’s easy to clean and maintain. You will also love that the seat comes with two detachable pillows--one serves as an extra headrest, while the other back pillow serves as a good lumbar back pillow support. The pillows can be adjusted and placed to your desired position for you to have a more comfortable experience.

The surprise element of this is chair is that it comes with an added massage feature. The USB electric massager is found on the backrest and on the seat. This helps rejuvenate your back and bottom from extended periods of sitting down. Furthermore, this chair tilts from 90 degrees to a full 180-degree recline allowing you to have a full rest without even stepping out of your chair. You will also love that it has a retractable footrest making it an ideal chair for taking a 20 to 30-minute power naps.

As an added measure of support and comfort, the padded armrests are also adjustable to your desired length. The seat is also pretty tall with great head space for taller individuals. The back seat is gently contoured and since it has an adjustable pillow for comfort, it can accommodate players of various heights. The seat has a wide seating space thus being able to accommodate larger people.

Aside from the sheer comfort of the seat, it is also very sturdy. The seat frame is made of high-quality metal. It is also integrated with an explosion proof gas spring that’s why it is a heavy duty chair. The seat castor is designed to keep a stable and sturdy structure.


We love that it is really comfortable and on top that, really sturdy. The strength of the chair is unmatched since it is the only chair that offers great support for both heavy and tall gamers. It is highly adjustable and absolutely worth the cost of your money.


On the down side, the chair’s quality can be affected by how it is assembled. Since it is sent to your doorway for assembly, the sturdiness of the can be compromised due to that factor. Other than that, if you’re able to assemble this PC gaming chair well, then you are in good hands and you have the best computer gaming chair for PC games.


Overall, this is one of the best value chairs on our list. It has added features, great comfort and excellent design for any gaming experience. Given that it is also affordable despite the many features that it has, it is highly tempting not to miss out on owning one.

Economy Top Seller – Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair

Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair


If you're looking for a gaming chair that hugs your body well and also offers a great gaming experience, then this Merax Gaming Chair is a great fit for you. The design is filled with lovable features that most gamers would admire.

First of all, the seat is made with premium PU leather. It is smooth, easy to the touch and fairly easy to clean as well. The padding is made with great quality material that doesn't easily break apart despite extended use. The leather is great aspect of the seat because it doesn't easily flake off or break and neither does it fade in color. Other than the leather, the color concepts are great since it comes in four different variations: white, blue, green, and red.

Fitted with contour pillows and a high rise backrest, this chair is a real treat for all types of gamers. The seat comes with detachable pillows for the neck and lumbar support. You can easily fit the pillows in any position depending on your height and comfort level. What's great about this is that the side support are also fairly comfy giving you massive gaming comfort no matter what seating position you're comfortable with.

The back seat reclines from a 90-degree angle to a completely flat recline for easy power naps. Let's face it, some of us gamers just don't want to leave the computer alone as much as possible. Aside from that, this gaming chair has a pull-out leg rest. Nicely tucked right underneath your chair, the leg rest is just as comfortable as the rest of the racing style chair.

It also has a rocking feature that rocks back and forth. This is somehow a stress relieving feature that helps reduce the fatigue and tension felt by the body due to extended hours of gaming or just simply because you need to pull an all-nighter due to work.

The seat is very mobile, and despite it weighing only 52 pounds, it can carry a person as heavy as 330 pounds. This is a very stable chair with strongly built frames that caters to heavy duty work that allows you to enjoy your gaming experience full-time. The great thing about it is that Merax has the highest weight capacity on our list of computer chairs for gaming. The seat has a pneumatic gas lift cylinder that allows you to be able to lift the chair with ease even with the full force of your weight pressing down on the seat. This chair has a great stability and easy mobility because of its 5 multi-directional wheels.


We love the Merax gaming chair because it is very comfortable and it's a multi-functional seat that offers you the best of both worlds. And what's more, it costs about 10% less than the rest of its counterparts. With a long list of great features, you'll get to enjoy more than just the worth of your money, but the ultimate gaming experience at the most comfort with the least expense.


