The 10 Best Gaming Mouse Of 2023

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The 10 Best Gaming Mouse You'll Ever Want to Have

One of the most active input devices you’ll ever need in PC gaming is your mouse. Every click matters. Every move of your mouse is vital to your game and every hover is just as valuable as the treasures that you’re going to find within your game.

If you’re an avid gamer, after improving your system like adding a video card, the very first item that you’d like to upgrade is your gaming mouse. It’s true that aside from your gaming keyboard, mouse is the most abused thing on your entire computer system when it comes to gaming. You can still manage to play a game without a keyboard but you will definitely not be able to last long if you do not have a mouse.

Upping your game is about increasing your efficiency and an ordinary mouse will just not cut it. What you need is the best equipment that you can ever get to make the most out of your game. You wouldn’t want to lose anything, not even the chance to scavenge through those rocks and unveil hidden treasures somewhere.

We totally understand how you feel as a contemporary gamer in 2018 and you’re guaranteed that we can help you decide on the best gaming mouse that you can find in the market. So let’s get to it.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Picks

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Customizable All-Purpose Gaming Mouse

Tri-sensor option


All-Purpose Gaming Mouse


Available for both

All-Purpose Gaming Mouse



Other Great Recommendations

FPS gaming Mouse



MMO Gaming Mouse


Available for both

RTS Gaming Mouse



All-Purpose Gaming Mouse



All-Purpose Gaming Mouse



All-Purpose Gaming Mouse



MMO Gaming Mouse

Laser/ Optical


How to Choose a Gaming Mouse?

Choosing a gaming mouse is just as tricky as picking which game you’d like to buy for your gaming console. Or maybe even more difficult to do so. A gaming mouse may look like just a small item to pay for, but with so many gaming mice out in the market, it’s really quite difficult to choose one that you won’t regret buying at a later date.

When buying a gaming mouse, here are some things that you should consider:

Type of Mouse

The type of mouse that you’re probably thinking of is whether to choose a wired, wireless, or USB mouse, right? Well as a gamer, that’s not the main concern really. This list that we have for you talks about specific types of gaming mouse available in the market.

MMO Gaming Mouse
Competitive players of Final Fantasy XIV, World of WarCraft, Star Wars: Old Republic and other popular MMO games, this type of gaming mouse is really a specialized one that will do your game justice. An MMO gaming mouse has additional buttons that are programmable for you to fire off awesome skill rotations in a blink of an eye. These are really high-end mice that offer great quick reaction features that allow you to make split-second commands without having the need of removing your hand from the mouse and type it in. The buttons on these gaming mice can provide additional comfort and will help you perform quick decisions with a down-to-the-second precision. MMO gaming mice are quite bulky and also, in turn, a bit heavy as well. The price range would often start at $80 and up.

FPS Gaming Mouse
When you love shooting those zombies or terrorists or other shootable characters on screen, then you’re the type of gamer who’s pretty stuck on games like CounterStrike, Call of Duty, and the like. Well then, with that you’ll probably love getting your very own FPS gaming mouse.

An FPS gaming mouse is a slightly specialized mouse that has the typical sniper button at the side of the mouse right below the thumb. They are pretty close to an all-purpose mouse with just a few added extensions or features for better FPS gaming. There aren’t a lot of extra added features to FPS gaming mouse since it is just meant for games about killing things with a long-range weapon or close combat commands that you need to perform using the keyboard. The price range falls above $60 but not well over $100.

RTS Gaming Mouse
A lot of gamers out there really love looking for a gaming mouse that is perfect for RTS or MOBA gaming. The reality is that there aren’t any specialized gaming mice for those types of games. There are games that offer a better advantage than typical gaming mice when it comes to playing strategy games. If you’re looking for the best RTS gaming mouse, then your best bet is a mouse that is very light in the hands. You’ll need a lot of active movement when playing a strategy game since you have to be all over the place when you’re on it.

You need to consider the comfort of your hand over the mouse as well since it is a game where you’re constantly on the look-out for enemy attacks or offensive moves that you’d want to be tuned in to.

RTS gaming needs quick-thinking and quick-acting movements that will boost your game. You can only do that with the use of gaming mouse that’s streamlined to quick movement perfection with fewer buttons and lesser hassle features. Since they only require lesser features, you can settle for gaming mouse at a mid-range price and quality.

All-Purpose Gaming Mouse
As the name suggests, it’s literally a gaming mouse that can be used for any type of game. Whether it’s an MMO, RTS or an FPS game, an all-purpose gaming mouse will still do you great service. They have average to above average control features that are great at controlling any type of game. This is perfect for those who love playing different game genres.

An all-purpose mouse varies with some having extra features like side buttons that can be used when playing different types of games. Another great thing about an all-purpose mouse is that its design concept is limitless. Gaming mice look stunning and all of them look different from one another. Actually, there isn’t a real standard when it comes to choosing a great all-purpose gaming mouse. So if you love playing across genres, then you should skip the specialized section for gaming mice and have a look around at great all-purpose mice perfect for playing games of different types and genres.

Customizable Gaming Mouse
These are what we call luxury gaming mouse. If there is something to compare it with, it would be the luxury sports cars of gaming mice. They are really high-end and ridiculously expensive gaming mice that have one thing in common: fine-tuning. You can fine-tune your gaming experience with the customizable gaming mice. Once you look at it, they seem like gaming mice puzzles where you can adjust the height of the palm grip, the size of the mouse, and the buttons. They are created for elite gamer’s comfort but also at the cost of more than $150.

If you’re a gamer who would love to shape your own gaming mouse without worrying about the cost of buying one, then this is the best fit for you.


