Ultimate Review of the Best Air Freshener in 2023

Best Air Freshener

Every home has a signature scent.

Your house- we hate to say- could be off-putting. Probably the reason your friends and family avoid coming to your place.

And that’s troubling for sure. After all, no one wants to stay in a house that looks good but doesn’t smell so.

While I agree it might be a bit challenging to keep day-to-day odors at bay, there’re several ways you can deodorize your space.

Sure, some jobs like cleaning pet messes, an overflowing trash bin, or cleaning musty mattresses require some elbow grease and patience.

But generally speaking, it’s fairly easy to make your house smell good. 

While candles, oil burners, or simmering herbs on a stove might seem like a great idea, they don't last for long, and their scent isn't powerful.

On the other hand, however, air fresheners, are quite effective at eliminating the foul smell.

Even better, air fresheners are available in a plethora of fragrances, so it’s always easy to choose a scent you like.

They're also convenient to use, with most of them coming in spray form, so they might as well offer a great option for offsetting the foul smell in your car, office, bathroom, or any other space.

Now, while finding the best air freshener sounds like a great idea, you also need a guide to know how to choose the right product for your place.

And, this is what the text below is going to help you with.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick

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Neutral with undertones of tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus

75 ml


No scent

200g (3pack)


Open (You choose your preferred fragrance)

100 ml reservoir

Oil Diffuser

Other Great Recommendations

Open (You choose your preferred fragrance)

300 ml reservoir

Oil Diffuser


1.4 ounce




HEPA Cleaner


10 oz


Best Top 7 Air Fresheners in the Market for the Money 

Best Top 7 Air Fresheners in the Market for the Money

Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray

Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray

Topping our list of the best air fresheners is the Puressential Air Spray.

In our opinion, it’s among the better options you can purchase for your home.

The best part with the spray is it’s formulated with no synthetic materials, but rather from a unique blend of pure and natural essential oils. So, health safety should never be a concern while using the spray even around kids and pets.

Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray has a natural scent with notes of tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus. It’s not too overpowering, either and suitable for those who are sensitive to powerful scents

It's easy to use, and since it's available in spray form, it can be sprayed on the air or even on carpets, bedding, upholstery, or anything you need to freshen.

The best part of the spray lies in its effectiveness. A single spray of the freshener is sufficient to clear the air.

You also don't need to use much of the spray, and a couple of sprays are sufficient to subdue to odor-causing bacteria and keep your room refreshed.

Sure, the price might be a little bit on the higher side, but it's truly worth it, especially for those times you've been cooking something strong or even have guests arriving, and you don't want just to mask the smell but kill the odor.

It's also a great option for users like me who spend all their days working and can't afford to leave their windows open to bring outside to the inside. The air freshener will not only make your home smell fresh but daisy, too.


  • No synthetic materials
  • Safe
  • Strong


  • Tad expensive

Check Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray Price on Amazon

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag - Best for Car

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Though we don't spend a lot of time in our cars, a foul odor can make our lives miserable for the short period we're driving.

See, the atmosphere of your car tends to get hot, and when it does, almost all parts of the car start to emit heat and bad odor.

Also, if you don’t regularly service or clean your car, then bacteria might start emitting a foul odor.

Fortunately, Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag offers an effective way of eliminating the odor as well as bacteria in your car.

It's a versatile air freshener and can equally be used in your house, and it removes all the bad odors of all kinds.

However, Moso is not like your typical air freshener.

It doesn't come with any fragrance but rather works by absorbing the odor.

See, most of the traditional air fresheners often need continuous replacement and work by masking the odor. But what if you don’t want to hide but end the smell?

Moso Natural comes in a pouch of airbags filled with natural charcoal. The charcoal contains no fragrance or chemical but purifies your air by absorbing odor.

As a bonus, the charcoal also prevents the growth of molds and bacteria by absorbing the excess moisture from the room. This is a handy feature for those with small kids, pets, or seniors in the home.

It’s also a long-lasting option, and capable of running for two years, meaning you don’t have to replace it frequently.

To keep it active, you simply need to leave the pouch outside in direct sunlight for a few hours once a month.

After that, once it stops working, you can safely recycle the bamboo charcoal bag into your garden soil to provide the plants with rich nutrients.


  • Natural
  • No chemicals
  • Eliminates scent as opposed to masking


  • Not weatherproof

Check Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag Price on Amazon

InnoGear Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser - Best for Aromatherapy

InnoGear Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

There’s a reason why so many people are obsessing over the benefits of essential oil.

Beyond the aromatic effects, these oils are known to relieve stress, induce sleep, and so much more.

That said, the only thing required to experience the magic of the essential oils is a great diffuser such as InnorGear Ultrasonic.

