Ultimate Review Of Best Eyebrow Trimmers In 2023

best eyebrow trimmer

It’s undeniable that eyebrows form the most critical part of our faces, and it only makes sense that we keep them looking at their best.

The right eyebrow shape, for instance, is not only going to frame and flatter the eyes, but it goes a long way at enhancing your facial features. On the other side of the coin, misshapen brows can send the wrong impressions about you.

That said, visiting the salon or even spa for waxing and threading sessions every time your brows run wild isn’t always viable. This is not to mention that plucking hairs with tweezers is always a no for many.

This is why investing in the best eyebrow trimmer is an effective and painless method of ridding unwanted hairs from your eyebrows.

In light of this, we shall share with you a list of the best eyebrow trimmers in the market.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Blade Material





  • -Nose trimmer
  • - Eyebrow comb
  • -Beard Comb
  • -Detail trimmer
  • Brush

    Chromium Steel



    Lithium AA Battery

  • - Eyebrow trimmer
  • - 2 Eyebrow Comb Attachments
  • Hypoallergenic Steel
    Lithium AA Battery
  • -Nose trimmer
  • -Eyebrow trimmer
  • -Rotary head
  • Guide comb
  • -Nose & eyebrow trimmer 
  • - Sideburn & Beard trimmer 
  • - Cleaning brush 
  • USB charging





  • -Vertical trimmer 
  • -Rotary trimme




    Lithium AA Battery

    The Best Eyebrow Trimmers in The Market For The Money!

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    Philips Norelco 5100 NT5175/42 - Editor's Pick

    Our first contender for the best eyebrow trimmer is among the most versatile hair removal tools we’ve come across in the market, and there’re a whole lot of reasons why you would want to invest in this grooming tool, especially if you struggle with facial hairs.


    Generally, grooming is broad, the mere fact that you want to tame your unruly eyebrows also means that you would also want to complement your look with a clean-shaven nose and ears.

    Philips Norelco 5100

    Fortunately, with the Phillips Norelco, there’s no need to invest in a separate tool for each of your facial parts because this equipment comes with an array of accessories that will cater to all your facial grooming needs.

    These accessories include eyebrow trimmer, nose trimmer, brush, detail trimmer and a comb.


    One of the notable design aspects of the Phillips Norelco is the angled design that makes it easy for you to access the hard-to-reach spots, including the interiors of your nose. 

    More importantly, the angled design improves the overall manoeuvrability of the trimmer, allowing you to achieve a uniform length across all their eyebrows.

    Another major design highlight is the non-slip grip that offers maximum control and comfort, even when using the trimmer with wet hands.


    In most cases, the performance of a trimmer is generally influenced by the blade and the underlying technology.

    That said even though I prefer Platinum blades, the steel blades are quite robust and functional. Another good thing with the blades is they’re self-sharpening, meaning they always stay sharp for a clean and crisp cut.

    Shaving Speed

    The blades on this trimmer are powered by DualCut Technology, a proprietary system, which combines double-cutting elements and the manufacturer claims it can cut hair twice as fast as the regular hair clippers. 

    While I can’t precisely ascertain the speed of the trimmer, what I can tell you, or at least what the reviewers indicated is that this trimmer offers a close shave, though it seems to struggle with the really short hairs.

    Either way, it’s still an incredible option for those looking for a clean-cut shave.


    Philips Norelco 5100 comes with several features that promote the overall eyebrow trimming experience.

    Notably, the manufacturer has incorporated a unique skin-guard feature, which they dub the ProtecTube technology and it prevents the cuts, yanking and pulling of your skin during shaving.

    Further, the detail trimmer and comb have been fitted with the rounded tips, and this will let you comfortably work on your hairs without the risk of causing injuries.

    Despite the presence of the above-mentioned safety features, we all know that safety ultimately boils down to the choice of the blade material; steel blades, unlike hypoallergenic blades, are still not suited for the users with the ultra-sensitive skins. But we’ve to admit, it’s a step in the right direction.


    • Comfortable to use
    • Waterproof
    • Close shave


    • No light

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    Panasonic ES2113PC - Best for Women

    Panasonic ES2113PC is currently the most popular eyebrow trimmer with women, as this compact and stylish trimmer is designed to impress.

    Aesthetics aside, it comes with a slew of features that makes it go beyond and above a simple eyebrow trimmer but rather an indispensable personal grooming tool for women.

    Panasonic ES2113PC


    Unlike the Phillips Norelco, we had reviewed above, this model comes with a pretty limited list of the available accessories, and if anything, it only features two plastic comb guards for trimming the eyebrows.

    Unfortunately again, many of the reviewers have had a nasty experience with the combs because they’re quite a challenge to get them on, especially the large comb, and when it was on, it doesn’t function as expected.


    Panasonic ES2113PC has been designed with a sleek and stylish profile that is easy to pass off as a pen or a highly advanced lip liner.

    This diminutive trimmer sits pretty comfortably on either hands for total control and can easily slip into your beauty kit or travel purse.