Of course, like any other shopping spree, your available budget is what matters. Prices vary when it comes to buying a great gaming mouse. Actually, the price is one of the biggest concerns of gamers, but not a lot of serious gamers would often invest in buying a gaming mouse. However, with gaming becoming such a popular sport, we really just can’t help but make the most of a gaming mouse that we can afford. Considering the price and the features that come with it makes a gaming mouse worth the cost.

Even if a gaming mouse is expensive, for as long as you are able to make full use of it, then the actual value of a gaming mouse is high. The gaming value it gives is more important. If you’re looking for a great gaming mouse, then you’d probably want to save up for it rather than just settle for less but not get satisfied with it in the end.

Here’s a low down of what to expect from gaming mouse in certain price ranges:

$50 and below
These are your bang for the buck gaming mice. You’d expect most of them to be all-purpose gaming mice. They have the typical functions of a desktop mouse but are quite generic. They aren’t as fancy and neither do they have any additional features.

$51 to $100
Major computer brands would usually fall under this belt. At mid-range, you get really sweet deals when it comes to better gaming options. A gaming mouse at a mid-range price is robust, with stunning designs, awesome sensors, and quick movement ergonomic designs that fit most gaming needs.

$100 and above
The only thing we can say about these kinds of gaming mice is LUXURY. You’re spending much of your money on specialized extra expensive brands that offer just as much gaming experience as mid-range gaming mouse. You’ll probably end up with either specialize gaming mouse or customizable ones. It’s like buying your own mouse so that you can design it the way you’d like it to be. This is pretty helpful for those who are left-handed because they can customize every bit of this gaming mouse. They are expensive but a lot of high-end gaming mouse owners are satisfied with their purchase.

Additional features

Features are what make these gaming mice really expensive. These added features are often included in specialized gaming mouse with additional buttons and feature software that would help gamer stand better chances of winning in their games.


One of the most overused devices we have in gaming is the mouse. Our hand is glued to it the whole day. Whether you have a touchscreen computer or an ordinary one, a gaming mouse is still a necessary luxury for gamers. And what you need to look for in a gaming mouse is its durability. A robust gaming mouse is what you need since gamers tend to be abusive when it comes to being ‘in-the-zone’ while playing. That’s why you have to greatly consider the durability and just how effective your gaming mouse is against high-pressure gaming.


Ergonomic design includes the grip. The best gaming mouse must have a great grip because with gamers requiring fast mouse movements, they wouldn’t want their sweaty hands slipping off the mouse in the middle of an intense game. The grip is really vital in keeping your hand on the mouse at all times, and that would fall under the design concept of a gaming mouse. This would include the overall feel of a mouse on your hands.

Size and weight

Overall size of the gaming mouse is important too. With gamers of different backgrounds and ages, one of the biggest factors that we need to consider is the size. Small hands would need smaller gaming mouse while large hands would prefer bigger sized gaming mouse. Another thing to consider is the weight. Some gamers prefer a lighter mouse and easy to navigate with.

If you have big and heavy hands, you’d need a heavier gaming mouse as opposed to those with smaller hands. Gaming efficiency can be affected by this main factor because it is pretty much a huge thing to consider, whether you’re going to have a mouse that’s either too heavy to move or too light that it’s annoying.


This is a preference, much like any other consideration when it comes to buying the best gaming mouse. Some gaming mice have software installations that allow you to connect to your computer and sync with other devices like the keyboard, headset or the speakers, the gaming chair, and even your mobile. Syncing your devices would help you attain better gaming experience since they all work together in achieving the same goal which is winning the game. It’s also much easier to have better connectivity across your gaming hardware because they take up less space on your computer rather than having to install separate software for each, thus taking up more of our valuable computer memory space.

Type of Sensor

Laser sensor or optical sensor? Which one would you prefer? It’s not really a matter of which one works better since the debate on which one is better still hasn't ended. What’s more important is considering the DPI of your gaming mouse. If you have multiple screens, you’d like to work with a gaming mouse of incredibly high DPI like probably getting one which is 8,000 or more.

On the other hand, most players actually do prefer the use of an optical mouse. There are still variable pros and cons between the two. Laser gaming mice have higher DPI than optical mice and are more expensive as well. You can also use a laser gaming mouse on any surface but it does go slower when it is faced with different surfaces.

An optical mouse is more accurate because it doesn’t over analyze a surface, but the problem is that you’d have the need to own a mouse pad or use any non-reflective surface in order to have better control of the mouse.

Wireless or Wired

This is a common debate by many whether or not we should choose a wired gaming mouse or a wireless gaming mouse. This may become a dilemma for some but those elite gamers would actually know which they prefer. In choosing a gaming mouse, you also have to decide between a wired gaming mouse and a wireless gaming mouse. Now, let’s put it in simpler and more understandable terms:

Wired Mouse

High precision gaming and better response
Obviously, this is an important factor to be considered. Wired gaming mice are more precise because they are directly connected to the computer. Many gamers still prefer the wired gaming mouse because it doesn’t present any lag. When playing a game, microsecond matters a lot because of the ever-changing world of attacks and life-changing events in the game that need quick-thinking and fast reflexes. If you have great reflexes, you’ll need a gaming mouse that will surely have as quick reflex as you--if not better.

Direct connect means reduced interference
When you’re going to use a wireless mouse connected via Bluetooth, then connecting different Bluetooth devices to your computer can cause delays and hiccups along the way. Air traffic is not an issue when it comes to wired gaming mouse.

As we said, air traffic can be a bust when it comes to wireless devices. Another problem we face when we are using a gaming mouse with a wireless USB port is the possible loss of the port. The tiny sensor that links your mouse to your computer cannot be replaced once it’s gone.

Power source is not an issue
Wireless gaming mice need another extra baggage which is the battery. Battery or the power source of your gaming mouse is very important to you as a player and you don’t want your wireless gaming mouse dying out in the middle of your game.

