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After a long day at the office, there's nothing better than kicking back, cracking cold a cold one, and catching up on your latest show on Netflix.

However, binge-watching usually takes a back seat when you live with other people. In any case, if you're like me with noisy kids or whose better half is a game enthusiast who always insists on screaming every time they score, you know that the quietness and serenity needed to enjoy your show is hard to come by.

The good news is with a Bluetooth transmitter; you can now catch your favourite show or even play video games without inconveniencing those who are around you.

Bluetooth transmitters, in particular, have become a necessity, an almost mandatory element in our modern-day entertainment. Bluetooth transmitters are an incredible way to connect to multiple electronic devices for better data transfer and communication.

In a nutshell, a Bluetooth Transmitter will turn your wired device, wireless.

However, there're plenty of these devices in the market, and choosing one that fits your needs can be quite a challenge.

Fortunately, there's no need to beat about that because, in this article, we've compiled a list o the best Bluetooth Transmitters in the market.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Suited For?


~900 metres

Lithium Polymer / ~12 hrs

3.31 x 2.22 x 1.52

Motorcycle Enthusiast/ Adventurists



6.4 x 4.9 x 2.1


Lithium Polymer / ~8 hrs

0.4 x 1.2 x 1.8


Other Great Recommendations

10m / 33ft

Lithium Polymer /200mAh

2.2 x 0.4 x 1.5




44.88 x 11.81 x 29.53


The Best Bluetooth Transmitter In The Market For The Money!

Bluetooth transmitter reviews

Sena SMH10-10 –Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Firstly, let me say this if you're remotely interested in Sena Transmitter, I would suggest that you budget for two or more, because they're quite functional and easy to fit most helmets that you'll want to keep a pair to throw to your buddies when going out for a ride. 

See, Sena SMH10 integrates some of my wished-for features, including long-range music sharing, noise control technology, two mic design type, and more. 

It's quite an incredible model, and will particularly to the motorcycle enthusiasts who need a transmitter that is not affected by wind.

Sena SMH10


It's amazing how far apart you can be and still have a Bluetooth connection these days, and with the Sena, you get a range of 900 meters.

Now, for starters, if you've a pillion on your bike, you can easily have a candid convo with your passenger that consists more of hand signals, leg squeezes, and repeated kidney punches.

And if you're out riding with your buddies, you'll no longer have to stick together and wait for each other in traffic.

Even so, while Sena advertises this transmitter with a 900-meter range, I found it to fall short, something a little less than half a mile (500 meters). Once I went beyond the 500-meter mark, the audio began getting static and garbled, but the good news is, it seamlessly reconnected, once I was back in range. 

Either way, this intercom feature is quite impressive, and a lot of the motorists loved this feature.

Advanced Noise Control

If you've used a motorcycle transmitter before, you know that above certain speeds, the transmitters become a challenge to use and will, in most cases, mask intelligible speech. 

With the Sena's Advanced Noise Control technology, however, you'll get a higher volume output, making your audio crisp and clear. More importantly, I loved how this feature drastically cut the background noises, allowing me to get incredible audio performance, even when cruising above 65 mph. 

While at it, it would also be crucial to mention that the audio quality was incredibly amazing, and in most cases, I found speaking so quietly, yet, this transmitter delivered quite clearly.

The speaker unit is similarly loud, though I found out that using the transmitter with an open face helmet did affect the quality of the sound, and I guess it's because of the external wind noises.

Ease of Use

Once installed, Sena is simply to use, and in my case, I had it paired with my phone in a matter of seconds, though I found the Intercom pairing a bit fuzzy because it lacked the voice prompts as compared to other tasks.

Either way, it's a cinch to use, or the controls are fantastic top operate even with your gloves on.


  • Incredible audio clarity
  • Easy to use
  • Long-range


  • Open mike is a challenge to use at high speeds

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Nulaxy KM18 Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter - Best Car FM Bluetooth Transmitter

I wouldn't really advise anyone to get an FM transmitter for their car, but if your car stereo lacks an AUX port, the FM transmitter is the way to go.

In light of this, I tested the Nulaxy KM18and though it delivered mixed results, it would be safe to say that its performance was superior to a majority of the FM transmitters in the market.

In particular, I was impressed by the ease of use, pairing, and how it allows me to find the best station for superior reception quality.

Nulaxy KM18

Sound Quality

As we had hinted in the introduction, FM transmitters aren't generally designed to deliver a superior audio quality, and this is evident on the KM18.

Even so, I was impressed by the performance of this model, and though the audio quality had some static in between, I would say the quality is tolerable.

