Ultimate Review Of Best Beard Trimmers In 2023

best beard trimmer guide

A thick, well-groomed beard makes a powerful statement. Proper beard maintenance involves shampooing, use of a great beard balm or oil to moisturize and use of a beard comb to untangle hairs.

But, the modern-day beardsman will tell you that the most crucial grooming tool in any beard care toolkit is a beard trimmer. A beard trimmer will keep your beard looking shapely, well-kempt and intentional.

A sharp-looking, head-turning face doesn't happen overnight; instead, it requires extra maintenance.

Like you meant for it to be there.

In a market that is saturated with many varieties to choose from, some thought has to go into picking the right beard trimmer for your needs. 

If you are a discerning gentleman, you will know by now that a beard trimmer is an invaluable asset in a man's grooming wardrobe.

One reason to invest in a beard trimmer over a traditional razor is that there's no skin irritation. Beyond that, a beard trimmer should clean and shape your beard, allowing you to achieve a neat and dapper look.

A good trimmer should be above everything else, easy to use, and easy to maintain. It also has to be relatively easy to clean and sharp.

Given that there're plenty of boxes to tick, choosing the right trimmer is challenging.

The sheer variety of these gadgets alone can spin your head into confusion.

A rookie mistake would be taking the wrong tool home, that's why we've used, reviewed, and scoured the internet for numerous brands to find the best beard trimmers for you.

Without further adieu, let's jump into our list of top electric trimmers on the market.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Weight (Pounds)

Battery Life

Cutting Length (mm)



60 minutes

1 - 16


240 minutes

1 - 16


80 minutes

0.5 - 10

Other Great Recommendations


45 minutes

0.4 To 5


240 minutes

1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18

Barber shaving a client with trimmer

Top 5 Beard Trimmers In The Market For The Money

Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000 - Best Overall

As its name suggests, Multigroom 3000 is a premium shaver that can be used for multiple purposes.

A versatile unit, Norelco Multigroom, will allow men to perform a variety of shaving and trimming chores with only a single shaver.

Though this beard shaver is an inexpensive option, it comes with a variety of attachments for a complete beard hair trimming solution.

Multiple Shaving Attachments

A significant highlight of this beard shaver is the multitude of attachments.

Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000

Offering a complete shaving solution, this beard shaver comprises of 13 different attachments that are easily connected to the main body of the shaver.

The attachments include:

  • Full-sized trimmer with stainless steel blades
  • Detailer
  • Three hair cutting guards
  • Nose and hair trimmer
  • Three beard trimming
  • Stable guard
  • Cleaning brush

Notably, the full-size trimmer will allow you to trim your beards to different lengths and shapes with or without the bear combs.

The precision trimmer, on the other hand, is also quite handy in finishing the small details, more precisely the edges.

The steel precision trimmer will make your shaping more manageable and is quite handy in shaping both the sideburns and the moustache.

Self-Sharpening Blades

An easy-to-use a shaver, Phillips 3000 comes with self-sharpening blades.

These steel blades are tempered heavily, and they will not break, rust, or even get dull.

More importantly, these blades are low-maintenance and will not require sharpening or greasing.


Men with sensitive skin won't have to worry about allergies as these blades do not contain nickel.

Additionally, each blade within the shaver features rounded blade tips. The rounded blades are safe to use and will protect your skin from irritation, cuts, and scrapes.

The ultra-sharp nature of the blades also means the cutting performance is efficient, and users will not have to experience yanking or tugging of hair.

Innovative Blade Technology

The dual-cut technology on the blades is a crucial improvement, especially to the performance of the shaver.

The dual-cut technology promises to deliver 2x the performance of the regular blades.


Combined, the shaving attachment on this grooming tool will give you a choice of up to eighteen different length settings.

The flexibility offered by the Norelco means you can play with the settings to achieve a more personalized shave.

Battery and Ease of Use

A full charge takes at least 8 hours and will provide you with a run time of 60 minutes.

The charging time might quite be a deal-breaker for many, but it's to be expected considering what you're paying.

If you're in a hurry, however, you'll appreciate the 5-minute quick charge option that gives you enough power for a full shave.

The display on this shaver is pretty intuitive as there's only a single on/off power button.

Despite having plenty of attachments, shifting from one module to the other is simple and doesn't require a learning curve.


  • 13 attachments for a complete shaving solution
  • No skin irritation
  • Flexibility for a personalized shave


  • Long charging time

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Wahl Lithium Ion Plus - Best for Travel

Wahl Lithium is the flagship beard trimmer from Wahl.

It comes with plenty of desirable features such as quick charging time, premium blades, and a slew of accessories to handle a variety of shaving needs.

Even though the Wahl 9818's predecessor is in the market already, the innovation in the flagship model is yet to be outclassed by the new offerings.

