How To Install A Locking Mailbox For Your SmartHome

How to install locking mailbox for your SmartHome

How To Install A Locking Mailbox For Your SmartHome

A mailbox comes under federal law and requires certain specifications to meet postal service requirements. Among these requirements is the need to maintain a mailbox that is accessible at all times to a postal delivery person. This means that you cannot lock a mailbox from receiving mail, only lock it from pulling mail out from it. As such, a number of different mailbox designs have been created to meet different levels of security.

Obviously, an external mailbox on a pole is the weakest type since it is standing alone and unless you build like a tank, it will be a target. Wall mounted units are safer but are also susceptible to attack, however, there are exceptional models that built into a wall with only the door and lock protecting it, which is the highest level of protection you can get apart from having a standard letterbox opening in your front door.

Smart Home

A smart home is basically home with a software security package that combines CCTV with sensors to detect movement and record all suspicious activity. It also includes IoT for speech activated commands that control lighting, sound, environment and other features. A smart home security system should include electronic control over the mailbox, providing its owner updates as and when the mailbox is touched, and mail is received. It will also detect forced entry and notify the user through a built-in alarm system.

Lockable Mailbox

A lockable mailbox is a mailbox that has a lock and key, the lock can be a standard mechanical device, or it can be an electronic and even biometric device. No matter how many lock systems you add, the integrity of your box is determined by the materials you use to build the box. As such, you should focus on solid steel boxes built like a safe with safe door structure. 

According to Home Care Choices, there are safes and safety boxes with built-in envelope slots, so if you are seeking the ultimate solution, you would want to use one of these devices and install it within an external wall, making it totally secure against forced entry. However, remember, nothing is impregnable, so if you are planning to receive sensitive or expensive mail, consider having it delivered to a post office box in a post office location, where you have added 24/7 security with insurance policies.

Wall Mounted

For a standard wall mounted lockable mailbox , you will want to secure the location that is easiest for you to connect with your smart home system. This means enabling cables and wires to reach the mailbox through the wall behind the box, where they cannot be tampered with. Once you have connected the box to the wall, you can connect the smart home security features that include tamper alarms and CCTV. And don't forget to add a colourful mailbox flag

Installing a wall mounted post is a standard job defined by the type of mailbox you have bought. The stages include locating the exact position of the mailbox on the wall; it is to be installed onto. Drilling the relevant holding holes and using the relevant screws, screw the mailbox into place. 

With a Smart Home installation, you have to account for the connectivity between the mailbox and the smart home systems. You can either make a direct link or use wifi-enabled products. The two most common systems associated with mailboxes and smart homes are CCTV and motions detection sensors.

The CCTV should be positioned in the opposite direction from the postbox, but at an angle that will show the face of the person approaching the box. Some CCTV systems come with motion detectors that turn on the recording when the sensor detects movement. Other detection sensors can be placed on the box to check for tampering and forced entry. 

Post Mounted

A post mounted mailbox is slightly harder to link to a smart home system since you will need to dig trenches to allow for cables to come from your smart home system to the mailbox. If you don’t want a direct link, then you could use wifi based systems that connect cameras and motion detectors to the post mailbox and just remember to change the batteries. There are also solar solutions for powering such stand-alone systems.

CCTV options can be placed in locations that look toward the mailbox, but consider that you want to be able to see the persons face, and also have a detection system that will operate the CCTV when an individual comes within 1 foot of the mailbox. You can add wifi enabled detection devices in the mailbox to send alarms whenever it is used.


Smart home systems are relatively common and easy to set up with any locking mailbox. When you do decide to buy a new mailbox, check out for IoT compatibility, if you are buying a simple mailbox, then you will need to find ways to connect it or secure it using the smart home system and not the interface built into the mailbox.

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