Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 | 2024 Review

Most quadcopters are expensive and difficult to use for beginners. Brands like DJ Phantom, Walkera, Cheerson and Witoys are the biggest competitors in the quadcopter industry. However, there are many new brands that also get the attention of enthusiasts because of the greatness and affordability of their quadcopters.

One of the best quadcopters that are available in the market is the new Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3. The whole name of the product is Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 Auto-Return RC Airplane Drone Mini Quadcopter RTF FPV W/ Camera.

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Affordable and Super Cheap

The Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 only costs under $200. High quality and popular brands of quadcopters usually cost around $500 to $1500. The quadcopter from Nine Eagles has many features that are the same of the expensive quadcopters, but at a cheaper price.

Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3: Perfect For Aerial Photography

Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 has the ability to carry a small camera that you can use for FPV and aerial photography. You can shoot longer because it has a flying time of 15-20 minutes. The package that you pay for on or below $200 includes a camera and a 2GB SD card. You won’t have trouble finding a small camera because they have installed it in the quadcopter along with a good storage memory to store videos and pictures.

Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3: Intelligent System

The Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 is created with an intelligent system. It has an Auto-return function that allows you to retrieve the quadcopter on the starting point without the fear of hitting something on the way back. The controls are conventional and easy to use especially for beginners and also pros.

It has a brake function so you can control the drone if you are about to hit on something. Just simply switch on/off in the accelerator. Moreover, you can use the drone even at night with its built-in colorful LED navigation lights that are perfect for night flying. It has a built in altitude sensor, so you know how high is the drone flying in the sky.

Sleek Design

Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 is designed to look sleek and high class. It has a white and black design for a sleek body shape and better appearance while on air. Many people will feel jealous of your quadcopter when they observe it flying under your control.

Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3: Perfect For Beginners and Pros

You can choose from three settings on how you want to fly the Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3. It has an Entry-level setting, Altitude hold setting and Normal Setting for headless flying. You have the drone under control even if you’re a newbie, and you can also do tricks and freely fly on air of you’re a pro. It has an intelligent control mode for easy and simply maneuvering.

Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3: Full Specification:

  • Main rotor dia.: 147mm
  • TX: NE-TXOS215-BF (4CH 2.4GHz)
  • RX: NE-MASF12
  • Motor: Ø8.5 coreless motor*4
  • Battery: 3.7V 1200mAh Li-Po
  • Camera memory: ≤32G Micro SD card
  • Camera codec video: motion JPEG, 1280*720 30fps .avi
  • Camera codec audio: PCM S16 LE mono
  • Camera still image capture: 1280*720 96dpi .jpg
  • Camera dimension: 40*20*8mm
  • Flight time: ≥15 mins
  • Weight: 138g (Battery included)
  • Dimension: 195*195*79mm
  • Box dimension: 410*364*88mm

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