One the downside, the seat is fairly is already pre-reclined meaning it's not automatically set to a 90-degree angle. The titled seat can offer some sort of discomfort in extended seating positions since it forces the back to bend backwards rather than offer a neutral angle for sitting down. Though this is tolerable, it's still a good note to remember.


Overall, we definitely love this chair. It is among our top favorites due to the maximum comfort it provides at such an affordable price. The Merax gaming chair is a very convenient, highly efficient and very flexible gaming seat that also offers a great deal of support for gamers.

Other Great Recommendations

Good Life Ergonomic Office Chair Computer Gaming Chair

Good Life Ergonomic


The name really does state the goal of this chair. This Good Life computer chair for gaming is a real treat because it offers multiple comfort adjustments that would surely ease your life when playing games for a very long time. Having a great PC gaming chair more often than not translates to better and more efficient gaming experience anyways so Good Life is not a hard sell at all!

GoodLife, to start with is a stunner and for yanks across the pond, it fnatabulous. Actually, that's the very first thing you’ll notice when you grab hold of a Good Life chair. What’s great about this chair is that it's features are far superior than its already great looks. The design concept is definitely ergonomic and every feature of the chair is made to function.

The chair is designed completely like a racer’s bucket seat. To start off, it is made of PU leather and has a smooth pelt giving you comfort and sure quality strength. The seat is also adjustable with a tall backrest that gives spacious head room. Though it doesn’t have contoured back, this works to its advantage as it comes with two detachable pillows for adjustable comfort. This is perfect for all heights since you can position the pillow to your maximum comfort while you play your game.

The pillow headrest offers neck and head support. It has a great deal of protection and heavy support on your lumbar area. The lumbar pillow is highly adjustable too with seat straps, so you can place it anywhere you want it to. You can also take out the pillows all-in-all if you find them bothersome. Nonetheless, with or without the pillows, the seat is still superbly comfortable.

Good Life Chair comes with an adjustable arm rest. You can adjust it to go higher or lower and even adjust it from left to right. This is also particularly helpful to gamers with different sizes. The padded seat and adjustable backrest tilts from a 90-degree angle all the way to a 180-degree recline. This is helpful if you’d like to take a nap without having to think about going to the bed.

We love that the chair also has a stable structure made of heavy duty nylon base with 5 castors. The castors offer stability and due to the strong base, this PC gaming chair can carry weights up to 300 pounds.


What we love about this gaming chair is that it has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. Good Life Ergonomic Gaming Chair is made with the latest materials with a great design for function. It fits all types of gamers considering the height and the weight of the gamer and thus offers an adjustable contouring option with the use of detachable pillows.


On the down side, the chair is not pre-assembled. The quality of the seat can really be compromised once it is assembled the wrong way. This is unfortunate because the chair is quite hard to assemble in the first place. Also, it is quite expensive hit on the wallet


Overall, this is a wonderful seat. The chair is practically flawless and it puts your overall comfort and gaming support need at the forefront, albeit at a cost

Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair

Homall Executive Swivel Leather


With a beautifully contoured backrest, this Homall gaming chair is a real comfort by design. It also offers great support for the entire back because it comes with a detachable back rest for the pillow and the lumbar area. These are the areas that happen to experience the most strain when a person is seated for a long period. The seat follows those natural contours of a person with a height that ranges from 5’7” to 6’0” which makes you relaxed while playing a game.

The seat is lined with premium PU leather material which is really easy to clean. The entire chair is supported by a five-star base offering a great center of gravity that prevents the chair from tilting too much or even tipping over despite it having a maximum capacity weight of 300 pounds. It also comes with widely spread arm rests.

The back seat is also highly adjustable from 90 to 180-degree incline for its user. What we love about this seat is that it is gentle and it fits the back perfectly. The contour offers an orthopaedic design giving lasting comfort to your spine. It also offers great movement because the seat has smooth moving wheels and also swivels to 360 degrees.


