Ultimate Review Of Best Body Groomers In 2023

man using a body groomer

Grooming for men is like emptying the trash can, or replacing a toilet paper roll; men try to avoid these tasks as much as they can.

Nevertheless, we can never run away from body grooming as it's an inevitable part of our daily life.

And so, it should be simple and pain-free as possible.

Unfortunately, few of the grooming tools will cater to all your shaving needs and at the same time provide you with a comfortable shaving experience.

Body groomers, however, are an exception.

These grooming tools are an all-in-one shaving solution that will perfectly shave and detail the hairs in your body.

A body groomer is not necessarily for the "hairy" guys, but for the individuals who are looking to maintain a dapper appearance all year round.

Groomers are versatile kits, and so, whether you're looking for a reliable all-rounder, a precision trimmer, or even a travel styler, a body groomer is worth adding to your grooming repertoire. 

With that said, we looked at some of the leading grooming brands, including Phillips, Remington, Gillette, and Mangroomer, to come up with a list of the best body groomers in the market. 

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick

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The Top 5 Body Groomers In The Market For Your Money

man lying on abeach after using a body shaver

Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 BG2040 - Editor's Choice

Expectedly, topping our list is one of the offerings from one of our usual suspects, Phillips.

This grooming tool is solely designed for cutting hair from the neck down.

The Phillips Norelco Series 7100 screams of versatility and ergonomics.

Grooming the sensitive parts, including the nether regions and the two hairy mates won't be an issue thanks to the foil shaver head that will protect your skin from blade exposure. In our view, it certainly is the best grooming kit for men out there.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 BG2040


The design of the Phillips Norelco is designed with comfort in mind.

The side panels are constructed from soft rubber, while the bottom gives a secure, comfortable grip.

The slim design, alongside the ergonomics, makes it easy for users to hold the shaver comfortably in both dry and wet conditions and will prevent the shaver from slipping through your hands.

Dual-Sided Trimmer

An all-grooming solution, Phillip Series 7100 comes with a smart design with a trimmer on one end and shaver head on the other.

Both of the shaving features are mounted on a 3D pivoting head capable of adapting to the contours of your body, and this gives as close a shave as possible.

The trimmer end comes with a built-in trimming comb with five integrated settings that can even help it pass as an electric beard trimmer

Besides the flexibility offered by the trimmer, it's built-in, meaning you'll be saved from the hassle of fixing the flimsy, detachable combs that get broken or lost over time.

The blades on the trimmer are rounded, while the shaver part is curved and uses hypoallergenic foil and patented pearl tips.

I'm not sure what the pearl tips are, but Phillips claims the pearls tips, alongside the unique design of the blades, will help to prevent skin irritation.

Self-Sharpening Blades

The self-sharpening feature might seem a bit trivial, but it's crucial, especially when you're shaving the old fella.

See, you don't want a blunt blade tugging and yanking your skin and hairs while taking nicks of the crown jewel.

Reassuringly, this body groomer comes with self-sharpening blades, meaning no need to start hyperventilating during a simple shave.


Waterproof is a must feature for me, because in my opinion, I find it easier to shave in the shower, or at least, it what's what I think.

A waterproof groomer, you should have no issues using this tool in your shower.

And once you're done with the shave, simply wash and rinse the shaver under running water.

Battery Time

Offering a quick charge solution, the Phillips will give you a full 50 minutes, ideal for several shaves after an hour on charging.


  • Ergonomic
  • Dual-shaver
  • Contours to the shape of your body for a close shave
  • Waterproof


  • No extension arm for shaving back

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Remington PG525 Body Trimmer - Budget Option

If you really care about your looks, having a complete body groomer that will take care of all your needs is a must.

Unfortunately, a majority of these groomers are exorbitantly priced, and the budget options available are quite flimsy.

The PG525, however, is an exception.

Coming at a surprisingly low cost, this Remington shaver is among the budget options in the market.

Despite the throwaway price, this groomer packs a punch and comes with premium features that will deliver a complete and effective shaving experience.

Remington PG525

Design and Grip

Remington PG525 excels on several fronts, and one of them is aesthetics.

The sleek design on this unit is complimented by a glossy black colour with undertones of grey and will act as the perfect complement in your grooming cabinet.

Away from aesthetics, this shaver is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip.

Our interest was captured by the rubberized handles that offer an anti-slip grip.

Full-Size Body Groomer

Remington is all-rounder grooming equipment.

Now, unlike a majority of the body groomers which claim to work on your entire body and have little oomph to show for it, this groomer comes with a whopping nine attachments.

Blade Performance

At the core of this full-sized body, the groomer is two self-sharpening steel blades.

The surgical blades are durable and can maintain their sharpness for extended periods.

The blade guarantees a clean-cut, and will not cause nicking or irritation of the skin.


In between the Remington attachments, you'll find that this unit is highly flexible, especially with regards to how you can adjust the length of the blades.

This shaver, for instance, comes with three trimmer combs, hair clipper with eight settings, and more.

Basically, Remington will let you adjust the length of your hair cut and personalize your shave.

