How to Add Text to a PDF Document on Windows/Mac [2023]

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Due to PDFs’ non-editable feature, it’s not easy for us to correct or update data from PDFs. However, we can more effortlessly add additional text boxes to PDF to correct mistakes or clarify info. And this post will explain the secret of how to add text to a PDF document, from using built-in software to third-party tools. Whether you want to insert text into PDF on Windows or Mac, you can get a satisfactory answer in this post.   

Part 1. How to Add Text Box to PDF on Windows

#1. Using WorkinTool PDF Converter [Free and Easy to Use]

Adding text boxes to PDF on Windows is an excellent way to comment on the PDF document and provide additional info. And with WorkinTool PDF Converter, you can add text, annotations, sticky notes, and stamps to PDF files for free with minimal effort.

Because it can offer 10+ markup tools to help you flexibly insert wanted text into PDF and 20+ PDF tools to deal with your edited PDF files. Moreover, you can add custom text to your PDF by adjusting the color, font, opacity, and formatting. 

Note: Tools in PDF Edit and PDF Reader are totally free without size limits. However, if you want to make use of features in Convert to/from PDF and Tool Box, only single file within 2MB is free of charge. Otherwise, you need to pay $10.95/Mon, $19.95/Year, or $25.95/Lifetime. [Bonus: Enter pdf-coupon in the discount area at checkout to enjoy 50% OFF.] 

How to Add Text to a PDF with WorkinTool

Step 1. Select PDF in WorkinTool. 


Free download WorkinTool PDF Converter and move to View & Edit > PDF Edit. Then click Select PDF file or drop file to open it with WorkinTool. 

Step 2. Add Text to PDF File.


Insert Text Box: You can insert text into a PDF by clicking the Text button. Then change the text color, font, and formatting. Lastly, click the PDF blank area to add a text box and type on PDF easily. 


Add Sticky Note: Inserting a sticky note into PDF is also a good way to add a fillable text box to PDF documents in WorkinTool. Just press the Note button, and then you can make it. 

Step 3. Save the Annotated PDF.


Tap the Download or export icon to permanently save the newly-added text to PDF.

The Verdict


√ 100% free to insert text into PDF in WorkinTool’s PDF Edit.

√ No size or quantity limits to adding text boxes to a PDF.

√ Add text boxes, sticky notes, comments, signatures, and stamps in one station.

√ Keep the original quality and formatting after editing PDFs.

√ No watermarks or ads in WorkinTool.


× Only compatible with Windows systems.

× Support each file within 2 MB for free except for PDF Edit and PDF Reader functions. 

#2. Using Foxit Reader [Qualified and Comprehensive]

If you want to add text boxes to PDF documents on Windows PC, Foxit Reader is another good choice. As a renowned PDF wizard, it has all-in-one solutions for PDF editing, making adding annotation text to PDF more simple and flexible. With Foxit Reader, you can add text, comb fields, and predefined text to a PDF file with several clicks. However, the interface is similar to Microsoft Word, which is overlapped with features, not friendly to novices. 

Add Text Box to PDF in Foxit Reader

Step 1. Open the PDF File in Foxit.


Launch Foxit Reader and move to the top bar to click the Open button. Then select the wanted PDF document and press the Open icon to confirm. 

Step 2. Insert Text into PDF.


Navigate to Fill & Sign and then select one wanted text mode: Add Text, Comb Field, or Predefined Text. Tap the PDF location to insert a text box. 

Note: Add Text mode is the standard and common way to enter words on PDF. And Comb Field mode can split each letter of words with a box. In contrast, the Predefined Text mode is to add the preset text, like date, author name, or other predefined content, to PDF. 

Step 3. Keep the Text on PDF.


When all is finished, click File > Save as to keep text changes to the PDF.

The Verdict


√ Provide three modes to add custom text on PDF.

√ Open and annotate multiple PDF files simultaneously. 

√ Offer various workable PDF tools.

√ Fast processing speed without a crash. 


× Only a 14-day free trial or an expensive subscription.

× Not friendly to novices. 

Part 2. How to Add Text to a PDF Document on Mac

#1. Using Preview [Mac Built-in PDF Editor]

Whether you want to fill in a PDF or add text to a PDF on Mac, Preview can satisfy all your basic editing demands. It is a free and accessible PDF editor, and viewer preinstalled on every Mac. All your operations in Preview are without charge, including inserting text. Moreover, you alter the text color, font, or size for your preference before typing on PDF.

Add a Fillable Text Box in PDF in Preview

Step 1. Open PDF with Preview. 


Right-click PDF document and click Open with > Preview.

Step 2. Insert Text Box into PDF.


Tap the Show Markup Toolbar if the tool ribbon is hidden. Then click the Text tool and change the text parameter as you like in the A icon. Forthwith, you can freely insert a text box and enter the wanted annotations.

Step 3. Preserve the Added Words.


Press File > save as to preserve the annotated PDF document.

*Reference to: Apple Guide

The Verdict


√ Free to insert text boxes into PDF.

√ Easy and quick to write on PDF files.

√ Unlimited to use all the features of Preview.

√ No ads or crashes during using.


× Only have the basic PDF features.

× Only support Mac OS systems.

#2. Using Adobe Acrobat [Professional and Popular]

Adobe Acrobat is one of the best and most popular PDF editors for Mac users to edit existing text or add new text boxes to PDF files. With a strong OCR function, Adobe Acrobat can identify PDF text and make them editable. Hence, you can add new words to the existing text. Of course, you can insert new text boxes over the PDF file to make comments. However, you can only experience all-featured Adobe Acrobat for 14 days. After that, you must subscribe to Adobe Acrobat Pro for at least $19.99 monthly.

How to Add Text to a PDF in Adobe

Step 1. Select Edit PDF Tool.


After opening PDF in Adobe, click the Edit PDF tool in the right toolbar. Or you can find it in the Tools center as well.

Step 2. Add Text to PDF File.


Edit Text in Original Content: Click the edit tool to add/delete text in the existing 

PDF paragraph easily.


Add Text Box to a PDF: Or press Add Text feature, and then you can insert and type new text into PDF.

Step 3. Save the Edited PDF. 


Tap the save button to save the PDF with modification.

*Reference to: Adobe Support 

The Verdict


√ Quickly add text to the existing PDF content.

√ Easily type on PDF within several clicks.

√ Supply all-range tools to solve PDF hassles.

√ Compatible with various platforms, such as PC and mobile phones. 


× Free for only 14 days.

× Expensive to buy the Pro version.

FAQs for How to Add Text to a PDF

How to add a fillable text box in PDF free?

It’s super easy to add a fillable text box in PDF for free with a professional PDF editor, like WorkinTool PDF Converter, Preview, Foxit Reader, etc. Use the built-in text feature and easily insert a fillable text box in a PDF.

2.How do I add a textbox to a PDF without Acrobat?

If you are going to add a text box to PDF documents without Acrobat, use the best Adobe Acrobat alternative – WorkinTool. 

Firstly, click the PDF Edit function in View & Edit to upload the PDF you want to add text to.

Secondly, hit the Text button to insert a new text box into PDF.

Lastly, press the Download button to save it.  


In conclusion, adding a text box to a PDF can annotate, comment and correct PDF files. By following the mentioned tutorials, you might have a good command of how to add text to a PDF on Windows and Mac with different software. No more hesitation. Instantly add a fillable text box to your PDF! 

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