Ultimate Review Of Best Beard Conditioners In 2023

Beards grow naturally for most men, and so there’s no secret getting behind it except just letting your facial hairs grow along.

However, if you’re willing to keep and grow beards, understand that beards do come with maintenance work.

Now, whether you’re in the scruffy early stages or already have an impressively bushy beard, you need to know how to tame your wild facial hair.

There are several ways of taming the fuzzy beards and styling them, but a beard conditioner is probably the most effective solution.

Typically, a beard conditioner will help your beard grow thicker, soften the hairs, and even promote growth. Many of the beard conditioners similarly help to moisturize and care for the skin underneath, too.

Combine a conditioner of your choice with regular trimming, shaving, and good beard oil, and other guys will look at you full of jealousy.

Understandably, however, choosing the ideal beard conditioner is quite challenging, especially if you’re new to beard care.

Fortunately, there’s no need to beat about it because we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 beard conditioners in the market. Hopefully, by the end of this review guide, you’ll find a beard conditioning product that will fit your grooming needs and leave your beard quintessentially stylish.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

This as you would expect from us is an EPIC post so grab a coffee before you start  and see how we cut through every product and review it with precision. IF YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME and just need to know the results of our reviews , CHECK THE RESULTS TABLE BELOW!


Natural Ingredients?


Suitable For


Marshmallow root, slippery elm bark, nettle leaf, shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, agave nectar, silk protein, Kukui nut oil

Subtle Perfume

All Hair/Skin Types

Cedar, Spruce, Sandalwood with a hint of Lemon, Bergamot, Lavender, and Saffron Spice

Cedar, Spruce, Sandalwood with a hint of Lemon, Bergamot, Lavender, and Saffron Spice

All Hair/Skin Types

Coconut Oil, Soy Protein, Panthenol


All Hair/Skin Types


Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey, Eucalyptus, Argan


All Hair/Skin Types

Green Tea, Chamomile, Dragons Blood

Verbena Lime, Sandalwood, Vanilla Rum

All Hair/Skin Types

Top 5 Beard Conditioners In The Market For Your Money!

stylish man with groomed beard

Whether you're looking for beard balms, a specific type of beard oil, or just your generic beard care product, we have the perfect products for you! These are the five best beard conditioners available for you today. We've tested each of these beard conditioners to make sure that your grooming goes smoothly. Here are the five best beard maintenance conditioner products available now!

Some of the links in this article are affiliates, but each of the beard care products on our list have been tested and reviewed honestly. This article contains commission links, but real suggestions.

Scotch Porter - Editors Choice

Scotch Porter is one of the more expensive products on our list, but still, this conditioner is worth a long look though, especially considering it has a unique combination of all-natural products and a superior moisturizing and thorough deep-cleansing performance.

Scotch Porter


Scotch Porter has managed to elbow out a majority of the popular brands for the top spot, primarily because of the all-natural and pretty unique ingredients.

Some of the notable ingredients on this conditioner include marshmallow root, jojoba oil, argan oil, shea butter, and more. Collectively, these ingredients play a crucial role in repairing the damaged hair cells, strengthening the cuticle, and softening your beard.

What It Doesn’t Have

In the introduction, I had hinted that Scotch is an all-natural product, and it’s equally easy to make a list of the ingredients it doesn’t have.

Porter doesn’t contain parabens, petroleum, silicones, mineral oils, artificial colors and it’s free from any harsh chemicals, which is really impressive as it doesn’t affect the sensitive skin and will even allow you to work on your dyed or colored beards without any side effects.

More importantly, the blend of all-natural ingredients is a welcome to all users with a sensitive beard as it takes care of the itchiness plus much more.


I have to admit that at first, we were concerned by the tiny 8-ounce bottle, which we thought we would go through it in no time. Fortunately, we were mistaken because Porter goes a long way since it only required us to use a tiny drop weekly, meaning this tiny bottle lasted a couple of months.


Primarily, Porter is designed to bring and maintain moisture to your beard, leaving your beard softer and smoother, with split end becoming a thing of the past.

The presence of argan oil, for instance, helps in strengthening the cuticle, letting your beard stay straighter, and preventing flyaway hairs. 

However, what really impressed us on the performance of this conditioner is that it doesn’t just stop on the beard hairs, but it extends its performance to the skin, leaving it looking plump since it encourages the production of collagen.


We love the subtle scent that isn’t overpowering, but instead, it offers a light and fresh fragrance that doesn’t conflict with any beard fragrance that you might use alongside the conditioner.

Check Scotch Porter Price On Amazon

Bossman Fortify Beard Conditioner - Best for Patchy Beards

Bossman does not work like the typical beard conditioners, but instead, it fortifies your beard to make it healthier and thicker. 

