Jaybird X3 vs Jaybird Freedom vs Bose SoundSport – Which One To Buy?

jaybird x3 vs jaybird freedom vs bose soundport

In the battle between Jaybird X3, Jaybird Freedom, and Bose SoundSport headsets, it is an uphill task picking one over the other. For those who have had to make a decision and picked one of them, they can tell you that it wasn't easy at all.

The three headsets are made with music lovers, athletes, and gym lovers in mind. Apart from the high-quality body construction and sound quality that is out of this world, the headsets are wireless, which is a big plus. The wireless technology makes them compact and convenient because they won't disturb you with unnecessary wires while you are jogging or practising in the gym.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Headphone Fit

In-Ear Very Secure Fit

In-Ear Very Secure Fit

In-Ear Very Secure Fit (Stay-Hear Tech)





Special features


Personalised Profile

Smart App


Personalised Profile

Smart App


Personalised Profile

Smart App
StayHear+ Sport tips




Uses Frosted Glass

Battery Life

Upto 8 Hours

Upto 6 Hours

Upto 6 Hours


Weight (Ounces)




Dimensions (Inches)

21.5 x 0.5 x 0.9

5.04 x 7.48 x 1.85

0.98 x 1.2 x 1.2 

girl with jaybird or bose earphone

Since the headsets offer unique features that make them some of the best in the market, it can be challenging to choose one over the others. We will try and make the process of choosing one over the others easier for you by having a side by side comparison of each one of them.

Similarities: Jaybird X3, Jaybird Freedom, and Bose SoundSport 

The first thing that catches your attention when buying any product is the design before you even go to its functionality. In that aspect, the three earphones offer you a sleek and elegant design that adds a touch of class to your accessories.

Irrespective of the price and brand name, what matters for every earphone is the sound quality that it offers. The three headsets are known to provide high-quality sound so that you can enjoy your favourite music even at high volumes without hurting your ears.

Additionally, Jaybird X3, Jaybird Freedom, and Bose SoundSport are all wireless headsets, which is a big plus. The wireless features make them more compact and easy for you to carry around. They are also less cumbersome as you do not have to struggle with wires connecting your phone, and they are also long-lasting as there is a minimum likelihood of any cable getting damaged.

Also, the earphones are free for use by both adults and children as they come with a flexible cord that you can adjust to your desired length around the ears.

Can you imagine having earphones that are not comfortable in your ears? Even if you were listening to your favourite jams, you wouldn't do so for a long time with uncomfortable earphones. As such, the three earphones come with ear fins and tips that enhance their comfort in your ears.

One feature that makes these headsets suitable for athletes and other sportspeople is that they are water and sweatproof. This makes sure that they won't get spoilt; however, much you sweat while doing your exercises and the sound won't get distorted because of the moisture.

Having seen how similar the earphones are, let us now take a look at each one of them in depth.

The Truel - For The Best In-ear HeadPhone Brand

Jaybird X3

Go all out and enjoy your run and adventure in the woods without worrying about your favourite music stopping with the Jaybird X3 earphones that offer you 8 hours of battery life.

Have you ever thought of having earphones where you can customize your sound profile? Yes, with Jaybird X3, you can download the MySound app on your Android or iOS phone and use the easy-to-use interface to customize every aspect of sound just the way you like it, including the lows and sweet highs. Plus, you can carry your customized presets from one listening device to another so that you can continue enjoying your music.

Jaybird X3

The earphones have a sandblasted, injection-moulded metal construction that does not only make them heavy-duty and durable but also gives them a sleek and elegant look so that you can have some sense of style as you walk around.

Plus, for you to enjoy your sound trip without worry, the Jaybird X3 has a hydrophobic nano-coating, which makes them water and sweatproof so that you can enjoy your music without distortion from the moisture even when you are working out in the rain.

