Should You Trim Your Nose Hair? (And How to Do It)

should you remove your nasal hair

If you are like me, Grooming is more of a chore than a crucial part of our daily lives. While the urban fashionistas are moving towards hair-free, silky smooth look from top to toe, is grooming of nose hair still an argument?

There are both ends to this debate but its hard to argue that hair peeping out of your nose is not really a pleasant sight.

For most men, one common grooming concern is the ever-growing length of nose hairs. This is a rather touchy and personal subject for most guys but a necessity to be more hygienic and presentable. Most men end up making it an essential part of their grooming routine. If you haven't already, check out our reviews of best nose hair trimmers here

Without further adieu, let's dive in, and We'll steer you the ins and outs of nose hairs and the ways to trim them.

Growing Nose Hairs is Not That Unusual, Mind You

Longer-than-usual nose hair is a common occurrence among men due to hormonal changes, specifically adult males from age 30 and up. You have to watch out for those hairs though because if it's left untreated, they can grow out of control.

It's okay for the head to have too much hair, but a rather hirsute nose? That is not a good look, my dude.

pluck hair in nose with scissors

Nose hairs do their bit bio-chemically - they prevent dirt from getting inside our body. Nasal hair also serves as an excellent barrier against pollutants that we encounter every day from work or school.

Granted, there's still no substantial evidence as to why males eventually lose hair on the head but grow nasal hair instead. In bunches.

But when it comes to such concerns, the best thing to do is adapt and try the best solutions to maintain presentable nose hairs---nose hairs that are out of sight, out of mind.

Nose Hair Trimming Methods

There are two useful methods to trim nasal hair; through blunt-ended scissors and electric nose trimmers.

There are guys who pluck their nose hairs using tweezers, but this method is not really advisable. For one, plucking hurts like mad. It gets you into mad sneezing fits. Furthermore, this method can cause tiny lesions which are prone to infections.

Then again, we do need those nose hairs for protection against environmental nasties; thus, we only need to TRIM them down.

We will discuss the steps on how to trim nose hairs using those methods. But first, we shall discuss the prep work.

  • Prepare Your Schnoz Hairs for a Trim
  • Pick a well-lit spot in your home or apartment. You'll need all that light to check those hairs.
  • For a better view, use a magnifying glass since this will offer a more thorough close-up compared to ordinary mirrors. But if you don't have one on hand, a regular mirror will suffice.
  • Clean your nose thoroughly - remove all signs of boogers and stuff.
  • Moisten a cloth or napkin and separate your nose hairs for more comfortable trimming.

Nose Hair Trimming Method 1: Using a Nasal Hair Scissor

How to groom nasal hair

For those who want the scissors method, it is crucial to use one that's meant for trimming nose hairs. Scissors that are best for cutting nasal hair are the blunt-end kind. These scissors typically have a cutting end that's rounded and smooth.

Check the scissor for damage or wear and tear first before using it. Make sure that it's not dull and damaged.

The Steps

  1. Put the scissor gently inside the nostril. 
  2. Push your nose up or even make an attempt to smile or grimace to see your nose hairs better. This gesture will display hairs that further stick out of your nose.
  3. Cut the most obvious hairs first. The strands that stick out of your nose are often longer than the rest. Only trim the hairs that get in the way of your face.

Nose Hair Trimming Method 2: Using an Electric Nose Trimmer

There are two kinds of nose trimming devices; the electric and the manual kind.

Electric nose trimmers are considered to be the most effective among the two due to their convenience. The electric type uses a battery to function. It is also more user-friendly compared to manual nose trimmers since the device can be operated using only one hand.

trimming nose hair

The Steps

  1. Understand how the device works by reading the electric nose trimmer's manual. The manual not only comes with instructions but it also includes efficient tips on how to achieve the best results when using the device. 
  2. Prior to using the trimmer, make sure that you have cleaned your nose thoroughly. Make use of a moist, warm cloth or napkin to completely remove all traces of dirt trapped in your nostrils.
  3. Again, look for a spot in the house with excellent lighting for a more efficient, in-depth trim. Fluorescent lighting is the best light for this job.
  4. Put the nose trimmer at your nostril's entry point and switch it on. Trim the lower hairs first because they are the most visible. Cut them until the strands are no longer noticeable.
  5. To trim difficult areas at the front edges of the nostril (close to the middle of the nose), make use of your fingers to tug your nose tip from side to side.
  6. You might feel the need to sneeze during the procedure, so take a rest for a minute or two to prevent sneezing fits. Relax if you get a bit teary-eyed while trimming nasal hairs, compared to shaping those sexy eyebrows; this is a normal reflex whether you're using electric trimmers or scissors.

Quick Tip

Do not get too carried away since nasal hairs are an essential part of the body's immune system. The presence of those hairs serves to trap elements that are airborne like dust and bacteria. Over-trimming leaves you at risk of respiratory conditions like allergies. Thus, only cut hairs that show up and are very noticeable.

Nose hairs are not the enemy, they are our friends. The thing to do is groom them and make sure they remain hidden as we go on with our daily duties and life. Neat, clean and spiffy is the order of the day so groom those visible nose hairs now.

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