Ultimate Review Of Best Pogo Sticks In 2023

best pogo stick

Pogo sticks have been around for more than a century and are probably among the oldest toys in the market.

This simple contraption was first patented in 1920 in Germany, and though a lot has changed over the years, many of them still maintain their classic spring style design.

Now, despite their simple appearance and timeless appeal, it can be quite a challenge to figure where to start when purchasing a new pogo stick. In any case, choosing a pogo stick is as personal as finding a skateboard or bicycle.

The good news is we've compiled a list of the top five pogo sticks in the market. Also, at the end of our review guide, we shall provide you with a comprehensive buying guide that will provide you with all the information you need in your next pogo stick purchase.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Weight (Pounds)

Jump (Feet)

Dimension (Inches)

Suited For?




37.5x 9.5x 2.6

5-9 Year Olds



11.5 x 41.5 x 2.5 

9 and Above




All Levels

Other Great Recommendations



4 x 15.2 x 49 

14+ Adults



5.2 x 5.5 x 11 


The Best Pogo Sticks In The Market For The Money

pogo stick reviews

Foam Maverick Pogo Stick - Editor's Choice

The Flybar Foam Maverick is a classic stick that makes the perfect introduction of your kids to a piece of your childhood. 

It has all the components that you would desire to see in your kid's play equipment, including foam-padded handles and non-slip footpegs for safety purposes.

Foam Maverick Pogo Stick


Maverick is well made, and the metal construction helps to bolster the overall ruggedness.

This toy is durable as well and can take a severe beating and users reported no problems whatsoever with this pogo stick even after years of frequent use.

Beginner Option

The Flybar Foam Maverick is an incredible starter option that comes with all the components that your kids require to learn the art of riding a pogo stick.

One of the notable beginner-friendly components is the large footpads that allow for easy manoeuvring of the stick, while at the same time providing a better foot holding for complete control.

Weight Limit

The Flybar Foam Maverick is a perfect play toy for kids with a weight range of 40-80 pounds, and so, it an ideal option for kids within the age bracket of 5-9 years.

However, we were concerned that this stick is not adjustable, meaning it will not grow with your kids. This is particularly challenging for kids whose weight and age disproportional to their height requirements. 

Even so, this challenge is by no means a deal-breaker, and if anything, it doesn't affect the overall performance of this stick.


Maverick Pogo stick comes with a generous height of 36 inches, which I found quite inconveniencing; especially considering it was not adjustable, meaning it was too tall for my checked bag. 

However, this height by no means a sucker punch, and it's not really what you should be concerned about- but rather, the distance between the footpegs and the handlebars. The 26 inches distance between these two components places the handlebars of this pogo, just right around your kid's waistline for the perfect performance.


Speaking of performance, this pogo stick has garnered plenty of positive reviews, and many parents report how thrilled their kids were when setting and breaking their jumping record.

Though this stick is ideal for use both on the indoors and outdoors, I wouldn't recommend using it in your living space. Despite the stick coming with rubber caps on the bottom, this stick comes down pretty hard, and I can only imagine the damage it can cause to the weak floors such as wood or carpet.


Safety is always a top priority for any pogo stick, and Flybar has gone to great lengths to ensure this play toy is completely safe for use by the kids.

For starters, the springs are concealed by a foam padding that prevents hurting insides of the kid's legs.

Further, the top of the metal is covered by a rubber cap secured by a screw, and so no risk should come from this part, but it's always a good idea to occasionally ensure it's not loose before your kid starts to ride.

Finally, the grip handle features soft foam that not only promotes an ergonomic and comfortable grip but a safe handling experience.


  • Safe
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Rubber caps often get lost in the garden

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Foam Master Pogo Stick - Best for Intermediaries

Foam Master Pogo is a step up to the Maverick Pogo we've reviewed above, but still, it has plenty of similarities with the former model.

We've included this model on our list because it's sufficiently capable and it provides a ton of fun experiences for the kids and teenagers.

Foam Master Pogo Stick


The Foam Master is well designed and is built with quality materials to withstand abuse by kids.

That said, it can only last for too long, because there were plenty of concerns with its longevity as its durability is not that great, especially for the heavier persons looking to perform some of the more extreme tricks.

Even so, it's quite a functional unit, and your kids are going to love this stick.

Great for Intermediaries

Foam Master is specifically dedicated to the older kids and intermediary users.

Unlike the Maverick, this pogo stick comes with a higher weight capacity of 80- 160 pounds, which means it's tailored for those kids over 9 years or above, or even women and men who fall within this weight category.


Now, given that it can accommodate such a diverse range of users, I know you might be wondering about the height requirements.

Fortunately, height isn't critical on this pogo stick, and if anything, it's comfortable to use even if you're almost 6 feet provided you're not past the 160-pound weight limit.


With the Foam Master, you probably won't need to purchase another pogo stick as your kids are simply going to love this play toy.

