51 Hilariously Funny Gag Gifts For Men In 2023

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51 Hilariously Funny Gag Gifts For Men

51 Must-Have Hilariously Funny Gag Gifts for Men That Will Guarantee A Chuckle…If Not A Smile

Maurice Chevalier once said, “You don’t stop laughing because you grow older. You grow older because you stop laughing.” Pause for a moment after reading this quote, and introspect on your life.

When was the last time you laughed whole-heartedly? When was the last time you made someone else (friend or spouse) laugh their lungs out? If you are scratching your head right now, then the chances are that laughter has taken a back seat in your life, and it needs to be reintroduced.

If brushing up your sense of humour (if you have one) seems to be an arduous task, then giving a gag gift might work the charm for you! The best part about a gag gift is that it serves a dual purpose. Not only does it make the recipient laugh, but it also tickles your rib when you see their first reaction upon opening the gift.

Read on to find out the 51 must-have funny gag gifts for men (in no particular order) that will surely earn a chuckle! Feel free to laugh while you imagine gifting one of these to your close ones. Without further adieu…

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The List Of Must-Have Hilariously Funny Gag Gifts For Men

1. NOPE nameplate

You must have seen a lot of friends putting up “Nope” in their social media statuses or even in their display pictures. This is the time to give them a gift that officially brands them in such a manner. Not only will they appreciate the gift, but they will also chuckle each time someone stops making small talks by seeing that nameplate. Trenz Shirt Company Funny Nope Engraved Black Silver Name Plate/Plaque for Desk

2. Funny socks

We all have days when we want to feel pampered by our loved ones but without uttering a single word. Lucky are those whose partners can telepathically know their wishes. For the rest of us (unlucky ones), the funny socks gag gift comes as a rescue. With the hidden message written on the socks, all he needs to do is lift his soles to convey the message to his partner without even lifting his finger!

Blue Q Socks, Women's Ankle, Super F--king Awesome, Women's Shoe Size 5-10

3. ”Probably whiskey” coffee mug

If he is a coffee as well as a beer lover kind of person, then this coffee mug will brighten up his mood each time he uses it. With the message “Probably whiskey” printed on both the sides of this coffee mug, this gag gift will surely make him smile wherever he uses it. Andaz Press Funny Alcohol 11oz. Stainless Steel Campfire Coffee Mug Gift, Probably Whiskey, 1-Pack, Christmas 21st Birthday Metal Enamel Camping Camp Drinking Cup for Him Her

4. “52 things to do while you poo” book

With puzzles, trivia, and clever mazes based on the history, science, and the act of pooing, the “52 things to do while you poo” book by Hugh Jassburn will be a unique entertainment for him. His trips to the washroom will become a lot more exciting and fun (without his smartphone).

52 Things to Do While You Poo

5. Pizza socks box

If he loves pizza (we all do, duh!), then this pizza socks box will surely bring a smile on his face. Neatly wrapped up inside a pizza-box, there are 6 pairs of socks, which are printed in the colour and design of a pizza. Now, he will never have a day without his favourite pepperoni pizza.

PIZZA SOCKS BOX 4 pairs MIX Hawaii Italian Pepperoni Cotton Socks L Made In EU

6. Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Don’t panic if you find him out of sight after you gift him this Potty Putty toilet time golf game. It is simple to set up near the toilet and also serves as a great stress-buster. With this game, he can practice his swing in the bathroom instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media on his smartphone.

Highsound Toilet Golf, Potty Putter Set Bathroom Game Mini Golf Set Golf Putting Novelty Set, Play Golf on The Toilet

7. Fake belly waist dad bag

This fake waist bag comes with realistic printing of a fat belly (similar to Thor’s fat belly in Avengers Endgame). He will like wearing it anywhere, be it in the streets, fun parties, or even to watch the football game. Men also need a small, portable bag to stuff in their everyday items, and nothing can beat this funny yet useful waist pack.