Wireless Mouse

Increased mobility
This is true on so many levels. Wireless mice are more convenient and present more active movement and allow you to be able to navigate or move around without any wires getting tangled up. We’ve had a few instances where we were cut short during a game because our gaming mouse got caught on the edge of the table. This will surely never happen to a wireless gaming mouse.

Reduced resistance
One of the things that we hate about a wired mouse is the same thing why we loved about them--the wires. They become an additional weight on our mouse and may even end up becoming a drag when it comes to gaming. Wires can become heavy and they can also affect our reaction speed when we play.

Price cost difference is zero to none
In reality, a wireless mouse doesn’t really cost that much as compared to a wired gaming mouse. Though a mouse is wireless, the price is practically the same as that of a wired gaming mouse. So price and budget aren’t huge factors of comparison.

The Best Gaming Mouse For The Money (Inc. Buyers Guide)

Our Pick - Mad Catz R.A.T. PRO X

Mad Catz R.A.T. PRO X


If you’re easily disappointed with specialized gaming mouse that has the same features and designs, then you’re not the type who can be fooled to buy expensive ones designed for specific game genres. Well, you’ll probably want your very own transformer under that palm of your hand and within a few clicks of your finger, you can play any game of your choice and still maximize every bit your gaming mouse. If that’s what you’re after, the Mad Catz R.A.T. PRO X is a winning piece to have right beside your desktop.

One special feature of this great custom gaming mouse is that it has a tri-sensor that allows you to switch from a laser sensor to an optical sensor. This way, you can choose which one fits your needs when it comes to going from one gaming genre to another, and from shifting to gaming mode and ordinary computer use mode. It has its own revolutionary scroll wheel that pivots sideways that can pinpoint precise movements. You can choose from 3 different sensors that it has; and, you can even customize your DPI, your lift-off height adjusted, or even prefer to have your surface calibration set to automatic. You can personalize it all.

The mouse's chassis is made of a Magnesium Alloy which makes this a really durable gaming mouse. So even if you’re banging or clicking really hard on your mouse due to frustration or excitement, it can surely handle a hard beating. It also offers a great glide and smooth movement because of its Teflon and ceramic feet referred to as their own Pro-Slide technology.

This is an awesome all-purpose gaming mouse because it can hit hard as a powerful FPS gaming mouse. You can maximize your strategic gaming while playing MOBA games and have quick profile changes from one MMO profile to another. It may be a great all-purpose gaming mouse but it does offer quite a few limitations for MMO gamers because it can only support a few MMO presets and commands. On the other hand, this is a stunning FPS and MOBA gaming mouse since you’ll be able to lock-in on your opponents and even deliver quick-decision changes in split seconds.

This is all due to having 90 different programmable commands to any game across all gaming genres. It comes with its very own built-in memory that allows you to save your commands without having to worry about them ever being in conflict with one another. The built-in storage is also independent of your computer’s storage thus allowing you to use your mouse as a convenient way of gaming and bring your preferred configurations with you to other gaming consoles or PCs.


This is the ultimate gaming mouse you can ever find that allows you to personally create commands, presets and set profiles throughout all gaming genres. It can store almost a hundred configurations for different games. It’s light, totally customizable and it sure is easy to move around in.


The only problem we have with this is that even if it is customizable, the mouse is still quite small especially for those with bigger hands. It has limitations when it comes to MMO gaming configurations too. Aside from that, it offers very little comfort to lefties.


If you’re too worried about spending too much money on this all-purpose gaming mouse, don’t be. Every dollar spent on this is all worth it. You can get other expensive specialized gaming mouse out there but will only either be FPS or MMO specific. It is also relatively cheaper than other specialized gaming mice on the market. This is definitely the best gaming mouse for all gaming purposes.

Mid-Range Top Seller – Razer Mamba Tournament

Razer Mamba Tournament


With the highest DPI in mouse history, you’ll love the accuracy of this all-purpose laser gaming mouse. Engineered for eSport athletes, the Razer Mamba Tournament gaming mouse is a far boost from the typical desktop mouse that we get with our computer. This gaming mouse has more than just features to boast. Let’s take a closer look.

One of the best things about a professional gamer mouse is its pinpoint accuracy. You can make quick and precise movements with the Razer Mamba Tournament Gaming mouse. As the name suggests, this gaming mouse can be used for gaming tournaments. And what’s great about it is its multifaceted features that accommodate all types of offline, online and MMO gaming which makes those killer headshots and immediate run-off of your army against the opponent seem effortless.

It has a greatly customizable color backlighting where you can choose from 16.8 million colors to make your very unique gaming mouse. The colorful lighting effects of the mouse work just as much as gaming keyboard reactive typing. You can do that with its inter-device color synchronization where you can sync it to other Razer keyboard, headset and more. The different Razer computer devices can all be synced and connected via the Razer Synapse software.

Moreover, it features a simple yet wonderful ergonomic design with textured rubber side grips that makes it a wonderful tool for competitive gaming. The mouse had a nice curve that’s why it feels smooth under your palm and fingertips. The design alleviates the stress that your fingers might feel from playing for a long time. The buttons are easy to click and it allows your fingers to have lesser tension in extended hours of playing, and you can totally rest your fingers and palm over your gaming mouse. Even the mouse roller is very easy to roll and it won’t make your finger feel numb at all.

This gaming mouse has flawless control with its 1 millisecond response time. It has nine independently programmable buttons with a tilt-click scroll wheel. And, you can program them depending on your gaming presets and preferences to support the needs for each of your gaming genre.