    Pivoting Head

    Panasonic ES2113PC comes with a pivoting head with a flex of 10° on each side from left to right, making it easy to manoeuvre and gently move through the curves on your face for a close and efficient shave.

    An impressive component with this technology is that it cannot be locked into position, meaning the head will always pivot when in use for a closer shave, and in our opinion, it’s an excellent addition even to the beginners who are yet to master using eyebrow trimmers.


    The trimmer head on the Panasonic consists of stainless steel blades for durability and strength. But what separates them from the regular blades is the hypoallergenic coating that makes them ideal for use on the ultra-sensitive skins as they don’t cause blemishes or irritation on the skin.

    Another major highlight on this blade is their ultra-thinness, and contrary to the thick blades we had seen on the Norelco 5100, these blades are ideal for exfoliating and can even catch the fine peach fuzz hairs on any skin type.


    Generally, we were impressed by the overall performance of this model; for starters, we loved the subtle profile of the tip that allowed us to treat the very small areas such as the eyebrows with ease.

    The blades were also quite gentle on our skins, and though it offered us an extremely close shave, it doesn’t create razor burn of shaving bump; instead, it effortlessly glided over our skin.

    The one gripe we had with this trimmer is that though the blades are quite durable, it’s always a challenge to find a replacement once it wears away.


    • Sleek and stylish
    • Safe for the sensitive skins
    • Close shave


    • Blade replacement challenge

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    Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer - Best for Men

    There’s more to manscaping than trimming your beards and moustache. As a man, you have lots of other hairs that need to be groomed, including your eyebrows, and getting rid of the annoying hairs from your nose and ears.

    However, your regular trimmer isn’t equipped to tackle these sensitive areas, but a small trimmer designed for that purpose could come in handy.

    Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer

    In the section below, I’ve prepared a detailed review of one such trimmer, the Wahl Micro Groomsman, an inexpensive and all-purpose trimmer that will help you get rid of the unwanted hairs from your face.


    For the ultimate eyebrow shaving solution, Wahl includes several attachments including a guide comb, nose trimmer and eyebrow trimmer.


    Sporting a subtle dimension of five inches long and weighing at 1.6 ounces, Wahl was not joking when they called this groomer “Mini” groomer.

    The diminutive approach used by Wahl is beneficial in several ways, but what you’ll like is how easy it rests on your hands for more natural control and use. 

    Now, despite the size, Wahl Mini is impressively robust, and you’ll be surprised to see how well it performs in different areas.


    Wahl trimmer is specifically tailored for the men who are looking for fine detailing options more than what their regular trimmer provides.

    To achieve this, Wahl Mini uses carbon-steel blades, which are durable, easy to sharpen and more importantly, have a supreme cutting edge. While these blades will not match the performance offered by the platinum blades, they truly live up to their name and will cut your hair with utmost precision.

    However, as I found out, these blades work fine, but you’ll need to go over your eyebrows severally to ensure you get all the stragglers, especially if they’re wet.


    Wahl Mini is an all-around trimmer that is designed to deal with a variety of facial hairs, including the nose and ear hair.

    All you’ve to do is simply attach the rotary head, and you’re good to go. I found the rotating head a particularly hand option for the thick, long and coarse hairs, though it doesn’t provide a close and precise shave as I would have preferred.

    Even so, with this trimmer, you’ll no longer have to deal with uneven hairs, but instead, your sideburns, moustache and eyebrows will have a uniform length that even some of the more expensive trimmers cannot achieve.


    • Ideal for travel
    • Functional
    • Multi-purpose


    • Not close shave

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    Berepo Electric Eyebrow Nose Hair Trimmer - Best Rechargeable Option

    Berepo is an all-around and the probably the most versatile eyebrow trimmer we’ve on our list and the market at large.

    It comes in with four attachments plus a USB cable dongle, and it’s definitely going to satisfy all your facial grooming needs.

    Berepo Eyebrow shaper

    Components (4-in-1)

    Berepo is not like your typical eyebrow trimmer, but instead, it’s an all-around model that will provide you with a comprehensive shaving solution for all your facial hair needs.

    This model comes with our attachments under a single roof, including a Nose hair trimmer, Beard hair trimmer head, Sideburn hair trimmer head, and Eyebrow hair trimmer head.

    Essentially, you’ll not require investing in additional shaving equipment because this model caters to all your needs.


    At the backbone of this model, we’ve a double-sided rotary blade system that does an incredible job of removing the hairs and trimming the eyebrow without causing pain or skin irritation.

    Generally speaking, users were impressed by the performance of this model, and in my case, I loved how the blade skims over the top of the skin cutting off the stray hairs, while not digging deeper as the regular trimmers usually do.

    I also appreciate the commitment the brand has taken to promote the safety aspect on this model; the blade system features a protective cover, which means the blades do not actually come into contact with the skin, and therefore, the risks of cuts and nicks are drastically reduced.


    Usually, I prefer manual trimmers because they’re quite durable and functional, too.

    However, I also found this rechargeable option quite versatile, fast and an ideal choice for those who want to maintain a sharp look while travelling.