Dad Bag Fake Belly Waist Pack Unisex Fanny Pack Waist Stash with Adjustable Belt

8. Salami bouquet

It does look and feels romantic when your man gifts you a bouquet of flowers, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work the other way round. Flowers might not be (is not) his thing, but there’s one thing to which he simply cannot refuse – Food (no we’re not talking about sex here). Pack in 3 to 6 gourmet salami in a fresh bouquet and win your way to his tummy!

Olympia Provisions - 6-Stem Salami Bouquet - Premium European Meats (as Seen on Oprah) - Made in the USA

9. “Best farter ever” mug

Father’s Day is approaching, and instead of giving your dad the same mundane cards, this time gift him a cup of a smile! Yes! The message written on this coffee mug is, “Best Farter Ever. Oops! I meant Father.” Gift him this funny cup with an intentionally misspelt message to give him a good laugh each time he drinks his coffee from it.

Best Farter Ever I Meant Father Father's Day Gag Gifts Coffee Mug Tea Cup for Dad Father Pappy (White, 11Oz) (Best Father#1, 11 Ounce)

10. Bacon bandages

Who (non-vegans) doesn’t like bacon? What could be funnier and tastier than covering your scrapes and cuts with bandages that are in the shape of your favourite food? These bacon bandages are similar to the sterile adhesive bandages, only cooler and a lot of fun.

Accoutrements Bacon Strips Bandages

11. Emergency clown nose

Among the plethora of funny gags available out there, only a few can run high on the funny-meter, as a clown! This emergency clown nose brings in humour to any occasion (don’t put it on in a funeral, though).

Theater of Fools Emergency Clown Nose

12. Animal butt magnets

This hilarious set of magnets shaped in the form of butts of different animals can be easily attached to any magnetic surface. Made out of plastic, these can be a fun item for people of all ages.

Hoovy Adorable Dog Butt Refrigerator Door Magnets | Cute & Funny Puppy Fridge Decorative Magnets For Photos, Notes & Grocery List | Sturdy & Nontoxic Vinyl | Assorted Dog-In-Fridge Magnets | 6-Pack

13. The zombie survival guide book

Is a fan of watching blood-thirsty zombie movies? If so, then gifting him this particular book by Max Brooks will be the best gag gift for him. This book is filled with various tips and tricks and has everything that he will need during (if there is) a zombie apocalypse.

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

14. The official bullsh*t button

Who doesn’t have people around them in office who are full of BS? He probably has some too. Gift him this red colour official BS button to put those mouthbreathers away from him, every time they run their mouths.

Joffreg The Bullshit Button BS Button Desktop Sound Toy

15. A giant fist can holder

This is the ideal Styrofoam can cooler for him, where he gets to show off his manly strength while keeping his beverage cold. Shaped in the form of a strong and giant fist, he will get something to flaunt in front of his friends during the next soccer game party.

LilGift Novelty Fist Hand Shaped Pen and Office Supply Holder with Paper Clip Magnet, White

16. Happy man bottle stopper

Does he often lose the cork after opening a bottle of wine? Worry no more, because with this unique and a little weirdly shaped bottle stopper will do the trick. It will aid in keeping the wine fresh.

Sir Perky Wine Bottle Stopper Novelty Gag Gift

17. Talking toilet paper spindle

This toilet paper spindle yells out your personalized message once he tears off a piece of toilet paper after taking care of his business. Record something spooky to scare the poop out of him in the toilet!

Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

18. Remote control fart machine

This remote control fart machine comes with 15 different fart sounds (yes, they are that weirdly creative). This is one of the best gag gifts by far, which is sure to bring in a lot of laughter not only to him but also to others present in the room. Who knew you could spread laughter with the smell-less noise of farts?

TJ Wiseman Fart Machine No.2 (30 Louder Fart Sounds, Works up to 100 Feet Away)

19. Thumbs up ICK mug

If your man is a person who simply doesn’t care about what others think of him, then this not-so-subtle, funny coffee mug will be a good gag gift. It is both useful and hilarious.

Thumbs Up UK Ceramic ICK MUg, One-Size, White

20. Portable pizza pouch

Is he always fretting over the thought that someone might steal away the last pizza slice? This portable pizza pouch will now let him take and carry his slice wherever he goes. Just put the slice inside the pouch and wear it around your neck like a necklace – his pizza necklace!