In particular, I was impressed by advanced interference, and noise cancellation technology provided the perfect audio even with the car ground loop noise interfere

Sure, it can't match that of an AUX-IN adapter, but hey, a majority of the users admit that KM18 has set the bar really high for the FM transmitters.


If your vehicle has an AUX port, then you're in luck as I found several ways in which I could make use of this port.

For starters, I connected my iPod, which by the way it doesn't have a Bluetooth capability and then transmits the audio through the FM. The second way was plugging an audio cord on my stereo, then forego the transmission, though I wouldn't recommend this process; instead, I would suggest that you use an unobtrusive AUX adapter.

Speaking of obstruction, I love how easy it is to plug this transmitter into the charger, thanks to the adjustable arm. My only concern with the design is the obstructiveness of the transmitter; in my car, for instance, I feel it was too close to the gear shift, and while I agree this isn't an issue with all the vehicle, I think it's something the brand can look into.


KM18 is designed to work with almost all Bluetooth-enabled devices, and to connect the transmitter, you simply need to plug it into an open 12v socket. It's so easy to set up

LCD Display

One of the crucial components of a car transmitter is that it should be easy to use, and Nulaxy has done an incredible job of including a large 1.44 inch LCD screen that will allow the drivers to have a quick glimpse of the controls without having to sacrifice on their driving performance.


  • Budget option
  • Optimized for car use
  • Easy to use


  • Audio clarity isn't the best

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Twelve South AirFly - Best for Airpods

Airfly gets its name from its primary target market-it's a suitable option for those who want to use their Apple Airpods when on a flight. In any case, the Apple iPods were the inspiration for these Bluetooth devices 

Even so, the functionality of these devices are not limited to Apple products alone, but can similarly be used with any wireless Bluetooth headphone.

Twelve South AirFly


The Airfly was designed with AirPods in mind, and we love the diminutive approach that the manufacturer has taken.

However, it would have even been better if the semi-gloss finish of the AirFly would be refined further to match the high-gloss finish of the AirPods, for the perfect pair combination. Even so, their combination is pretty damn appealing.

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Sadly, Airfly doesn't feature a W1 chip, and so, we had no other pairing option but to use Bluetooth.

At first, I must say pairing was a tad fiddly because there's no display at either end to see what's going on. Again, the transmitter comes with a quite aggressive timeout of about five to size seconds.

The good news is, once you master the learning curve, it becomes easy to operate, and once paired, reconnecting is painless.


The audio quality was quite impressive, and I loved the crisp and clear output.

However, I also came to find out that the sound quality was, to some extent, dependent on the 3.5mm connection. If, for instance, the flight equipment isn't top tier, then you're likely to experience occasional buzz or hum during audio content. 


  • Incredible sound quality
  • Aesthetic
  • Seamless pairing


  • Fairly short range

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TROND Bluetooth V5.0 Transmitter Receiver 

Trond is among the trusted names in the industry, and so by getting yourself one of their products, you're assured of quality and performance.

One of Trond's crowd favourite is the Trond V5.0, a 2-in-1 unit that functions both as a transmitter and a receiver, allowing you to stream music from 3.5mm audio-out media into a Bluetooth capable device.  

TROND Bluetooth V5.0

aptX Low Latency innovation

One of the selling features of this transmitter is the high-end chipset that makes it possible for the device to adopt the latest technology in the transmitter domain.

With the aptX Low Latency innovation, which the manufacturer claims have a latency lower than 95% compared to other devices, and with an end-to-end slack time of 40 milliseconds, this electronic will deliver high-quality videos without delay.

Above all, I loved how the technology eliminated all the audio-visual lag in my videos, allowing me to enjoy videos with the perfect lip and sound synchronization and with no delays. 

Dual Stream

Flexibility on this mode is further underlined by the dual stream and multipoint connection, features that made it easier for me to connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously for shared music experience.

For the bests resists, I would suggest that you link two similar brands of audio tools to achieve the low latency without the lip-sync delay.

However, it's worth noting that this transmitter doesn't support dual pair mode.

Ease of Use

Generally, the ease of use and control of this transmitter is incredible, and the wireless connection is quite versatile, allowing you to connect to a variety of devices including, TVs, phones, and tablets.

I also love that I can control the volume right from the transmitter, and unlike other models, it does not distort the sound quality, and in any case, it enhances the overall sound quality.

Setting up and using this device is a cinch, and you might not even require reading the user manual.