    • Multi-purpose
    • Functional
    • Noiseless operation


    • Doesn’t deliver in absence of electricity

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    Remington NE3845A - Best Budget Low Maintenance Option

    Remington is one of the reliable brands in the grooming industry, and it’s among the names that pop up in my mind when I think about quality eyebrow trimmers.

    And today, we shall review one of its offerings, Remington NE3845A, an eyebrow trimmer model with plenty of desirable features.


    Unfortunately, the Remington NE3845A is a basic and frills-free model that comes in with a pretty limited number of attachments.

    If anything, it only offers a vertical trimmer and a rotary trimmer.

    Now, while there are not a ton of freebies on this model, what we have is sufficient to keep your face free from hairs. 

    Remington NE3845A


    One of the strongholds of this model is the design element, which, to me, is pretty ergonomic and comfortable to use. The angled design on this model promotes the ergonomics and makes it easier for users to hold and manoeuvre the trimmer even in the hard-to-reach spots.

    Another notable highlight of the design element is the adjustable head that quickly moves from left-to-right, further promoting the flexibility and ease of use on this device. Now, while the adjustable head might not match the pivoting head we had earlier seen on the Panasonic ES2113PC, it still does provide users with some flex.


    The performance of this eyebrow trimmer is based on the dual-sided, high precision rotary blades that I found quite incredible for the nasal touch-ups, and eyebrow trimming. The dual-sided blades are incredible at cleaning the pesky hairs, though they don’t give a close shave as I prefer.

    However, I found this is quite an upside, especially for users with the sensitive skins, or those with post-shaving razor burns, or bumps because they’re less likely to cut themselves. The same case applies to those using the eyebrow trimmer for the first time, and they are afraid, they’ll lose control over the trimmer,


    Remington has introduced CleanBoost Technology, a feature that is quite handy in cleaning the blade inside out. 


    • Lightweight
    • Low maintenance
    • Safe


    • Noisy

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    beautiful eyebrow shaper.

    Best Eyebrow Trimmer Buying Guide

    There’re several essential factors that you need to consider when making your next purchase of an eyebrow trimmer, and in the section below, we shall highlight these features.

    Electric or Manual

    Generally, eyebrow trimmers are classified either as electric or manual.

    Electric trimmers are popular because of their versatility and speed; after all, you simply need to place them near your eyebrow hair and let them do their thing.

    The manual trimmers, on the other hand, are quite involving since they require input from your side. However, the good thing about them is that they’re durable and more performance-oriented than the electric trimmers. Again, they‘ll not limit their usage to the electricity outputs.

    Type of Blade

    The three conventional blades used for the trimmers are steel, carbon and platinum. Of the three, steel is the most common, though platinum is considered the best blade option because it offers a smoother sensation.

    Either way, if you have ultra-sensitive skin, you should then consider the hypoallergenic blades as these do not cause irritation or itching on your skin.

    Versatility/ Accessories

    As we’ve already seen, grooming and in particular hair removal is generally a broader regimen, and for the ultimate sharp look, you should invest in a trimmer that comes with accessories that do more than trim your eyebrows; such as nose and ear hair trimming, facial hair removal and much more.


    1. Can I use a trimmer for eyebrows? Yes, absolutely but it's worthwhile to remember to get one that's designed explicitly for eyebrow hair
    2. How do I shape my eyebrows for my face? It depends. The rule of thumb is to go against the shape of your face. If you have an oval face, you might want to lift your brows and likewise, if you have a long jawline, even it out with a broader brow trim.
    3. Can you use a nose trimmer for eyebrows? You could argue that with subtle and careful usage, nasal trimmers could be used for eyebrow hair but nasal models have a larger coverage area which is not recommended to be used as razors for eyebrows.


    It’s not a secret that we all have different eyebrow trimming needs, and that is to say that, though the best eyebrow trimmers are built with the same task in mind, there’re several details that separate these models or rather elements that make one model suitable for one person and not the other.

    The good news is, we’ve prepared a comprehensive review guide that highlights several trimmers that will address the various needs of users and gets the job done.

    What is of the essence when choosing a model, is that you pick the one that will satisfy your needs, easy to use and one that won’t leave you with distinct marks on your face. As always, let us know how you got on and share your experiences below in the comment section. Come on, ladies, let's see those best eyebrow designs!

    Updated Editor Notes:

    Wrap Up: Our Choice

    When looking for the perfect eyebrow trimmer, it is important to consider factors that will make your decision easier. For instance, you should think about what accessories come with the product and how they can be used in other ways- such as using them on nose or ear hairs! It's also helpful if a brow trimmer is quiet and keeps the secret behind our neatly-shaped luscious brows a much hidden secret!  

    At this time of review, Philips Norelco 5100 NT5175/42 was my favourite pick because not only does it have great features but I could use it without worrying someone would hear me too!

    A look in the market today proves the product remains at the top as it comes with rare features to find in competing products. 

    It is highly versatile as it comes with extensions that you can use to shave your hair and remove the ear and nose hair. It also has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold even with wet hands.   

    Current Best Selling Eyebrow Trimmer Models!

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