Ultimate Review Of Best Pilates Reformers Of 2023

Young woman exercising on pilates device reformer with instructor at gym

If you ask around very well, most of the public gyms in your neighbourhood are very likely to have a Pilates exercise machine. But the problem is that private sessions on this full body workout equipment are usually expensive.  

Based on my research findings, this key phrase ‘Pilates reformer machine' commands around 8,100 searches per month on Amazon alone. What does that tell you? Obviously, there are thousands of other people interested in the derivable benefits of best Pilates reformer for home and other uses; just like you. For one thing, when you buy this home workout equipment, you'll always start your routines exactly when you choose. That means you don't have to wait for chances and turns at the public gym.  

Assuming you are a gym owner looking to buy one of these machines for Pilates reformer classes, this buying guide has got you covered. By reading through the reviews to the end, you'll discover lots of affordable models within your current budget.  

Whether you are looking for reformer Pilates machine under $500 or $1000, you'll find different price points within the reviews below. Interestingly, individual users currently searching for the best exercises without gym membership will find one of these machines practically useful. Now let's take a little space to look into the types of exercises that you can actually do with it.  

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Supported Weight (Pounds)

Dimensions (Inches)



24.0 x 60.0 x 48.0


27.0 x 19.0 x 14.0


26.0 x 96.0

Other Great Recommendations


14.0 x 93.0 x 27.0


24.0 x 60.0 x 48.0

Types of Pilates Reformer Exercises  

Without doubt, there is a chance that someone among thousands of people currently searching for the ilates reformer comparison is likely to be potential first-time buyers. Based on this fact, we'll be looking at the actual exercises you can do at home when you buy one of these. In case you are not a first-time user, please skip this section and move to the next.  

  • Hundreds on the reformer  
  • Frog on the Pilates reformer 
  • Shoulder bridge 
  • Pulling straps  
  • Letter T 
  • Tree on the short box 
  • Short spine on the reformer 
  • Stomach massage  
  • Round back 
  • Tendon stretch  
  • Kneeling knee 

Benefits of Pilates Reformer Exercise Machine  

Especially for end users, there are many benefits you can experience by keeping this machine in your home. Besides skipping daily commute to the gym or gym membership fees, there are some other interesting benefits of reformer Pilates exercises. Practically, you'll begin to notice some fulfilling changes in your body assuming you are consistent enough. And if you have a way to measure your fitness status before, during and after these exercises, that will also keep your motivation on the high side.  

Measurable Weight Loss 

Here is one of the main fitness goals that millions of people aim to achieve from time to time. And the interesting thing is that it would cost much to find a fitness tracker that can help you measure the real physical outcomes of your Pilates exercises. With an affordable fitness tracker, you'll be able to get real data on how Pilates help you to burn more calories than you take in. looking at the variety of full body workout method that this machine offers, you'll be surprised to start seeing good results in no time.  

Increased Energy Level 

Both for your heart, brain and muscle functions, consistency in the use of Pilates reformer often leads to increased energy level. Let me hint you on this one. This is better experienced than imagined. In practical terms, the way you experience your energy level before and after each session of your workout will prove what I'm talking about here. Remember, nutritional prescriptions alone cannot get you there.  

Increased Muscle Endurance  

Let me ask this question. Do you want to perform your normal everyday tasks for longer periods of time and without fatigue? This is one good way that a reformer machine exercise can add more value to your whole life. The interesting point here is that the compound effect of consistent exercises will ripple over to different parts of your life. Did I tell you that there is even a link between good exercise and good sex experiences? 

Improved Breathing 

The tricky thing is that you won't notice much until you actually start exercising as much as needed. Fortunately, consistency in your Pilates routines will make it possible how you breathe better than when you don't exercise at all. During a workout with Pilates reformer, your lungs will be empowered to supply increased oxygen to your brain as well as the whole body. Moreover, this particular benefit of Pilates reformer often continues after your usual sessions.  