We love that this seat is highly adjustable and accommodating to the immediate needs of the gamer i.e., great comfort and recline. The chair is also very flexible when it comes to both gamers and office workers.


On the downside, with a leather cover, the chair tends to heat up with extended use. The leather seat does not promote airflow thus causing discomfort when the weather becomes extra hot. Though it offers great comfort on the back, the seat becomes uncomfortable in the long run. Another problem is that the armrests are not adjustable. The distance of the armrests can be too far for small individuals, and not to mention that the price is really high. It is--on average—a hundred dollars more expensive than the rest of the seats on our list.


Overall, this is a great chair for those who love to play PC games for just a couple of hours a day. It may be a perfect seat for bigger and taller people but not quite accommodating for people under 5’7” in height. This would be a great adult gaming chair but not fit for smaller teens and kids.

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

Essentials Racing Style Leather


This is one of the best gaming chairs to choose because of the design. The seat is made with a mix of premium PU leather and mesh fabric. The premium leather offers great feel and extended cooling effect while the mesh fabric provides good airflow to prevent the chair from absorbing heat.

This is a perfect chair for both gamers and office workers. The seat is designed for lasting comfort with a great back and bottom support. It is also gently contoured to fit the curves of the back which has great spinal support and comfort. The seat is also very flexible and agile because the smooth multi-directional wheels allow you to move around the room without having to stand up. The wheels were tested to race all the way up to 46.4 miles with an average carrying weight of 180 pounds. Though you may not need it at some point, it still means that the wheels can handle heavy duty movements.

We love that the seat comes in different colors: lime green, dark blue, gray, and red. Did we mention that the seat has segmented padding? This translates to added comfort for each part of the body--especially the back. It has a good head space too that works well with taller individuals.

The seat has flip-up padded arm rests, so you can either tuck it away and flip it down when not in use or keep them up for added support on your arms as you play extended hours. The chair swivels to a 360-degree turn and also tilts back for extra comfort.


What we love about the Essentials Racing Style Gaming Chair is that it is uniquely designed for long-span usage. When we say long-span usage, it means that this chair promotes great airflow. Amongst all the seats on our list, this one really does provide extra comfort. We also love that it has a combination of leather and mesh fabric. It is very flexible and sturdy as well.


On the downside, the chair does not completely tilt all the way back. It doesn’t offer full recline where you can completely bend backwards yet not fully recline. Though it is also a great chair for comfort, it can only handle a person that weighs a maximum of 250 pounds.


Overall, Essentials Chair  is not only aesthetically great but it is also perfect for an elite gaming experience. With nicely contoured back rests and flip-up arms, you can stay seated on the chair for longer periods of time. You will also love that the seat promotes airflow that reduces the heat that are being trapped within in the seat.

VECELO Computer Office / Pu Task Chair 360 Degree Swivel

VECELO Computer Office : Pu Task Chair 360 Degree Swivel


Simple, comfortable and affordable. These are probably the three main qualities of this Vecelo PC gaming chair. One reason why this is a superb PC gaming chair is simply because it has a direct-to-the-point feature that a racing chair should have by default in our view. The Vecelo is a superbly comfortable high back orthopedic chair with awesome contouring- to help support the spine especially the lumbar area. It comes with a double padding that makes it super comfortable than most others in its price range.

You can also maximize efficiency, if you are lazy like me with Vecelo as it is very light and easy to move around in. The high capacity wheels can carry a load of up to 250 pounds. The stainless steel support offers great security and its added centralized gravity support allows you to tilt the back rest without actually letting you tip over.

You will love that this seat is customizable. With an adjustable height manual control, you can fit this chair even on lower desktop tables which is a great fit for kids and teenagers--who are, of course, generally smaller. The seat is highly flexible making it a great choice to have and own.

The aesthetics is also wonderful. The colorful contrast of black and red added to this racer PC gaming feel which are particularly enjoyed by most gamers. The seat has a 360-degree swivel which gives you more convenience and agility to move around the room or even the house.


