Five Easy Steps to Turn Your House into a Smart Home


Upgrading to a smart home can be a little overwhelming, but it’s so important anymore. Thanks to technology, we can manage our homes from anywhere and can use speech or smart actions within our homes. Everything is integrative, and in many ways, it just makes life so much more convenient. 

You can transition almost any household items to smart items, but it can get a little overwhelming. In this guide, we will share five easy steps to help you turn your house into a smart home. Check out more below! 

1. Protect Your Home

The first step you should take is to protect your home. Upgrading to smart appliances and technology can be a big investment. You want to take steps to protect the things you spend money on. Protection comes in two major forms. 

If you are the person that asks, “Are home warranties worth it?” then this first protective measure is for you. Home warranties are a great way to protect your home and your belongings from the unexpected. This can be incredibly useful if you are purchasing all new appliances or simply want to be prepared. There are different options for home warranties, so you can pick and choose what works for you. 

The other protective measure is investing in some sort of smart home security system. Again, you have a wide variety of options, so do a little bit of research and figure out what best suits your home and your preferences. 

2. Start with Small Changes

Trying to switch everything in your home to a smart home all at once will likely be overwhelming. And what if you decide you hate it? Instead of trying to do it all, take it in small steps and start with just a few small changes. The small changes are usually fairly affordable, so it’s a great way to test the waters before you go big! 

Here are a few ideas for the smaller smart home items you might want to try out first. 

  • Smart Light Bulbs
  • Smart Switches
  • Smart Plugs
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Smoke Detectors

Most of these things can be operated via voice or an app on your phone. That means you can control them with a simple word or the touch of a button. For example, if you try out smart lights that work with Alexa, you can simply say, “Alexa, turn off the lights.” That’s just one example. There are other brands of smart home items. You will just need to make sure you choose compatible devices. 

Also, this will require a smart speaker. Brands like Google and Amazon both have small speakers designed to be the hub of smart home integration. 

3. Smart Appliances

When you’re ready to take a bigger leap, switch to smart appliances. Imagine the ability to run to the grocery store and check your fridge for certain ingredients you can’t remember if you have. Smart appliances generally connect to Wi-Fi and then allow you to integrate with your smart technology, like Alexa.

The refrigerator is just one example of a smart appliance. You can also use dishwashers, ovens, and other smart devices. 

4. Smart Cleaning

Make cleaning your home a breeze with smart cleaning devices. We all lead busy lives these days, so why not use tools that are designed to make cleaning so much easier? While there will still be some things that have to be done manually, you can take a few of those chores off your plate and focus on the life that keeps you running. 

These are some smart cleaning devices you may want to consider:

  • Robot Vacuums
  • Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes and Dog Potty Devices
  • Smart Air Purifiers
  • Robotic Mopping Units
  • Automatic Toilet Cleaning System
  • Robotic Window Cleaner

These are just a few examples. You can likely find many more smart options too! 

5. Smart Entertainment

For some of us, smart entertainment will be a higher priority than cleaning, but we recommend you make this your last step in transitioning to a smart home. Having a Smart TV offers a lot of great benefits to ensure your entertainment needs are met. A Smart TV is not the only smart entertainment device, either. 

We mentioned smart speakers earlier for your small devices. However, there are different types of smart stereos and speakers to choose from. Many of these are designed for entertainment purposes. These will integrate with your other devices and give you all the entertainment you could possibly need. 

As you work through these steps to reach smart home status, just make sure you are choosing items that are compatible together and will cover the needs of your home. 

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