It Relieves Back Pain 

The demands of modern-day workplaces often require people to sit at one place for long hours. Here is one of the reasons why many people are actively searching for the best standing desk for home and office use. People are now realizing that the long-term effects of stationery work life can be disastrous. Think about what could happen when varying levels of chronic stress compounds on your spine over time. Precisely in this regard, my research also shows that there are people searching for the best Pilates reformer for back pain. In relation to this, these machines are also being used in physical therapy centres. Instead of hoping anxiously for a better, picking a reformer will help put your posture in the right order. Remember, when you experience bad posture on a daily basis, you can hardly perform at your peak whether you are self-employed for working for an employer.  

Young woman exercising on pilates device reformer with instructor at gym

The Best Pilates Reformer In The Market That Money Can Buy! 

Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Toning Tower 

Coming fully assembled means you don't have any learning curve to deal, even as a first-time user. From what I found, there is like a 3 in 1 exercise equipment for all classes of users. With this product, you'll have a combination of a full-body trainer, barre and Pilates Cadillac trap table. This combination makes it possible to engage in a wider range of full body workout routines. When you get it, you can begin to tone your arms, legs and core muscles at the same time.  

Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Toning Tower

It has a strong steel frame that promises a long-life span. When you buy Beverly Hills Fitness supreme toning tower, it comes with an instructional DVD that guides people from start to actual usage. The weight of this product is about 41 pounds. When it is folded down, the 2 ft wide and 4 ft dimensions makes it very easy to put under your bed. One of the impressive things I found among past users is that this machine is practically suitable for old and young users alike.  

For people that are just about 5 ft., the spring is suitable enough to serve your height and needs. If you want different if you have different lengths or springs for varying tensions, consider going to their website first. Even if you have never done barre, yoga or Pilates for the first time, the instructional video can put you through in no time.  

The maximum recommended weight limit is 250 lbs. In the case that you looking for Pilates reformer price under $300, this Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Toning Tower probably within your reach.  


  • It's a 3 in 1 machine 
  • More affordable than the ones selling above $500 
  • Long lasting steel frame 
  • 120 different exercise options (see the DVD) 
  • 1-year warranty  


  • Doesn't come with different springs for multiple heights  

Check Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Price On Amazon

Stamina Aero Pilates Pro Reformer  

Are you looking for the best professional Pilates reformer with adjustable resistance? Stamina Aero Pilates Pro could be within your current budget at this time. Outstanding the features of this product is the proven suitability for taller individuals. It has 3 ft long cushion bench and 4 springs of different tensions. In addition to this, you'll get a silver steel frame that is 15'' high above the ground.  

Stamina Aero Pilates Pro Reformer

Unlike some other competing counterparts, there is a 14'' x 19'' cardio rebounder that comes with it. Moreover, both the headrest, springs and foot bar are easily adjustable. The benefit is that when your strength varies from time to time, you can select the settings that will suit each moment. And that's how you build the tempo long term consistency.  

To provide you with a maximum level of comfort when you are engaged in it, there are some foam shoulder pads attached to it. Assuming you decide to buy Stamina Aero Pilates Pro, you can buy replacement wheels from their website whenever you like.  

For the purpose of clarification, the weight on this one is about 158 lbs. looking at its overall features the other interesting machine that comes really close is Pilates Power Gym Pro which is far cheaper. When I say cheaper, I mean like $300 difference.  