Battery Life

Under the hood of the Remington is a Lithium battery.

A full charge will give you 70 minutes of use, which is approximately 20 minutes more than what the higher-priced Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 offered.

On the downside, it will take 4 hours to charge, which is quite a deal-breaker for me, given that most of the body groomers take 1-2 hours for a full charge.

Another deal-breaker is the absence of a waterproof feature. Remington is only ideal for dry use, and it will not let you use in it a shower.

But hey, for this price point, this should not come as a surprise.


  • Aesthetic
  • Ergonomic
  • Multiple-attachments
  • Extended runtime


  • No wet use

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Mangroomer Back Shaver - Best Back Shaver

Naturally, it's not practical to shave your back without much twisting and turning.

In any case, even if you twist or arc your back to awkward positions, the regular shavers still won't work as effectively and efficiently as you would ideally like.

Now, unless you are willing to visit a salon for an embarrassing shave or seek assistance from a friend to shave (pretty odd though), you should invest in a back shaver.

Mangroomer Back Shaver

As its name suggests, a back shaver is a grooming tool with a flexible, extendable handle and will let you remove the tough and thick clusters of hair from your back. This grooming kit even includes a shock absorber in its design to allow that manoeuvrability.

And today, we shall explore one of the popular back shavers in the market, Mangroomer Bach Shaver.

Expandable Handle

Mangroomer features a flexible and expandable long handle attached to a shaving head that will reach to the far planes of your back.

The expandable handle can be extended to any length, allowing users of different heights to tailor their shaving needs.

Furthermore, the shaver comes with a power hinge that lets you set and lock the handle to the desired length.

Besides the length, the handle can open at a 135-degree angle, and this will let the shaving head contour to the shape of your back and even work on the extremely hard to reach spots.

When in motion, the movement of the shaving head is precise and flexible enough to follow the detailed contours of your back. This will ensure that it leaves a clean job.

For comfort and ergonomics, the handle comes with rubberized grips, and the textured grip will ensure that you don't drop it even when your hands are wet.

Power Burst

It's always a challenge for the shavers to cut the thick hairs, and this can be quite frustrating for the users.

Gladly, the Ultimate Pro body hair trimmer has improved on what the previous model offered, and it comes with a handy Power Burst feature.

Power Burst power button will amp up the power on this unit, letting you mow (glide, shall we say!) the thick bits of hairs on your back.

 Unlike the regular shaver, Mangroomer Pro won't get bogged down by the hairs on your back.

Interchangeable Shaving Heads

The shaver kit on this groomer comes with two interchangeable and detachable heads for the ultimate flexibility.

The back hair trimmer is a suitable shaving solution for the thicker, coarse, and long hairs. It comes with a large 1.8" blade that will tackle large areas under a single pass.

The hair trimmer is pivoted on a flexible neck that allows the shaver to follow the contours of your body better.

The second attachment is the foil shaver, featuring the same flexible neck for a close shave. Though it runs a tad narrower than the former, it's ideal for the short hairs and will give you a smooth finish.

Both of the attachments have blades constructed from stainless steel for reliability and sturdiness.

The blades are hypoallergenic, and this will significantly contribute to minimizing irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Shock Absorbing Flex Neck

We had mentioned about the flexing neck earlier, but it would be no harm repeating it as this model boast it as one of the notable features. 

When working on your back, the shaving often happens at unusual angles, and this necessitates a flexible operation.

The flex neck on this unit allows you to move the shaver attachments, either up or down, giving the shaver head the ability to adapt to the contours on your back.

Besides flexibility, the flex necks are shock absorbers, too, and this helps in delivering a gentler shaving experience.


  • Gives you easy access to your back
  • Soft operation
  • Fast recharge
  • Gentle and quiet


  • Has a high learning curve

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Panasonic ER-GK60-S Electric Body Groomer - Best For Chest

Sporting a low profile and slim V body shape, this body groomer is ideal for both, grooming the open spaces such as the chest and legs, as well as the delicate areas such as the nether regions and underarms.

ER-GK60-S Electric Body Groomer

Design and Ergonomics

As we've already mentioned, this body groomer comes with a narrow profile, which is comfortable to hold and gives better control.

The V-shape of this groomer makes it easy to access the narrow spaces and the hard-to-reach spots such as the groin.

3 Trimming Combs

This equipment from Panasonic comes with three trimming heads-combs that will help to adjust the trimming lengths for a precise hair removal across the body.

The groin trimming head, in particular, lets you maintain a space of 0.08" inches between the attachment and the skin.

Blade Performance

The blades on this Panasonic shaver are rounded and narrow gapped.

This is contrary to the standard blades, which often come in sharper edges and wider gaps

According to the manufacturer, the rounded and narrow gapped blades will ensure easy removal of hair, without causing tugging or irritation of the skin.


A cordless and waterproof unit, the ER-GK60-S, will let you perform shaving and bathing simultaneously.


The recharge time and runtime is quite a deal-breaker, especially considering the price you pay for this unit.

This shaver offers a run time of up to 40 minutes after a full charge of 8 hours.


