Ultimate Review Of Best Croquet Sets In 2023

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Be it having a great lawn area in your backyard or a barbeque party; a perfect portable croquet set is just what it takes it to add fun. Croquet has been popular since ages, and it evokes images of elegant garden parties and well-kept gardens. However, these days, backyard activity is just not limited to parties but becoming extremely popular passtime among families around the world. Who could argue that it's a great way to spend time outdoors, go out with friends, and even exercise! 

In this guide, we have here the top 5 croquet sets that have been tested and reviewed to give you the best experience when you next grab it for some back yard playtime.  

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Quick Summary & Comparison Table

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Ultimate Review Of Best Croquet Sets In The Market For The Money!

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#1 GoSports Six Player Croquet Set for Adults & Kids

One of the main reasons why GoSports Six Player Croquet Set is among the bestsellers is because of the consistent efforts put in by the manufacturers of the product in updating the game set to make it best fit both for families and kids.

GoSports Six Player Croquet Set for Adults & Kids

GoSports Six Player Croquet Set comes with modern design and colour scheme. The product stands out from all the other typical croquet sets in the market as the mallets, and the handles of the croquet set are manufactured from premium hardwood. The handle grips are wrapped with leather which makes them more comfortable to use. The fact that we liked was that those handles are longer than regular handles which tall people will appreciate.

As the name goes, the game set can be comfortably used by both adults and kids as the handles of the collection are 35 inches long. The set also features six balls (10oz & 3inches), six mallets, six handles and nine wickets. The game set is equipped with two ends posts a rule book which makes it easier for anyone to understand the game precisely.  

Good news? GoSports Six Player Croquet Set for Adults & Kids comes with a handy carry case. So you can carry the portable game set anywhere you want. The product is extremely loved by the buyers for the fact that it unlike most of the dummy plastic sets. 


  • Vintage aesthetic with colourful balls
  • Durable and high quality which will not break easily
  • Manufactured with premium hardwood
  • Comes along with a handy storage case
  • Tall mallets are a boon to players of all heights


  • The size of the mallets are small when compared to other brands in this list

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#2: ROPODA Six-Player Croquet Set

Perfect for six players, the Ropoda croquet set includes everything needed for an exciting game. The product is customized, especially considering kids requirements. The mallets and handles are easy to install; screw the handles into the mallets. The balls are 2.8 inches in diameter and have a moulded cover that provides a solid grip. As they have a weather-resistant layer, you won't have to worry about rain or windy conditions affecting the balls.

ROPODA Six-Player Croquet Set

ROPODA Six-Player Croquet set is highly durable, and of superior quality, the game set is meant for rough use. The product is equipped with a carrying case which makes it easier for you to carry the game set anywhere and everywhere! 

If you're not ready to invest in an elegant and expensive croquet game set or wish to try and introduce the game to your kids; it is the right choice for you. With 26 inches hardwood handles of the mallets, it comes slightly shorter than others on this list, making them more suitable for children.

The set featured six mallets, six handles, and nine steel wickets. The collection is authentically designed with modern colours. The set also comes with a rule book which makes it easier for you to get the kids to understand the game clearly.


  • Great value for money
  • Weather-resistant balls
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Features a wooden screw-in system, which allows easy setup


  • Not ideal for adults, you might have to bend if you would wish to play

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#3 Lawn Croquet Set for Kids & Families

The croquet game set is ideal for six players spanning all ages from children to grandparents! The product comes with a portable carry bag so you can take it anywhere to liven up some hours playing with your pals or family. 

Lawn Croquet Set for Kids & Families

The (32 inches) handles are manufactured with premium hardwood which makes it long-lasting. The mallets are constructed from the non-wrapping eucalyptus wood. The product comes with six handles, six mallets, six resin balls, and nine wickets. It is also inclusive of 2 stakes and simple instructions that will make it hassle-free to understand the game. 

The product is a robust modern design specially customized to fit both adults and kids best. Croquet is the perfect lawn pass-time activity for parties, outdoor meals, barbecues, back doors, weddings, family reunions, meetings, and more. The product is available in a wide range of bright colours which wins brownie points with kids.


  • Best choice for all age groups
  • The croquet set is durable and coated with metal
  • Available in various bright colours
  • Inexpensive and great for a first set


  • Heads of the handles are a bit loose due to less weight

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#4 Himal Premium Wooden Six Player Croquet Set for Families Backyard Games

This traditional Hinal Croquet set croquet game set is created for six players, and the 28 inches handles make it compatible for both youths and expert game players. The design is classy and gives a vintage feel. The handle heads are designed with the same colour which looks more uniformed. The newly developed product comes with mallets built-in premium hardwood so that it best fits any occasion and location.

Himal Premium Wooden Six Player Croquet Set

The product features six mallets, six handles, six balls, nine wickets, and two ending stakes. The product ensures 100% satisfaction. The product is budget-friendly and is worth more than you pay. The product features an easy guide which can help you understand the game quickly. All the kids usually love the croquet game, and this game set is not going to disappoint the kids or even adults.