Despite its use in most of the households, many men get the Wahl 9818 for its portability and dual voltage compatibility that makes it an inspired choice when on the road.

Wahl Lithium Ion Plus


Wahl is not one of those brands that rarely wow us with fancy-looking devices.

Featuring an incredibly simple design, it is like the whole purpose of Wahl 9818 was to showcase the stainless steel body.

If not for the accessories and the logo, you simply wouldn't give the shaver a second look.

The entire shaving structure is housed in a shiny, metallic shell. The stainless steel body makes the Wahl 9818 quite sturdy and reliable, as well.

Though not the most glamorous shaver in the market, the basic design is probably what sells and appeals to most men.


A genuinely professional beard shaver, this unit is an ideal option for those looking for a shaver to use while in transit.

Sporting a modest and ergonomic design, Wahl 9818 is lightweight and compact, too, and will easily fit in your backpack.

Also, the charge is a dual-voltage option, meaning it supports both 110V and 220V power options. So, you don't need to get concerned about your shaver burning up when charging it away from your household outputs.

What underlines this unit as an ideal travel option is a red plug at the bottom. Also known as the travel plug, the red plug is an excellent safety touch that will avoid the constant and awkward buzzing sound from your suitcase during check-in.

Cutting Performance

Carbon blades are a trademark for all the Wahl products, thanks to its longevity, reliability, and cutting prowess.

Unlike conventional blade construction, the blades on this unit are made through grinding rather than stamping.

The process delivers finer blades, which are suited for detailed beard trimming.

Offering a perfect balance of precision and power, these self-sharpening blades will easily cut through the thickest of your beard hairs.

The blades are ultra-sharp and will offer smooth sailing through the shaving process, as opposed to yanking and tugging of hair.


Like the Norelco Multigroom 3000, we had reviewed above, this unit comes with a slew of accessories.

Some of these include:

  • T-blade
  • Blade oil
  • Detachable heads
  • Detail trimmer
  • Bear comb

Honestly, you're not going to use all the accessories, and some might argue that you'll be carrying a lot.

However, if you're looking to look dapper during your stay away from home, why not make the extra space. After all, all the accessories fit in a single zippered travel case.


  • Multiple accessories
  • Premium carbon blades
  • Dual voltage


  • Short battery life (4 Hours)

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Philips Series 7200 - Best for Beard and Body

Phillips 7200 is yet another beard trimmer from the most famous Norelco range. It can seamlessly take the role of a body groomer and even an electric shaver

The Norelco range has more than lived its reputation of fast and efficient beard trimming.

Typical of any Norelco product, the Phillips 7200 delivers a fast, comfortable trim and comes with plenty of features to make shaving better.

Phillips 7200


The Phillips 7200 comes with a sleeker look than its predecessor, but it still offers a solid grip and ergonomic design for comfortable use.

Sporting a slightly more sophisticated design, this grooming tool comes with a nice high-tech, satin chrome finish look that gives a "business" look.

Cutting Performance

The blades on this shaver are constructed from stainless steel for the ultimate strength and reliability.

And like a majority of the trimmers on this line of shavers, the blades are low-maintenance, and you don't have to oil them

However, at the core of the Phillips 7200 cutting performance is the lift & trim technology.

The technology lifts the lying hairs and guides them to the blades for a fast and efficient cut.

Like the Multigroom 3000, Phillips 7200 comes with a dual-cut technology that will cut more hairs per individual pass than other blades.

The dual-sharpened blades mean that you get to reduce your shaving time as you only need one pass over your chin.

Besides a faster shave, it also offers a great way to reduce instances of cuts and nicks.

Self-Sharpening Blades

The self-sharpening blades are becoming a de facto standard in many trimmers, but still, it's worth pointing them out.

The low maintenance self-sharpening blades are perfectly designed to cut hair effectively, which prevents skin irritation and tugging.

Further, this technology ensures that you get a more uniform trim as it will ensure more hairs are cut per trim, and this is perfect for those with thicker beards.

Safety is further underlined by the somewhat rounded contour comb technology that will reduce the friction between your skin and the blades.

The design of the comb is tailored to deliver a skin-friendly and even trim.


For a long time, the Norelco line of shavers has built a name, especially when it comes to eliminating yanking.

Regardless of which model you choose, you can always be at ease during your morning touch-ups.

Expectedly, Phillips 7200 doesn't just tug the hair. Instead, the powerful lithium-ion battery, alongside the ultra-sharp blades with ensures that you cut whatever the length you're growing on your chin with ridiculous ease.


Altogether, the different attachments on Phillips 7200 come with 20 built-in length settings.

Here, you simply need to select your desired trim length and securely lock in place.

The flexibility will let you create a more personalized look.