We love that the seat not only looks good but it is also very flexible, comfortable, and adjustable. This seat is very cheap and it is the perfect chair that will surely fit both at home or at work. It is also a great piece of equipment that is great in accommodating smaller gamers.


On the downside, this seat is very simple. Since it is made of faux leather, the seat tends to become hot when used for continuous hours. The trapped heat becomes quite uncomfortable for the user. This is also a great office seat but as compared to most of the chairs for PC gaming available, this is quite a simple one.


Overall, if you’re looking for a simply comfortable seat to play games with, then this is a chair that is a real fit for the minimalist. This is a seat that offers great comfort and long-term use at a much cheaper price.

GTracing Executive High-Back Gaming Chair

GTracing Executive High-Back


For a gamer like you, we’re pretty sure that you need essential equipment for your elite gaming experience: the best PC gaming chair you can get your hands on. The GTracing High Back Racing Gaming Chair is yet another simple yet highly functional and comfortable model available in the market today.

What’s great about this chair is that it has a high back seat which offers a great deal of comfort especially for taller individuals. Despite the high back, it also offers great backrest for shorter individuals and makes the seat relatively comfortable for all people of different sizes.

GTracing inherits its design features and inspiration by NasCar vehicle bucket seats. The seat has a contoured padding that offers great design and comfort. The backrest and the seat have detachable pillows that can be adjusted into the most needed parts of the seat--which is the lumbar area, as well as the headrest. The segmented padding is guaranteed to last long because it won’t be pulled down by gravity in the long run and it also won’t wear out any quickly either.

The seat is designed for full gaming support, and it comes with comfortable armrests fixed to the seat. The fixed armrests ease the tension off of your arms and shoulders as you play your games extensively.

The seat is manually adjustable fitting to different table heights. This is a very simple chair that has straight-to-the-point comfort for gamers and office workers alike. And despite the simplicity of this chair, it is pretty sturdy and stable with the ability to carry a person that weighs a maximum of 300 pounds. It also swivels up to 360 degrees and partially reclines for stretching comfort.


We do love that the chair is a great seat for taller individuals. The high back seat is hard to come by especially for those who are looking for seats that would fit their height perfectly. Even with a high back seat, it is still cozy for both tall and short individuals. We also love that it has a heavy weight capacity of 300 pounds. Moreover, it reclines, swivels and adjusts to the right height for ultimate gaming comfort.


On the downside, the fixed armrests don’t give a good amount of space that can accommodate a wide space for larger individuals. It may be a great seat for tall people but not a perfect fit for our plump gamers. The leather, as usual, heats up and causes most of its users to sweat and feel a bit uncomfortable when sitting down for extended hours.


Overall, this PC gaming chair is pretty great and for the price, it offers more than its counterparts online. With great stability, height adjustments, quick swivel and ergonomic design for comfort, you'll get your money's worth.

Elecwish Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

Elecwish Ergonomic


Yet another stunning gaming chair in our list, the Elecwish is a real treat to the eye. If you're really looking for a seat that makes you want to feel like a race car driver, this full-on seat of comfort is a great pick for you.

Aside from the design of the seat, the sleek feature is highly desirable too. The seat is made with a thick layer of premium PU leather from top to bottom. What's great about it is that the thicker layer of PU leather gives it a very sturdy cover. It’s the type of faux leather that doesn't flake off or fades in the long run. It will remain the way it is the moment you bought it. The leather is also very easy to clean, it's anti-stain, and also nice-looking too.

The chair has segmented padding fitted perfectly that offers more than just comfort. The segmented padding adds a great deal of long-lasting support for you. It is made of a high-density sponge that is rather very comfortable. So no matter how long you spend your days seated down on the Elecwish gaming chair, the padding won't wear off easily.

The chair comes with two pillows for neck support and adjustable lumbar support for lasting coziness. Aside from those, the seat has a retractable footrest or leg rest to ease off the tension from your legs due to extended hours of sitting down. Of all the gaming chairs on our list, the Elecwish has the most extensive leg rest support. It means that the leg rest of this chair extends further than any of the seats with leg rests on our list.