Although the balls are moulded with resins, they are as heavy and reliable as the old solid wood balls. The kit is shipped with a disassembled hammer. The product is the utmost easy to fix. Thus, once all the handles are installed, components of the game fit in the handbag seamlessly without having to unscrew them.


  • The affordable price is ideal for those who do not want to spend a lot
  • The set includes an attractive and durable carrying case for secure storage
  • This set is easy to set up and play
  • Compatible for all age groups
  • Quickly delivery


  • Designed mostly to play in the backyard

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#5: Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set

Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set is ideal for a minimum of two and a maximum of six players. Both adults and children can use the game set since the game handles are 28 inches long. The game set includes six balls, six handles, six mallets, and nine wickets. The gaming kit is equipped with two ending stakes and manual book that makes it easier for anyone to understand the game accurately. 

Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set

Because you wouldn't want to keep replacing a croquet set, the Juegoal can be the right choice because of its solid but lightweight wood construction. Many families have found that this set lasted them for years.

Installation is easy as all you need is to fasten the wood handle and a solid wood hammer which takes a few seconds. The game set comes along with handy storage bag which helps you carry the game set anywhere you plan to have fun playing croquet.


  • Mallets come separately to enhance secure storage.
  • Comes with a handy carry kit
  • Balls are weighed and will not dent easily
  • The mallets & balls have six different colours to identify each player's mallet & ball


  • Some people found the zipper not to be smooth to close

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Croquet Set – Buyer’s Guide

If you have landed on this page, you are probably planning to buy a Croquet gaming set. Hopefully, the reviews have been helpful to you. Now, the question is how to buy an ideal croquet set? There are several things you need to consider to make the right decision. There is a wide range of brands and pieces of equipment available in the market today, and choosing the right one has just got extra tricky. However, this simple guide is designed to help facilitate the purchase of a croquet set a wee more easier. 

Unlike traditional indoor games like foosball or board games, croquet sets are not plug and play. Different sets contain several pieces of equipment and can cause some confusion about what is included in each game set and what is required to play. Some groups have different qualities, aspects, and styles to consider because they all have different effects and help improve croquet the way it needs. All games sets come with the necessary equipment to play, and you have to carefully choose what is included in each one to make sure that your croquet game contains the best set of equipment.

Boy with croquet

This guide contains information about the types of games appropriate for specific groups, from hobbyists to people who want to get a bit competitive, as well as the ages and levels of experience that are ideal for particular groups. For any of the croquet games offered, you also have a selection of individual accessories available for purchase separately if you need a replacement or want to add them to a contest.

For What Age Group Are You Planning To Purchase The Game Set For?

One of the most important considerations when choosing a croquet group is to consider the age of the players who will use the group. Ages will vary if an entire family will use them, so the right choice is Lawn Croquet Gaming Set. It is not only a lightweight toy, but handles, balls, and small bags will weigh less than a toy with full-size accessories. It is to ensure that both adults and children can use the game comfortably. It is also the right choice for beginners, as even adults can feel more comfortable with a stable, lightweight cricket game to gain some experience of moving around the ball by weight for an extended period. Although the Lawn Croquet Collection is physically more comfortable, it still creates a game with high accuracy.

Pieces Of Equipment To Consider While Purchasing A Croquet Set

Mallets: A mallet is a with a round head at the bottom that is used to hit the ball with. Look for a mallet which won’t worse you to bend over when hitting the ball. 

Stakes: Stakes are the target that you will be aiming for in the game. They are usually in the same colour as the balls. We recommend that you buy stakes that are strong enough to take a beating.

Balls: The kind of ball you need depends on the game you want to play. For an official match, you will need a regulation ball weighing sixteen ounces. For general playing or for kids, you can look for lighter balls made of plastic.

Wickets: They are going to be hit by balls and mallets, so they need to be really sturdy. Don't go for cheap ones as they can break if they are hit hard.

Other Things To Consider While Buying A Croquet Set

Surfaces: In general croquet games are played in backyards or gardens. You'd be surprised, but the height of the grass can impact how the game is played. In modern times, people have begun playing on artificial surfaces where the weather is cold.

Variations: People usually play in groups of four or six players. It's a good idea to buy a four-ball set if there are not many people playing. If extra players want to attend,  you can also purchase extra mallets and balls later.

Whichever set you decide to purchase, it's bound to add tremendous fun at your backyard or any summer parties you're about to hop on to.


What should you consider while looking for a croquet set?

Some of the features to look for while looking for a croquet set include the size and weight of balls and the mallet's type and height. The longer the mallet, the more likely it will work for a variety of people. Short people can cling to the handle, but tall people can have a hard time with short sticks. If you want a family set, you go for one with child-size mallets. 

How do you ensure you get a high-quality set?  

When buying a croquet set, several factors are considered to ensure you end up with a high-quality set. First, ensure the mallet materials are of high-quality and durable materials. Premium wood or hardwood is an excellent option. Also, ensure that the balls are dent and crack resistant to make sure they are long-lasting. 

How often should you use it?

Low-priced croquet sets can last for several years if you don't overuse them. 

If you plan on using them often, consider high-quality ones that you are sure will last longer. 

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