Battery Life

The Phillips 7200 is undoubtedly a superior option than the Multigroom 3000 regarding battery life.

For starters, it has a shorter charging time of 1 hour with great value rechargeable batteries, contrary to the 4 hours we had seen in the previous Norelco model.

Again, Phillips 7200 has an extended runtime of 80 minutes, 20 minutes more than Phillips 3000.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Lift & trim technology for an efficient cut
  • Easy cleanup


  • No turbo speed setting

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Conair Man I-Stubble Ultimate Flex Head Trimmer - Best for Five O' Clock Shadow

Conair man i-stubble is not exactly the most versatile trimmer we've in our list and the market at large.

However, it acts as a superb option for those looking for a dedicated trimmer that will specialize in stubble.

Heavy stubble or a 5 O'clock shadow is what separates men from the boys, and if you're looking for a unit to highlight your masculinity, the Conair man i-stubble is an excellent option.

Conair Man I-Stubble Ultimate Flex Head Trimmer


Conair Man I-Stubble has a nice weight to it, and it comes with an ergonomic handle that will promote user comfort.

Though the design is pretty basic, it's intuitive and straightforward as well, making it the perfect choice for the beginners.

Blade Technology

Blades on Conair Man I-Stubble are electro-chemically formed and do not wear fast, even after regular use.

Unlike the regular blades, the blade son this shaver are self-sharpening, and are made to stay sharp and will require minimal maintenance.

Though the blades are sharper and come with a slimmer design, there are incredibly durable and reliable at cutting even the tough, thick hairs.

Flex head Design

This stubble trimmer comes with an ultra-flexible shaving head that allows you to move it firmly over the contours of your face for a cleaner and efficient trim.

The flexible shaving head also included a special protective comb that helps to trim the stubble to the desired lengths, while preventing the blades from making contact with your skin.

The no-contact cutting helps to prevent skin irritation as well as nicks and cuts on your skin.

However, if you are looking for detailed trimming around your beard, you can remove the guard to expose the blade for a fine line trimming.


If you prefer a dry shave as I do, then this feature is not a big deal to you.

However, if you prefer a wet shave, this trimmer will let you take care of the shaving business in the shower.


The battery performance is quite depressing, especially considering what you're paying.

Conair Man I-Stubble has a runtime of a mere 45 minutes and must be charged for 16 hours.


  • Ideal for stubble shave
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Waterproof


  • Disappointing runtime and extended charge time

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Brio Beardscape - Best for Long Beards

Brio Beardscape is quite a new product on the market.

With an integrated 1.0 to 1.9 mm blade height adjustment, this product will perfect your look and allow you to achieve a personalized shave.

But there is more to that; let's see what this product has to offer.

Brio Beardscape

Ceramic Blades

The blades on the Brio Beardscape are constructed from reliable ceramic.

Ceramic is four times harder than stainless steel.

Beyond reliability, ceramic creates less friction and heat, and this translates to less noise and optimized performance.


The extra-large lithium-ion batteries get a full charge in a more 3 hours, and a complete charge will last up to 4 hours.

While not the highest metrics we've come around, they're still pretty decent, especially considering the price point.


An easy to use device, the LCD highlights all the performance metrics and makes it easy for users to make any adjustments.


  • Reliable ceramic blades
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to use


  • Short run time

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Best Beard Trimmer Buying Guide

Electric Beard Trimmer

If you are looking to invest in a beard trimmer, there are several critical components that you need to consider before making a purchase.

Some of these features are essential in the overall performance of the beard trimmer.

They include:

Blade Material

While some people may just need a bare-bones model that gets the job done, others may look for a few extra features on their beard trimmers. Features like the pop-up nose and ear trimmers, turbo-trimming modes and a vacuum function increase versatility, and will help in narrowing down their options to one that has a feature that they need.

The blade material plays a significant role in the performance and reliability of a shaver. Since it's where most of the cutting action takes, it's necessary to have a blade that is durable and robust.

In most cases, the reliability of the blade boils to material construction. Ideally, you should choose a blade constructed from metal or carbon.

Stainless steel, in particular, is lightweight, sturdy, and reliable.


Needless to say, you need to invest in a quality electric trimmer that will not give in after a few uses. Look for one with quality construction to ensure longevity. Some features that suggest good quality build in beard trimmers include firm grip control and presence of parts made from stainless steel, which is known to be high quality and durable.

Sure, beard trimmers are primarily designed for use on the beards, but can they perform extra tasks?

If you plan on shaving your beards and other parts on the facials, you might as well consider a versatile shaver.

Some of the shavers usually come with several attachments that will allow you to cut hair on several parts of the body.

Beard Length

Whether you prefer to keep a short stubble, a long, luxurious beard or anything in between, ensure the trimmer you choose has length options to suit your preference. A trimmer that has versatile length settings is also a good option for when you need to switch up your look to any other beard style.

