iRobot Roomba 650 vs 655 vs 620; Which Automatic Vacuum Should You Buy?

650 vs 655 vs 620

House cleaning and other household chores can be tedious and tiring, right? We all wish there were a smart gadget that would come and help us do the tasks.

It is for this reason that quite a number of manufacturers have come up with smart vacuum cleaners. These manufacturers claim that their products will offer you complete functionality and reliability. Not many of them live up to the promise.

iRobot stands out as a trusted and reliable manufacturer of the most advanced and functional robotic vacuums. They have produced some of the best smart floor cleaners that you can find in the market.

The Roomba 600 series is among the most successful smart floor cleaners that iRobot has come up with. The series comprises of the Roomba 620, 650, and 655

So how do the three products compare?

In this article, we will analyze each of these products. We will look at their features and functionality so that we can see which one is the best.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Pet Hair Vacuum?





Dual Multi-Surface Brushes

Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, Edge-Sweeping Brush

Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, Edge-Sweeping Rubberised Brush.


iAdapt Full Sensored

iAdapt Full Sensored

iAdapt Full Sensored

Dirt Detect?




Self Charging



Yes Long Lasting

3 Stage Cleaning?





Weight (Pounds)




Dimensions (Inches)

17.7 x 16.9 x 4.7

13.4 x 13.4 x 3.6

18.8 x 17 x 5

Couple on Sofa and robot vacuum on floor


All three products come from the same manufacturer, which is iRobot. Being in the same series means they are similar in many aspects.

First, the three products have a straightforward setup process. The steps are easy to follow, and even a novice can complete them. In the event you make a mistake trying to press the buttons, do not worry. The gadgets come with a detailed guide on how you should carry out the setup process.

When looking for a smart gadget, users look for functionality and good looks. You don't want an ugly looking smart device in your living room, do you?

For that reason, the Roomba 600 series products have all passed because they all come in a modern and sleek design.

Smart floor cleaners should have a compact design so that they can slide and reach all the places in your house that need cleaning. These include under the sofas, beds, and so on. The Roomba 650, 620, and 655 have compact dimensions that enable them to clean all the hidden areas.

 All the Roomba 600 series products have a 3 stage cleaning system. This system has dual multi-surface brushes, an edge sweeping brush and suction clean. This ensures that the smart cleaners clear everything from small particles to large debris on your carpet.

Another similarity between the products is that they use dual multi-surface brushes. The dual brushes work together where one loosens the dirt, and the other one pulls it in. 

All three devices have a dirt detection feature. The feature helps your gadget to sense the dirtier areas in your home and then clean them more thoroughly. This leaves you with little to no manual work to do and keeps all the corners of your home spotless.

The Roomba 620, 650, and 655 also come with rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable batteries ensure that your smart cleaners will clean even when there is a power blackout.

Let's dive deeper into each of the products.


iRobot Roomba 620   


Roomba 620 will cost you $620 to buy one.

The fact that you can do the setup yourself cuts your cost because you do not need to hire a technician.

iRobot Roomba 620


The iRobot company does not disappoint in the design aspect. The Roomba 620 comes in a round, modern, and appealing design. The product is short in height. This allows it to get under the sofas and bed with much ease while cleaning. 

It also comes with brushes that have different lengths. This helps to ensure that no dirt is left behind during the cleaning process.

The robotic vacuum comes in a variety of colours that include grey, white, and black so that you can choose your favourite. It measures 17.7 x 16.9 x 4.7 inches, and it weighs 7.9 lbs. The lightweight and compact design make the gadget portable and easy to carry around.

Setup process

Setting up the Roomba 620 is a simple process that will take you just a few minutes. You do not need any technical assistance from an expert to set it up. You just need to follow the guide, press the necessary buttons, and you are good to go.

When you buy the robotic vacuum, it comes with a user's manual. You can follow the instructions on the guide to set it up. In case you still have challenges, you can contact the iRobot's support team on their website.


iRobot Roomba 620 is a random cleaning volume machine. What that means is that it does not have an understanding of its surroundings, and it cannot tell which areas require more or less cleaning. 

One essential feature of the Roomba 620 is the iAdapt system. iAdapt is a system of iRobots software and sensors that allows the gadget to learn the layout of your home. It then makes multiple passes that give your rooms a more comprehensive clean.

The other important feature of the robotic vacuum cleaner is the dirt detect. The dirt-detect uses an acoustic sensor to identify the areas in your house that are prone to be dirtier than others. The cleaner will then spend more time cleaning the areas. The detector will also detect areas under tables, TV stands, and beds that have not been cleaned and clean them. The feature is essential as it helps the cleaner to focus less on the clean surfaces and more on the dirtier ones.

Roomba 620 also has a feature known as auto docking. When the robotic vacuum cleaner is working, and it realizes that the battery is getting low, it will automatically go to its docking station to recharge. The cleaner never fails to locate its docking station.

Additionally, the Roomba 620 robotic vacuum cleaner has an outstanding battery life. When fully charged, the cleaner can run for about 90 minutes, which is commendable.

The gadget also offers you more suction power than its counterparts. This means that more dirt and debris is picked up and significantly saves on energy as it reduces the number of times that the gadget has to go over to do the job. Its dust bin is also bigger, which means you do not have to empty it all the time.

The 3-step cleaning system is another feature the Roomba 620 offers you. This is a system that helps you to clean all the small particles and large debris on your floor and carpets. The system employs dual multi-surface brushes and sweeping edge brush and vacuum suction to do its job.

The virtual wall technology is a technology that creates an invisible wall that confines the gadget in one area. The model, however, does not have an obstacle sensor that would help it not to avoid obstacles on its way.

