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Document cameras have come a long way since the days of the bulky device your teacher used to show you sketches in the classroom.

Today document cameras are portable, high resolution and have multiple applications.

Whether it is for education, remote collaboration, content creation or even basic scanning, document cameras are one of the main tools for sharing content.

The CZUR Fancy S Pro document camera is an excellent and cost effective choice if you need to showcase your creativity or digitize content.

Unboxing & First Impression.

The purchasing and shipping experience was a breeze. The camera arrived quickly, with a simple and sleek package.

The case is great for protecting the equipment and the little plastic knife to cut the carton is a nice touch. 

First impressions are that the device is worth the price and feels sturdy and quality built. 

Instructions where to download the software needed for either streaming or scanning were very easy to follow. 

Features and Functionality

  • Highly portable and versatile. The  flexible multi joint arm allows for many different configurations
  • 4K HD Webcam with 180 degrees mirror rotation. Perfect for recording your creative processes.
  • Powerful scanning capabilities with advanced OCR.
  • Built-in Microphone
  • 3 levels of adjustable light
fancy s pro 2

Technical Specifications



CMOS 12 Megapixel (4000*3000)

Max Shooting Area

≤A3, 420 × 297 mm(16.5×11.7 inch)

System Support


Video Parameter

MP4/AVI; (4:3) 1600*1200 Max; (16:9) 1920*1080 Max

Max Video Frame Rate

4K@15fps; 1080P@60fps

LED Light

3 Levels Adjustable

Resolution (Optional)

1600*1200; 1920*1080; 2592*1944; 3264*2448; 4000*3000

Focus Mode

Auto Focus / Manual

Built-in Microphone


Video Stream Format


Product Weight

1.8 lb (0.82 kg)

Image and Video Quality Assessment

The image and video quality are very good. The buttons on top of the camera allow you to control the image angle and orientation. In order to reduce the white glare effect you will need to play with the settings a bit. Of course this is dependent on your surroundings ( external lighting ).

Once the software is up and running, which takes a few clicks, you are good to go to take pictures or videos.

While the different features of the CZUR Visualiser are quite intuitive, a tooltip explanation or a first time tour of the software’s different features would be great for beginners in the content creation space.

Practical Applications of the Czur Fancy S Pro Document Camera

This inexpensive document camera is perfect for content creators. Whether you want to showcase your skills, create a mini course of how tos, video tutorials or product reviews, this tool will do the job.

While this is not the focus of this article, the fancy pro has excellent scanning capabilities allowing you to digitize old books, photographs and artifacts with ease.

Recently I started using a 37 inch monitor and had to buy an external web camera. The position of it under or over the screen never worked out for me.

Now with the Fancy S Pro, I can use the webcam feature and line up the device on my face level. 

That mimics the position of my laptop camera if the screen was open.

czur fancy pro 4

User Feedback 

The product is relatively new and has only a few reviews on their website. Below you can see a useful review from youtube.


The Czur Fancy S Pro camera is a great choice for the beginner content creator. With its robust design, solid technical specifications and easy to use supporting software, it provides you with the tools you need to showcase your creativity. One complete package at a very good price!

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