  • Hypoallergenic blades
  • Ergonomic
  • 3 Combs
  • Showerproof


  • Poor recharge time

Check Panasonic ER-GK60-S Price On Amazon

BAKblade 2.0/ELITE PLUS - Best Manual Shaver

BAKblade 2.0 is yet another excellent back shaving body groomer.

Though it does not have the frills and frays of the Mangroomer we had reviewed earlier, it's a pragmatic and straightforward shaver.

Sporting an array of premium features, this shaver will go a long way to ensuring you have a comfortable and painless shaving experience.


Do-It-Yourself Back Shaver

With this grooming tool, no need to ask for assistance to shave your back.

Instead, the new design and ergonomics of this shaver will grant you access to the hard to reach spots on your backs.

Dryglide Safety Blade Technology

Dryglide is a patented technology that lets you reach all the back areas without bending over backwards (see what we did there!).

Working more or less like an extension of an arm, this technology gives you easy access to the furthest part of your back.

The flexible razor design, in particular, will adjust to the contours of your body, hence creating less friction between your skin and the blades.

The results of using this body groomer are that you get skin as smooth as baby's bottom.

Grip Handles

The handles are extendable and can be folded to half-length for compact storage.

When fully expanded, this unit will give you access to all the hard to reach spots on your back with relative ease.


BAKblade 2.0/ELITE PLUS is manually operated and does not require any electrical or stored energy.

Instead, it only requires you to press tightly on the shaver against your back, and the pressure exerted is responsible for mowing your back.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact
  • Expandable


  • The angle of the handle and shaver attachment are fixed

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Best Body Groomer Buying Guide

In the section below, we shall highlight the considerations you need to account before you purchase a body groomer.

Man using a back shaver on his shoulder

Body Groomer Vs. Electric Shaver

A body groomer is different from an electric shaver.

Electric shavers are primarily designed to cut the curves on your face; body groomers are more holistic.

Body groomers are designed to cut the hairs more gently and effectively on various parts of your body, including legs, back, chest, upper arms, and the nether regions but shavers are usually purpose built for facial hair

Area of Use

Though a majority of the body groomers are holistic, some are constructed for specific parts.

For instance, the Mongoose Groomer we reviewed above is engineered explicitly for back shaving.

Nonetheless, unless you've massive growth on specific body parts, I would advise that you choose a general-use body groomer.

Power Source and Battery Life

While a majority of the groomers use rechargeable batteries, some use disposable batteries.

The latter is ideal for those who travel a lot and do not want to bring their charging stands with them.

Length Settings

It's always a good idea to choose a groomer with adjustable length settings.

The flexibility of the blades will let you adjust the closeness of the cut to the skin, and this is quite handy, especially if you are looking to personalize your shave.

Cleaning Ease

The best boy groomers should be easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning purposes.


A waterproof trimmer is ideal for use even in the shower.

However, it's worthwhile to note, there's a difference between waterproof and water resistant. While the former allows you to be active in the water like take a shower, etc., the latter can be submerged in water without losing its effectiveness.


  1. What is the best male grooming kit? From our extensive testing, research and market review, we suggest Phillips Norelco 7100 BG2040
  2. Is Philips one blade good for pubic hair? Phillips One Blade is the new kid on the block and due to its unique blade design, does very well on any part of your body both as a body trimmer and as a body shaver.  
  3. What length should I trim my body hair? Again this is personal preference, We would suggest going with a length that appeals to you and comforts you in terms of its appearance. We are in a society with lots of prejudice about body hair, so take our response with a boatload of salt. Both, A length as much as 1.5 mm with a crisp, sharp cut or a completely smooth no-hair finish will give you an equally appealing look. 


Hopefully, the above article provides you with a birds-eye view of the body grooming world and makes your path of hair free beauty an enjoyable one. Body groomers are increasingly becoming one of the vital grooming essentials of the modern metropolitan man, so we suggest you jump on that bandwagon sooner or later.

As you can see, there are a plethora of options for you. Don't get the jargon come in the way as there are loads thrown around. Body hair trimmer, body grooming kit, body trimmer and body shaver are all used interchangeably due to lack of consistent terminology by the big brands and their advertisements.

Go through the list and pick one that you think will address your shaving needs adequately and jump into the smooth, luxurious hair-free world!

As always, let us know how you get on. We would be glad to know your thought process, the final decision on the product you bought so we can continue to refine our reviews- to better cater to your needs.

Current Best Selling Body Groomers!

Editor Notes:

Our best pick is the Phillips Norelco Series 7100. It is lightweight and works for both wet and dry shaves. It also has a  foil shaver head that protects the body from blade exposure hence safe when in use. The sides feature a soft rubber, which makes it comfortable to hold for long hours and prevents the shaver from accidentally slipping when in use.

Moreover, this model is a dual trimmer for all grooming needs. It also has a 3D pivoting head and will adapt well to your body, beating the competitors that cause injuries while shaving.

Finally, the self-sharpening blade feature means you'll not encounter blunt blades when shaving, making the entire work smooth.

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