Lastly, the product comes with a two years warranty.

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iRobot Roomba 650   


With $375, you will get the 650 Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner. There are no further subscriptions with the product after you purchase. You will not need to hire a technician or a professional to set up the gadget for you as you can do it yourself. This saves you any additional costs.

iRobot Roomba 650


One noticeable thing with the 650 models is that they make minimal sound. As such, you can leave it to work as you sleep or when you are enjoying your favourite movie.

The Roomba 650 comes in an appealing modern, circular shape. It has a sleek design that will add elegance to your house. The black colour is subtle enough such that it will not clash with your home theme colours.

The robotic vacuum has a lot more buttons on its surface. This is because of the extra functions, and also because it does not have a remote control.

The cleaner measures 13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches. This compact design allows it to clean even under the sofas and beds. It is also lightweight as it weighs 7.9 pounds.


Nobody wants to spend all their time reading complicated guides on how to install a product. iRobot has made this possible with the Roomba 650 that will take you just a few minutes to set up. Plus, you do not need a professional to help you with the setup.

To set up the robotic vacuum, plug in the docking area, remove the covering on the batteries, and then connect the vacuum cleaner to the docking area.  


One vital feature of the Roomba 650 is the convenient scheduling. This means you can schedule your gadget to do the cleaning for a certain number of times in a week without any human assistance. This makes the cleaner very efficient as it does not require you always to be there.

The automatic docking feature is another highlight of the Roomba 650 robotic vacuum. When the gadget is cleaning, and the battery starts to run low, the device goes to its docking station to recharge. Its battery is also known to last for a long time before running low. The 650 can also recharge itself-which is a massive bonus.

Another essential feature is the dirt detect technology. This feature makes the gadget to use more time on dirtier areas and less time on the clean areas. This saves time and energy.

It also has a virtual wall technology. This feature helps confine the gadget in one area and prevents it from going to areas that you set as off-limit. It also has an obstacle sensor that enables it to avoid bumping into obstacles and get destroyed.

The device also can automatically adjust to floors. The gadget detects the distance of the bottom of the robotic vacuum and the floor and pivots accordingly. This keeps the brush rolls in contact with the floor without using too much pressure. The cleaning head also keeps the brush roles to a certain angle so that they can clean thoroughly regardless of the type of floor.

Additionally, the Roomba 650 has a 3 stage cleaning system. It has a side brush that cleans the hard to reach areas, corners, and edges. Then there are the rotating brush roles that loosen the dirt and lift it to the air chamber. Lastly, there is the suction that pulls the dirt into the dust bin.

Then there is the iAdapt technology that enables the robotic vacuum cleaner to navigate your home. This is made possible by infrared and acoustic sensors.

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iRobot Roomba 655


The iRobot Roomba 655 costs $429.


The Roomba 655 has an attractive and elegant design. It has a canister shape that makes it ideal for cleaning under the beds, sofas, etc. you have the option of choosing between the black and grey colours.

The device is lightweight, which makes it easy for you to carry around in the house and even upstairs.

iRobot Roomba 655


Setting up the Roomba 655 is an effortless and straightforward process.

If you still find it challenging to set it up, you can consult the manual that comes with the product. The guide has easy to follow steps on how to set the gadget up. You can also consult the support team on iRobot's website if you need further assistance. 


The Roomba 655 has a convenient scheduling feature that allows you to program the gadget on when it should work. You will enter the date and time of the day the gadget will clean for seven days. You should ensure that the device is always charged so that the battery does not die. If the battery dies, then the data may be lost, and you have to reschedule. After a week, you should schedule the device again.

Roomba 655 also comes with the Auto docking feature. If the battery runs low while the gadget is working, it automatically docks to its station to recharge.

Another feature is the dirt detection ability. The technology behind the device can sense areas that are dirtier and clean the dirt. This saves energy and time as the gadget will not keep cleaning already clean areas.

The Roomba 655 also features iAdapt navigation. This is a feature where this device uses acoustic sensors to navigate around your house. This doubles with the obstacles sensor that enables the gadget to avoid obstacles on its way.

The other feature is the 3-stage cleaning system. This is the system where one brush will sweep the hard to reach areas and the corners. It also puts the dirt on the way of the robotic vacuum. The second brush agitates the carpet and removes hard debris. Finally, you have the suction that sucks the dirt and puts it in the bin.

The virtual wall technology confines the gadget in some areas so that it won't go to other rooms.

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  1. Does Roomba 620 have WiFi? No, the current models do not have WiFi feature
  2. Does Roomba 650 have WiFi? Same as 620 It does not come with a WiFi feature.
  3. Does Roomba 655 have WiFi? No, not at this time


All the gadgets above offer you impressive features. However, the Roomba 655 beats the other two as it has additional features. It comes with a rubberized brush that is ideal for unwinding pet hair. It also comes with an extra round brush that assists in picking the debris. The brushes are even stronger than for the other models.

We hope that gives you different perspective on all the three models and hopefully will aid you to make an informed decision. If you fancy checking top 5 robot vacuums across brands check our other article here and vacuums with mops here

Editor Notes:

The iRobot gadgets reviewed are remarkable, but the 655 model beats the rest in cleaning your home. It is perfect for unwinding pet hair thanks to the rubberized brush. The additional round brush absent in the other predecessors means the 655 will pick up debris better.

Self-charging is also a common feature in the three options, but for the 655, the charging is a bit quicker, which enables the vacuum to resume cleaning earlier than the rest. It is also lighter compared to 620 hence easy to move upstairs without straining you.

The 655 is slightly bigger than the other two vacuum cleaners and will clean more space to reduce the number of trips it takes in your house.

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