While a majority of the conditioners usually target beard hairs that are already grown, Bossman Fortify focuses on stimulating the growth of hair follicles and lets your hair grow thicker and faster, so that patchy spots look much fuller.

In our opinion, Bossman is the only ticket you need if you’re trying to grow a thick beard, bump your beard robustness and patch up the hairless spaces in between your beard. 

Bossman Fortify Beard Conditioner


Like the Scotch Porter we’ve described above, Bossman Fortify comes with all-natural, powerful, and active ingredients.

The presence of nourishing ingredients such as Mango Butter, Avocado Oil, Aloe, Jojoba Esters, and Argan will rehydrate your skin and replenish damaged beard hair. At the same time, betaine, which we think is a significant differentiator to this pick, contains naturally occurring amino acids found in beets, and will effectively moisturize and soften our fuzz.

However, users were concerned about the presence of Cetearyl Alcohol because, as we know, alcohol-related products tend to dry everything, and this beats the purpose of having hydrating components. Cetearyl Alcohol, however, is quite an exception as it does not undo the hydrating benefits of the conditioner, but instead, it actually helps to moisturize your beard and skin, and you’ll never have to deal with dry skin again.


Bossman contains natural oils that have been carefully selected to provide the moisture needed for stimulating the growth of hair follicles. 

However, it just doesn’t stop there; instead, it focuses much on the skin as it does on the hair; after all, it’s the skin that determines how fast and healthy your beard will grow. 

However, we need to point out that this product will not work to men with no beard, and don’t expect to see hair sprouting where there were none. But what it does is that it rejuvenates the dormant roots with thin, wispy, and damaged follicles to healthier strands that make your beard thicker.

Alongside improving the overall thickness of your beard, we also found out that Bossman really softened our hairs, and made it easier to comb and form since the beard was less prone to split ends or drying out.


More than taming your beard, we really loved the captivating fragrance that combines a blend of mixed woods, including spruce, cedar, and sandalwood. Like Porter, the scent is not overpowering, but instead, light and fresh and has a classic undertone.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Improves beard fullness
  • Thick cream


  • It doesn’t grow new air but instead improves on what you have

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Clubman 2-in-1 Beard Conditioner -Budget Option

Clubman 2-in-1 beard conditioner is a budget option, but it provides real value to the beginners who are testing the waters are trying to figure out whether beard conditioners may work for them.

Clubman 2-in-1 Beard Conditioner

Compact Design

Clubman 2-in-1 face conditioner is everything you need to keep your beard and face looking at its best at all times as it comes with a travel-friendly packaging that means you’ll never go without your favorite skincare product even if you’re on the road.

We love the convenient tube size that keeps our grooming standards elevated, and it offers the help we need when preparing to groom for any event.


Clubman is formulated with a unique blend of ingredients consisting of soy, coconut oil, and panthenol. If the reviews are anything to go by, users were quite satisfied with the performance of this conditioner, saying that it moisturized and conditioned the long, unruly beard, while preventing instances of itch and dandruff.

Be as it may, we can’t help but notice that Clubman misses several vital ingredients we’ve seen on other successful conditioners such as jojoba oil or even Argan oil. Sure, the absence of a couple of oils is certainly not alarming, but what really raised our eyebrows was the presence of alcohol and several synthetic ingredients (no parabens or phthalates, though). To me, this was a massive deal-breaker since I have ultra-sensitive skin and tend to get allergies from synthetic products. 


The real value of this conditioner lies in the double duty performance; providing users with real value, Clubman can be used both for the face as well as the beard.

Alongside leaving your beard soft and frizz-free, Clubman will leave your skin feeling refreshed and cleansed. If the reviews are anything to go by, it will even cure acne and prevent face blackheads and breakouts.


Whatever you’re into, you’ll love that Clubman Conditioner and Face Moisturizer will leave your beard looking frizz-free and in control.

The hydrating components will nourish your beard, leaving you looking incredibly macho without frizz or flyaways.


  • Budget option
  • Can be used for face and beard
  • Travel-friendly


  • Not organic and all-natural

Check Clubman 2-In-1 Price On Amazon

Polished Gentleman Conditioner - Best Alternate Splurge Beard Conditioner

The list of the best beard conditioner would be incomplete without the appearance of Polished Gentleman.

They’re among the best grooming brands out there, and this conditioner is an excellent solution if you’re looking to up your beard growth, thickness and achieve an all-around fullness.

Polished Gentleman Conditioner

Like the Bossman we had reviewed above, Polished Gentleman will do wonders for those with thin and patchy beards, and for users like me who are happy with the thickness of our beards, it gives us the bonus of faster hair growth.


Polished Gentleman includes a list of all-natural and organic ingredients, which include argan oil, essential oils, manuka honey, and more. Combined, these offer an excellent assortment of nourishment and moisture for your beard.