It’s a great option, especially for those who are concerned about size and space.

It’s a compact unit, and though quite basic in functionality, it gets the job done.

At the same time, the design is stylish and attractive and a suitable option for those who care much about appearance.

Unfortunately, the compact design comes at a cost- at the expense of a large water tank. It only has a maximum capacity of 100 ml, allowing the diffuser to run continuously for three to four hours. Other diffusers in its class have triple the capacity and running time.

Nonetheless, it’s not a huge dealbreaker, especially if you’re planning to use the diffuser in a compact space and just a few hours at a time.

Again, it has dual misting modes, allowing you to switch between continuous and intermittent misting, so it’s possible to extend the life of your reservoir.

Operation is quite easy, and once you fill the tank, you only need to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil scent.

The diffuser is also quite versatile as it gives you up to seven LED light settings, allowing the diffuser to double up a nightlight. It's also possible to dim the lights, depending on the ambiance you like to create.

And as with any other premium diffuser, InnorGear Ultrasonic offers an ultrasonic operation, and won’t be much of an inconvenience or distractor due to the loud noise.

Coverage is also impressive, and though not the highest, it's sufficient for both the small and medium-sized rooms.


  • Automatic shut off
  • Appealing design
  • Noiseless


  • Short run time

Check InnoGear Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Price on Amazon

Tagital Aromatherapy Diffuser - Multi-purpose

Tagital Aromatherapy Diffuser

Tagital Aromatherapy Diffuser is yet another budget-friendly oil diffuser.

Despite the budget tag, it’s a performance-oriented unit, designed to tackle even the most stubborn odors in your home.

Tagital Aromatherapy Diffuser works by diffusing traces of essential oils throughout your room.

Inspired by nature, this oil diffuser features a wood-grain coating subtly fitting any room. It’s also a durable option and will serve you for a long time to come.

It’s also a multi-purpose option, and while it’s primarily designed as an air freshener, it can also double up as a humidifier, or night light. The seven LED colors help to add to the aesthetic versatility of this oil diffuser.

It's an easy to use oil diffuser and doesn't require any professional expertise. To use, you simply fill the tank, add a few drops of essential oils and connect to a power source. You can also set the mist and light controls.

Using advanced eco-friendly technology, the Tagital Diffuser gives vibrations at a high frequency of 2.4 million times per second. It’s an effective diffuser at clearing room, yet, still quiet and unnoticeable.

It also has a generous tank reservoir of 300 ml, thrice the capacity we had earlier seen on the InnoGear. With such a high capacity, the diffuser can run for 8 to nine hours and will automatically shut off when the tank gets dry.


  • Budget option
  • Extended run time
  • Aesthetic
  • Eco-friendly


  • Not suitable for the small rooms

Check Tagital Aromatherapy Diffuser Price on Amazon

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray - Best for Bathroom

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

Pooping is a completely normal bodily function, yet, we’re always made to feel crap about the disgusting smell.

You don't have to suffer from a bout of poop shame since Poo-Pourri offers a simple way to manage your bathroom experience.

Poo-Pourri, aptly named Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray lets you mask poop odor by ensuring the bad odor doesn’t have a chance to go into the air as you breathe.

It’s one of a kind air freshener with a proactive approach. Rather than using it after doing your business, you use it in advance.

The freshener works by forming a strip of film on the toilet bowl and water, effectively trapping the odor particles.

When sprayed, it leaves a wonderful and nice citrusy scent, which appeals to most people, while keeping the odors at bay.

It's also highly effective, with a single ounce of the bottle going a long way. According to users, you can spray the fresheners up to 50 times before it gets used up.

It’s also available in a compact and portable container, so you can always take it with you wherever you go.

The best part with the fresheners is it’s an all-natural formula, lacking chemicals, parabens, or other toxic elements that may harm your health. It makes the freshener perfectly safe to use for those with kids and pets.

Finally, it's an eco-friendly product and won't harm the environment even when flushed down the toilet.


  • Easy to use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Proactive approach


  • Not the best spray mechanism

Check Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray Price on Amazon

Famtop Air Purifier - Best for Offices

Famtop Air Purifier

If you need to keep your office space naturally fresh without the need for masking bad odors with fragrances, you can't go wrong with Famtop Air Purifier.

It doesn’t have any scent onto it, but there's much more to this powerful air purifier.

It’s a powerful purifier, coming up with our functions: it has a carbon filter for absorbing the foul smell. The HEPA filter, on the other hand, is effective at removing allergy-causing substances. The Cold Catalyst filter filters out smoke, mold, and other dangerous substances, and finally, it doubles up as an atmospheric night light.

The performance of this air freshener is also quite impressive, and it is designed to catch all the odors, bacteria, and allergens around your working space.