We really love the reactive clicking and lighting effects of this gaming mouse. This is one of the best all-purpose gaming mice on the market. It works really well with all gaming genres from FPS, MMORPG, MOBA and many more. You can customize the nine buttons found on this mouse as extra shortcuts across different games. With the high-speed reactive feature, this is an awesome mouse that allows you to move and fulfill split-second commands.


Since it’s not a specialized gaming mouse, it lacks some features that others would need for specific games. This is also specifically designed for right-handed people. What’s unfortunate is that even if does have a wireless version, it is slightly less responsive than the wired version.


If you’re really an all-around gamer, then this is a great choice of gaming mouse for you. With superb reaction time and great mobility, you will also like that it comes with reactive lights that alert you depending on how you program it.

Economy Top Seller – Corsair Gaming M65

Corsair Gaming M65


For those who love playing Call of Duty, CounterStrike, and various shooting games, you’ll probably need this Corsair gaming mouse. This is ideal for those tricky sniper shots, long-range shooting and quick reactive sharp-shooting needs for every FPS games.

The first requirement for the best FPS gaming mouse is the sniper button for the thumb which allows you to immediately shift from shooting mode to sniper shot. This can help you shoot your opponents with stealth and high accuracy. You will be able to make fast shifts from one weapon to another using just the click of your mouse button instead of pressing different keys and shortcuts on your keyboard. This saves you more time and puts more of your attention to your gaming.

This FPS gaming mouse comes with 8 other configurable buttons that can easily be configured for different functions. It will also help you have a better convenience in playing your game since you can preset your gaming needs a more efficient gaming.

This laser mouse for gaming shows intense accuracy due to its 8,200 DPI sensor thus allowing you to have intelligent movement, accurate and pixel-precise control. The mouse is incredibly durable because of its aluminum unibody design. It is primarily engineered for heavy-duty use and extended abuse from any gamer. The aluminum body makes it a really strong gaming mouse as compared to the typical plastic mouse that we often find around. The design comes with an advanced center of gravity adding to a streamlined and well-balanced feel of the gaming mouse. The buttons can also withstand heavy clicking and has a lifespan of 20 million clicks per button. This assures you of a lifespan that will let you play with this gaming mouse for years at a time.

But wait, there’s more! It has a contoured design that gives you a comfortable grip and reducing the tension that will heavily weigh on your palm and fingers overall. You will also like that it comes with a full RGB full-color spectrum of 16.8 million colors to choose from. You can even customize the different colors of your mouse depending on the modes you set your computer on.


With great gaming experience, we love that this is a really awesome way of enjoying your FPS game. It’s easy to maneuver through your game and easily take down your enemies in simple slicks of the button in this gaming mouse. The durable aluminum body also allows better mobility.


On the downside, since this is an FPS gaming mouse, the sniper button can only function in certain periods. It isn’t as flexible as we’d like it to be because when not in FPS gaming mode, you won’t be able to use some of the buttons on the gaming mouse and it can become a nuisance.


This is the best FPS gaming mouse for all fans of FPS games. This is a great item of choice when it comes to effortless shooting, long-range sharpshooting, and quick-acting close combat moves. This is also a great gaming mouse for other all-purpose mouse needs with your desktop.

Other Great Recommendations

Razer Naga Epic Chroma

Razer Naga Epic Chroma


For all MMO gaming needs, especially those who are major fans of MMORPG games, the Razer Naga Epic Chroma is an awesome choice. If you’re looking for a gaming mouse that allows you to have endless presets just on the tip of your fingers, then this is what you need most.

Designed with 19 programmable buttons right underneath your thumb, you’ll be able to make endless combinations and configs to support your MMO gaming needs and preferences. It comes with a 12-button grid set on the side that can help you maximize your gaming actions just with your mouse and you do not have to rely on multi-tasking as you play your game. This is the best MMO gaming mouse that makes life so much easier as you program your buttons for better and more effective customization. You can preset gaming profiles and create configs that are MMO specific making this the best MMO mouse you’ll ever find. It is a lot more convenient than most gaming mice in the market.

This gaming mouse is specially designed for a better grip. It follows the bend, curves and the contour of the hands for better palm support and finger comfort. A great aspect of this gaming mouse is that it has a wireless and a wired version. Both versions come with great mobility. But be surprised to know that the wireless one offers unmatched transmission to your computer. So whether it’s a wired or wireless mouse, you get to enjoy both worlds without any lag. What’s surprising is that they are able to create a wireless genre specific gaming mouse that really lives up the potential of an awesome mouse even for typical use.

Another great design feature of the mouse if the full spectrum 16.8 million RGB color selection that allows you to customize your mouse. It’s very versatile since it offers syncing capabilities with other Razer devices using the Razer Synapse. The mouse comes with its very own charging station for the wireless version which has a 7-foot or 2.1-meter cable. In one charge, you’ll be able to use it for about 20 hours of endless gaming.

The mouse uses an 8,200 DPI 4G laser sensor, which means it has a really accurate mouse offering great movement and speedy transitions. You can put your mouse anywhere without any problem of lag, no delay due to air traffic, or any issues regarding weakened accuracy and speed.

Another wonderful thing about the Razer Naga Chroma MMO gaming mouse is that it comes with a left-handed mouse. Unfortunately, it costs a staggering $20 extra for our left-handed gamer friends out there. One more thing to look forward to is that it has its specialized MOBA gaming mouse with 7 programmable buttons. For MOBA specialized gaming, it offers wonderful features that are specific to strategy games and at the cost of a low-end gaming mouse too.


There are too many things to love about the Razer Naga Series because it has a variety of specialized features for MMO and MOBA gaming. This is a perfect MMO gaming mouse offering seamless and pixel-precise control that you won’t get even from anywhere else. It’s great that it comes with both wired and wireless features and offers barely any control differences at all.