The reliable foam design, for instance, enhances the level of bounciness offered by this pogo stick, while the footpads provide a sold grip allowing your kid to perform some tricks mid-air.

Generally, Foam Master will provide an incredible opportunity for your kids to perform exercises, improve their overall balance, and, more importantly, provide hours on end of fun.

However, just bear in mind that Foam Master isn't designed for some heavy trick usage and will, therefore, not provide durability with regular usage.

Again, its performance is limited only to the hard surfaces such as gravel or concrete. If anything, it sinks into the ground like a pair of high heels when used on wet ground surfaces such as your lawn or even on tall grasses.

Another common complaint with this pogo stick is that it's too stiff when using, but as we found out, it boils down to the art of using the stick. Rather than letting your kid just bounce on the stick, instruct him to hop, and you'll realize how easy it's for them to get the hang of it.


Like its sibling, this pogo stick comes with numerous safety components, including non-slip foot pads that increase the stability and extend a safe pogo experience for your kids.

Further, this model comes with soft foam hand grips and footpegs that further promote a safe and comfortable experience, while at the same time ensuring you have a proper grip of the stick.


  • Safe for use by kids
  • Functional
  • Larger weight capacity


  • Not ideal for performing tricks

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Vurtego V4 Pro - Best for Professionals

The V4 Pro is currently the most advanced pogo stick in the market, and it's unmatched with regards to power, build quality and performance.

And as you rightly guessed, this isn't your typical pogo stick, but rather a pogo stick that is designed to provide you with complete control over your pogoing experience.

Rather than using the standard stick spring, this stick leverages on-air for the bounce and will let you stiffen or soften the stick depending on how you want to achieve your bounce.

Vurtego V4 Pro


V4 Pro is a premium unit that is well made and boasts of build quality-the aluminium frame, for instance, is not only lightweight but durable and capable of withstanding the hard falls on asphalt or concrete.

Adjustable Air Spring

Contrary to a majority of the pogo sticks sporting the classical spring mechanism, the V4 utilizes air pistons, which have numerous benefits, including the ability to accommodate users of various weights. So, it doesn't matter whether you're at 75 pounds or 300 pounds, you can easily tailor this pogo stick to match your size.

Another benefit of the air spring mechanism is the higher performance or rather a power. Contrary to the previous pogo sticks with a height limit of 3 feet, this pogo stick lets you achieve a height of between 6-7 feet, with the manufacturer claiming some of the experienced users can jump over objects 10 feet tall.

Smoother Bounces

The performance of this pogo stick is simply on another level, and it would be far-fetched to compare it with the metal-based sticks.

The air spring on this model, for instance, delivers an extraordinarily smooth and quieter bounce, and you feel like you're bouncing on a cloud.

Along with the air spring, this pogo stick is fitted with a shock absorber and air piston and combined, both of these components will promote smoother jumps and more considerable rebound, resulting in a softer feel during takeoff. 


The ability to change the air pressure on this stick makes it quite versatile play equipment.

For instance, beginners, who are looking for a casual riding experience, are encouraged to set the pressure low, while for the more powerful jumps and trick, you can set the pressure high.

Also, this model is suited for almost anyone, and if anything, you simply need to select the size based on your height.


The safety aspect is prominent on this model, and the traction footpegs and durable grip tips are a testimony to this.

Both of these components have a rugged surface and are further coated with anti-slip materials, and so, whether you've got large or small feet, you shouldn't have any trouble staying on the stick.


  • Professional performance
  • Highly adjustable
  • Can meet all your height/weight/age requirements


  • Expensive

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Flybar Super Pogo - Best for Tricks Enthusiasts

The Flybar Super Pogo is yet another premium option, and though it doesn't match the performance of the V4 Pro, it's incredibly versatile.

I love that its application is suited for a wide range of users, including teenagers, adults, seniors, as well as beginners as well as the pogo enthusiasts.

Flybar Super Pogo

Construction and "Knee Bumping"

The material design on this pogo speaks screams of quality craftsmanship, and the steel construction guarantees strength and durability.

However, we were concerned with the open-frame design and rightly so, a lot of the users mentioned a problem with getting bruises from banging their knees against the frame. 

While we appreciate that the manufacturer has tried to remedy the fault with the latest update, it has not helped the cause because the problems seem to be there.

But the good thing is the knee bumping will only occur for a week or so before you get accustomed to the stick and your bruises will be gone.

Alternatively, if you're a DIYer as I am, you can fit the open frame with small pieces of water pipe insulation to protect your legs.

Best for Trick Enthusiasts

Super pogo is dedicated to a variety of users, including adults, seniors and teenagers-the advertised weight limit on this stick is 120-210 pounds, though some of the users report that it's perfectly suited even for 240 pounds.

But what really separates this pogo stick from the rest is the heavy-duty rubber tip alongside large footpads and a good grip that makes this stick an incredible option for pogo tricks.

Now, while there're other better sticks for the pogo tricks, they do come at an exorbitant price, but Flybar Super Pogo strikes a balance between cost and functionality.