The backrest reclines all the way down to 170 degrees. Though it doesn't go all the way flat down, you'll still find it really comfortable since we don't really often prefer a completely flat recline when resting. What's more amazing about the Elecwish is that it has a patented folding castor wheels that allows you to use the chair as a high seat pedestal gaming chair. The wheels can be adjusted so that it won't easily roll off especially if you want the chair to stay in one place.

The entire chair is highly adjustable as well. It offers a maximum lift of 3.2 inches to adjust to the height of your gaming table or your height. The chair swivels to a 360 degree turn adding to the mobility of the seat. So, this is indeed one of our contending  chairs that have a lot of things to offer.


We love that the seat is purely made with sheer comfort in mind. It is highly accommodating to different sizes and ages of gamers ranging from a primary school student all the way to your grandfather who wants to have a comfortable reclining chair. We love that it can handle a weight of 330 pounds which is 30 pounds more than the other seats. It is also fully adjustable with added unique features that offer you a great gaming experience.


The only bad thing we can say about the Elecwish is that though it can accommodate plump gamers, the fact that the arm rest is rather narrow, most people on the heavier side will not be able to fit in the chair. And since it is completely covered with thick layer of leather, the seat tends to overheat as well which makes you sweat and feel uncomfortable especially in the hotter season.


Overall, the seat is by far a great pick. It offers great aesthetics as well as functionality. All gamers need a comfortable seat to enjoy and rest and this is exactly what is needed by anyone for that matter. With regard to pricing, it falls on the mid-range tier of our expense list.

TOPSKY High Back Racing Style PU Leather Computer Gaming Office Chair

TOPSKY High Back Racing Style PU Leather


At first look, you’ll fall in love with the way this chair looks. It literally looks like the interior of a sports car taken out and had its own wheel installed on it. This gaming chair is definitely an eye catcher. At first glance, you’ll know that it has a lot of features to offer for your sheer comfort. You will definitely enjoy using this Topsky PC gaming chair.

First of all, the chair is upholstered with a PU leather cover. PU leather is fairly common due to its strength of hold and longevity. The seat is very comfy because of the wide backrest and wide seat capacity. It has more headroom and legroom making it a great fit for gamers of different sizes and definitely to our plump buddies out there too.

The seat features a segmented padding thus making the chair more comfortable and efficient for gamers too. The segmented padding adds to the strength of the seat in supporting you completely despite your preference of sitting down in so many positions. Since the chair is pretty wide, you can practically raise your feet up and still enjoy your game with all the comfort in mind.

The seat also features a comfy pillow for added back support especially for the lumbar area. What’s also great about this seat is that it comes with a great deal of added features for comfort. The seat has a retractable leg rest to release the fatigue off your feet. The foot rest extends out to a foot distance thus allowing you to rest your feet up in full incline if you’d like to take a powernap. You can also recline the backseat all the way down to 175 degrees. This becomes a great napping chair if you don’t want to move out of your seat in extended working hours or just taking a break from your gaming session.

This PC gaming chair swivels up to 360 degrees while it also offers a smooth recline and lock feature so that you won’t be jolted up to its neutral position at a 90-degree angle. The chair is much lighter than its counterparts weighing in only 44.1 pounds but still have a massive weight capacity of 300 pounds.


This seat is obviously beautiful looking as well as highly-functional. It offers great napping experience to its extended foot rest. We love that the thick sponge padding gives a great deal of comfort on all sides of the chair.


On the down side, the chair is pretty short. It cannot accommodate people taller than 5’10”. Though taller people can still use the chair, the headrest becomes impartiality to them. It is also relatively narrow thus allowing a certain number of plump gamers to sit on it with extended sleeping performance. It does heat up as well since the seat is made out of leather.


