Ultimate Review Of Best Beard Grooming Kit Guide In 2023

Best Beard Grooming Kit

Many clean-shaven guys think growing a beard is easy; after all, isn't all about letting the hair be and at most a few touch-ups with an electric shaver?

However, that is further from the truth, and the beard veterans know it- without proper beard care, your beard is likely to itch, not to mention feel coarse and look wild.

See, to achieve a healthy beard, you need to moisturize and nourish it using a beard oil, and shampoo. Additionally, you’ll also need a brush or a comb, designed specifically for the beard to keep the hairs in shape, and the most convenient way to acquire this is by investing in the best beard grooming kit.

Now, as you’ve seen, your beard needs a variety of products to stay healthy and on point. Unfortunately, finding the right tools for the specific needs of your beards is another whole issue.

The good news is there’re handy accessories that combine all the beard grooming products you need to keep your beard healthy.

The best grooming beard kit combines a variety of beard grooming essentials such as beard oil, waxes, shampoo, body washes, mustache trimmer scissors, and more, all under one roof. Ideally, I consider these kits as a one-stop destination for all the beard grooming needs as they contain everything I need to keep my beard looking and feeling great.

However, like any other grooming product, the market is filled with beard grooming kits, and choosing the best item kit for your needs is quite a challenge.

See, the last thing you want is to overpay for a kit that won’t address your morning grooming routine or even one with flimsy products.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 grooming kits in the market, and hopefully, by the time you’re through with this best beard grooming kit review guide, you will have found a kit that fits your beard grooming needs.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Components Included



  • Beard Shampoo
  • Beard Conditioner
  • Beard Oil
  • 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Verbena Lime

  • Beard Oil
  • Conditioning Balm Wash
  • Brush


  • Beard Shampoo Wash Beard Oil
  • Conditioner Balm Wax
  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Scissors


Other Great Recommendations

  • Beard Wash
  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Balm
  • Wild Boars Hair Beard Brush

Cigar Vanilla and Bay Rum

  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Balm/ Beard Wax
  • Boars Hair Beard Brush Wood Beard Comb
  • Beard and Mustache Trimming Scissors


Top 5 Beard Grooming Kit in The Market for The Money

Top 5 Beard Grooming Kit

Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit 

The first one up on our list is the Zeus Deluxe, a kit that is all about keeping your facial hair looking stylish and your skin moisturized and healthy.

While certainly not the least expensive kit on our list, Zeus Set contains all the necessary components for the perfect beard, including beard shampoo, conditioner, oil, and beard bristle.

I was, however, disappointed that the Zeus kit didn't feature a beard balm, but it wasn't much of a deal-breaker because the presence of beard oil acted as the perfect replacement.

Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit

Zeus Components in Detail

Beard Shampoo and Wash

The Zeus beard shampoo is a specially formulated solution that will protect the quality of your hair and skin.

Though it’s promoted as a beard shampoo, it can be equally be used on the mustache and is ideal for all skin types, including the sensitive skins.

I was impressed by an interesting ingredient; Dragon’s Blood- a tree-based substance that helps treat and prevent inflammation. Other notable ingredients include Green Tea that gets rid of dandruff and Chamomile for restoring strength and shine hair.


The same special care was given to developing Zeus conditioner, and I must admit, I was impressed by how the conditioner delivered a soft beard, moisturized my skin cells, and prevented the stubborn split ends.

Beard Oil

With all-natural ingredients such as Safflower Seed Oil and Chilean grape seed Oil, the Zeus oil does a bang-up job of softening my beard, giving it a nicely groomed appearance.

The slight Sandalwood fragrance, with easy evaporation and easy application, only adds to the positives of the Zeus beard oil.

Boar Bristle Brush

Finally, the Zeus grooming kit will complete your beard care routine with a boar bristle brush, which in my opinion, is one of the best in the market.

I love how the rounded bristles evenly distribute the oil, while at the same time untangling hairs and softening the texture, thus giving me a voluminous and healthy beard.

  • Excellent shampoo fragrance
  • Value for money
  • Keeps your beard strong
  • No comb

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Mountaineer Beard Care Kit - Best for Itchy Beards

If you think about the name for too long, you’d be missed to think that the brand doesn’t care about proper beard care. After all, “Mountaineer” conjures up images of rugged, bearded men living off the land, and screams of a scraggly and unkempt appearance.