This is probably the biggest concern we have with this model, and we've to admit we were quite disappointed with the bare fact that the metal frame was left open.

Now, while this model is not a suitable option for the beginners who are learning the basics of balancing or jumping, it's an incredible stick for the more seasoned users looking to invest in a budget option pogo stick that will allow them to perform tricks.


  • Ideal for performing tricks
  • Flexible
  • Generous weight capacity


  • Open frame design

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Kidoozie Foam Jumper - Best for Kids

The Kidoozie Foam Jumper is an attractive and cheaper alternative to the traditional pogo sticks.

Though it's tailored for the kids, it can similarly be used by the older kids, and parents can equally enjoy using this stick as well. 

Kidoozie Foam Jumper

Not a Classic Pogo Stick

First things first, the Kidoozie Foam Jumper is not even a typical pogo stick because it uses an entirely different mechanism.

This toy isn't even a stick, but rather a foam block alongside a rubber band and handles.

Even so, despite the oddly unique presentation, it has similar functionality to that of the traditional pogo sticks, and in fact, it has more or less the same benefits.


An ideal toy for the kids, Kidoozie Foam Jumper, is safe as it can be, and the absence of hard parts underlines its suitability for kid's use.

Again, it not capable of achieving the powerful and potentially dangerous jumps-if anything; it can only reach a maximum height of 1 foot.

Weight/ Height Limitation

Though this stick is specifically designed for the toddlers, mainly those with at least three years, it's nice to note that it can similarly be used for the older kids and adults.

The weight limit on this model is 250 pounds, and there's no height requirement for using this stick as you simply need to stretch the bungee a bit more to accommodate your height.

Ironically, the only concern with the height only happens with the small kids as they've to raise the arms to stretch the band.


The flexibility of this model goes beyond its use for both the toddlers and older kids, but on the location of usage.

The presence of a padded foam at the bottom makes it an ideal option for use even on the indoors without any fear of damaging the floor.

Unlike other pogo sticks, this model works great on the carpet and wooden floors. Its outdoor usage on grass and concrete is also excellent though you need to be careful when working on the rough surfaces as the foam wears a lot faster, and it becomes harder to clean. 


  • Ideal for toddlers
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors


  • Can be boring

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Best Pogo Stick Buying Guide

Pogo Buyer Guide

In the section below, we shall look at some of the critical components, or rather factors that you need to consider in your next pogo stick purchase.


The first thing that you need to consider is the size of the pogo stick. 

For the best performance, the top of the pogo stick should be parallel to your hips, but it's also fine to purchase a pogo stick that is a bit larger, especially those intended for kids as they'll simply grow into it.

However, it's also common to see some bouncers opting for short sticks for a more controlled motion.

Weight Capacity

Each pogo stick has a weight capacity range, and so, before making a purchase, always ensure that the weight of the pogo stick falls within the range.

Bounce Tip

The bounce tip is usually located at the bottom of the pogo stick, and it's what comes into contact with the ground.

Ideally, it should be constructed from non-slip materials such as rubber that won't slide or even shift with bouncing.


A majority of the quality pogo sticks usually have their handles covered with dense foam for both safety and comfort reasons.

The foam handles are also ergonomically designed to promote a tight, slip-free grip. And don't forget those footpegs!


Though a majority of the pogo sticks are constructed from aluminium, some styles utilize heavy-duty plastics and other metals.

However, aluminium is always preferred because it both lightweight and durable, both of which are desirable attributes in anything that bounces.


Portability is also an essential factor, especially if you'll be moving around a lot. Some of the portability features in a pogo stick include removable sling straps or foldable legs. 

Now, while these features will make the carrying of the pogo stick much more comfortable, they usually can get in the way of advanced tricks.


  • How tall should a Pogo Stick be? It depends on your height rather. If you are below five foot five,  better to go with models around 46 inches, and between fiver and a half and six feet, at least 56 inches is recommended.
  • Are pogo sticks safe? They Are absolutely safe, but as with anything in life, until you become used to them, please take good care.
  • What is the world record for pogo stick? ~206,000 bounces by James Roumeliotis


Pogo sticks are an incredible way to encourage active playtime for your kid. Besides the fun experience, bouncing on a pogo help to burn calories and improve your kid's health and physique.

That said, safety is always a concern with this game, and we advise that before hopping on the pogo stick, wear the necessary safety gear, including a safety helmet.

Current Best Selling Pogo Stick Models!

Editor Notes:


The FlyBar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick is still our best pick. The stick is kids friendly thanks to the lightweight nature that makes it portable to the jumping location. It is easy to learn and offers a firm grip to keep the kid steady when in use. Additionally, the stick features a metal construction so, you are sure it will take you through years of usage. The foam cover makes the stick look classy and improves the overall comfort when the kid is using the stick. Finally, this is a cost-effective stick that will fit your kid’s hobbies and allow them to learn a new skill.

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