Ultimate Review Of Best Beard Straighteners In 2023

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Growing thick and sound facial hair is one thing. Keeping the facial looking incredible is something different altogether.

In particular, curly beards are challenging to tame.

Ordinarily, curly beards are considered attractive and give an impression of youth and health. And contrary to the straight beard, curlier ones look thicker and more luxurious.

However, the same thickness of the curly beard poses several problems; too much curl can lead to tangle and knots, and curly beards appear shorter and feel itchier.

Also, the curly beards pose frequent styling nightmares due to the split ends, unevenly growing hairs, and fly-aways.

And when the curly beards grow out of your face, it becomes a different story because it just might end up looking like a messy mass of hair.

Sure, you could try the traditional way of straightening by using beard wax and beard oil, but it's not an effective way for straightening beards, especially the short ones. Furthermore, most men dislike the feel, smell, and look of the wax that makes it look stiff and shiny.

Alternatively, you might try supplements or oils, but they are rarely effective either and won't work for all beard types, especially if you have naturally thick hair.

Beard straighteners, however, offer an effective way of straightening your beard.

Far gentler on your skin than blow-drying, beard straighteners are the ideal option for those who need to look extra polished and need to keep their beard neat and tidy.

Offering a fast and easy way to straighten your beard, beard straighteners will let you achieve that dapper look that you’ve always desired.

Choosing a beard straightener, however, is challenging, at the very least.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 beard straighteners in the market.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Max Temp 

Face & Scalp?




230° C








200 ° C


Other Great Recommendations



170° - 210℃




190° C


Top 5 Best Beard Straighteners in the Market For Your Money!

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CNXUS Ionic Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush 

CNXUS Ionic Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush is a remarkable beard straightener that will let you achieve a beautiful and straight salon-quality beard. 

Sporting a variety of premium features, this beard straightening brush lets you detangle your beard and straighten it instantly, leaving you with a sleek, healthy and frizz-free beard.

CNXUS Ionic Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush

Design and Build

The premium ceramic iron teeth are quite functional and will let you straighten your beard while ensuring zero damage.

Their shape and ergonomics will give you more control of your style, and you can expect the brush to reduce static and flyaways, assuring you of a dapper look in no time.

In particular, we were pleased by the 360° swivel power cord that prevented the wires from twining, and this is an incredible option, especially when you need a straightener that is easy to use and one that supports a range of movements.

Adjustable Temperature Settings

CNXUS comes with an adjustable temperature setting ranging from 150℃to to 230℃.

The adjustable temperature settings give you flexibility and allow you to straighten different types of beards, including the fine, wavy, bleached, or curly types.

Advanced Ionic Technology

The built-in ionic generator emits negative ions that bond with the molecular particles, and this plays a crucial role in repairing the hair cuticle on your beard.

As such, the ions will seal the hair cuticles, and this helps to reduce instances of frizziness, knotting, and split ends on your beard.

Instead, it will give your beard a silky and lustrous look.

MCH Heating Technology

Unlike the PTC, the advanced Metal Ceramic Heating Technology ensures rapid and uniform heat distribution on your chin.

In addition to the uniform heat distribution, MHC offers a quick temperature recovery, and this lets users achieve a natural and healthy silky look effortlessly.

Dual Voltage

Versatility on the CNUX is manifested through the dual voltage option that lets you use the brush when plugged in from either a 240V or 110V power outlet.


  • Gives users more control
  • Nourishes your beard
  • Makes your beard hair straight and easy to manage


  • Less permanent outcomes

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Aberlite Beard Straightener

Aberlite Beard Straightener is the perfect gift for the men who care about impressions.

A relatively safe beard straightener, this grooming tool comes with a slew of safety-promoting features and accessories such as the anti-scald design and negative-ion generator.

Aberlite Beard Straightener

Adjustable Heat Settings

A highly flexible unit, Aberlite comes with three heat settings (300°F, 340°F, 375°F), which makes it ideal for users with a beard with different thicknesses.

At full throttle, for instance, Aberlite will effectively work on the longer, thicker beards, while at the lowest setting; it works well for users with short and soft beard hairs.

In summary, this beard straightener will let you work on the unruly and difficult to keep in check hairs and will have the curly beards flattened in no time.


While higher temperatures are ideal for straightening the overly thick and long beards, too much of the heat is disastrous.

To avoid damaging your skin or even burning your face, Aberlite regulates the temperatures and will keep it below 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

PTC Technology

Leveraging off the superior PTC Technology, Aberlite delivers a straight, smooth facial hair and is effective at giving the desired results under a single pass.

PTC Technology is designed with a unique heating technology, which maintains a consistent heat to deliver optimal beard straightening on every pass.

Advanced Ionic Conditioning

The advanced ionic technology alongside the anti-static coating is designed to provide fast and long-lasting results.

Combined, both of these features will allow you to glide effortlessly through your amiable beard hairs, and this helps in effective beard straightening.

