How to Find an Apple Watch if Dead? A Step-By-Step Guide

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How to Find an Apple Watch if Dead

If you misplaced your Apple Watch, the only option to get it back is through Find My App by following  these steps:

  1. Locate your iPhone: Your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone, so make sure it is nearby and charged.
  2. Open the “Find My” app: On your iPhone, open the “Find My” app.
  3. Select your Apple Watch: Once the app is open, select your Apple Watch from the list of devices.
  4. Play a sound: If your Apple Watch is within range of your iPhone, you can use the “Play Sound” feature to make your watch emit a loud, distinctive noise. This can help you locate it if it is nearby.
  5. Use Lost Mode: If you can’t locate your Apple Watch using the “Play Sound” feature, you can put it in Lost Mode. This will lock your watch and display a message on its screen, making it more difficult for someone to use it.

Will Apple Watch Ping if Dead?

Yes, when your Apple Watch is powered off, you can use your iPhone to send a “ping” signal to help you locate it. The pinging feature makes a loud noise on your watch, allowing you to find it in places like the aperture in the sofa, the depths of the space under your bed, or the pocket of the coat you tossed in the wash. 

If your Apple Watch dies or goes offline, Find My will notify you of its last known position. The watch’s location, however, will be visible for just a short period.

Apple Watch Is Dead but Still Showing Location

If you’ve paired your Apple Watch and iPhone, even if the watch dies, your iPhone will still be able to display its location. If the Watch’s battery dies, it will stop showing its position until it is recharged. Because of this, it seems to be following you.

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How to Find an Apple Watch in the House

If you lose your Apple Watch, use Find My to track it down and keep it safe. You activate Find My iPhone on your Apple Watch, and any other Apple Watches paired through Family Setup if you have previously started it on your iPhone. Thus, you can use Find My to recover a misplaced or stolen watch. Thanks to Activation Lock, nobody but you can delete the data from your Apple Watch and pair it with an iPhone. You can use the following option:

Viewing Your Watch on a Map

  • Log in to or Use the Find My App to Locate Your Watch in Real Time.
  • If your watch is near to you, you can use the Play Sound button to locate it. The timepiece will continue to chime until you tap “dismiss.” Your watch could be offline, not linked to a cellular network, or not synced with your iPhone if the map does not display it.

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With Your Computer

You can use the computer version of the Find My iPhone function. To access it, you can sign in with your iCloud credentials.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Visit
  • Just log in with your Apple ID and password
  • After receiving a verification code on your iPhone or other Apple device, enter it here
  • Select Find your iPhone
  • A map will load (it might take a few seconds to pop up)
  • Select All Devices from the menu bar
  • Put your finger on your Apple Watch

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Through Your iPhone

  • Activate the Find My app
  • To access the tab for devices
  • Select your Apple Watch from the list to view its location on the map

How to Find the Last Location of an Apple Watch When Offline

You will only be able to use Find My to track down your misplaced Apple Watch if you forgot to activate it before it went missing. Your watch has no internet connection, cellular network, or an associated iPhone. 

To find the last location of an apple watch when offline, you need to use another device, like a computer connected to the internet. You can sign into iCloud using your Apple ID, navigate to Find iPhone, click All Devices, and then click your Apple Watch to see its last known location before it went dead or offline.

Apple Watch Location History

Your Apple Watch’s location history can be viewed on your iPhone in Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. Recent locations can be displayed if you enable “Significant Locations” on your device.

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Find My Apple Watch Offline

Follow the following steps:

  • Enable the iPhone’s Find My feature
  • You can access your profile by tapping your name at the very top of the Settings menu
  • Go down and select “Find My”
  • Active Find My iPhone
  • Activate offline finding by activating it
  • Sending your current location can be toggled on with a simple press.

How to Check if an Apple Watch Is Stolen

Use the serial number to verify the watch is not reported stolen, lost, or out of warranty. Learning whether or not a serial number is on a blacklist is one of the most common uses for a serial number.

Apple Watches reported as stolen or lost cannot be used again or unlocked unless the prior owner is willing to assist you. To use the serial number, do the following:

Track Down the Serial Number

If the vendor hasn’t handed over the watch, have him snap a picture while holding the serial number. To locate the number, the seller can use one of three methods:

  • First, make sure that the paired iPhone is working
  • The Apple Watch app can be accessed by launching the iPhone’s Home button
  • For the serial number or international mobile equipment identification number, go to My Watch > General > About

Check Apple Watch Serial Number for Signs of Theft

  • After getting the Apple watch’s serial number, you can see its status to confirm whether it is stolen. The only reliable method is to use an SN/IMEI checker on the internet. 
  • Provide the checker with the SN you were given by the vendor, and they will provide you with the following report:

How to Find a Dead Apple Watch From iPhone

To locate a lost or stolen Apple Watch, you need access to another Apple device, such as a smartphone. If your Apple Watch has died, you can still find it using other Apple products if you follow the steps outlined below:

  • Get an iOS device to use
  • Access the Find My app
  • Click on the tab called “me”
  • Select the “Support a Friend” menu option
  • Use the same Apple ID you set up in Find My to sign in


If you lose your Apple Watch and need to find it, you’ll have to utilize the Find My iPhone app. View the last known position of the missing device before its watch battery died. Be quick; someone else might get to your smartwatch before you do. If you have misplaced your Apple Watch and have not enabled Find My app, you will be unable to locate it using any other Apple service.

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