It’s also powerful enough, with its performance spanning up to 20 square meters, so an ideal option for the small to medium office spaces.

Unfortunately, the air freshening performance isn’t the best, and we suggest using Famtop Air Purifier in conjunction with another air freshener in our list.


  • Generous range
  • Versatile
  • Several applications in one
  • HEPA filters


  • Not so powerful

Check Famtop Air Purifier Price on Amazon

Febreze One Fabric And Air Fresher - Best for all types of odors

Febreze One Fabric And Air Fresher

Febreze One Fabric And Air Fresher are among the most popular options air fresheners in the market, and a must-have for every home.

It’s highly effective at tackling the tough odors, with twice more eliminating power than regular fresheners, leaving behind a refreshing scent.

It can be instantly sprayed in any room to remove odors within seconds, and at the same time, the Mandarin scent isn’t too overpowering, but rather subtle. People sensitive to strong smells can tolerate the scent.

It's also a safe option since it contains no aerosols or toxic chemicals that might harm your kids or pet. However, it's not advisable to spray the perfume around them as their lungs are quite sensitive.

When sprayed, it releases an ultra-fine mist of air freshness that lasts for long.

It's such an effective freshener that can be used in nearly every space in your house, including the forgotten garage corner, musty mudroom to your dog's favorite spot.


  • Eliminates all types of odors
  • 100% natural
  • Not overpowering
  • More odor-eliminating power


  • Runs out quickly

Check Febreze One Fabric And Air Fresher Price on Amazon

Best Air Fresheners Buying Guide

Best Air Freshener buying guide

Choosing an air fragrance is simply more than picking scent; there're other characteristics you should take into account.

In the section below, I'll walk you through the whole process, so purchasing an air freshener.

But before I share it with you, let’s first look at the different types of air fresheners.

Types of Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are classified by their form in which they appear.

There’re several types in the market, but here are the most common options:

  • Spray: It's the most common option. Unfortunately, it doesn't last for long, and you need to use it frequently. However, spray fresheners are effective in quickly masking odor.
  • Sticky Gel: These gels are sticky and can be placed on any surface. They’re ideal for masking odor in small and closed spaces.
  • Plugin: A plugin freshener works by slowly heating liquid fragrant solution, which then releases scent in the air. It's easy to control the level of scent by increasing or decreasing the heat settings.
  • Automatic: It’s a spray version, but with this option, you don’t have to do it manually. Instead, an automatic timer activates the spray.
  • Fragrance Candles: These work by burning in a room to release fragrance via smoke.
  • Natural Charcoal: These fresheners work by absorbing bad odor. They don’t release any fragrance.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Air Freshener

  • Fragrance

How would you want your room to smell?

As always, choose an air freshener with your preferred scent.

You can even choose a fragrance suitable for every room.

For instance, citrus is most common for kitchens, while relaxing tones are suitable for bedrooms and living rooms.

On the other hand, choose a refreshing tone for your bathroom and an energizing tone for the office area.

  • Duration of the Effect

It’s good to choose an air freshener with a long duration of effect.

A longer duration of effect means you don't have to spray frequently, which in effect extends the life of the air freshener.

  • Effectiveness

Unlike perfumes used on a person, air fresheners aim to neutralize the odor-causing bacteria.

So, they should be effective at reducing the bacterial load in the air.

  • Environmental-Friendly

Most of the air fresheners use chemicals.

As it follows, there’s a growing concern on the use of these chemicals, and so, you should always choose options with the least effect on your health.


With the best air fresheners, there would be absolutely no reason why your living space or car should have a foul odor.

The fresheners provide an easy and effective way to eliminate the odor and depending on your needs; you might altogether eliminate the odor.

Hopefully, the list above should provide you with an air freshener to cater for all your needs.


How does an air freshener function?

Air fresheners have volatile ingredients. Therefore, molecules easily convert from liquid to gaseous even at average room temperature.

Aerosol propellants get mixed with fragrances before getting released into the atmosphere. In most instances, they replace foul smell with a more powerful, pleasant one. Some air fresheners function by reducing your sense of smell rather than covering lousy odor.

Are air fresheners dangerous?

It depends on how you handle them. When you use them moderately, there is little cause for concern. However, it’s necessary to take your health status into account. People having severe allergies and diseases like asthma should steer off to avoid aggravating themselves.

What is the difference between air fresheners and perfumes?

Besides being slightly pricier, perfumes are quite different from standard air fresheners.

Perfumes use unstable compounds, which means water molecules split and diffuse into the air. The diffusion hastens depending on the exposed surface area and the amount of heat. For this reason, perfumes are typically placed on open skin areas, for example, your neck.

On the other hand, air fresheners function by either drifting around while masking foul smells or by binding themselves to these smells to neutralize them.

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