Ultimate Review Of Best Gaming Tablets Of 2023

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A Comprehensive Review of the Top 5 Best Gaming Tablets

Are you looking for a great gaming experience on a tablet?

Gaming tablets differ from each other based on design, build quality, processing speed, size and weight. From entry level RCA models to high end gaming tablets, the tablet world has sprung to life in last few years! In this guide, you’re going to learn more about 5 of the best gaming tablets sold on the market today

Tablets are becoming great alternatives to laptops, making common tasks like internet browsing and sending e-mails easy. They are also giving gamers a reason to ditch their PCs and enjoy better gaming experiences on a touchscreen.

From entry level RCA models to high end gaming tablets, the tablet world has sprung to life and here is your opportunity to jump onto the bandwagon

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick

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Weight (Pounds)

HDD Size

Dimensions (Inches)



16 GB

22.35 x 12.7 x 0.91


32 GB

0.6 x 16.9 x 23.73


64 GB

9.8 x 6.8 x 0.24

Other Great Recommendations


16 GB

11 x 6.8 x 0.4


64 GB

2.54 x 2.54 x 2.54

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NVIDIA Shield K1 8" Tablet

Nvidia Shield K1 is among the tablets designed for portable gaming and perhaps one of the best in the market with impressive specifications. As a product of NVIDIA, a reputable GPU manufacturer, the device features a solid 8-inch 1,920×1,200 display to offer you a better view of your games. The tablet also comes with speaker grids on the top and bottom sides. 

Nvidia Shield Tablet

A 5-megapixel camera lies on the top speaker while a similar 5-megapixel camera lies on the back. You’ll find a micro USB port for data transfer and charging along with a mini HDMI port for connecting Shield K1 to a TV. You’ll also find two small holes for magnetically attaching a folding cover on the left edge of the device. On the right edge, there’s a microSD slot that can support cards up to 200GB, volume controls, and a power button.

Shield K1 runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop, which allows you to get games via Google PlayStore. The tablet comes with 16GB of internal storage (11.24GB of it is free for personal use). When purchased, the user can join GeForce Now, which is Nvidia’s premium cloud service for streaming renowned PC games to the tablet. Unlike Google Play Store, the app lets you stream games at 1080p at up to 60 frames per second and get better gaming experiences.

The ARM Cortex A15 CPU on Shield K1 clocks in at 2.2GHz for the highest gaming speeds. The CPU works well with the included Tegra K1 192-core Kepler GPU from NVidia and 2GB of RAM. You can also connect the tablet to a TV and used it with a Shield controller for improved gaming experiences.

You can also count on its camera to point and shoot when on the go and get pretty decent picture clarity. 

K1 comes packed with a 5,200 mAh battery that delivers up to 6 hours of gaming time. Shield K1 is the most suitable choice for a gamer who doesn’t mind the Android interface. However, the position of the speakers makes it less ideal for playing games in landscape mode. K1 is quite expensive for gamers who are on a budget.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7-Inch, 32GB Tablet

Samsung is among the tech companies that manage to solidify their presence in the highly-competitive smartphone and tablet markets with every new release. The Tab S3 is a great choice for gamers looking for all in one gaming and entertainment. The tablet is slim and fashionable in appearance and boasts of high-end features including a bundled stylus. You can even pair it with a keyboard case if you’re looking for productivity on the go. 

Galaxy Tab 32Gb

Though it’s a bit costly, the tablet delivers everything you need for decent gaming and performance. Tab S3 comes with an all-glass back that’s common in the most recent Samsung tablets and smartphones. Unlike other devices of its kind, it’s quite thin. You’ll notice that the back of the tablet isn’t slippery and feels quite comfortable to hold and touch. 

On the downside, Tab S3 is so thin that it can’t hold a silo for the stylus. This means that you’ll have to carry the stylus separately. On the front of the device, there’s Samsung’s trademark physical Home button coupled with a functional fingerprint sensor. You’ll also find the silver Samsung logo lying on top of the screen. 