This chair has features that most of our PC gaming chairs have but despite that, it still packs a lot of features that are highly desirable. Overall, the TopSky is a great & comfortable chair that is very much a good partner to a gamer who enjoys just about an average amount of playing time.

Additional Must-have Items and Accessories for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

Pedestal Racing Chairs

Although PC gaming chairs are awesome equipment for elite gamers, having your very own pedestal chair in the living room will give you the ultimate gaming console equipment to own. PCs are great but as real-time gamers, we’re pretty sure that you wouldn’t just stick to that. So, we’ve chosen to add an extra pedestal racing style gaming chair. Of all the many seats in the market, we picked the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair and here’s why.

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1

The X Rocker is the best gaming console chair to have in your living room. It is a chair that fits all people of all heights and shapes. It is a great seat to own because of the sheer endless comfort it offers to all gamers.

The seat is made of a mix of fabrics. The cover is designed with a thinner layer of faux leather and mesh underlayer. The thin layer of leather adds great comfort to the seat, and the thick sponge padding underneath offers good head and back support as well. The chair comes with a comfortable segmented padding--this allows your chair to stay as tight and snug as long as possible.

X Rocker is made with a sturdy metal frame which gives body support and offers superior strength to make you feel comfortable and secure. The back rest has a fixed recline but you can tilt and swivel to 360 degrees for endless fun and comfort. The back seat curve offers great sitting experience that snugly hugs your entire body for supreme relaxation.

Your ultimate gaming experience can also be elevated with the use of the two audio speakers on both sides of the headrest. This way, you'll be able to enjoy a surround system feel and more realistic gaming effects while you play your favorite games. The seat comes with a subwoofer which gives you the maximum gaming experience you’re looking for.

The gentle elevation is perfect for any player. It reduces the tension on the feet and lessens the fatigue that most PC gaming chairs offer when they’re used for a long time. You will love that the seat comes with an adjustable gunstock arm rest to ease your arms and shoulders while playing games.

What’s more? The seat is foldable for compact space saving. If your chair tends to become bothersome to other people or guests, you can easily move the seat and store it since the seat folds for easy storage. We love that it is the perfect chair not just as a gaming console chair but also as a chair for reading, watching movies, listening to music or just to sit and relax. The seat is super comfortable and the sound quality is just as a superior as well.

On the downside, the thin faux leather does flake off in the long run. Don't worry though since it’s due to over usage that it will start to break. We would have loved the seat even more if it has an additional recline option.


This chair offers great gaming experience but not with PC games--unless you tweak your PC gaming console to the height of this chair. Still, this is a perfect seat for other gaming consoles like the XBox or other video games. Though it is more expensive than most gaming chairs, it does come with extra added features that most of us would love to have at home.


How much does a PC Gaming Chair cost?

The price range for buying a computer chair for gaming really varies. On an economic perspective, the average cost of a PC gaming chair costs about $60 to $100. The mid-range PC gaming chairs cost about $101 to $199. On the more expensive side of the price range, a PC gaming chair costs well over $200.

As a recommendation, mid-range price computer gaming chairs are ideal not just because of the price but also because of the features. The features of a mid-range priced chairs are practically the same as those gaming chairs that cost over $200.

Why are gaming chairs expensive?

There are two reasons why gaming chairs are expensive. Firstly is the brand and the second reason is the features and material it’s made of. Top brand names include Herman Miller Aeron, DX Racer, GTRacing, and more. These brands are more expensive than most PC gaming chairs.

On the other hand, another reason why PC Gaming chairs are more expensive than others is because of the extra features and materials it is made of. Compared to office chairs, PC gaming chairs are made with sturdier material like the metal framing. It also has comfort enhanced features that are specifically designed to target gamers or users who spend most of their time in front of a computer.

Ordinary office chairs are far cheaper because it is only a padded seat with wheels. PC gaming chairs are far different because they are individually structured and designed for added comfort and overall long-term usage.

On the plus side, PC gaming chairs look absolutely gorgeous, so they are also expensive due to that aesthetic factor.