  • Highly adjustable options 
  • Comfortable headrest 


  • Highly expensive  

Check Stamina Aero Pilates Pro Price On Amazon

Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Bundle 

Remember the benefits of Pilates reformer discussed earlier? Here is one cool deal that could help you experience those benefits in fullness. As a stand-alone machine on its own, it comes with great features that warrant favourable competition with other models in the marketplace. Before we get into the design and features, please note that Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Bundle price makes it more expensive than standard reformers on Amazon. Meanwhile, here are the things you'll get in the bundle package if you really want to make use of it –  

Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Bundle
  • Padded platform extender 
  • Reformer box with foot strap  
  • Metal roll-up pole  
  • 5 reformer springs 
  • At Home SPX Reformer 
  • Double loop straps  

In terms of the adjustable options, you'll get 6 carriage stopping positions, 3 gear bar positions, 3 headrest positions and 4 foot bar positions. With all these options, you can easily select the settings that suit your height, physique and varying strength levels. And then there is an optional mat converter that is useful for based mat Pilates. The actual length is 96.5 inches while the width is about 26 inches. This is for the reformer itself. As for the carriage dimension, you'll get them at 38.5 and 22 inches length and width respectively. 

You can use this information to think through your height suitability for this home workout equipment. Expectedly, there is an instructional DVD that comes with it. Additionally, there is a Pilate reformer video on their website. Through these resources and the owner's manual, you'll become able to get up and running with this in a very short time.  

As confirmed by past users found through my research, assembling this tool is very easy. When you buy this one, 2-years warranty is what you get.  


  • Very suitable for varying types of Pilates exercises 
  • High value-packed bundle 
  • Easy assembling  


  • Highly expensive  
  • Pilates Power Gym Pro 

Check Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Price On Amazon

Balanced Body Studio Reformer  

Here is another great contender with an array of interesting features that will suit your needs. Even with the sturdy wooden construction, it is strong enough to deliver impressive value for its current price. Similar to what is obtainable from the one previously reviewed above, this model is one step ahead with 5 reformer springs and 8 tower springs. These things work in tandem with the 46 levels of resistance built into it.  

Balanced Body Studio Reformer

In addition to these features, the 5 carriage stops provide great extension control for users of all classes. Moreover, you'll find a very long carriage extension that will suit many users in different contexts.  

Balanced Body Pilates reformer comes with anodized aluminium push-through bar. With this, you can adjust to 3 different heights of your choice. Also included in this machine is a safety strap which helps to prevent home workout injuries when you start using it.  

What I found is that the spring bars on this home workout machine work almost like cardio rebounder. Through the foot bar, spring bars and 4 locking positions, Balance Body provides more interesting adjustment options. Practically, features allow any users to adjust the machine into any preferred position that will suit their weight, body size and chosen type of tes workout. The shoulder stoppers have comfortable padding to suit your skin during the exercise.  

Based on the fact that it is made of wood, the weight which stands at 188 lbs with tower seems heavier than all others we have reviewed so far in this pliates reformer buying guide. Assembling this tool is very easy. When you are done with that, the height of the tower will be 78 inches above the ground.  


  • Wide variety of adjustment options 
  • Elevated 18 inches frame  
  • Impressive extension control  
  • Many optional foot bars  


  • No visible warranty information  

Check Balanced Body Pilates Price On Amazon

Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Pilates Pro SPP089 

From the very first impression of its design, you'll notice that this one is practically different. Beyond the form factor, there is something make functionally appealing to many people that are beginning to have active interested in pilates exercise. In fact, Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Pilates Pro SPP089 is another 3 in 1 fitness tool in this post. When you buy this one, you'll be able to engage in normal pilates, barre and yoga routines. Based on this fact, you'll be positioned to experience three-dimensional benefits as well.  

Whether you want to set it up for everyday use of fold I for storage, both can be very easy to do in most case. From my research, even young and old users can get real value from it. Beside age differences, people with different weights and body sizes can make good use of it as well.  

Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Pilates Pro SPP089

Depending on your choice, the toning tower is very easy to adjust for ballet barre workouts. Inside the DVD pack, you'll find full instructions for Pilates, yoga, ballet barre and other workouts.  

Regarding dimensions, the mat is 5 ft., the tower is 4 ft. while the mat width is 2 ft only. If you are among the first-time buyers reading this, please note that this model is different from Supreme Toning Tower Pilates which was reviewed earlier.  


