How to Straighten a Curly Beard? (Simple Answer)

How to Straighten a Curly Beard? (Simple Answer)

Having a curly beard is a matter of preference. There are guys who love the look while some prefer a sleeker appearance. For the dudes who want to conquer their curly beards, here are some of the tips you’d be glad to try out.

Curly Beards in Men: The Facts

The reason why some men have curly beards is simply due to genetics. Facial hair can grow curly, straight, thin, thick or wavy based on the facial hair follicles’ DNA.

This occurrence transpires because of the beard follicle’s actual form. Symmetrical ones generate round and straight facial hair while asymmetrical ones create beard hair that has an oval shape and are prone to curling.

A curly beard can also be attributed to the zinc and copper ratio in the strands. If the ratio between those two minerals are unequal, then your facial hair will be more susceptible to curling.

Nevertheless, the most noteworthy among these factors is genetics. That is why if you want a straighter beard, you have to take certain measures to achieve that look. Up next on this article are the ways in which you can tame your curly beard.

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1> First Method: Using Beard Products to Straighten Curly Beards

What you need:

  • Beard shampoo and conditioner
  • High-quality beard oil
  • Beard comb
  • Boar bristle beard brush
  • Beard pomade

The Steps

1. Clean your beard

Wash your beard using the beard shampoo and condition it afterwards to remove oil and dirt. Separate the strands from each other while washing your hair and gently draw it down, keeping the strands away from your face.

2. Pat your beard dry with a towel

When patting your beard dry, stroke the strands down once again like you did while shampooing and applying conditioner. Remember to always keep the strands away from each other so they will remain straight.

3. Put on some beard oil

Beard oil makes your beard more manageable and easier to style. Separate the strands downwards again while applying the oil.

As soon as the stuff is applied fully, use a beard comb to tame strands in place. This step will facilitate the strands to straighten. Follow up with the beard brush.

4. Apply a beard pomade

Maintain your beard’s straight strands by applying a beard pomade. Apply the stuff in bits—use a bit of the pomade then go over the area using the beard comb. Repeat this step for the rest of your beard.

As soon as you have applied the pomade on your beard, brush it downwards once more using the beard brush.

beard straightening with blow dryer

2> Second Method: Using a Blow Dryer

What you need:

  • Blow dryer with straightening and open dryer attachments
  • Fine-toothed comb

The Steps

1. Using a blow dryer with a straightening attachment, comb your beard

Put the straightening attachment on the blow dryer and set it on medium heat at a low speed setting. Separate the clumps of your beard by brushing the strands gently outwards from the middle of your face.

Untangle tougher spots using your fingers. Keep on brushing the strands until the straightening attachment moves throughout your beard with minimal effort.

2. Continue straightening your beard using the open dryer attachment

Bring more heat to further straighten beard strands by using the open dryer attachment. Point the dryer outwards from the middle of your face while gently pulling your fingers (minus the thumb) down the strands in the airflow’s direction.

3. Using a fine-toothed comb, comb the strands down for a straighter look

Make your beard streamlined by combing the strands down with a fine-toothed comb. Comb the strands outwards from the middle of your face with gentle motions. Run fingers down the strands once in a while during this process.

3> Third Method: Using a Beard Straightening Iron

What you need:

  • Beard straightening iron
  • Beard pomade

The Steps

1. Position strands on the straightening iron

Drag small portions of your beard and place them in between the straightening iron.

2. Gently move the strands with the device

Using the straightening iron, move the length of the strands downwards gently. You need to do this procedure for the rest of your beard.

3. Make the results of the straightening iron last

Apply pea-sized amounts of beard balm on your beard. Using a boar bristle beard brush, tame the beard downwards to keep the strands straight.

Using a quality beard balm will allow the strands to remain in place until your next shampoo routine.

Taming a Curly Beard

Additional Tips

There are ways by which you can maintain a straighter beard. Check out these tips.

  • Trim your beard regularly
  • Regular trims define the shape of your beard and makes it easier to maintain. It will also make your beard tidier and remove split ends that can make your beard look unruly.
  • Dry your beard correctly
  • Always remember to dry your beard right away after a wash. This will prevent mineral deposits from forming on the strands and prevent it from getting curly during growth.
  • Tap your beard dry using a soft towel till all moisture is removed. If you have a longer beard, you can also use a hair dryer. Always use a low heat setting when using a dryer.
  • Make use of beard products
  • Grooming is key for presentable beards. Take advantage of the availability of excellent beard pomades, oils, balms, shampoos, conditioners and waxes in the market. These products are specifically formulated to tame beard hair and keep it spiffy at all times.

Beards come in all shapes and forms. Some of us have straight beards while some grow wavy ones. Others are contented with their thin beards while some prefer thicker strands.

Curly beards are common and a lot of guys love sporting them. However, if you’re not too keen on this look or simply want something different, you can opt for straightening methods to achieve a straighter beard. If you haven't already, check out our Beard Straightener Reviews article here.

Whether you want to make use of beard products or opt for straightening irons or blow dryers, always choose a method that you feel most confident in.

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