Effortless OLM to PST Conversion with Stellar Converter for OLM : A Detailed Product Review

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Summary: Converting Files from one format to another is a challenging task. However, converting your OLM files to PST and other workable formats has become easy, all thanks to Stellar Converter for OLM. It is a great tool to convert your OLM files to PST accurately and precisely. Let us learn more about it below. 


Are you someone who’s spoilt by the overall convenience of Microsoft Outlook? This would mean that you might be using it as an email client regardless of the operating system you are on. Microsoft was aware of this situation, so they came up with one version of the software to address the needs of both Mac & Windows users of Outlook. However, both of these versions store the file in different formats. All Outlook for Mac versions from 2011 to 2019 save the mailbox data in OLM format. Although you can import all your data from Outlook for Mac in an OLM file, there is no innate way through which you can import this data to your Outlook for Windows. This is where Stellar Converter for OLM comes into the picture. 

This OLM to PST converter helps the users move their email content from Mac Outlook to MS Outlook PST format, ensuring utmost data integrity. 

We wanted to check if the software worked in the same way as it claimed. Therefore, we used the software to its limit and curated this review for our readers. 

System Requirement 

To install the software, the following prerequisites are needed: 

  • Memory: 4 GB of minimum space is required, but we recommend you have 8 GB for better performance.
  • Operating System: The software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11
  • Hard Disk: A minimum of 250 MB space on your hard disk is required
  • Processor: Compatible with x64 and x86

These are the minimum criteria to install the software on your system. However, we had a system with better specifications, which helped us get better results. Therefore, having better hardware would provide better performance.

Installation and Setup 

To try out the software, we had to download it from their official website. We downloaded the software for free. The download was completed within a few seconds. Here are the steps you can follow for conversion.

  • In the Set-up dialog box, install the StellarConverterOLM.exe file by double-clicking on it. 
  • Click Next to accepted the licenses and agreement by accepting the “I accept the Agreement” option. 
  • Specify the location to save our files and then click Continue
  • After clicking on the “Next” tab, you can select to perform the “Additional Tasks” box.
  • Now, click on “Next” and choose the items you wish to review. If no edit is done, then the installation will start.
  • After the installation is finished, click on “Finished” to complete the installation. 

The overall experience was pleasant and did not take more than a few minutes. 

Note: To avoid launching Stellar Converter for OLM, uncheck the Launch Stellar Converter for OLM option.

User Interface and Design

The first thing we noticed while using the software was its clean and clutter-free GUI. The GUI was easy-to-use and straightforward. Moreover, for Outlook users, the software would look similar. 

The navigation was easy as all the buttons and ribbons were already present in front of you. The first thing that you would see after launching the application would be the Convert files option, which is great as it lets you get straight down to business. 

Stellar Converter for OLM

Figure 1: The UI

The user interface is full of buttons, ribbons, and tabs that would help you navigate easily through the different features of the software. 

Outlook repair

Figure 2: The Conversion

Moreover, when you are using the software, you will also get better access to your files, as the filters present in the software would help you find files easily with respect to formats and file size. The various filters did help us a lot during the whole conversion process. 

Features and Functionality

The software is brimmed with various features. Some of these include: 

  • Converting files while restoring their original properties

When you are converting the files using Stellar Converter for OLM, you tend to maintain the hierarchy of the files even after conversion. Moreover, the mail settings and data of your Outlook for Mac are kept in their original condition during the whole conversion.

  • Browsing your files made easy 

If you are looking to find a particular file, you can use the “Find Files” feature to browse the specific file that you are looking to convert. The feature saves you a lot of time when you don’t know where the file is located.  

  • Smartly save your files

 The files are not only saved in the PST format but also in other formats as well. You can save the files in MSG and EML format, also. 

Outlook repair

Figure 3: Smart Save

You may also convert the format of an OLM file to PDF files. 

  • Preview your files after conversion

You can preview the files that are converted by you to check if the files are converted accurately or not. 

The preview is also quite clean, with the left panel showing you the files that are selected for conversion. 

  • Log reports 

The log report is like the diagnosis of your conversion. It helps you to check and analyze the information after every conversion. It would give you the details of the conversion, such as the time required to convert, when the conversion started, when it ended, etc. 

  • Live software updates

You will get timely updates of the software to ensure that you are getting the best performance. The “Update Wizard” feature will notify you about the updates that are available. 

Performance and Reliability 

We used Stellar Converter for OLM to convert a 720 MB file and found it to be pretty simple to use, even though it was our first time using it. The performance of any program is determined by the hardware on which it is executed, and Stellar Converter for OLM is no exception. But, if you have high-end specifications, the software would perform slightly better. The time it takes to convert the file also depends on its size, ranging from a couple of minutes to tens of minutes. 

The best part about using the software is using other applications without affecting the conversion process. This helps when the files under conversion are quite large. 

Moreover, the software is quite safe to use as it helps you to convert files without losing any data. We were actually surprised by how the software maintained the hierarchy of the files, which was present before the conversion. We were also able to check the data accuracy in the preview tab while converting the files. 

Pricing and Licensing 

The software is free to download. You can also check the functionality of the software by using the demo version. However, you need to pay for the software to get access to the given features. The software is available in two editions, Standard and Technician. The Standard edition is priced at $39, and the Technician edition is priced at $99.

Both versions convert OLM files into PST format. They both offer a preview of the mail, and the files being converted and support conversion to MSG and EML formats. Both versions are available for one year and have a license for a single system.

However, the Technician edition goes one step ahead by providing the OLM to Microsoft 365 conversion. It also converts files to HTML, PDF, and RTF formats. Therefore, you can say that the Technician edition would provide you value for money if you are trying to convert multiple files and convert them into different formats. However, if you do not need to convert a lot of files, then Standard edition would be good for you. 


We used the software to convert many files, and we liked the overall working of the software. However, we also found some caveats during the whole operation. Below are some pros and cons we encountered during the software operations. 


  • The whole conversion process is simple and takes very less time. 
  • You can convert your files into different formats. 
  • It supports almost every version of Outlook. 


  • While working on the demo version, you can only preview the emails but cannot save it. 

However, we still think the Stellar Converter for OLM is a simple and powerful program for converting OLM files to PST format. We tried it first-hand and got the hang of it right away. The tool is quick and efficient, and does what it promises. The tool aids in the conversion of files with 100% correctness and precision while secure.

Overall, the utility is an excellent choice for anybody attempting to convert OLM files to PST format. For OLM, we propose Stellar Converter. Download it now from their official website. 

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