Health and Beauty Secrets of Ukrainian Women

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Health and Beauty Secrets of Ukrainian Women

The beauty of Ukrainian women is well-known around the world. Much of it undoubtedly comes down to their Slavic heritage, as is the case with other Eastern European peoples. Yet, even among such gorgeous companies, Ukrainian women often stand out. So, if genetics don’t explain everything, what does? What are the health and beauty secrets of Ukrainian women? 

Home cooked food

This is something many in the West ignore because of their hectic and fast-paced lifestyles, but the importance of home-cooked food to our health is just very significant. This probably wasn’t the answer many of us were looking for – home cooking is time-consuming and has a steep learning curve.

The upsides are worth it, however – by cooking your meals properly and with adequate ingredients, you can ensure that you’re living a much healthier life. This isn’t just great for your health, but it’s great for your looks too – something Ukrainian women know all too well.

Besides, cooking your own food at home is also typically cheaper than eating outside or getting your food delivered, and it can also be more delicious once you get better at it.

What’s more, Ukrainian women know that not only should they cook their own food, they should make sure that they cook the right food. Ukrainian cuisine is full of various traditional dishes that are incredibly healthy and are tantamount to “superfood dishes.” The Ukrainian Borscht soup is one such example. Beef broth, cabbage, onions, garlic, beets, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, dill, bay leaf – borscht soup has everything you need for a healthy diet, all in one place and with delicious taste too!

Another good example is food fermentation – Ukrainians love fermented foods and have quite a few traditional fermented foods in their cuisine. Cottage cheese is a good example, as are curdled milk and sauerkraut.

Natural skin care products and cosmetics

Ukrainian women are big on cosmetics, but not necessarily the commercial cosmetic brands women in the West are used to. Those are present in Ukraine too, of course, however, Western cosmetic brands are known to sell inferior quality goods in Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe.

So, Ukrainian women know all too well that it’s usually better to stick to the natural skin care products that are traditional for Ukraine, including homemade products, rather than use the crap sold in cosmetic stores.

Homemade face masks and scrubs

A big focus of the above point is homemade skin scrubs and face masks. Such face masks can be made of various natural products and oils, as well as even fruits and vegetables. For example, Ukrainian model Nana Abramova shares in Vogue that even a simple face mask made out of mashed strawberries or cucumber can give a great cleansing effect. In the winter, she also likes refreshing her face with a chamomile ice cube in the morning. She also likes using aloe for her fingernails.

Similarly, in the same Vogue article, another Ukrainian model, Alina Baikova, shares that she likes using a scrub made out of oatmeal or coffee grounds mixed with olive oil. She also mentioned that she likes using Ukrainian baby cream instead of the standard commercial beauty creams.

Diligent hair care

Ukrainian women also pay extra attention to their hair health, as women’s hair is especially valued as an aspect of their beauty. Nana Abramova also shared that she likes to boil some lovage and rinse her hair with it.

In the same Vogue article above, Evelina Mambetova mentioned that she likes to make a hair mask out of honey and homemade yogurt. Another trick Mambetova shares is mixing egg yolk with several drops of burdock oil, which leads to increased hair nourishment and growth. Another favorite of hers is rose water, which is very popular across much of Eastern Europe and is most commonly exported from Bulgaria, but it is also made in Ukraine.

Tricks like these can sound simple at first, and people in the West also often talk about natural and homemade skin and hair products. Yet, despite all the talking, few of us actually use such products as much and as diligently as Ukrainian brides. This alone is a huge reason why a Ukrainian mail-order bride often has hair and skin health that’s so much better than what is the case for most Western women.

Regular steam baths or saunas

People often associate saunas with Scandinavia, but saunas and steam baths – or banya, as they are called in this Eastern European country – are very popular in Ukraine. The health and skin care benefits of steam baths and saunas are well-known at this point, yet most people in the West still fail to benefit from them.

Ukrainian women know better and many of them go to the banya either every week or at least once a month. This is a great practice as the steam bath is fantastic for opening up your skin’s pores and sweating out all the toxins we tend to gather on a daily basis.

Beauty as a lifestyle

Proper food and skin care are all good, but Ukrainian beauty comes down to more than that. For many Ukrainian women, beauty is just a part of their lifestyle. This isn’t to say that women elsewhere around the world don’t want or try to look beautiful – of course, they do. But, for Ukrainian women, maintaining theirs isn’t just something they do whenever they can and however they can – it’s something that is done by default, right alongside eating, drinking water, and breathing.

This means that things such as regular fitness or sport, proper food, and adequate beauty care aren’t just things Ukrainian women read articles about and try to do better – they are just things they do all their lives.

Beauty as a mentality

People often say that beauty comes from within. This isn’t an empty platitude about people’s personality and character – much of people’s beauty comes from their confidence, from the way they walk and talk, from their body language and expression.

This is especially true for Ukrainian women – they are beautiful because they know they are beautiful. This is easily seen in the mental fortitude and willpower of Ukrainian people in general and can be very easily exemplified by everything Ukrainian female soldiers have been through these last few years while still managing to look as radiant and pulsating with life as they did during peacetime.

Wrapping Up

People often make the mistake of thinking that beauty and looks come down to genetics and a bit of makeup. However, even though Ukrainian women have the benefit of great genetics, they also know that beauty depends on much more than just that. Fortunately for all of us, a lot of the health and beauty secrets of Ukrainian women are things everyone can do too – most of us just don’t have these secrets as strongly engrained in our culture and traditions, as Ukrainian women do.

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