But far from it, Mountaineer has dedicated to providing you with grooming products that will leave your beards feeling soft and great. The Mountaineer Beard kit, for instance, gives your beard a refined, lush-looking beard,

Mountaineer Kit Components in Detail

Mountaineer Beard Care Kit

Like the Zeus Beard Grooming kit, the Mountaineer kit comes with four items, but the items are slightly different.

The Mountaineer kit includes a bottle of beard wash, a boar bristle brush and a container of beard balm and beard oil and all of the kit’s contents are housed in a burlap bag, which in my opinion, adds some masculine flair to the grooming kit.

The Mountaineer Magic Beard Balm is quite an efficient product, and I found that a small amount of this product easily holds down the flyaway hairs, while moderate amounts coated my whiskers to preserve moisture and keep dirt out.

For superior performance of the beard wash, I would recommend that you don't use much of this product, but instead lather a pea-sized amount into your beard, before washing it out to clear the dead skin cell.

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Ideal for the sensitive skins
  • Incredible smell
  • The brush is a bit flimsy

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Isner Mile Upgraded Beard Kit  - Best for Beard Trimming

Isner Mile Upgraded Beard Kit might not really be a top choice for the beard enthusiast, but it’s definitely a premium and quality product that is easier on our wallets than some of the options on our list.

This inexpensive gift set from Isner Mile is a particularly incredible kit for beardos looking to tame, trim and treat their unruly beards.

Isner Mile Upgraded Beard Kit

Isner Mile Upgraded Beard Kit Components in Detail

Isner Mile kit features a potent beard balm that is created from all-natural ingredients such as coconut oil, tea tree, and lavender, and combined; these ingredients will help in the nourishment of your skin as well as providing an opportunity for the faster and thicker beard growth. 

The same natural ingredients have been replicated in the beard oil, and I found this part of the kit quite handy in making the quick touch-ups, and it helped to promote a healthy shine on my beards and eliminate the beard itch.

In addition, the beard oil and balm, Isner Mile kit also features a boar bristle brush for adding texture to the hairs and easy spreading of beard oil around.

In my opinion, though, I found the wooden brush spectacularly effective than the bristle brush, especially in detangling my rowdy mane. Even so, the wooden brush feels quite flimsy, and you need to be extra cautious when using it to avoid breakage.

The final product on the Inser Mile kit is stainless steel scissors, which I found quite handy in shaping my mane and trimming the errant hairs. Nonetheless, I had several issues with the scissors, and I found them not as high quality like those other kits.  Above all, they're pretty small, and for users like me with busty hands, I really struggled using them.

  • All-organic ingredients
  • Budget option
  • Included burlap carry case
  • Small scissors

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Grave Before Shave Beard Care PackBest for Beginners

You know a brand takes it seriously when it chooses death over shaving.

Grave Before Shave is undoubtedly one of the unique men's grooming products in the market, and the artwork, packaging, color, shape, and performance are designed to grab your attention.

With that said, there’s more to the brand name than just its catchy name. The components on this grooming kit are perfect for the beardos who take grooming seriously.

Grave Before Shave Beard Care Pack

Grave Before Shave Components in Detail

A standout feature on the Grave Before Shave is the beard wash that constitutes of argan oil and beard oil and will leave your hair feeling soft to the touch.

And once your beards are relaxed, you can use the comb to untangle the beards easily and bring them to a style of your preference. I love how the bristles on this comb are pliable and spaced out, so I don’t have to risk yanking my tangled hairs too hard. Even so, the beard comb on this kit is not ideal for the long hairs, and I would suggest that you use an actual comb.

Another exciting component on the Grave Before Shave kit is the beard balm that again comprises of all-natural products such as natural oils and butter that will give you the power of shaping your beards as well as taming the flyaway hairs.

For the best results, however, I would suggest that you supplement your beard balm with the Grave Shave oil, as this combo will do a better job of strengthening your hairs and, at the same time curbing beard itchiness.

Finally, I have to attest that the spicy, musky palette scents like Cigar Vanilla and Bay Rum are quite irresistible, though the Bay Rum is my personal favorite.

  • Masculine fragrances
  • Super soft bristle brush
  • Leaves hair moisturized
  • Limited grooming tools

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Badass Beard Care Essentials Kit 

As the name makes your heart rates with excitement, the product will equally do the same with fervor and a little authenticity to go with it.