Fairly Odd Novelties FON-10279 Pizza Pouch, One size, Clear

21. Prescription style drink cooler

Whether he has a fever or not, beer comes in as a made-for-all prescription! This drink cooler is made out of foam to keep the drink cold and fresh for a long period of time. Next time he will be drinking beer while others will think he’s drinking some prescribed syrup!

CHILLOUT LIFE 12 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler with Lid & Gift Box | Wine Tumbler Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler Cup for Coffee, Wine, Cocktails, Ice Cream | Sweat Free, BPA Free

22. Beer and soda guzzler helmet

This product is an old one and chances are that you might have seen it a lot many times before. This beer and soda guzzler helmet can be the best companion for him when he goes to watch the football game. This is a true example of “old is gold!”

Beer & Soda Guzzler Helmet - Drinking Hat By EZ Drinker (Red)

23. Weener kleener soap

Yes! You read that, right! This is the most stimulating cleaner for any guy. Comes in a one-size-fits-all shape, this cleaner will be both hilarious and a useful gift for him. Just whisper softly in his ears, “Don’t forget to clean your wiener!” while giving him this gift.

Design Sense (Set of 2) Weener Kleener Soap Good Clean Fun Gag Gift Novelty

24. Road rage megaphone

Gift him the road rage megaphone and give him the ability to let those jerks know how he feels when they cut him off. With this megaphone, he won’t have to scream his lungs out anymore!

Playmaker Toys Road Rage Megaphone Adults Only

25. Exploding golf balls

If you are angry about the fact that your man spends a lot of time swinging his golf club, then these exploding golf balls will be the perfect gag gift for him. As soon as he hits these balls, they explode into a cloud of dust. This is the perfect gift that will give you the satisfaction of him getting pissed off and you laughing your lungs out.

Exploding Golf Ball - Pack of 3

26. Naughty people outlet decal

This wall decal is not only naughty but is extremely hilarious. Surprise your spouse with this naughty couple decal and watch him roll on the floor with laughter. It’s definitely a great way to spice things up in your home!


27. Bigfoot air freshener

This is an air freshener in the shape of the gigantic and smelly Bigfoots. A couple of sprays and it will freshen up the room instantly.

Bigfoot Air Freshener - Pine Scent

28. Emergency underpants

Any gift becomes useful if it has a utility purpose. These emergency underpants are not only useful but also hilarious. Gift him a pair of emergency underpants, and he’ll thank you later when he needs a backup.

Code Brown Commandos Emergency Underpants in a Can 3 Pairs - Instant Undies in Compact Tin Container - White Elephant Joke Gift - Funny Over The Hill Birthday Gag - Great Underwear for First Aid Kit

29. Willy warmer

You might have knitted gloves and socks, but have you ever thought of knitting one for his private part? Well, you don’t have to knit it anymore. Gift him this willy warmer to prevent his wiener from freezing again!

EEZYCHOIC Knit Willy Warmer Stocking Stuffer for Men Funny Gag Gifts for Christmas and White Elephant

30. Party pooper fake poo toy

They say that the grosser the gag gift is, the harder people laugh. This party pooper fake poo toy looks absolutely real and is sure to gross out anyone. It is made out of rubber and is sure to give you a lot of fun.

Loftus Gross Party Pooper Fake Poo Toy, Brown, 4 inches

31. The funny tank top

This tank top for men comes with the message, “I flexed and the sleeves fell off.” If he is a gym freak, and has the habit of always showing off his biceps and triceps, then this tank top will be perfect for his intense gym workouts.

Mens I Flexed and The Sleeves Fell Off Tank Top Funny Sleeveless Gym Workout Shirt (Light Heather Grey) - XL

32. 50 shades of chicken parody cookbook

This chicken parody cookbook is loaded with fifty different delicious chicken recipes that you will love to feed on all day. Does watching your spouse wearing a kitchen apron make you feel wobbly? Then gifting this cookbook to him will serve a dual purpose. You can watch his sexy moves in the kitchen while he cooks the next best chicken dish from this recipe book!

Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook

33. Men’s underpants gloves

Here you have some underpants for his hands! These underpants gloves have the look and feel of a real pair of underpants. Watch him wear this funny gag gift and roll on the floor laughing. As a side note, it can absorb sweat and prevent chafing very effectively too. So, there you get utility bundled with laughter!

Archie McPhee Handerpants Underpants for Your Hands, White

34. Men’s novelty stud undies

Want to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner? How about some miniature roleplay? Gift your man this men’s novelty stud undies to show-off his greatest attribute! There is a long and colourful candy cane in front of his manhood with a naughty message written on the side.

Funny Men's Novelty Christmas Candy Cane Wanna Lick My Stick Stud Undies Gag Stocking Stuffer

35. “Pick your nose” paper cups

This paper cups pack comes with 24 pieces with the print of a dozen types of human nose illustrations. It looks funny each time someone drinks from this paper cup with a different schnozzle illustration.

Fred PICK YOUR NOSE Nose Paper Cups, 24-Pack, 12-ounce

36. Fish slippers

This gag gift is as funny as it sounds. This pair of slippers is both lightweight and waterproof. Not only are they hilarious to look at when someone wears them all around the house, but they are also super comfortable too.

6 Colours Fish Slippers Beach Shoes Non-Slip Sandals Creative Fish Slippers Men and Women Casual Shoe (Green, 11-12 Women/10-11 Men)

37. Chew-Barka Dog Pun Shirt

If his love for Star Wars in unfathomable, then this dog pun shirt will be the best gag gift for him. Norfolk Terrier combines its customers’ love for Star Wars with ultimate comfort in these t-shirts. They are available in a wide spectrum of colours. So, feel free to choose one or many!

Crazy Dog T-Shirts Mens If You Dont Like Tacos Im Nacho Type T Shirt Funny Sarcastic Graphic 90s (Dark Heather Grey) - XL

38. Awkward family photos

This paperback version of a photo album is filled with exclusively rib-tickling photos of different families in awkward poses. They are regrettable and awkwardly awesome photographs that portray strong family bonding. Gift him this album to show that there are lots of weirdly beautiful families out there just like his.

Awkward Family Photos

39. Doughnut hole mug

Who doesn’t love to take a bite of their favourite doughnut while sipping their cappuccino? The problem of keeping a doughnut is solved with this doughnut hole coffee mug. Now your man will have enough room for his hot beverage as well as his sweet doughnut.

BigMouth Inc. Donut Hole Mug, Ceramic Cup for Coffee and Tea with Handle, Funny Novelty Cup

40. Moose oven mitt

If your man loves to bake, then this oven mitt is a must for him. With the realistic moose design and shape, this oven mitt will be a novelty item while he bakes a fresh batch of cookies the next time.

Moose Oven Mitt, Quilted Cotton, Designed for Light Duty Use, by Boston Warehouse

41. “That’s what she said” card game

Similar to the card game called “Cards against humanity,” this card game is designed to unleash the dirtiest minds. Spice up your boring nights with your partner with this naughty yet hilarious card game of all times!

That's What She Said - The Twisted Party Game

42. Shakespearean insult bandages

Insulting or cursing is known to be a great stress and pain reliever. These Shakespearean insult bandages will help to heal the wounds (only physical, not emotional) along with funny insults from the great Shakespeare himself!

Accoutrements Shakespearean Insult Bandages

43. Butt face soap

If he has the behaviour of keeping everything separate, then this is the perfect gag gift for him. This soap is a 2-sided bar with the words “butt” and “face” inscribed on it with different colours to prevent any confusion.

Westminster Butt Face Soap

44. The bush bib

This is the official bush bib manufactured by Beard King for clipping chest, arm, and pubic hair. It clips and trims and allows easy disposal of body hair. Along with being a great prank gift, it is also a must-have grooming tool for your man.