Samsung Tab S3 features two speakers located on the top and bottom and volume and power buttons located on the right. A tray that can hold one microSD card and one Nano-SIM also lies on the right side of the device.

Samsung included a 3.5mm audio input socket and USB Type-C USB port on the bottom part of the tablet for external sound and USB peripherals. You’ll spot a primary camera along with its flash held together by a metal frame on the back side of Tab S3. 

With respect to performance, Tab S3 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. The processor operates along with 32GB of storage (selected when purchasing) and 4GB of RAM. The Super AMOLED screen has a resolution of 1536×2048 pixels for enhanced image clarity. On the other hand, the 6000mAh battery offers about 4 to 6 hours of play time. 

If you’re looking for a gaming tablet that’s light and easy to carry around, Tab S3 may be an ideal choice. Tab S3 is also a great option for you if you don’t mind having the Android OS operating on your gadget. When compared to other devices in its price range, the tablet packs decent features and performance.

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Apple iPad Pro Tablet 

Apple iPad Pro tablet suits gamers who prefer light gaming and are enthusiastic about Apple products. The device combines the thin frame of the iPad Air 2 with the power of the original 12.9-inch iPad Pro. iPad Pro comes with pretty sweet hardware and impressive performance speeds. The tablet rocks a 2.16 GHz processor along with 2GB of RAM.

Apple iPad Pro Tablet

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro features a retina display with 264ppi pixel density similar to that of the 12.9-inch model. Unlike most tablets on the market, it comes with a remarkably good camera that can capture amazing photos. However, its battery is not so great since it requires charging after a few hours of gaming. You can purchase a keyboard as one of the accessories needed to improve your gaming experiences. 

Other accessories of the tablet include the “Apple Pencil”, which works as a stylus. You may consider getting the 9.7-inch iPad Pro if you’re in need of a luxurious and stylish gaming tablet. You can find the tablet in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB variants. Note that you’ll have to pay an extra price to get a version of the gadget with 4G connectivity.

Besides gaming, iPad Pro is a great laptop replacement suited for rendering 3D models and editing 4K video. You’ll find it ideal for playing high-spec games since it features the A10X Fusion chip with six cores and 64-bit architecture. , iPad Pro is clearly too expensive for people who want a tablet for casual gaming.

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Dragon Touch X10 10.6 inch Android Tablet

Dragon Touch X10 is an incredibly useful gaming tablet packed with 3D functionality to take gaming experiences to a whole new level. K10 is ideal for gamers looking for a tablet that supports the go gaming. The device is quite different in design and performance from other everyday gaming tablets. 

Dragon Touch X10 10.6 inch Android Tablet

You’ll find a micro USB port for data transfer and charging along with a Micro HDMI port around the tablet’s body. K10 also features dual speakers along with a power button and volume rocker. The sides of the device are capable of holding the wireless controllers firmly when you’re using it to play games.

Touch X10 rocks an Octa-Core Power VR SGX544 MP2 – 700 MHz GPU and an Octa-Core A7 – Cortex ARM (1.7 GHz) processor for great performance speeds. The tablet also comes packed with 2GB of RAM and supports up to 128GB of SD card ROM. X10 is the world’s first 3D/2D Android gaming console featuring detachable controllers. The 1280 x 800 IPS Screen offers you clearer pictures when playing games. 

The tablet has a 4K micro HDMI port that you can connect to a TV to improve your ultimate gaming experience. When shipped, it comes with Android 5.1.1 “Lollipop” that you can upgrade to the latest version.

The unique 180 degrees rotatable 8 MP camera can deliver a decent picture quality. The 5200mah Li-ion battery, on the other hand, offers up to 5 hours of game time. 

