Stellar Converter for MBOX – A Reliable Software for MBOX to PST Conversion


Migrating or shifting from an MBOX-based email client to Outlook is not easy as Outlook doesn’t support MBOX file format. Therefore, to migrate to Outlook, you need to first convert the MBOX file into Outlook-supportable PST file format. This can be easily and seamlessly done with the help of a specialized MBOX to PST converter software, like Stellar Converter for MBOX. Below, we will provide a complete review of this software. You will get to learn about the software’s features, functionality, price, and other specifications.  

Stellar Converter for MBOX – An Overview 

Stellar Converter for MBOX is designed with advanced algorithms to seamlessly and efficiently convert MBOX files into PST and various other file formats. It converts all the MBOX file data, including email messages, attachments, calendar items, etc. with 100% accuracy. The software comes with some incredibly impressive features that facilitate MBOX to PST file conversion. This MBOX-to-PST converter is easy to use, reliable, and extremely result-oriented. It supports the conversion of MBOX files of more than 17 popular email clients, like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Google Takeout, and others. One of the best features of this software is that it can convert multiple MBOX files into PSTs in a single operation.

Different Editions of the Software

Stellar Converter for MBOX comes in two variants – Corporate and Technician. The Corporate edition is best suitable for individual users as it is for single-system use only and comes with a limit on PST conversion. 

The Technician edition is well-suited for organizations and IT administrators as it can convert multiple MBOX files into PST files. The biggest advantage of the Technician edition is that it comes with the unlimited conversion of MBOX files to PST files. Moreover, it allows the conversion of MBOX files into Office 365, RTF, PDF, or HTML format, along with an option to directly export the converted files to an Outlook profile. 

In addition, Stellar Converter for MBOX has a free demo version that allows you to scan, convert, and preview the MBOX file. But, to save the converted file, you need to activate the software.

Installation of the Software

To install and run Stellar Converter for MBOX, you need to ensure that your system meets some basic requirements. These are:

  • Hard Disk: Minimum of 250 MB of free space.
  • Memory: Minimum of 4 GB (8 GB recommended).
  • Processor: Intel compatible (x86, x64).
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher.

If your system meets the above requirements, installing a Stellar Converter for MBOX is easy and takes only a few minutes. You can download the software directly from the official website. Then, double-click on the downloaded .exe file, accept the terms and conditions, and follow the simple instructions to finish the installation process. 

Features of Stellar Converter for MBOX

Stellar Converter for MBOX comes with really powerful features. Some really distinguishable features are: 

Swift Conversion of Files

Stellar Converter for MBOX allows the user to get the job done really fast and easily. The whole process of extracting and scanning files takes no time. Moreover, you can convert multiple files simultaneously.

Observation: The MBOX to PST conversion process normally takes time and effort, but with this software, the whole process of conversion of a 780 MB file took just a few minutes. 

Multiple Saving Options

The software offers various file-saving options, other than PST format. You can convert and save MBOX files into MSG, EML, PDF, HTML, and RTF in the Technician version.
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Observation: We are able to efficiently and successfully save our MBOX file in .pdf format using the Technician version of the software.

Advanced Filters

Sorting MBOX mailbox items manually before conversion could be hectic. Stellar Converter for MBOX offers an Apply Filter option that allows you to view, exclude, or include emails. This enables you to remove emails and other items beforehand, thus reducing the time of conversion.

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Observation: We applied the filter and converted emails between two specific dates.

Pros and Cons of Stellar Converter for MBOX

The software is essentially designed to provide an easy and seamless conversion of MBOX files into Outlook PST file and other file formats. Like any other software, it also has some upsides and downsides. Here are some pros and cons of Stellar Converter for MBOX.


  • It has a very user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). 
  • It supports the conversion of MBOX files into multiple file formats, which makes it a flexible and compatible tool. 
  • It can Auto-Split large-sized PST files. 
  • It offers a preview option to check the accuracy of data before converting. 
  • It has a free trial version that helps in evaluating its functionalities before purchasing. 


  • Expensive for individuals who want third-party software just for basic conversion needs.  


Stellar Converter for MBOX is a highly reliable software when it comes to converting MBOX files into PST files. It offers incredible features that facilitate quick and easy conversion, giving users value for their money. The Technician edition of the software, although a little costly, offers a lot more than just simple conversion of MBOX files to PST. Overall, the software is very simple to use and makes the conversion process a child’s play. You only need to follow the instructions to convert the MBOX file into any of the given file formats.

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