Easy to Use

Aberlite features a 360° swivel-cord that will make your life easier.

This swivel-cord is convenient to operate with one hand and lets you straighten your beard at an angle without straining your wrist during operation.

A safe unit, the Aberlite automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of discontinued use, and this helps to prevent battery drain, or even to overheat.


  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • Well-designed


  • Not ideal for the short beards

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Dolirox 2 In 1 Beard Straightening - Best Value

As its name suggests, Dolirox 2 in 1 Beard Straightening brush is a multi-functional styler that combines a beard straightener and a hot comb in one.

Besides taming the unruly hairs, it will also do wonders on your strands.

Customized for men's beauty, this brush will not only provide you with the best look, but it will perform the beard straightening quickly and effectively.

Dolirox 2 In 1 Beard Straightening

Ceramic Blades

The ceramic blades on this beard straightener can heat up in just 60 seconds, letting you straighten your beards in no time.

The heated ceramic plates are useful at dissipating heat instantly and remain consistent; hence your beard gets the best straightening power in every pass


As we had indicated earlier, Dolirox 2 In 1 Beard Straightening is a multi-functional hairstylist capable of smoothing your beards and beatifying your facial hairs. 

Whether you’re looking to flatten your hair or handle your curly beards, this trimmer has the power to do that.

Furthermore, Dolirox 2 in 1 Beard Straightening beard can make the results long-lasting, thanks to the shocking effect it has on the beards and hairs.

Two Temperature Modes

Though it does not feature an extensive range of temperature settings, as we had earlier seen with the previous groomers, it does come with two temperatures modes-High & Low.

Besides offering intuitive and straightforward operation, these two temperature modes are ideal for both the thick and thin beard hairs.

Also, the two functions are designed to avoid hair damages, and unlike other brands, Dolirox 2 in 1 can be heated for longer, letting you tackle the scruffy and thick hairs with ease.


For safety purposes, the ceramic teeth on this beard straightener come with a unique rubber coating that acts as a hair protector and will prevent your beards against burning, scald, or any other heat damage.


  • Portable
  • Dual voltage
  • High-temperature mode


  • Rotatable cord limits its use

Check Dolirox 2 in 1 Brush Price On Amazon

Mexitop 2-in-1 Hair Straightener Tool 

This mini hair straightener tool is yet another premium model from Mexitop, and it includes all the qualifications needed for the ultimate styling gadget.

Like the Dolirox 2 in 1 Beard Straightening brush, we had reviewed above this unit does more than straightening the hair, but can also be used for curling hairs.

Mexitop 2-in-1 Hair Straightener Tool

3-Sided Heating

A significant highlight of this model is the 3-sided heating design that delivers a functional 2-in-1 unit.

The innovative 3-surface heating gives you an all-around shaving experience and will let you either straighten or curl your hair on your head or your beard, depending on your preferences.

A compact collection for both straightening and curling, this grooming tool will provide you with all the functions you need but in a compact and lightweight mini brush.


Speaking of weight, the manufacturer aptly describes the design of this unit as a “mini” tool.

With a dimension of fewer than 8 inches, this beard equipment is highly portable.

More importantly, the overall design and design make it the right size for manoeuvring around the face to trim beard hair.

3 Levels of Adjustable Temperature

A highly versatile unit, Mexitop, comes with three levels of adjustable temperature that will let you work on the various beard types.

Whether you have a thick or thin beard, the three temperature settings from 340° to 410° will let you achieve your desired beard look.

The three levels of temperature are further accompanied by three different colour lights, allowing you to judge the temperature you set for using easily.

The LED removes the guesswork on the temperature mode, and this saves your time, especially when you’re in a rush.

Like a majority of the beard straighteners, this tool features a dual voltage option that lets you power it using either a 110V or 240v power outlet.

Auto Shut-Off 

Like the previous model we had reviewed, this grooming tool features an auto shut-off feature that prevents battery drain as well as instances of overheating.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable temperatures
  • Dual voltage


  • A tad expensive

Check Mexitop Straightener Price On Amazon

KUSCHELBÄR Straightener Brush 

KUSCHELBÄR (Masc) is a well-known brand for creating premium and quality products, and the KUSCHELBÄR Heated Beard Straightener Brush is no different.

A high-end product, this ultra-expensive grooming tool is more than a beard straightener, but a tool ideal for those looking to make a statement.

KUSCHELBÄR Brush is not your typical product, and it has been designed New York celebrity hairstylist Jeff Chastain. 


But does that warrant the high price tag or KUSCHELBÄR Brush is just another case of a hyped product or a marketing gimmick?

Let’s see.

Negative Ion Technology

A prominent feature of this straightener is the ionic technology, which helps in sealing moisture in your hair.

Sealing helps to moisturize your hair, and at the same time, smooth your beards while reducing frizz and flyaways.