It may have a left-handed feature but it comes at an extra expense. It is a great gaming mouse for MMO lovers out there, however it is pretty expensive and its configurations won’t really cater to other gaming genres. It is also quite wide for gamers who have smaller hands.


Offering the best MMO gaming experience, you’ll never want to trade this gaming mouse for anything else when it comes to playing MMO games. Powered with a user-friendly syncing software and easy mobility for all of its variety, this is really the best specialized gaming mouse you can ever find in the market.

Turtle Beach Grip 500

Turtle Beach Grip 500


If you think that buying a cheap gaming mouse sacrifices a lot of features that you need for gaming, then think twice. If you’re a gamer who loves playing all game genres, then you need a mouse that is sturdy and is flexible enough to make each game much easier for you to play and still cost cheap. Besides, you won’t need all those extra buttons if you’re a gamer across all gaming genres.

Made with an 8,200 DPI optical sensor, this Turtle Beach Grip 500 gaming mouse is pretty precise when it comes to seamless mobility. It glides under your hand quickly so that you can deliver attacks in split-second attacks and even enjoy gaming options that will let you love your game no matter what genre it is. This gaming mouse is semi-customizable since you can personalize your lift-off distance, change your illumination settings and lighting effects, as well as adjust your mouse’s DPI. All these custom changes can be done without the need for a separate software or extra driver installation. Actually, you can adjust your speed and DPI through a hardware switch allowing you to have full control of your gaming mouse.

Like other specialized gaming mice, this all-purpose gaming mouse will let you set 50 complex macros. Although it can handle 100 different macros for gaming convenience, it does affect the speed of the mouse somehow, so the best number of configurations you’d want to make is up to 50. This is still a decent number especially for a really cheap gaming mouse.

It’s very light and it offers a smooth glide for all gamers. You can also configure the lighting effects with three different options: steady color, intense battle mode lighting, breathing lighting effect, or just turn it off if you find the lights distracting.


For a really inexpensive gaming mouse, this is a real treat for anybody. It gives you the best it can offer as a gaming mouse. You’ll have a wonderful gaming experience without the hassle of extra buttons and features that you will end up finding no use for. It’s a great gaming mouse that comes with better options and customization than more expensive gaming mice on the market.


It may be able to cater to basic gaming needs across all genres, but it has its limitations. It does offer great speed and good gaming experience but lacks a textured grip for the hand. This gaming mouse is right-hand specific as well.


For a price that sets this gaming mouse apart, this is one that’s worth getting not just for the price but for the features that it comes with. It offers great gaming convenience and awesome mobility. So aside from the price, this is still a great all-purpose gaming mouse to use for a gamer who loves playing games throughout all genres.

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime


Every gamer has their specific favorite. One game genre that is loved by all is the RTS and now, to an upgraded version, MOBA strategy games. We can’t help but love games like League of Legends (LOL), Defense of the Ancients (DotA 1 and 2), and many more. These games are so popular that they took the world by storm, and what better way to enjoy these games than to play in real-time and run over your opponents with every battle arena you enter? If you’re looking for a way to improve your game, then get the best MOBA strategy gaming mouse you can find. The Logitech Daedalus Prime is our best bet for the best MOBA gaming mouse. Why? Read on.

Built for ARTS (Action real-time strategy) games, this gaming mouse caters to the basic needs of an elite MOBA gamer. With impeccable tracking, smooth glide and easy buttons to click, this is surely worth all the hype. It has six programmable buttons that you can configure with a quick setup feature, allowing you to customize these buttons that fit your gaming needs and commands during your game. This mouse is actually designed with the help of real professional MOBA players, so they definitely know what you’ll need as a MOBA player. That includes the precise locations of the extra buttons as well as the ease of access to them all.

The commands are very easy to set-up and programming can be done even for those who find setting up configurations on the computer as a really troublesome task. The Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime has four DPI settings to choose from. You can choose an accuracy point of 240 DPI to split-second decision making movement at 4,000 DPI, and you can choose which DPI setting you’d like to set your mouse to. This helps gamers to customize the speed of their mouse according to their preference.

This MOBA gaming mouse is pretty light that’s why it’s really easy for you to move your mouse around. It has a low-friction base giving it great mobility that’s needed for any gamer. It offers speedy recovery and great lasting comfort while playing. The buttons were already tested to last for 20 millions clicks giving you more confidence in playing your game.


The Logitech G302 offers quick maneuverability for great gaming options especially when you’re playing a strategy game. It’s also very light and durable and the configuration is pretty quick and easy to set up. It’s a great mouse to use for other games and other computer functions offering a smooth glide.


The Daedalus Prime may have programmable buttons but there’s one that you really don’t need which is the DPI button. It’s pretty easy to move with but it isn’t as comfortable as it may originally seem.


This is a great item for playing MOBA games but it isn’t so genre specific. It also works well as a gaming mouse that is fit for all genre types. You can surely feel the smooth glide it has and easy movement. It has convenient buttons that you can reprogram. This is a great minimalistic all-purpose gaming mouse aimed to provide MOBA players with extra comfort.

SteelSeries Sensei 310

SteelSeries Sensei 310


As elite gamer, one of the hardest things to find is a mouse that’s fit for lefties. Left-handed people take about 10% of the world’s population, and that would more than likely translate to the entire population of gamers. But still, the difficulty to find a comfortable ambidextrous or left-handed gaming mouse is not just on-high. But if we happen to find one, it costs so much more than typical gaming mice out there. That’s really ‘leftist’, right? We have chosen the SteelSeries Sensei 310 as the best ambidextrous gaming mouse not just because of the comfort it can offer to lefties, but also the excellent gaming features that it has.