What's your ideal beard length? Are you looking to customize your beard shave? It's always important to choose a beard shaver with multiple length settings.

Corded or Cordless

The choice to go with either will ultimately depend on your power option and intended use.

The corded beard shavers, for instance, are more powerful and are suited for the commercial spaces or someone looking to handle heavy-duty applications.

The cordless versions, on the other hand, are lightweight, compact, and ideal for travelling.

With a cordless version, you'll need to sacrifice power over portability and ease of use.

The question about which is the better beard trimmer between the corded and the cordless ones is ubiquitous among people who like keeping a clean trim on their precious beards. Of course, both of them have different advantages and disadvantages. Let us look at a comparison of the cons and pros of both the corded and cordless models to determine which best suits you.

Corded Beard Trimmers:

  • A good thing about using a corded beard trimmer is that the fact that they tend to draw energy supply directly from an outlet which makes it a bit more powerful and will not run out of power halfway your shave.
  • On short notice like early mornings rush to work, you do not have to wait and charge the trimmer before you can start shaving. It saves some time.
  • A disadvantage to a corded trimmer is that the cords tend to be cumbersome and can get tangled or get on the way when you are trying to trim, this can limit your trimming movements.
  • Corded trimmers have poor portability, and for people that like to trim inside the shower, you can not use it in the shower.

Cordless Beard Trimmers

  • One key advantage of a cordless beard trimmer is that it is highly portable and it is rechargeable, you can be able to use it anywhere, including your office or inside your car when travelling.
  • When using a cordless trimmer, you have the freedom of movement when trimming because you do not encounter cumbersome cords limiting your actions.
  • Other cordless trimmers are waterproof, and you can use them in the shower if you like trimming while your beard is moist.
  • Cordless trimmers must be charged to complete a trim. If you are shaving and it happens to run out of power, you have to wait for it to recharge before you finish the trim.
  • They are time-consuming before they are fully charged, and if you were in a hurry for an engagement, it would be an inconvenience to wait.
  • Some have low battery life requiring regular charging. Others have built-in batteries, and if the battery dies, the trimmer is almost useless.

Wet/Dry Use

There are beard trimmers that are more suited for wet trimming as opposed to dry trimming and vice versa. Some people prefer trimming before they take a shower, while others prefer trimming after. The choice between a wet or a dry trimmer depends on when you tend to trim your beard during your morning routine. You ought to pick a trimmer that corresponds with that. If you happen to have an unpredictable morning routine, some models can switch between the two modes too, so that could be the best option for you.

Though you might be inclined to use your shaver either in wet or dry environments, it's always a good idea to have a beard shaver that supports both conditions.


  1. What is the best beard trimmer on the market? From our research and review, Multigroom 3000 from Phillips is the best overall beard trimmer out there
  2. What beard trimmers do barbers use? Barbers traditionally use Wahl 9818 series of electric beard trimmers as they are ever so reliable.
  3. Which is the best trimmer? Phillips Multigroom 3000
  4. What is the best vacuum beard trimmer? Phillips Series 7000 is currently the best vacuum electric trimmer available


Now that you have learnt about the negatives and positives of both the cordless and corded beard trimmers along with the list of best beard trimmers in the market, it is therefore essential to check your lifestyle and preferences. If you fancy having a free-range movement and need a grab-and-go trimmer, the cordless trimmer should be your best suit. However, if you would rather have a powerful trimmer that has no limit run time, you should pick the corded trimmers. Another thing is that, whatever trimmer you decide to choose, a barber quality trimmer should be the perfect pick and will not fail you because they have been tried and tested over time.

We've also provided you with a buying guide that should make your next purchase selection easier.

Go through the list and leave a comment on the section below as to which trimmer you think will address your beard trimming needs. Do you need a trimmer for your beard only or do you need one that can double up as a head shaver too? Some trimmers are explicitly designed for the beard, while others can be used for head shaving and for use on the whole body. Whatever your needs are, there's something for everyone.

Editor Notes:

Wrap Up: Our Choice

The beard trimmers in our list are best in various categories. For instance, there is best for beard and body, best for travel, best for long beards, etc. However, you may not have the time and money to buy each beard trimmer best in a particular category. Therefore, it would make sense to look for a beard trimmer that offers the best of everything. 

For that reason, our choice for the best beard trimmer is the Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000. The trimmer stands out from the rest for its versatility. You can use it for multiple purposes, including various shaving and trimming chores. 

The beard trimmer also features a multitude of attachments that enable it to perform various shaving tasks. Such tasks include stable guard, nose and hair trimmer, three beard trimming, detailer, cleaning brush, etc. The full-size trimmer allows you to trim your beard to any size and shape, with or without the combs. 

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