The combination of tea tree oil and eucalyptus stimulates hair growth. At the same time, the inclusion of peppermint is a God-sent ingredient for guys with patchy beards as this ingredient has been proven to have the same properties as Minoxidil and will help in filling the uneven spots.

Besides stimulating hair growth on our beards, we loved that Polished Gentleman goes a long way in softening our hair, strengthening hair follicles as well as leaving our beards smooth, with a beautiful and healthy glow.


Polished Gentleman offers a subtle scent, though we found it slightly minty, and more or less like menthol. On our first application, it felt a bit refreshing and had a sensational tinge on the face, which we found quite refreshing.


Polished Gentleman is quite a versatile product, and we loved that you could apply it either as a leave-in treatment after showering or work a silver dollar-sized amount of the product through your beard.


  • All-natural ingredient
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Subtle scent


  • Hard to rinse out

Check Polished Gentleman Price On Amazon 

ZEUS Beard Conditioner - Best Lime Scented Conditioner

If you’re like me who cares a lot about the smell of my beards, then the Zeus Beard Conditioner is the product to buy. A classic brand from Zeus, this conditioner is formulated from sandalwood and verbena lime, which offer a very masculine and deep lime scent without being too overpowering.

ZEUS Beard Conditioner


Zeus is an all-natural formula comprised of organic nutrients including jojoba oil, argan oil, Vitamin B5, and avocado oil.

Generally speaking, we found it quite intense in the fact that the combination of the ingredients guarantees to add more moisture for our facial hair for an incredibly soft and manageable beard.

Additionally, Zeus features Dragon’s Blood, an exotic tree-based ingredient that reduces instances of itchiness and prevents inflammation of the skin, making the formula a suitable option for users with sensitive skins.

Of course, being an all-natural formula, Zeus is free from artificial such as parabens and sulfate. So we had no issues using the conditioner on our skin or beard because it’s not harsh at all.


Alongside the softer and smoother hair, Zeus will play an integral role in making your skin more plastic, plump, and smooth, too.

We were impressed by the all-around protection against the environmental elements, including the sun rays. In fact, we found this conditioner an ideal choice for those who spend a lot of time outdoors.


Like a majority of Zeus products, the cost of the Zeus Conditioner is a bit on the higher side. Fortunately, you don’t have to use much of this product, as the superior performance means that you really only have to use it a couple of times a week.


  • All-organic
  • Not harsh on sensitive skins
  • Prevents inflammation


  • Tad expensive

Check Zeus Price On Amazon

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Best Beard Conditioner Man

Best Beard Conditioner Buying Guide

In the section below, we shall go over an overview of some of the critical factors to consider when shopping for the best beard conditioners.

Like you’ve seen, beard conditioners greatly vary in their performance, and they vary by manufacturer and formula as well. So, the type of conditioner you invest in can have drastic effects on your beard.

Type of Beard

It’s always a good idea to consider the kind of beard, especially the thickness of your hair. Generally, if you’ve got a thick beard, the stronger the conditioners you should choose.


Most of the beard conditioners usually come with some fragrance, and what scent you choose to go with will depend on your personal preferences.

However, some of the typical masculine scents that men are commonly associated with include woodsy, lime, citrus, or any earthy fragrances.

Skin Type

If you have skin that doesn’t irritate easily, then a general-purpose beard conditioner should work for you. 

However, if you’ve sensitive skin, then choose a conditioner that is all-organic and free from harsh chemicals.


As we age, our skin becomes more brittle and drier, and for this reason, you should always choose a moisturizing that can moisturize and can repair your facial hair.


Always remember the list of ingredients when choosing any grooming beard conditioner.

Some of the ingredients that you should be looking forward to on any conditioner include jojoba oil, argan oil, or their alternatives, as these help to soften your beards, and at the same time giving it a bit of shine.

Finding the Facial Hair Conditioner For You

Buying a beard conditioner can be tricky. Many of your choices will depend on your hair type, others will be based on your grooming routine. Beard care comes down to the individual and the things that seem to plague their beard. The first thing you need to discover is what problems are you having with your beard?

Whether it be beardruff, beard itch, improper carrier oils, or simply a mangly beard, there are plenty of issues that need to be addressed with beard conditioning products. These things can pile up and you might find yourself dealing with much more than a simple beard itch. The reason why men need to discover the direct issues affecting their beard is because the type of conditioner you get will likely address one issue better than it will another one.

The warry hair strand can easily be smoothed out with some shea butter, but then you're left with the beardruff all over your head. Finding the right conditioners means knowing what your beard hair needs. Get on top of beard care and find the perfect beard products for you.

Trust us, once you've addressed your beard care, your significant other will thank you. Beard balms and beard oils are designed to offer you the beard beard you can get. Once you've chosen the one for you, you're on your way to the perfect beard.