Precise controls are all you’ll ever need to conquer your opponents in an online battle, and one way of doing so is getting this laser gaming mouse. It has an anti-jitter technology that allows you to have a more natural and seamless glide when you’re trying to maneuver around your game. It also offers great and precise movements for your computer needs. What’s great about this item is that it has a 1-to-1 tracking with 12,000 DPI offering great precision, which is a real necessity for professional gamers.

The great aspect of this mouse is that it has an ambidextrous design. Not just that but it is super comfortable with two types of design: gloss or rubberized. Preferably, the rubberized design offers better grip and texture when playing a game rather than the glossy one. The glossy design has the tendency to aggravate sweaty hands during gameplay. The mouse also guarantees that each button can handle up to 50 million clicks. The button clicks are light on the hand and even with hard clicking or pressure, the buttons will never fail to feel the same.

It has customizable lighting effects that you can program to your preference. With the complete full-color spectrum to choose from, you get only the nicest LED lighting effects while you play your game. It also responds--in default--to low ammo, low health, precision shots and battle kills, and many more.

This ambidextrous gaming mouse is great for eSports since it comes with a built-in storage that allows you to save your performance settings, maps settings, and lighting preferences. Moreover, you can easily install it to any computer you’re going to use. It’s a superb gaming mouse that lets you enjoy your game at the tip of your fingertips.


Aside from the fact that it’s an affordable ambidextrous gaming mouse, this works really well with all game genres. Although it lacks the buttons and shortcuts that specialized gaming mice offer, it makes up for it in speed and great mobility. It is highly compatible with MAC too, that’s why it’s a great buy for those picky Apple computers.


It may be a great mouse but we would have preferred if it did have at least a couple of extra buttons for programmable settings. Aside from that, you’ll have to download the SteelSeries app to get more features that are specific to the gaming mouse. This is an added hassle but surely worth your time and effort.


This is a great item of choice when it comes to gaming throughout all genres. This is pretty easy to the touch and on the go making it a really awesome gaming mouse. It’s very light and durable and really light on the hands giving you better and easier gaming access and better play.

ASUS ROG Pugio Aura

ASUS ROG Pugio Aura


Yet another great find on Amazon. This is a gaming mouse that works so well for all types of gamers - from FPS to MMO to MOBA gamers - who are either right-handed or left-handed. This is an awesome choice for a mid-range gaming mouse.

The Asus ROG Pugio Aura uses a top gaming-grade 7,200 DPI optical sensor which makes it an awesome fast-tracking gaming mouse. It’s superbly accurate so be assured that those tricky moves and combos, as well as having a step-ahead with your killshots, will have an absolute precision.

The mouse looks really awesome. It is modern and sleek that offers a great comfort on your palm and fingers because it has a nice contour that fits perfectly under your hand. It also has textured sides offering a splendid grip. This is particularly an awesome feature since most gamers have the tendency to have sweaty hands in extended hours of gaming.

It has great configurable side buttons too. Not only are they configurable but you can literally take them out and put them on the other side to truly make the mouse ambidextrous and very compatible with shared home computers. If you're a left-handed gamer, you can just pull out the magnetic button off and put it on the other side where you can configure it to your gaming option. This is perfect for FPS and MOBA gaming. You can just leave all four magnetic buttons in place--it’s completely your choice.

When it comes to aesthetics, aside from the streamlined design, it has great lighting effects that you can really enjoy using. You can configure it to have six preset lighting effects that you can choose from a palette of millions of colors. What’s also great is that this mouse can quickly sync with other Aura-sync enabled products like the ROG keyboard. It will have a highly synchronized reactive typing and mouse lighting effects for a better gaming experience. With the ROF Armoury Software, you can literally adjust your lighting style and preference, calibration settings, map buttons, profiles, and so much more.


At a mid-range price, you’ll get more than what you bargained for. It isn’t easy to find a customizable ambidextrous gaming mouse which offers as much gaming features as the Asus Pugio Aura. We love that it is so easy to maneuver around with and the button feels really light to the touch. The light effects are superb and overall gaming becomes a great experience.


Though this has an ambidextrous design, it does offer a bit of a problem in setting it to left-handed use. You need to keep checking that it is in left-hand mode. Other than that, it’s a bit heavy as well and it’s quite wide too.


Overall, this is a really awesome gaming mouse. With a great feel, design and pixel-precision, it’s really worth all your while to buy this product as an all-purpose mouse. You can set your gaming preferences across all games that you play and get back to your presets via the software which makes it a really convenient gaming mouse to use.




Thermaltake is a great product for all types of gamers out there. From gaming fanatics to elite gamers to professional gamers and for those whose lives are literally revolving around gaming, Thermaltake offers various gaming devices that are perfect for you. This gaming mouse is one other product that works so well for gamers.

Designed to have a better grip and a more flexible use, this is a wonderful gaming mouse for all game genres. It is highly durable using Omron switches that lets you use this mouse up to 50 million clicks for each button. Made with superb quality, this can really handle long hours of gaming without fail.

The mouse has a 16,000 DPI, one of the highest precision sensors on our list, making this a really accurate mouse for professional gaming purposes. It is extremely precise, light and easy to use. It also allows you to make split-second decisions and quickly act on them as well.

What’s great about it is that it has its own built-in memory of 256 kilobytes. It may sound small but it allows you to save up to 5 individual profiles, set DPI adjustments of your choice, and save multiple lighting configs.


If precision is what you need, then this is a really awesome gaming mouse to have. It offers great lighting and speedy transition. You can configure game settings and presets across all games that you commonly play on your PC. You will also love seamless mobility and enjoy a stack of awesome gaming experience with this gaming mouse.


Unfortunately, it comes with a couple of hard to miss cons. It’s pretty long which doesn’t really suit most hand sizes. The mouse is also a bit angular so it can become uncomfortable in extended gaming hours. It also has a lot of holes in it making it a real hub for dust to build over time.