With this technology, you'll quickly achieve hydrated hair, an attractive look, and reduce instances of damage on your beard.

Heat Barrier Comb

The proprietary “heat barrier” prevents the transfer of too much heat to your beards, protecting against facial damage.

The barrier beard straightening comb comes alongside revolutionary bristles that offer a smooth operation and are quick at straightening your beards without a hassle.

These bristles effortlessly glide along your chine and face without burning the skin.

Power control & Consumption

Despite the high performance, KUSCHELBÄR Brush is not power-hungry and will consume 45 maximum. 

Sporting a Control Temperature of 190 C, KUSCHELBÄR Brush has the upper hand against other products, especially when it comes to maintaining the safety integrity of your skin and hairs. 

Also, a perfect unit for travelling, KUSCHELBÄR Brush, is highly flexible and can accommodate various power options, including 110 or 220V power options.

KUSCHELBÄR Brush, however, is an ideal option for those who are dedicated to caring for their beards and are willing to pay for it.

Expectedly, the performance of this unit is fantastic and will ensure that you achieve your styling results easy and maintain them for long.


  • Ionic technology
  • Safe
  • Temperature control


  • Expensive

Check KUSCHELBÄR Straightener Price On Amazon

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Portrait of handsome man with beard

Best Beard Straightener Buying Guide

There are several considerations that you need to make when purchasing a beard straightener. 

And in the section below, we shall highlight some of these features.


Generally, there’re two types of beard straighteners in the market; beard straightening brush and combs.

Brush straighteners are smaller and have a flatter surface with teeth close to the heating rod. 

The combs, on the other hand, come with a longer handle, and as their name suggests, their teeth are similar to those on a comb.

Brushes will give you a better grip on the power of your strokes, hence ideal for the thicker and longer beards.

Inversely, combs are smaller, and better for the thinner and more beautiful beards.

However, you can find a hybrid option that features both a comb and a brush in a single unit.

Temperature Adjustment

We have different hairs, and consequently, our hairs require different temperatures.

The ideal beard straightener should come with several heat settings, letting you choose the level of heat depending on your beard temperament.

To minimize heat damage on your skin or beards, you shouldn't just jump on the highest setting; instead, start with the lowest heat levels and work your way up until you find the sweet spot.


When shaving safety is paramount, and you should, as such, find a beard straightener that promotes safety.

For a start, straighteners with anti-scald teeth will promote a smooth brush with every stroke and prevent instances of skin damage.

Other straighteners feature a guard that prevents users from pressing the heating plate directly in the hair or skin.

Also, consider a straightener with an auto-shut function that turns the shaver off when not in use. This is quite essential because when shavers get hot, they can accidentally start a fire if something flammable is in the vicinity.

Why Do I Need a Straightening Brush?

Have you wondered about the benefits of having a beard straightener?

Here are some of the benefits:


As long as you use a straightening brush with care, you’ll be surprised at how gentle this unit can be. It’s essential, however, that you choose the right temperature.

Minimizes Frizz

Unlike other straightening tools that promote frizz after use, straightening brushes feature an integrated ionic technology that reduces static and frizz and at the same time, promotes hair shine.


A majority of the straightening brushes are electric and emit high heat, allowing you to complete your straightening task quickly and efficiently.


  1. What is the best beard straightener? After careful testing, research, and scouring through countless journals on industry recommendations, CNXUS Ionic Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush is a clear winner.
  2. How can I make my beard hair straight? Although most use a normal straightener, beard straightening brush types are most efficient and effective
  3. Can you straighten a beard with a hair straightener? Technically, yes, but traditional hair straighteners have very high heat settings without necessary protection, which you would need when you are operating it so close to facial skin. No, please don't skint on it- just buy a purpose-built beard brush
  4. Should you straighten your beard? Depends on the look that you are aiming to achieve. If you want to keep that curly beard in check and not wanting to carry off a messy bush look, heated brush type straighteners will be a godsend


There are numerous benefits of using a straightening brush on your beards.

Unlike other grooming tools, beard straighteners will give you better control of the process, and this way, you'll quickly achieve a softer and straighter styling.

When using a straightener, you’ll hardly need any products as the straightener will perform most of the tasks.

Go through the review again, and let us know in the comment section of what you think, what option did you end up considering, and what you like most about straightening your beard. We can't wait!

Editor Notes:

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Although the beard straighteners in our list are reliable and dependable, we suggest you go for the Andis High Heat Press Comb. The product is famous for its versatility, ease of use, and is a high tech beard straightener. 

The beard straightener offers a high-temperature range of up to 45 Fahrenheit. Although the temperature range may be too hot for your beards, it is indicative of how functional the straightener can be. 

It also features more than 20 heat settings and temperature control, which allows you to get a suitable temperature without damaging the beard. When you want to use the straightener, just connect it to a power source, and it is easy to go in 30 seconds.

Current Top Selling Beard Straightener Models!

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