  • No assembling required 
  • Very affordable  
  • Useful workout DVD 


  • Lacks versatility  

Check Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Pilates Pro SPP089 Price On Amazon

Aero Pilates Premier vs Gym Power Pro Comparison

One good benefit of moderately sized compact reformers is that you don't have to worry about extra space in your home or office. The point is that this model is noticeably smaller than many others within these Pilates reformer reviews. However, the smallness of size doesn't limit it from holding up 300 pounds weight. In terms of size, a simple Aero Pilates Premier vs Gym Power Pro comparison shows that the 86. 25 L x 20 W x 14 H inches of the latter is bigger.  

Comparatively, the 48 levels of resistance adjustment options put this particular model higher above others that are sold at the same price point. In addition to this, you'll get 4 resistance cords and 3 levels incline. And then there is a free form cardio rebounder that comes with it. This feature will make it possible for you to experience consistently improved levels of cardiovascular healthiness.  

For people that really value foot exercises, you are sure of getting the results you want from this one. If you want to make use of it on a carpeted floor, there is nothing to worry about as this has been proven work suitably without scratching your floor.  

In the case, you are wondering if this machine can be used to do deep and semi-deep lunges, yes is the answer. Through the DVD that comes with it at the point of purchase, you'll discover even exercise use cases more than what is described here. Have you been looking for an affordable Pilates reformer under $500? This Pilates Power Gym Pro probably the best choice within your current budget.  


  • 48 different resistance levels 
  • Comparatively more affordable  
  • Takes less space 


  • Not the best for weighty people 
  • Too close to the ground  

Pilates Pro Accessories  

Where you are looking to replace what you have been using before or just starting out for the first time, there are some Pilates accessories you need to be conversant with. If you make the commitment to buy any of these machines reviewed here, there are times when you may need some of these accessories. Please note that each brand is likely to have specific accessories for each product model.  

  1. A Pilates Bed
  2. Foot bar for Reformer
  3. Reformer foot strap 
  4. Reformer springs  
  5. A springboard  
  6. Pillows and straps 
  7. Pilates reformer board  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Is reformer a good workout? 

Yes, it is a good workout because it engages your whole body. If you are consistent with it, you'll experience the effects on your heart, legs and muscle. And we all know that exercise improves cognitive functions.  

How many calories can I burn in a Pilates class?  

The best thing to keep in mind here is that you need to burn more than you take in. if you can engage an expert, you'll get recommendation on the best tools that will help you track how much calories you burn through Pilates classes.  

How much does a good brand reformer cost? 

Between $500 to $3000, you are definitely going to find one or two models that are currently affordable. Hence, there is no fixed price.  

How much is a pilates training class? 

Depending on your location, you'll find classes around with prices ranging between $50 and $100 per session. However, it is left for you to determine how many sessions you need in a week or month. The other worth noting is that private and group sessions often have varying prices.  

Where can I buy one? 

If you have never bought a physical product from Amazon, that's the best place to start. Through the reviews here, there are direct links that will lead you to the individual sales page for each of the products reviewed here.  


Whether you are intending to buy a reformer for physical therapy centre, public gym, hotel or private use, you don't need to do further research. These reviews of the bestselling models will certainly contain one or two options suitable for you in all ramifications. For absolute starters, the DVDs contained in each package will put you on track in no time.  

Before you leave this page, one thing to note is that the money you spend can never be equal to the benefits you'll get when you buy the best Pilates reformer online or offline.  

Please don't forget to test everything immediately after arrival.  

Editor Notes:


Previously, the Supreme Pilates was our best pick from the options available. It is still a good option for beginners since it has few features to learn. Additionally, the unit is budget-friendly and will be great if you are on a budget. However, any home gym should perform more functions for you and get you the value for your investments. Therefore, you can try the   Merrithew Rehab V2 Max Plus Reformer that comes with advanced features such as smooth glide, spring technology, adjustable height settings, and expansive usage. Even though it is pricier, you can’t compare the outcomes with the regular units on the market.

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