The only problem you’ll ever have with this gaming mouse is the design. But when it comes to software and shortcut controls, this offers superb gaming experience since it really provides awesome shortcuts and controls that you may need. This is a great all-purpose mouse and the price is pretty much within a decent range.




MMORPG is a really well-loved genre among gamers. Professional gamers really look only for the best to boost their gaming and to add leverage to their chances of winning. One of the ways is by choosing the best devices for playing and this MMO gaming mouse is another great option that elite MMO gamers would love to have.

When it comes to built and durability, the Roccat Kone MMO gaming mouse can stand its ground against your aggressive gaming. It has strong button switches that allow you to use and abuse your mouse for up to 50 million clicks. It’s also great that you can customize the weight of your gaming mouse. You can add up to four clip ons to make your mouse heavyweight, lightweight or somewhere in between. Some players prefer heavier gaming mouse for better movement balance. You can add 5 grams of weights at a time on this gaming mouse.

It has a nice contour that fits on your palm perfectly. It also offers great lighting that you can customize to your preferred effects. The full spectrum of colors allows you to manage your lighting effects from shades to breathing lights and other effects that you’d like to react along with your gaming.

The mouse has 8 customizable buttons that you can configure to fit your MMO gaming like saving profiles, quick combat control settings, and complex macro commands. You can store them all in its built-in storage that measures up to 576 KB, approximately you can store up to 8 profiles. You are also guaranteed quick speed movement due to its 8,200 DPI laser sensor.


We love that it is a wonderful MMO gaming mouse and is superbly comfortable for long periods of gaming and even extra hours of abuse. We also love the weight customization since you can’t find that feature in other gaming mice anywhere on the market that offers just as much features as this gaming mouse.


This is perfect for those with huge hands but it can be tiring for gamers with smaller phalanges. Unfortunately, it does pose a problem with the software. There are instances where macros can get mixed up and lighting customization ends up using the wrong lighting or shade. Another factor to consider is that it only offers a couple of buttons for MMO gaming shortcuts, which may not be enough for serious MMO gaming fans.


Despite some minor setbacks, this is still a flawless gaming mouse with great control and ease of use. This is also perfect for those who share the same computer with different gaming preferences and thus gives the advantage of great custom weights, lighting and profiles presets.


Do You Really Need a Gaming Mouse?

For personal opinion, the typical mouse that you get with your desktop will easily give up on you when it comes to long abusive and serious gaming. But do you need to spend a fortune in buying a gaming mouse? Absolutely not.

If you can afford it, why not? It’s not just a great accessory in gaming, but it’s also an awesome bragging right to have one. When it comes to spending, we’d say, No, you can skip it. But for gaming’s sake and for the greatness of your gaming style and efficiency, GET SOMETHING DECENT.

A gaming mouse has a lot of perks--not just for gamers but technically for everyone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer. From architects to software developers, engineers and gamers, a great gaming mouse is definitely a boost of power. It will surely make your computer life easier for better control and better use. So, don’t miss out on choosing a decent gaming mouse. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it has to be better than what you had originally.

What is More Important, Gaming Mouse or Gaming Keyboard?

This is a real dilemma for gamers. In all honesty, a lot of gamers would often think about which one is better to get. Should they get a gaming mouse? Or should they get a gaming keyboard first? Well, it should definitely be a mouse.

You spend more time moving your mouse around and clicking heavily on it than you would in typing-in a few keys of your keyboard for a better gaming experience. When choosing which a better accessory to upgrade is, pick one which you use more often. We recommend that you buy a gaming mouse first then a gaming keyboard. Let’s face it, it's not like you’re going to use the entire keyboard for gaming, right? Sure it’s an added convenience but the difference is that you use the entire mouse for gaming as opposed to just using a couple of keys and buttons on your keyboard.

You would surely find it better to play your game with the smooth navigation of the mouse and easy clicking that makes life and gaming a much better and satisfying experience.

Should I skip the cheap gaming mouse and go for the expensive one?

We’re pretty sure you’re talking about a low-end gaming mouse. Most of the time, we consider the price as the standard in identifying a quality product. We often mistake cheaper items as low-quality and just go for the expensive with our eyes closed. Let’s consider things even more when it comes to buying the right gaming mouse. So, if you’re asking, ‘should you avoid buying a gaming mouse?’ Wait just yet. A definite YES or NO is not the right answer.

It’s really true that you’ll find a cheap knockoff in the streets, and some are just price for unbelievable cheaper costs. That’s where you should be very wary about buy only from legit sellers and not those side gaming shops that looks very shady. Anyway, you will be able to find high-end gaming mouse for a really cheap cost. You just have to know where to look. The average price of a good gaming mouse ranges from somewhere as cheap as $50 all the way to a staggering cost of $100.

How much is a gaming mouse?

We’ve already presented the average cost of a gaming mouse in the first part of this article. The price range is from $10 to $150. A low-end gaming mouse costs about $10 to $30. It’s still a wide gap when it comes to price range but the features of gaming mouse at this price range are almost the same. The difference is on the build quality and the brand.

In a mid-range price range, it would be from $31 to $60. These gaming mice have extra added features than those in the lower price range. Mostly, it has something to do with the brand as well. Technically, the cost of gaming mouse becomes more and more expensive depending on the brand.

On the other hand, a gaming mouse at a higher end with extra features to brag about would fall in the $61 and up price range. There are other brands which have the same price as those from the premium price gaming mouse but not a lot of them share all features.

As a hardcore gamer, you’d also be looking for specialized gaming mouse as well, right? Well, specialized gaming mice are really expensive and their price range often starts at $80 and go well over $100.

