Nine eagles galaxy visitor 2

Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 2

Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 2 NE-MASF11 2.4GHz 4CH RC Quadcopter with Camera

There are different types of drones depending on the task you wish to achieve. Nine Eagles NE-MASF11 2.4GHz 4CH Galaxy Visitor 2 RC Quadcopter with Camera is the newest Nine eagles galaxy visitor 2 drone whose advanced 9-axis gyro stabilization system is responsible for impeccable control performance capabilities.

As a beginner, there so much in store for you with the Nine eagles galaxy visitor 2 model since it’s much easier to control and steady in flight. This doesn’t mean that experienced operators should turn a blind eye on Nine Eagles NE-MASF11 2.4GHz 4CH Galaxy Visitor 2 RC Quadcopter with Camera. Skillful operators can go a step further to adjust the drone and experience a firsthand excitement in flight.

No worries if you intend to fly it outdoors because, it can withstand Grade 3 wind force of around 12 to 19km/h. Nine eagles galaxy visitor 2 is manufactured by Nine Eagles solely for both indoor and outdoor use.

The product comes with all the desirable features you’d want to have; its small in size comes with sophisticated security features and is very light in weight. With such amazing features, users are guaranteed of an exciting experience with the product.

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What are the Features of Nine eagles galaxy visitor 2?

  • Compatible with both conventional and intelligent control mode;
  • Pressing one button easily switches between modes;
  • Beginners can easily control Nine eagles galaxy visitor 2 quadcopter thanks to Headless Flying under intelligent control mode;
  • The aircraft cannot get lost because it has an Auto Return Function;
  • Chances of crushing are reduced thanks to advanced brake functions;
  • Anti-crash protector;
  • Accelerometer with Switch on/off functions;
  • LED navigation lights to direct movement;
  • Sleek black and white appearance;
  • The quadcopter has a micro digital picture camera and digital video.

Specifications of Nine eagles galaxy visitor 2

  • 3.7V 350mAh Li-Po battery pack;
  • RX: NE-MASF11: 4 in 1 (including; 9 axis gyroscope, ESC, Mixer, 2.4GHz receiver);
  • Total weight capacity of 46.3g including the battery;
  • Main rotor diameter is 56mm.

The camera is obviously a critical feature that every potential user of Nine eagles galaxy visitor 2 would love to know about. The camera’s memory micro SD card has a storage capacity of 32GB. Being a 720p, the GV2 guarantees high quality video recording as well as still image capture of 1280*720, 96dpi. The file extensions for video and still images are avi and jpg.

For those who have used Nine eagles galaxy visitor 2, this product is novice friendly and doesn’t compromise on safety, quality of videos and still images as well as performance. Amazingly, this quadcopter has survived serious crashes from maximum altitudes. GV2 is recommended for anyone interested in developing their hobby of RC flying.

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