K10 weighs 0.65kg with the controller attached and 0.48kg excluding the controller. With the Android operating system, you can access thousands of great mobile games, applications, and movies from the Google Play Store. If you’re looking for the perfect gaming tablet and you’re a fan of Android, Dragon Touch X10 may be ideal for you.

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Google Pixel C 10.2-in HD Touchscreen Tablet

Back when Google first unveiled the Pixel C, it had fewer chances for success. Judging from the features and build quality of Pixel C, Google managed to impress tablet consumers. Pixel C is a stylish 10-inch tablet that runs Android OS and sports a 2560 x 1800 display. The tablet stands out for its premium build. 

Google Pixel C 10.2-in HD Touchscreen Tablet

Google released Pixel C with a goal of bridging the gap between Nexus’s slates and Chromebooks. You can count on the keyboard dock to turn Pixel C into a hybrid laptop. Consider adding the Pixel C keyboard to your shopping list to make the most of the tablet.

Pixel C weighs about 500g and comes surrounded with a thick bezel. You’ll notice that it lacks a physical home button and fingerprint sensor. The power/lock key lies on the left side of the gadget together with the volume rocker when it’s in landscape orientation. The Type C USB port that’s ideal for charging and data transfer is on the bottom of the same side.

On both sides of the tablet, there are dual stereo speakers with an impressive sound quality. You’ll find a 3.5mm headphone jack, for connecting your earbuds or headphones, on the right side of Pixel C. On the rear of the device, there’s an iconic Chromebook light bar that shines in four Google trademark colors. 

Pixel C features a 10.2-inch display with a pixel density of 308ppi and a screen resolution of 2560 x 1800 for crystal-clear images. You can get a full-size keyboard designed and built by Google for your Pixel C as an accessory for enhancing your gaming experiences.

Note that the keyboard comes separately at an additional price. The automatic pairing feature on the keyboard makes it easier for you to use it provided that Bluetooth is on.

The good thing about the docking system is that it relies on a heavy-duty magnet to work. You won’t need to line any pins or latches on the Pixel C. You can also pick up the assemblage by either the tablet or keyboard without fearing that the two parts will fall apart.

Google Pixel C rocks the Nvidia Tegra X1 (a 64-bit quad-core chip processor), Maxwell GPU and 3GB of RAM for high-performance speeds. The three features also guarantee solid gaming sessions quick load times and smooth playbacks. Pixel C comes with a 2MP camera on the front and an 8MP camera on the back that capture pretty decent images. Pixel C can go for over 10 hours on a single charge depending on your usage. 

In general, Pixel C turns out to be one of the best Android tablets for both ordinary use and gaming. If you feel that Google is a better option and you aren’t a fan of Apple, you may consider getting the tablet. You can get it in 32GB, and 64GB variants. Note that you’ll have to purchase the keyboard separately for both variants.

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Summing Up

The five gaming tablets discussed above have unique features that make them ideal for different gamers. Only one tablet on the list runs on iOS while the others run on Android OS. As explained above, good battery life guarantees a longer game time. One of these devices or several of them may suit your gaming needs depending on the specifications you want.

You need to consider a few things when getting a gaming tablet. You should be aware of how big the gadget is and whether it can offer good image quality. Consider getting one with a large internal memory for storing games, apps, eBooks, movies, music and other personal files. The tablet should support peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard to enhance your gaming experiences.

Editor Notes:

Wrap Up: Our Choice

All the gaming tablets on our list are reliable products, and you can trust any of them to offer you the best gaming experience. They are versatile products that you can use for gaming and other tasks like surfing the internet.

If you wish to get the best gaming tablet, we suggest you go for the Apple iPad Pro Tablet. With the 2.16 GHz processor, you can expect to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. 

Besides gaming, the tablet stands out as you can use it for other purposes, including editing 4K videos. 

Although it’s more expensive than its competitors, it is a worthy investment if you wish to enjoy high-spec games. It also comes with a sleek and elegant design, and it’s portable. 

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