Are pedestal gaming chairs expensive?

Pedestal gaming chairs are designed for the main purpose of providing the ultimate gaming session. And with that said, it has pre-installed features and added equipment to make gaming a better experience. A pedestal gaming chair have wireless bluetooth speakers, subwoofers, smart features, and more to make a gamer’s life much easier and their gaming experience more efficient.

Pedestal chairs are also PC gaming chairs in a couch form so it is made with a thicker material (i.e. thicker padding, upgraded upholstery, and stronger base). In another perspective, pedestal gaming chairs are bigger, heavier and are designed to be used as an accompaniment to gaming consoles like the XBox or the PlayStation and other video games. PC gaming chairs are much cheaper because they are, in a sense, an upgraded version of an office chair.

What ages can a gaming chair accommodate?

It is often expected that kids would be the main users of a PC gaming chairs, but in reality, the PC gaming chairs are designed to accommodate all heights and sizes. And for that reason, PC gaming chairs are created with weight capacities that are about 250 to 300 pounds – that’s more than the average weight of a child. From kids, teens, young adults and adults, a PC gaming chair can accommodate all ages, heights and sizes.

Why do I need a gaming chair?

One purpose why a gaming chair is incredibly useful for gamers is its top-selling factor: comfort. All gamers need equipment that will help them boost their chances of being at their full potential in playing a PC game. Here are some great reasons why a person needs a gaming chair:

Comfort is the primary factor. Gamers can sit in front of the computer for hours on end. Health benefit is another great reason why you would need a gaming chair. Office chairs may offer comfort but it doesn’t alleviate the tension and strain a person feel when sitting down for a long time. PC gaming chairs are all engineered for superb back support like adding contours or pillows for the neck, head and lower back support. People who spend most of their days sitting down--either gaming or at the office--suffer from back issues in the long run and PC gaming chairs can prevent that.

Strength and durability is another feature that PC gaming chairs have as compared to ordinary office chairs. The chairs are further reinforced allowing a bigger weight capacity for its users. Flexibility is one of the things that barely an office chair has. Almost all of them have recline, 360-degree swivel, and high-back rest.

What are the benefits of a gaming chair?

On a health perspective, the greatest benefit you can get from a PC gaming chair is the relief it offers to gamers. They offer better blood circulation, posture enhancing features, and easy cleaning.

Scientists argue that they have great circulation because the design structure doesn’t cut-off blood and air circulation as compared to normal run of the mill office chairs. It helps reduce muscle strain, and also prevents the body from getting stiff from sitting for a long time. All chairs also aim to  promote posture enhancing features like segmented padding or pillow for comfort and support especially on the spine. Lastly, cleaning is a breeze because the material commonly used in making the seat covers is PU leather. For as long as you care for it, PU leather will certainly last a lifetime.

What should I look for in a gaming chair?

When choosing a gaming chair, you need to consider the following factors:

Comfort is the main aspect of owning a gaming chair. A gaming chair offers a greater deal of comfort as compared to typical office chairs. Gaming chairs have better padding and material used to add more comfort to the user even if they have to sit down on a gaming chair for hours on end.

Ergonomic design refers to the overall aesthetics and the functionality of your gaming chair. A great computer chair for gaming is highly functional and one of the best aspects of the design is that it would provide great full-back support with easy adjustments. Ergonomics include the weight capacity as well as height--your PC gaming seat should be able to carry a heavy load but also cater to both short and tall people. Adjustability is also a great feature which includes recline, armrest adjustment and swivel. Though we often find seats with fixed armrests, looking for one with adjustable armrests would offer better comfort. It may add to the strain on the arm and the shoulder if you rest your arms for a long time.

Material is a great thing to consider too. You have a choice of PU leather, mesh fabric, or mixed fabric. Commonly, most manufacturers would use PU leather since it is longer lasting but it does trap heat and can make you sweat if it gets too hot. Mesh is also a good fabric but in the end would also feel uncomfortable when rubbing against the skin. Mixed fabric like vinyl and such are also great material to use but it is much harder to clean up.