As a recommendation, buying a gaming mouse with better features can really hike up the price. Actually, if you really think about it, you should prioritize checking on the features because just one extra feature--one that you might not actually need like flashing lights--would cost you about $20 more. Remember, it’s not about the price. It’s all about the features.

What is DPI?

DPI stands for dots per inch. This is the measure of a mouse’s sensitivity. In the past, DPI is crucial in determining the quality of a gaming mouse. But now, with technological advancements, most gaming mice already come with high DPI at 1000. On average, gaming mice still have varying DPI with a range of 1,000 to 2,600. DPI becomes very important to a person if he needs a mouse with a high DPI for better controls especially when using two computer screens.

Should I consider buying mouse with higher DPI?

In today’s technology, No. DPI isn’t so important now because all gaming mice come with what we call CMOS sensors. CMOS, or Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, boosts the accuracy of your gaming mouse even if it only has a three-digit DPI. DPI was important in the past since a higher DPI translates to better mouse control accuracy. Now, they’re not much of a measurement that you need to take into account.

Laser or Optical, which is more accurate?

When it comes to accuracy, a laser gaming mouse is more accurate. This is because an optical mouse just makes use of LED lighting while a laser gaming mouse uses a laser that penetrates the surface it is placed on. Because of that, it can analyze data in better detail than an optical mouse. The problem is that lasers have the tendency to over-analyze a surface which makes it move slower in certain instances.

An optical mouse can still be accurate but only when placed on non-reflective surfaces. Optical gaming mouse uses LED for lighting and it can highly be affected once the light is scattered with reflective surfaces, thus making your mouse virtually useless.

What are MMO, RPG, and FPS? How are they related to gaming mice?

Gaming has a lot of abbreviations and jargons to learn that we can't really keep track of them all. With that being said, let’s define two of the most common abbreviations in the modern gaming world.

MMO and FPS are commonly referred to PC game genres. MMO stands for Massive Multiplayer Online. It refers to games like World of WarCraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy, and many more. They are technically games where hundreds or thousands of players can play all at the same time. It’s like a world of its own where a massive number of gamers can go online and play on the same server. For MMO games played on your personal computer, a gaming mouse would be most appropriate.

RPG Games are those where you create an avatar as the main player of your game. You fulfill tasks to defeat opponents and go on an adventure. RPG can be an offline or an online game. But if you enter a virtual world online to play your avatar or character, then you’re playing an MMORPG. Examples of these RPGs are League of Legends (this is also a strategy game), Final Fantasy VII, and many more.

FPS means First Person Shooter. This is another genre of MMO game but it’s just choosing a weapon of your preference and start shooting as many opponents like terrorists, zombies, and whatever opponents are available. FPS games are available offline and online too. Best examples of these are CounterStrike, Call of Duty, Quake, etc. It’s like going on a killing spree. FPS often engages the use of a gaming keyboard more than a gaming mouse, but gaming mouse can really boost your game as compared to using an ordinary mouse that came with your computer.

Can I still play a good game without a gaming mouse?

For sure! Of course, you can. Gaming is all about fun and entertainment. If you’re in it for the fun of it all, then doing away with a generic mouse is fine. But if you’re competitive elite gamer, then this is the time where a gaming mouse can really up your game.

Becoming a pro-player requires the best equipment to help boost your gaming capability and even guide you to winning some. Gaming is highly competitive and being part of that online elites who play games as a profession, then getting a gaming mouse is not just a luxury but a real gaming necessity.

Key Findings & The Duel

Mad Catz R.A.T. PRO X versus Razer Mamba Tournament

When it comes to getting the best gaming mouse, the choice varies from one gamer to another. But as for us, our top contenders for each price range really do top our list of the best gaming mouse you can ever find. We’ve chosen all-purpose gaming mouse as our top three since a lot of us love playing various gaming genres. Anyway, The Mad Catz gaming mouse has more to offer for its price range. From its fully customizable hardware all the way to its software, you can fully select and adjust settings depending on your comfort zone.

It is also a very flexible mouse because it caters to practically all the needs of serious gaming like precise control, easy movement, and absolute gaming leverage. On the downside, it does have a few tune-ups that need more attention to by making more various genre gaming choices like being more appropriate for MMO gaming. The Razer Mamba is also a great gaming mouse for all gaming genres however, it isn’t as custom-friendly as the Mad Catz.

Mad Catz R.A.T. PRO X versus Turtle Beach Grip 500

If you’re really looking for a budget-friendly all-purpose gaming mouse, then the Turtle Beach Grip 500 offers the most for its price. When it comes to price and value ratio, these two gaming mice really make the most out of their prices. Though there is more than a $100 difference, the fact that they offer features perfect for all the gaming needs, professional gamers wouldn’t really mind the price. But when it comes to features, the full hardware customization of the Mad Catz is a long shot difference for our budget pick.



Despite it costing over $100, the Mad Catz is worth all the dollar you are paying for. It offers great comfort and awesome gaming leverage that you can’t get anywhere. We’ve been looking around for so many gaming devices out there that we found a pool of specialized gaming mice that cost more than the Mad Catz but don’t have as many features. Hence, we conclude that the overall feel, hardware, and software advantage it offers, the Mad Catz is the definite top pick for the best gaming mouse on the market.

Editor Notes:

When it comes to choosing a mouse for your gaming process, the options can be overwhelming. Previously, the Mad Catz R.A.T Pro Max was our top choice for a quality mouse. 

However, currently, our top pick is the Razer DeathAdder V2 gaming mouse. If you are on a budget, this model ranges from $50-$100.

It comes with a sleek look and deadly curves for quicker performance and flexibility. With 20,000DPI sensitivity and 650IPS tracking speed, we highly recommend it. It also comes with 8 programmable buttons for easy execution of skills.

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