Comfort is a vital selling point for any pair of headsets. Nobody wants to walk around with earphones that are hurting their ears. As such, Jaybird X3 earphones have a small frame, which makes them lightweight and comfortable, and they can also fit in different ear sizes.

The earphones come with an enhanced 6mm driver, which gives fine details to the lows and highs of the music you are listening to, resulting in a high-quality sound. Plus, they are the perfect earphones to use to listen to music in crowded places such as the gym as they penetrate your ear all the way to the ear canal, thus isolating any ambient noises.

The earphones also have a Bluetooth connection feature that enables you to connect them with your phone in the pocket since they are wireless.


With ~$83, you can have the sweatproof, universal fit Jaybird X3 earphones ideal for sports.


The Jaybird X3 earphones are available in a variety of colours, including road rash red, Sparta white, grey, alpha green, and army green, so that you can have the option of choosing your favourite.

The earphones have a compact design that enhances their portability without sacrificing their performance.

The in-ear headsets measure 21.5 x 0.5 x 0.9 inches and weighs 0.6 lb.


  • Long battery life
  • Comes with an app with a lot of useful features including volume adjustment
  • Long-lasting
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Compact design and comfortable
  • Noise cancellation
  • High-quality sound
  • They are quite affordable
  • They are wireless hence less cumbersome


  • It is impossible to separate the air tips and fins
  • The Bluetooth connectivity is not very advanced

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Jaybird Freedom

Jaybird Freedom is designed to be small, compact, and lightweight, which makes it comfortable for you to have for a long time. Plus, the small frame of the earphones allows them to fit in different ear sizes comfortably.

Have you dreamt of having earphones in which you can take calls and access other controls without any hassle? Jaybird Freedom is your earphone set of choice. They come with a control panel with a raised button for easy control of your earphones, including taking calls and adjusting the volumes.

Jaybird Freedom

The earphones house a 6mm enhanced driver that guarantees you subtle lows and sweet bass in your ears. If you love listening to music in a crowded or noisy place, Jaybird Freedom should be your earphones of choice as the music gets inside your ears, cancelling other types of noises.

Also, with these earphones, you can customize and tweak every aspect and little detail of your sound to your preference. All you have to do is download the MySound app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. After that, you can customize the sound to your preferred lows or highs, and the settings will be saved into the earbuds. The best thing is that you can transfer the presets from one listening device to another or another streaming service so that you can continue enjoying your music just the way you like it.

Jaybird Freedom gives you a variety of options that you can work with. For instance, you can use the bud controller to make a call on your phone while still listening to music on your laptop. You also do not need to share earphones with your friend as the two of you can use two different headsets and connect them to one Bluetooth device.

Finally, if you are going out for jogging, you do not have to carry your phone along, which may add some unnecessary baggage; all you have to do is connect it to your smartwatch and leave the phone at home.         

These are your earphones if you live an active life, and you are always on the go. They come with a long-lasting battery that promises you 8 hours of battery life so that you will not miss anything. Plus, the on the go clip charger is always ready to add you more minutes of enjoying the music.

They also come with patented ear fins that help to keep the earbuds securely inside your ears


You can enjoy high-quality music with the slim and less bulky Jaybird Freedom that comes at $199.


When you get the Jaybird Freedom earphones, you get earbuds that are slim and rounded off, making them look sleek and modern. The headsets have a pretty sturdy body construction that assures you that they won't bow down under stress.

Jaybird Freedom earphones also come in a variety of colours, which include ocean blue, gold, blaze, and black, so that you can pick the one that matches your needs.

The earphones measure 1.77 x 4.33 x 5.91 inches and weigh 0.55 lb.


  • Durable
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Multipoint feature connectivity
  • MySound app
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Patented ear fins
  • Simple control panel
  • 6mm enhanced driver


  • The battery takes long to charge, and it doesn't last long as promised
  • The price is a bit high

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Bose SoundSport

The wireless Bose SoundSport earphones are designed to offer you maximum comfort with the silicone material fins and unique shape of the earbuds that remain secure in your ears and feel comfortable. 