Style is an added great feature. We’re pretty sure that you’d also like an awesome looking chair when you’re playing your game, right? Style is definitely important and that is one big reason why a lot of gamers would prefer getting a racing style PC gaming chair.

Key Findings & The Duel

DXRacer Formula Series OH/FD01/NR Vs Ficmax High-Back Gaming Chair

DXRacer is one of the top quality brands when it comes to making gaming chairs. We like the FD01 in particular because of its simplicity. Though it costs more than most of the chairs on our list, the fact that its frame is made of aluminum framing makes it more durable while the Ficmax High-Back uses stainless steel.

The DXRacer is made of a mix of PU vinyl and mesh cover making it extremely breathable and a more comfortable chair when it comes to extended hours of sitting. Ficmax, on the other hand, is made of PU leather cover. Though it’s pretty comfortable, the extended use of the chair proves to be rather uncomfortable since it makes the user sweat. The heat gets trapped when it comes to the leather seat.

DXRacer, overall is a great quality chair that offers direct-to-the point seating comfort. It doesn’t offer excess features that other people find disturbing or rather unnecessary and for that reason, it is our top pick for the highest quality PC gaming chair.

Though the DXRacer is made with an aluminum frame, it can only handle a maximum weight of 265 pounds while Ficmax can hold up to 300 pounds. Ficmax also comes with a relaxation feature – it has an electric massager for extra fatigue release.

DXRacer Formula Series OH/FD01/ NR versus Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair

Our third pick Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair as compared to the DXRacer Formula Series is a much cheaper version of the DXRacer. When it comes to branding and high-quality material in making the gaming chairs, DXRacer has the upper hand. Nonetheless, the Merax has an advantage when it comes to maximum weight capacity since it can handle a weight up to 330 pounds as compared to DXRacer’s 265 pounds.

In terms of lasting comfort and material, the DXRacer has the best material quality as compared to all the chairs on our list. The PU vinyl and mesh fabric is very breathable. It is a chair that allows and promotes better air circulation and also promotes better blood circulation due to the material alone. Merax, on the other hand, uses PU leather. Even though both chairs are very comfortable for any user, discomfort sets in earlier on PU leather gaming seats.

In addition, the DXRacer is also light and easy to move around while the Merax is a bit on the heavy side. With only a few differences, both DXRacer and Merax have about equal features when it comes to swivel, comfort, recline and adjustments. But DXRacer has an upper hand in producing a longer lasting lifespan when it comes to a longer-lasting PC gaming chair.



Overall, though the DXRacer comes with lesser features, it has a healthier advantage. The design and ergonomics of the DXRacer promotes better air and blood circulation. The DXRacer is also a great seat overall without any of the hassle of excessive features that you won’t be able to use in the long run. The DXRacer is a direct-to-the point PC gaming chair offering only the best comfort and style you’ll get but at a higher cost.

If you are looking for an all-in-one seat with premium features but at the cost of nothing more than a couple hundred dollars, then we really recommend the Ficmax High Back Gaming Seat. It comes with an extra feature that not a lot of PC gaming chairs have which is an electric massager.

Editor Notes:

When looking for a chair for gaming, there are fundamental features to look for, including neck support, ergonomic design, and availability in different sizes.

The best gaming chairs are the pedestal chair for video gaming and PC chairs for PC gaming. Besides being comfortable, pedestal chairs also come with other useful features such as Bluetooth speakers and connection. 

For PC gaming, our choice is the DXRacer Formula Series OH/FD01/NR PC gaming chair. It has a design of a real car seat, and it is comfortable for prolonged gaming. It has a breathable material construction that protects your back from becoming sore. 

For pedestal racing chairs, our top pick is the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series video gaming chair. It is a perfect fit for players of different sizes and comes in a material that offers excellent comfort. The chair has a sturdy construction and can recline and swivel for more comfort. It also comes in a foldable design, which makes it compact and saves you space.

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