Which Beard Conditioner Works Best?

Leave in Beard Conditioners

A leave in conditioner - as the name implies - is a beard wash that is left in the beard as you go throughout your day. They typically come in containers similar to waxes and balms, but the leave in beard conditioner is much thinner and can be applied in the shower.

A leave in beard conditioner is the perfect alternative to beard balm and beard oil if you're looking for a smooth and seamless application. Some of the best beard conditioners come in the form of a leave in beard conditioner.

Classic Beard Conditioners

Your classic beard conditioners are quite different from the leave in beard conditioners. For one, they are applied and rinsed off in the shower so that you don't have product on your beard all day. This means they have to work fast and first whereas a leave in conditioner can work over the course of a day.

Your grooming routine is simple with this hair conditioner as you simply apply the product after using a beard wash or shampoo, then rinse out the hair conditioner.

2-in-1 Beard Conditioners

Remove the need for a shampoo with some of the best beard conditioners available. A 2-in-1 beard conditioner acts as both the shampoo and the hair conditioner. It washes your head and addresses the site where any problems might exist.

The only issue with these 2-in-1 beard conditioners is that you need to choose a top brand or you might not see results. Few 2-in-1 beard conditioner products actually work as advertised, so make sure you're getting the best beard conditioners available, not some cheap knock off product.

Creams and Lotions

These are different from your typical beard conditioner. These beard care products are more of an after-shower product that goes on in tandem with your beard oil or hair conditioner. Shea butter is a fantastic example of a cream or lotion for your beard.

Many people encounter creams and lotions and believe that's all they need. They think they can skip the leave in conditioner or bear balm. The truth is that your facial hair needs a quality routine with multiple stages and creams/lotions are simply another stage in the process.

Balms and Oils

Beard oil might be one of the most common forms of beard conditioner on the market. With many ingredients like tea tree oil, almond oil, sunflower seed oil, apricot kernel, coconut oil, eucalyptus oil, kukui nut oil, pumpkin seed oil, slippery elm bark, and so much more, beard oil is incredibly simple to make.

On top of the easy access to ingredients that beard oil offers, it's incredibly healthy for your facial hair. Brands like Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner ensure users that they'll receive the perfect amount of vitamin e and vitamin b 5. Smooth Viking conditioner, Honest amish, and other fantastic beard oil and beard balm options ensure that your facial hair will be clean and healthy.

Coconut oil is one of the most common types of beard oil. Coconut oil is ample and easy to secure and one of the most popular tools at Honest Amish. The Honest Amish beard balm and beard conditioner is perfect for almost anyone. The citric acid keeps you fresh and the coconut oil keeps you smooth.

How We Chose Our Conditioners

When we're searching for a beard conditioner, beard balm, shampoo, or beard oil, we keep health and safety a top priority. The best beard conditioner is one that takes the facial hair health of a person into account when making the recipe. It a beard conditioner is harmful to a person or a shampoo has negative effects on the beard, then we don't recommend it to an audience.

One thing that we consider above all else is whether or not the beard conditioner is effective. If your beard conditioner doesn't work for your beard, then you're just down $10 with a bottle of useless beard conditioner. We ensure that your facial hair is protected and that every one option on our list will benefit your beard. Leave in conditioners, 2-in-1 options, or classic oils - each one is designed to benefit you.


We’ve laboured to bring you a list of the best list of conditioners in the market. Now, these products are not luxury conditioners for men who spend needless money, but they are indispensable grooming products for any man who cares about their beards.

From the word go, these conditioners are highly rated, and once you use them, you’ll certainly see how the quality of your beards will improve.

However, like anything in life, patience is of the essence, and to really have a positive effect on your beard, it’s essential to give the conditioner time to work on the newly emerging hair.

Let us know which best beard conditioner did you finally managed to zero-in on and as always, leave your feedback in the comments section below.

Editor Notes:

Can I use hair care products as a beard conditioner?

No, you can’t. Facial hair has a different construction from that of the head hair. Facial hair is thicker because of the hair follicles, and it has a more wiry texture than the hair on your head. Also, a beard can be thicker and curlier while head hair is thin and straight. 

Thus, the hair products meant for the head's hair may not offer the best results if used on a beard. 

Does beard oil help with beard growth?  

The rate of your hair growth is set in your genes. However, some beard oils that contain ingredients such as pure hemp and unrefined jojoba create conditions that enable the healthy growth of hair. The products prevent the breakage of hair shafts, which leads to more hair growth. 

Should I use a beard conditioner every day?

It isn’t mandatory to use a beard conditioner daily. You can apply it three to four times a week. When you condition your beard, you get rid of anything that may have gotten in the beard. 

Can I use water to clean my beard and no conditioners?

Yes, you can use plain water to clean your beard and keep it hygienic and well-groomed.

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