Love Your Laptop? You Must Do These 5 Things For Your Device’s Long Life

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Love your laptop? You must do these 5 things for your device's long life

Everyone needs a certain degree of love and affection to thrive. Well, things aren’t very different for the machines in your care either! The machines are sturdy and man-made, but that doesn’t make them any less important as a pivotal part of your life.

Most people’s personal computers or laptops are their windows to the wide world. And that’s not all~ one’s professional life is often centered around their laptop too!

Naturally, ensuring that your laptop is in the best of health is necessary for the smooth functioning of your daily life. Going that extra mile to show your laptop some love and care might ensure that you don’t narrowly miss a crucial deadline!

Aside from the obvious things like not dropping your lunch on your laptop’s screen, there are a bunch of things you could do to keep your laptop happy and healthy.

Here’s a list of the top five ways you could show your laptop how much you love it~ make sure you check off every item on the list!

Insure Your Laptop

Insure Your Laptop

Laptops have their portability and versatility, which is partly why they are so popular with everyone. Naturally, carrying your laptop around also exposes it to many risks.

There are many instances where your laptop can come to potential harm from external sources. Imagine having your laptop stolen, misplaced, or damaged to the degree that it needs to be away for a rather expensive repair operation for multiple days. That would be inconvenient, especially for someone with all their work on their laptop.

In such cases, insuring your laptop is not just possible but recommended. To be brief, you can buy insurance for your laptop. Of course, the premiums from the insurance will vary according to the company you have purchased the laptop from, the model of the laptop, and its price.

Buying insurance in this context is a great option! Depending on the insurance policy you invest in, the insurance from your laptop can cover a wide range of mishaps and damages caused to your laptop.

This will include damages to the different hardware parts of the laptop, electrical or software-oriented damage, accidents, and thefts and burglaries. Excluding damages involving negligence or wear and tear due to the passage of time, you could insure your laptop against almost any kind of unfavorable incident that you can name off the top of your head!


Install protection software 

If you love your laptop, installing some antivirus or antimalware protection would be your first order of business. Ideally, this is done right when your new laptop reaches your hands, but if you still haven’t caught up with the process, it is high time that you start looking up your options on the internet!

Cyber threats, several computer viruses, spyware, malware, trojan horses, phishing and spam attacks, etc, are genuine issues for anyone on the internet. You must have some protective software in place to ensure that your data and personal information are safe when you surf the internet.

And it is not just the data and information that are in danger when exposed to these cyber threats. The integrity of your laptop~ including its hardware and functionality~ can also be compromised by exposure to these dangers in cyberspace.  

Antivirus software is designed to protect your personal information and the laptop you are using. It will not just send you regular alerts if it finds anything suspicious in your system during the routine checkups, it will also actively work towards fixing these issues. Install some protective software on your laptop, if you haven’t already, to feel safe and secure while working on the internet.

Keep your laptop from heating up too much

This one is an exceptionally valid point because most of us constantly run multiple applications on our laptops at any given point of the day. This can cause our laptops to heat up significantly, to the point that matter spirals out of the control of the internal fans.

In such cases, your laptop needs immediate attention because otherwise, it could suffer long-lasting or permanent damage. It might even start a fire if you aren’t careful.

The first order of business would be to learn to identify when your laptop is heating up. Ideally, it should not be too hot to touch. But you will also see your computer slowing down or getting perceptibly more sluggish.

Also, watch out for errors or pop-up messages conveying that the machine is overheating. Sometimes, the system might shut down entirely, and it may be quite a trial to get it running again.

The internal fans might go into overdrive trying to cool your laptop down, and it isn’t very uncommon to be able to hear them.

In such a situation, you will want to turn off the laptop entirely and remove it from all the cords or external devices to which it may be plugged in or connected. Once you have done that, check the built-in vents to ensure they aren’t clogged.

You could try taking the battery out. Remember, it would be very unwise to use the laptop before it completely cools down. Sometimes, it could be a problem with the fans, so you could try to manage the internal fan settings of the laptop, too.


Keep a backup option ready

This probably goes without saying, but make sure you have backup options. Take emergencies and mishaps into account beforehand and keep a backup of the large, essential files on your laptop on a physical hard drive.

If it’s a small file, at least save a backup on cloud storage, like Google Drive or DropBox.

Handle The Machine And Its Ancillary Parts Delicately

No matter how often the salesman tells you that your laptop is a sturdy machine capable of shouldering any workload thrown at it, always remember that at the end of the day, it is a rather delicate machine that needs constant maintenance and upkeep.

Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be actively fixing the laptop~ little things like being mindful about not tripping over the cords or crashing the laptop to the floor can go a long way.

As a general rule of thumb, keep all kinds of liquids and beverages away from your laptop. The same can be said about food. Eating while watching a show might sound like a great idea till you drop a spoonful of lasagna on the keyboard. Next, be careful about the monitor.

The LCD display is not the most robust part of your laptop, so trying to lift it by the screen or causing damage to the screen might cost you heavily. Oh, and don’t forget to treat the cords with care.

Especially when it comes to the charging cord, make sure you walk over to wherever it is plugged in and pull the charger out from the plug instead of tugging at the cords.

Besides that, exposing your laptop to rapid temperature changes, dropping it, or leaving it lying around animals can be dangerous for its longevity. These instructions might seem obvious, but taking good care of one’s laptop is rarer than you would think!


For a lot of people, their laptop is akin to their lifeline. Honestly, it is true~ your laptop is the thing that keeps your professional and personal lives in order! So, there’s no way that you can go wrong if you show it some love. This list includes the basics of laptop care.

Other than this, make sure you keep your machine clean. Don’t forget to have your machine looked at by an expert every few months. If it starts acting up, schedule a visit to the service center right away~ it’s better to nip a problem in the bud than to sit around and wait for it to set in. 

Taking care of your laptop in little ways will help immensely in the long run, so keep at it! Your computer will perform amazingly at the most critical hour to thank you in return!

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