  • 2-in-1/Transmitter and receiver
  • Quality audio with no distortion
  • Easy to use


  • Works perfectly with a single device connected

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Avantree Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver - Best for Long Range

The first thing that you're going to notice on the Avantree Long is the futuristic digital design, which I find quite appealing. In any case, some of the users have turned this transmitter into a piece of ornamental equipment to complement the appeal of their homes.

But besides aesthetics, this transmitter is also a performance-oriented electronic, and I have included it on this list because it features some of my most wished-for features such an extended range, and compatibility with plenty of TV sets in the market.

Avantree Long Range Bluetooth

Extended Range

One of the unique features that elbows this transmitter from the others is the extended range of 295 ft with headphones and even better, this range can be extended further to 328 feet if you're using the Oasis as a transmitter.

So far, it's the highest range we've come across on our list, and safe to say, it will allow you to receive signals anywhere in your house and enjoy Bluetooth audio with ease

Multipoint Connectivity

Avantree Long is a multi-purpose electronic that will cover each of your Bluetooth need, and it's designed to link up multiple devices simultaneously conveniently.

It's also worth mentioning that Avantree supports OPTICAL/RCA and AUX audio output, and this makes it compatible with most, if not all, the Bluetooth-enabled devices in the market. 

Apt Low Latency Codec

Another crucial component on this device is the AptX codec that allows this transmitter to eliminate the audio-visual lag, and suffice to say; I found this feature quite handy for watching the movies and TV programs in privacy. 


  • Easy to use
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Can be used with multiple devices


  • Audio is affected by obstructions

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Best Bluetooth Transmitter Buying Guide

bluetooth receiver comparison

In the section below, we shall look at some of the essential factors that you need to consider when investing in a Bluetooth transmitter.


The first thing that you need to consider is the purpose, or rather what you're going to use your transmitter for.

Typically, a transmitter is solely used for three purposes, which include:

File Transfer

The role of a transmitter in transferring files is usually focused on the transaction between phone to phone or phone to computer or vice versa.

File transfer using this method is simple since you can perform it without a USB.


Transmitters used for tethering connect multiple devices either for Wi-Fi or Hotspot sharing. Provided your device is hotspot-enabled; it will provide a quick way of connecting your laptop to the internet.

Audio Streaming

A Bluetooth transmitter for audio streaming allows you to pair your electronics with speakers seamlessly, and this is particularly true if your device doesn't have built-in Bluetooth capabilities such as speakers, desktop computers, or laptops.


The second thing you need to consider is compatibility. Remember that not all transmitters will fit into your device, and so, you need to see that they're applicable to use.


The two common types of Bluetooth transmitters in the market are corded and cordless transmitters.

bluetooth device being checked


Also known as wired, this type of transmitter is connected to the devices to function by plugging the wire into the device.

While they're easy to connect, you need to choose the appropriate adapter that will fit on the device.


The wireless transmitters are more of an advanced type of antenna, and many people prefer this type because they can easily connect and use it with any kind of device without worrying about compatibility issues. 

Specific Functions

Finally, you need to consider the Bluetooth Transmitter's specific features. Some of these include;

Dual-Function Technology

Some of the transmitters can operate both as a transmitter as well as a receiver. The flexibility provided by these transmitters makes your work more comfortable as you don't need to find extra tools for any function.

Transmission Range

The transmission range will depend on how wide you need your connection range to be.

Whatever range you choose, understand that it can only be attained where no obstacles blocking the line of sight.

Number of Supported Devices

Ideally, you should choose a Bluetooth transmitter that is not only capable of connecting with multiple, but also different devices.

For instance, it should be able to work with iPhones, tablets, headsets, and more.

Battery Consumption

Since your transmitter is powered by a battery, you should also consider the battery life and consumption. Ideally, the battery life ranges from 7 to 15 hours, though if you're a frequent traveller, then you need a device with longer battery life.


As you can see, purchasing a Bluetooth transmitter is not as challenging as many people tend to put it. However, you need to know what you're looking for, and more importantly, be sure what you're going to use it for.

Current Best Selling BlueTooth Transmmitters!

Editor Notes:

The two main features you need for a high-quality Bluetooth transmitter are range and noise cancellation. From the list, we pick Sena SMH10-10, which boasts a long range of 900 meters. This is better than the types on our list since you’ll communicate effectively with your friends within the given distance. Additionally, noise cancellation is key to eliminate distracting noises when you are using the transmitter. 

The transmitter has a two mic design, so communicating with your fellow friends becomes more straightforward, especially when going for a ride. The transmitter pairs with a phone in a matter of seconds, so you’ll use it quicker. Lastly, the battery lasts for 12 hours, sufficient to get you through the day’s activities.

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