Diskpart VS Disk Management, What’s Their Difference

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Are you facing issues with your Windows operating system’s disks, partitions, or volumes? Do you currently need clarification about the terms Diskpart and Disk Management? Then read this post for a clear understanding.

Diskpart and Disk Management are built-in disk or partition management tools designed to assist in managing the different disks perfectly. We will offer you complete information in this guide so you can quickly get an exact idea of the difference between the two.

What Is Diskpart

Diskpart is a text mode command line utility in the Windows operating system designed to provide absolute assistance in managing the different disks, partitions, or volumes effectively. Whether it’s about resizing or deleting hard drive partitions or creating or setting up active or bootable partitions, Diskpart can perform different tasks efficiently.


It is a beautiful command-line utility tool that helps users make conversions between basic and dynamic disks efficiently. Moreover, you can use this tool to repair the corrupted master boot records and to check the disk integrity effectively. The device features a straightforward, intuitive interface that is simple and easy to use.

  • Create and edit virtual hard disk
  • Convert the empty disk to MBR or GPT
  • Mark partition as active or inactive
  • Convert dynamic disk to basic disk and vice versa
  • Replace the failed disk region for repairing RAID-5
  • Import the foreign disk group into the primary disk group
  • Convert FAT32 to NTFS without causing any data loss
  • Delete or remove the preceding section, dynamic volume, and disk partition on a disk at once

What Is Disk Management

Disk Management is a system utility tool in the Windows operating system that allows users to perform advanced storage tasks efficiently. The device efficiently manages the drives installed in the computer system. The agency collects the disk-based hardware recognized by Windows efficiently.


We list the main features of Disk Management here:

  • Remove the active flag from the partition
  • It helps in initializing the new disk
  • Converting empty disk to MBR or GPT
  • Creating and deleting the basic partition
  • Extending or shrinking the primary partition
  • Creating, attaching, and detaching the virtual hard disk
  • Braking mirrored volume and adding or removing the mirror

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Diskpart VS Disk Management: What’s Their Difference 2023

If you have gone through both Diskpart and Disk Management in detail but still need help finding the relatable difference, here are the main features that will help you differentiate both terms ideally.

  • Disk Management is easier to use:

Disk Management offers a graphical user interface to the users. Users here are free to manage the disks conveniently. They need to do only a few clicks to enable things ideally. If you want to use Diskpart, use the different commands here. Regardless, learning the other controls for performing various tasks is challenging. Moreover, it is tricky for the users to switch between the operations conveniently in Diskpart.

  • Diskpart has more functions:

If we talk about the functionality of the Diskpart, it offers more functions than Disk Management. It gives users many management options for creating sophisticated portions and allows them the facility to manage the disk more freely. The best thing here is that Diskpart can work in a WinPE environment efficiently.

If you have more computing knowledge and know the different commands, Diskpart is a perfect option. But if you are a newbie and are willing to enjoy more functions without indulging in any confusing commands, going with the free third-party tool will surely be the perfect option for you.

EaseUS Partition Master: A Free Alternative to Diskpart and Disk Management

Running the different commands is a challenge for everyone, especially newbies. To enjoy the extreme functionalities without much effort, you must have a simple and accessible tool. If you are eager to know about the best one in the series, here we are with the leading one for you: EaseUS Partition Master.

It is a free alternative to Diskpart and Disk Management tools that allow users to perform different tasks efficiently. It is a perfect software for beginners that adjusts the disk space, merges partitions, creates a new section, and performs various other tasks.

The tool is designed to be simple and intuitive and doesn’t impose any hardcore expertise. It also includes more functions than Disk Management and is easier to use compared with Diskpart. Here are some main features of EaseUS Partition Master:

  • Copy OS to SSD/HDD
  • Convert MBR to GPT efficiently
  • Work perfectly with the different Windows versions
  • All in one free partition manager for performing multiple tasks


So, Guys! In detail, you have learned perfectly about the different disk partition tools, i.e., Diskpart and Disk Management. Both are Windows inbuilt tools that help users partition their disks or drives efficiently. Disk Management is a simple and easy-to-go tool with limited functions; Diskpart is based on command lines and performs different functions. It’s up to the users which options they are willing to go along with. If you are a newbie and don’t know much about computing, going with an excellent third-party tool like EaseUS Partition Master is a great idea.

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