What You Should Know About Sleeping With Headphones?

What You Should Know About Sleeping With Headphones?

Many people find it more relaxing to sleep with their headphones on. In fact, it is associated with better and quite sleep and this is often the reason you are likely to see people in public, say while using public transport, dozing off while listening to music on their earphones. However, it is essential to understand how to do so without compromising your ability to hear since loud music can harm your eardrums, thus rendering you deaf. This article will discuss the benefits as well as the side effects of sleeping with headphones on


There are two prominent disadvantages of sleeping with headphones. First, ear wax can accumulate due to the lack of proper circulation of blood. Putting on headphones for long and using some which tend to be a little invasive can lead to the problem mentioned above. In worst cases, the wax can cause significant damage to the eardrums or even other fundamental parts of the ear. To bypass such issues, it is recommended that you don’t use your headphones more often or on an everyday basis. Instead, you can be skipping some days and using them on others. 

The second issue associated with sleeping with headphones on is otitis externa, a condition that develops when fluid forms in your ear due to development of irritation in the canal. Often the fluid forms due to the skin around the canal wearing out. You may also experience pain and persistent discomfort especially when the condition has progressed. To avoid such issues, you ought to ensure that you do not listen to your music in high volumes; the recommended volume is 60 db or less. Moreover, you should choose headphones that work with your preference. 

Hearing problem is another common problem associated with sleeping with your headphones on. It happens when the volume stresses the eardrums causing them to damage. Therefore, being exposed to high volumes more often can be detrimental to your health. As mentioned, volume should be 60 db or less which is typically the volume that people use during a normal conversation. Anything higher than that exposes you to a lot of potential problems, and therefore necessary to take caution. 


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The downsides not withstanding, sleeping with earphones on has its benefits; for example, one can comfortably block noise from around by putting on headphones. This works best when sleeping in a room with noisy people or where some activities are ongoing. It is also the best way to block traffic noise and sleep like nothing is happening around. 

You can also generate white noise through your headphones which is a proven way of inducing sleep. White noise is that sound that you listen to, and it makes you sleep. Research has actually revealed that white noise reduces heart and breathing rate, thus making the body assume a state of relaxation and therefore able to sleep. This is also the reason why it is advisable to listen to music for around 45 minutes before going to sleep as it is known to relax the body. You can try this method of inducing sleep and feel how it works with you; you might find it quite absorbing it is own way. 

Surprisingly, sleeping with headphones on has been linked with better learning. It is quite a task to comprehend how one can learn while in a deep sleep, but psychologists have proved that this is actually possible. In the recent past, subliminal messaging tapes have been introduced as the tools to help people learn subconsciously. Apparently the brain is more receptive and sharp while one is sleeping; the brain cells happen to synchronize, and accordingly, they are able to connect better with the outside world. While listening to music at this time, you understand the message clearer than when not asleep. However, you might remember the message in a somewhat different context, but you will surely remember the message of the song or whatever you are listening to. 

Science also asserts that sleeping with headphones is therapeutic in some way. People who experience problems with sleep, for example, those who have insomnia and PTSD have claimed to find a solution in sleeping with music in the background. In general, sleep problems can be overcome by playing music while sleeping. 

Although you do not necessarily have to listen to music, listening to good vibes on the bed or your chair can help you get through the stress of the day and sleep faster. As a human being, you go through a lot of hassle during the day, be it in the workplace, school, or even as you interact with your neighbors. At the end of the day, you feel exhausted, and you may want to reduce stress and sleep without having to think about the noisy and often annoying people around you. With headphones, you just have to select some relaxing music and get consumed in it. You are bound to sleep soundly, and even better wake up feeling refreshed

While learning about the benefits and problem caused by sleeping with headphones, it is only fair that you have an idea of the best earphones to purchase. One example is SE 215 sound isolating earphones which are designed to block a fair amount of noise. They weigh only five ounces but are able to block up to 37 db of noise. They also have a bass for easier balancing of sound. Additionally, they come in different sizes to accommodate different listeners. Another good example is cozyphones sleeping headphones which happen to be quite comfortable more so because they are super light. Although cheaper than most other options, they are equally effective in blocking outside noise and proving perfect sound. They are also preferable as they are over the head type of headphones. 

For those who go for quality things regardless of the price, the acousticsheep sleep phones are the ideal choice for you. They come in both wired and wireless, can connect to Bluetooth up to 30 feet, and are quite comfortable due to the soft pad construction on the ear pad. Moreover, they can double as sleeping sleep mask in environments with bright light. Furthermore, they come in small, medium and large to accommodate all users. The last in the list, but definitely not the least is the Bluetooth sleeping eye mask headphones which are considered the most innovative design of headphones. These headphones double up like a sleeping mask and headphones as well. Besides offering good sound, they are adjustable and washable too. Moreover, they can play for up to 15 hours without requiring any charging. 


In conclusion, sleeping with headphones has its benefits as well as its downside. As a person who has a preference for sleeping with some music playing in the ears, it is essential to understand everything surrounding it. Although there has been a case or two of people who have suffered damages as a result of sleeping with headphones, technology has evolved, and there have emerged well-designed headphones that are able to protect you from the side effects thereof. As such, you can enjoy your music or whatever suits you best as you sleep. What matters is for you to know your ideal headphones and how to use them. 

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