7 Reasons Why New AirPods Pro are Perfect for Working Out!

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New Apple Computers AirPods Pro headphones

We have good news for all iPhone owners.  It seems that Apple finally decided to pander to the interests of active sports enthusiasts and made the new AirPods Pro headphones comfortable, not solely for everyday use. Now you can eventually run with them, work out in the gym, or even do yoga. We identified at least seven reasons why new Airpods Pro are perfect for working out.

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1. Excellent fixation

Yes, Apple resolved one of the main flaws of previous generations of AirPods! Many iPhone fans had to switch to other headphone designs (for example, to bone connection) before so that during the work out they did not have to catch AirPods, which frequently kept falling out of their ears.

The situation has changed dramatically, owing to two critical changes. First, this is an entirely new headphone design. The even more important thing is Airpods Pro includes three sizes of soft, flexible silicone tips now. Along with a unique conical cavity in their design, you can firmly fix the headphones in your ears.

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2. Sweat and water-resistant

A small but essential thing is these are water-resistant headphones by Apple. They received the improved IPX4 water-resistance rating, indicating they are not afraid of either water or sweat, which makes them an excellent choice for working out.

Now, an important mention would be the fact that they are not entirely waterproof. This means that taking them for a swim is out of the question, but on the bright side, the IPX4 rating does confirm a certain level of protection against splashes and sweat.

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People Apple Computers AirPods Pro headphone

Paris, France - Oct 30, 2019: Woman holding in palm charging case and new Apple Computers AirPods Pro headphones with Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound - rear view of the package

Sure, you could try swimming with the AirPods Pro, but you would be doing it at your own risk. Much like Apple has specifically pointed out this new and improved version is water- and sweat-resistant, but only for non-water exercises and sports.  

All in all, they are perfect for long sessions of running and intense workouts, and this is pretty much everything a fitness enthusiast could wish for. 

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3. Adaptive EQ and pure sound

If your view on the sound issue is convenient, the loudness of the AirPods Pro headphones will make you admire the work of Apple engineers.

User reviews that have already surfaced on the internet state that even in noisy conditions (running along a busy street, for example), there is half the volume power enough for you to enjoy your favorite tracks.

An adaptive equalizer handles the quality and tuning of sound, which even adjusts to your ear shape, combining the necessary sound parameters! Moreover, the internal microphone analyzes the sounds that you hear to tune the frequencies so that your listening experience becomes productive and consistent.

But the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue is if they are actually loud enough to cover the background noise outside. You bet they are! Within a range between 50-60% as the average comfort zone in terms of volume, you will still be able to listen to your favorite music or even podcasts, regardless if you’re running right next to a train station or an airport.

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New Apple Computers AirPods Pro headphones

Paris, France - Oct 30, 2019: New Apple Computers AirPods Pro headphones with Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound with pair of Powerbeats Pro by Dr Dre

Even if a plane takes off right next to you, you will continue listening to music as clearly as possible. And, if you’re a bit more hardcore, you can always crank up the volume to the max – the quality of the sound will not change in any way.  

4. Noise cancellation

Step-by-step, we are reaching the most delicate part. If you enjoy immersing into the atmosphere of your own during the workout, the noise cancellation mode might become to your liking.

Those who already had the luck to try it out in practice, claim that AirPods Pro provides a feeling of complete silence. You do not hear the interlocutor who is standing next to you.

The active noise reduction system works according to the shape of your ear and the position of the earbuds. First, the headphones use a microphone to process external noise, and then with the speaker's help, they launch a sound wave of the same amplitude in the opposite direction.

Thus you no longer hear anything but music or your trainer's instructions. Just imagine how cool it's to do yoga with such headphones on or to get rid of annoying tracks in the gym, by creating your soundtrack. Or maybe you need complete silence to read some useful advice in the blog of https://gym-expert.com/

5. Transparency mode

If you are running or cycling across busy places, you continuously encounter a dilemma. You should either enjoy your favorite music that motivates you and sets the rhythm or remove the headphones so as not to be hit by a car.

All of this is taken care of in the transparency mode. It is an excellent solution for runners and cyclists because while enjoying the music, you can hear the world around you as if you were without any headphones on at all.

Moreover, what is of importance, the use of a powerful microprocessor and high-quality microphones makes the street sounds transmission to you without noticeable sound delay to a human ear.

Therefore, if you hear a car from behind, you have time to react. And this is where AirPods Pro differs from many competitors, in which the delay in the sound transmission function makes it practically useless. 

New Apple Computers AirPods Pro headphones

Paris, France - Oct 30, 2019: Connection to the iPhone 11 Pro smartphone of new Apple Computers AirPods Pro headphones with Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound

6. Smooth control and many functions

An essential change in the new AirPods Pro is the headphone control gestures. Now you do not need to tap on buttons. There are no buttons at all. Because you control your headphones just by pressing the stem now.

By the way, the long press is for switching between noise cancellation and transparency mode.

But that is not all. The voice assistant features are still available to you - moreover, the new microphones allow you to communicate with Siri without raising your voice. Also, AirPods Pro can read aloud your messages to you, making an exception only for telephone calls and the joint listening to audio mode.

By the way, have we not mentioned that with AirPods Pro, you can listen to the same track with your friend? It is rather convenient if you are training via Youtube-video, right?

Now, one thing everybody is asking, is how easy to use is the stem button while running for example? The answer is surprisingly easy!

Aside from the fact that you no longer have to tap all of the time, like in the case of the standard AirPods, this new Pro model makes everything that much simpler, as you just have to gently squeeze the stem button. Especially when you’re running or exercising, this will be much easier to achieve and you will be able to do it with a much higher accuracy.

Granted, some people might actually prefer the tapping control, but once they will get a hang of this new way of controlling playback, they won’t look back. 

7. You finally save money with a second pair

Not that obvious, but still a significant advantage. AirPods Pro lets you finally give up on different headphones for different activities. You no longer need to buy appropriate headphones for sports, just because standard AirPods are not suitable.

It is a Pro-series, and they are undoubtedly proficient in performing their task i.e., in being with the iPhone owner everywhere.

Sure, some people might raise an eyebrow when first learning their retail price. Launched on October 28th and available in retail stores since October 30th, the AirPods Pro came out at a fixed price of ~$249.

woman hands holding new Apple Computers AirPods Pro headphones

Paris, France - Oct 30, 2019: Side view of woman hands holding new Apple Computers AirPods Pro headphones with Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound on top of iPhone 11 Pro smartphone

Now, it’s understandable why many will jump the gun and deem them as being overpriced, but when you ponder their numerous improvements, over-the-top quality, and increased endurance and functionality, their price will no longer seem like a stretch.

In fact, you will be ending up saving money in the long run, as this model practically incorporates everything you might possibly need in a headphone, and more. As such, you will no longer have to purchase several models for different uses.

After all, there’s a good reason for which the demand for the AirPods Pro is sky-high, and for the fact that Apple decided to increase production. 


Like their predecessors, these are impressive earbuds, with a lot of smarts for an active lifestyle of the owner. If you can’t imagine your training without your fav music, adore the Apple ecosystem and want a pair of ear buds for noise-canceling and improved sound quality to use in a gym, this model is definitely a decent choice. 

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