Apart from the comfort, the earphones are also very functional, especially with the Bose Connect app that makes it easy to use. By using the Bose Connect app, you can customize your settings so that you can control the earphones faster. Plus, you can also switch the headsets from one device to another, and if your earphones ever go missing, you can use the app to help find them. Finally, the app comes in handy if you want to update the software of your earphones. 

Bose SoundSport

If you are a workout person, earphones can be a nuisance if they keep falling or disturbing you as you do your jumps, pushups, and so on. Not so for Bose SoundSport earphones as they come with the stay here features and tips that keep the earphones comfortably in place as you do your workouts.

It would be frustrating to spoil your earphones while working out due to the sweat. Thus, Bose SoundSport comes with a coating that makes it water and sweatproof so that there will be no sound distortion when you are working out in the rain or when you sweat a lot.

Plus, you can have your earphones and enjoy long walks in the fields while enjoying your music without worry of the battery running down as the battery guarantees you 6 hours battery life on a single charge.

With no wires, the earphones enable you to have a convenient connection with your phone in the pocket through Bluetooth connection and NFC pairing that you can do via voice prompts.


Bose SoundSport earphones will cost you ~$99.


The design of an item is vital as it makes the difference between a customer buying it or moving on to the next. Bose SoundSport comes in a classic design and a variety of colours, including black, power red, citron, and aqua, giving you a wide range to choose from.

It also comes in sturdy and long-lasting construction, which measures 0.98 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches and weighs 0.8 ounces.


  • Water and sweat proof
  • Long battery life
  • Long-lasting and sturdy construction
  • Bluetooth and NFC pairing
  • Bose Connect app
  • Stay here feature


  • They look large on the ears

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jaybird and bose comparison

Differences: Jaybird X3, Jaybird Freedom, and Bose SoundSport

It is common for earbuds to be charged via a micro-USB port such that you can't use them while charging. Bose SoundSport is different as the carrying case doubles up as the charger.

Jaybird X3 and Jaybird Freedom guarantee you 8 hours of battery life while Bose SoundSport offers 6 hours.

Bose SoundSport also has voice prompts that are not there in the others.

Additionally, Bose SoundSport earphones have a slightly newer Bluetooth connection than Jaybird Freedom at 4.2 against 4.1.

While all the three earphones come with an app, the Bose SoundSport app has limited functions as compared to the others.


In this battle between the three high-quality headsets, you won't go wrong if you pick either of them. All of them have some admirable features, and each has its own shortcomings.

Nevertheless, one of them stands out as the best among them all, and that is Bose SoundSport. Bose SoundSport offers high quality and vibrant sound with a punchy bass with no distortion. Its mids and lows are also decent. The sound is accurate and ideal for listening to any genre of music. Also, Bose SoundSport has a faster connection, and it is aided by a voice prompt. 

The earphones also come with the stay here tips which make the earphones to stay put even when you are working out, not to mention the ergonomic in-line controller that allows you to control the volume easily. Finally, Bose SoundSport has built-in LED lights that will notify you if there is an incoming phone call and when your earphones are connected. Note, the voice prompt will even tell you the name of the person who is calling.

Editor Notes:

Once again, the Bose SoundSport earphone stands out with a remarkable fast connection to help you get the sound quicker than the rest. It also has a voice prompt to read aloud the caller's name before you pick the call.

Another feature is the StayHear tips that hook well to your ears regardless of any rigorous activity you may undertake. Additionally, the ergonomic in-line controller allows you to tune the volume easily.

Still, the built-in LED lights glow brightly to notify you when the earphones have connected well and alert you about incoming calls.  This means you won’t miss any important calls.

At 0.8 ounces, the earphones are lightweight and will take you through extended hours of listening to your music. Also, Bose displays a multitude of colors to choose what pleases you most.

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