See, the folks at Badass Care understand that every beard is different, and this is why the contents of their Badass Beard Care Kit are tailored to meet the individual needs for the various users.

Badass Beard Care Essentials Kit

Badass Beard Care Components in Detail

The Badass grooming kits set up you up with an arsenal of beard grooming tools including beard oil, beard balm, a pair of mustache trimming scissors, wooden beard comb,  and a bristle brush.

The Badass Beard Oil and Balm contain an all-natural blend of ingredients that will provide you with thorough hydration to get rid of itch soften your hair, while at the same time keeping the health of your skin a top priority.

The Badass Beard Kit further comes with a beard wax constituent, which is quite the perfect alternative to the beard balm. Though both of these products are equally fantastic, I found the wax a lot better as it provided a stronghold, though the beard balm suffices in most of the applications.


As we had mentioned earlier, this beard grooming kit is designed to meet the demands of the various users, and this is manifested through the availability of the dozen fragrance options.

Some of the popular Badass fragrance options include The Original, The Ladies Man, the Biker and The Outlaw, though my personal favorite is The Bushwhacker, which combined Grape, Lemon, and Eucalyptus for a subtle scent that isn't too overpowering, but one that will stick around all day.

  • Kits are customizable
  • Lots of natural fragrances
  • Super soft brush
  • Tad expensive

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Best Beard Grooming Kit Buying Guide

Best Beard Grooming Kit Buying Guide

In the section below, we shall highlight some of the essential factors that you need to consider when purchasing the best beard grooming kit.

Components Included

The first major factor that you need to consider is the number and the type of ingredients included in your beard kit.

Essentially, the grooming components should include items that you usually use in your daily beard grooming routine.

Typically, the ideal beard kit should include beard oil, beard wax/ beard balm, beard shampoo, and a beard comb.

Those should be the bare essentials that every beard kit should include, though having more would even be better.

For instance, if you've long beards, you should look for a beard kit with grooming scissors. While this might not necessarily seem like a necessity, beard veterans know that the best way of filling out an epic beard is by cleaning up the unhealthy split ends.


The next factor to consider is the ingredients on the individual products such as the beard oils, beard waxes, and Shampoo.

Ideally, I would recommend that you choose a kit that only has a natural composition on its products. Steer away from kits with products that are synthetically designed.

All-natural products are, in most cases, safe to use, even for sensitive skin, and they typically don't have side effects even after long-term usage.


Beard grooming kits greatly vary on their pricing option, and you should pick a kit that you feel you’re comfortable with.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’ve to necessarily have to go for the least expensive kit, either.

Instead, choose a grooming kit that is well within your budget, and more importantly, a kit that you think will address your grooming needs sufficiently.


The purpose of a beard for a man goes beyond aesthetics, but it’s a reflection of your personality and style, and so, you would only want to use the best products to groom and manage your beards at every stage of its growth.

A beard grooming kit is probably one of the most resolute blessings for man, as these tools are specifically engineered for the healthy growth of your beard.

A kit is not only often an easy way to save money while getting a variety of grooming products under a single roof, but don't overlook that it can be equally the perfect gift for your man.

Having said that, the best beard grooming kits we’ve mentioned above have lots to like, as well as disadvantages. However, the key to finding the best beard kit is to understand your grooming needs first.

For instance, ask yourself what products you already have and what you still need? What kit appeals to you most? What brand do you enjoy using?

This way, by answering all the above questions, you'll get a beard kit that will perfectly address your grooming needs.

Editor Notes:

You can have the best beard grooming kit in various categories. These include the best beard grooming kit for beginners and the best beard grooming kit for itchy beards. 

However, you can also have a product that is the best overall. In our list, our choice for the best overall beard grooming kit is the Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit. The beard grooming kit stands out for its elegant and sophisticated kit design. Additionally, it comes with a unique shampoo formula that treats your itchy skin and dandruff. The kit also features a high-quality boar’s hairbrush. 

Included in the kit are the Zeus Conditioner Wash, Dragon’s Blood Shampoo, Beard Oil, and a brush. The beard grooming kit also comes in a variety of scents to choose from. These include Verbena Lime, Vanilla Rum, and Sandalwood. 

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