BEARD KING - Beard Brush for Men - Wild Mixed Boar Hairs for Fast Easy Grooming - Step Up Your Beard Styling & Maintenance - Facial Hair Comb - Made From Solid Wood 45. Wine condoms

We all want to preserve our precious wine bottles and are reluctant to open a second one (because they are expensive!). With the wine condoms, your worry will be gone forever. The super sealing feature of this bottle stopper keeps your wine fresh by preventing oxygen from entering the bottle (sorry to disappoint you, but we were not talking about “flavours” here!).

Wine Condoms | Wine & Beverage Bottle Stopper | Air-Tight Grip | Prolong Beverage Freshness | FUNctional Novelty Gift | Food Grade 100% Rubber Latex | Tuxedo Black | Set of 6

46. Beard ornaments

These ornaments come with small-sized clips that get attached to the beard without any hassle. Gift him these beard ornaments to make him look like a live Christmas tree in the next boring party!

DecoTiny 16pcs Beard Ornaments. 4 Sounding Jingle Bells and 12 Colors of Christmas Baubles Great Gift Idea! (4 Bell+12 Baubles)

47. Diy Ugly Christmas Sweater

Do you like to tease your man a little before you give him a surprise gift? Then with this DIY ugly Christmas sweater can be just the answer that you are looking for. Make him believe that all you have is an ugly sweater for Christmas before you pull out the real present. Not only is this a fun prank gift, but you also get to see the euphoria in his eyes once he gets the real gift after this prank.

Big Dot of Happiness Ugly Sweater - DIY Shaped Holiday and Christmas Cut-Outs - 24 Count

48. Voice-activated prank stickers

This pack of 50 stickers is sure to make your smarty-pants spouse look silly. These are voice and motion-activated stickers, which are sure to give you a rib-tickling laugh.

Fake Voice Motion & Clap Activated Sign Tags 60 Pack - Prank Stickers Funny Joke Labels - Practical Hilarious Sign Tags (Prank Stickers)

49. Ostrich pillow

If your man has the habit of burying his head in the pillow each time he’s sleeping or upset, then the ostrich pillows will serve him well. It will look hilarious when he dozes off in this pillow from time to time. On the other hand, it is extremely comfortable with the right amount of cushion padding. So, loads of comfort for him and chuckles for you!

OSTRICH PILLOW ORIGINAL Travel Pillow for Airplane Flying - Travel Accessories for Head Support, Power Nap on Flight and Desk - Sleepy Blue

50. Prank pack iArm

What’s a prank if it does not have an element of surprise? The Prank pack iArm box features a ridiculously big armband that will let him hold up his beloved iPad right on his arm! The real prank is that this is just an empty box with such an attractive feature printed on the outside!

Prank Pack iArm - Wrap Your Real Gift in a Prank Funny Gag Joke Gift Box - by Prank-O - The Original Prank Gift Box | Awesome Novelty Gift Box for Any Adult or Kid

51. Custom bobblehead

The uniqueness of this bobblehead doll is that it can be customized based on your requirement. Simply send them a picture of your spouse, and their artist will create a cartoon structure based on his picture, which will be crafted as the bobblehead doll.

7" Custom Bobblehead;Bobblehead Custom Made, Best Custom Bobblehead,Custom Bobbleheads,Make A Custom Bobblehead,Custom Bobblehead Figures Based On Your Photos

  1. Funny Pins

You can also customize the pins from GS-JJ to prank him and make them laugh. In order to make it enjoyable, you can use some pictures, elements, or interesting words. As well as being a clever prank with good intentions, it will be fun and lively. By wearing these pins, they can stand out more from the crowd. He will stand out in his clothes, which will add a lot of interest to them. Perfect for his outfit, pin it on a casual outfit, an evening lapel, or an elegant cape. All year round, it is suitable for matching with any shirt, coat, coat, hat, or scarf. 

GS JJ426

The final verdict

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Even in the age when medical science has evolved exponentially, doctors recommend laughing as a natural cure to many illnesses. Going to a laughter club may not be possible for many of us (thanks to our hectic daily schedule). Therefore, incorporating a little bit of laughter into our daily lives become inevitable, and the gag gifts get that work done very efficiently. Choose the ones which you find the most hilarious and have a life full of laughter and happiness ahead.

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