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The DPI (dots per inch) is an essential feature of your mouse. The higher the DPI, the faster your pointer will move across your screen. 

You can change the DPI of your mouse to fit your needs and preferences. By changing the DPI, you can enjoy better gaming or working performance. 

But, what’s the DPI of your mouse? 

To change the metric, you need first to determine the current DPI of your mouse to help you decide whether to increase or decrease it. 

Here, we’ll take you through:

  • How to check the DPI of your mouse on Windows
  • How to check the mouse DPI online
  • What is mouse sensitivity
  • What’s mouse software

Let’s get started.

How to Check Mouse DPI on Windows 10

There’re various methods you can use to check the DPI of your mouse on Windows 10

One of the methods includes using the Paint app on your computer. The pointer on Paint can indicate the pixels’ movement on your device’s screen, which helps gauge the mouse DPI accurately. 

To use Paint to determine DPI, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click the Start button on your screen and search for Paint. Click on the icon to launch the program

How to Check Mouse DPI on Windows 10

2. On the new window that opens, move the cursor to the left section of the screen and ensure the zoom settings are at 100%

How to Check Mouse DPI on Windows 10-1

3. Next, make some lines of about 3 inches and note the values of the footer of each line. Then, calculate the average value of the lines

4. The average value is the DPI average of your mouse

Another method you can use to check the DPI of your mouse on Windows 10 is using the built-in buttons of your peripheral. The method is ideal for checking the mouse DPI without software. 

If your mouse has a DPI on-the-fly button, press it to create a new DPI for every key. You’ll see the new DPI settings on your mouse LCD.

However, some mice don’t come with the DPI on-the-fly button. In such instances, you can use the following method to check the DPI of your mouse. 

  1. Go to the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center

Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center

2. Select the mouse to check the DPI and then go to the Basic settings

Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center-1

3. Look for the Sensitivity section of the selected mouse, and it’ll give you the DPI of your mouse. If you want to change the DPI settings, you can change them in this section

How to Check Mouse DPI With a Logitech Mouse

If you use a Logitech mouse, you can also check the DPI in a few steps. Most of the mice under the popular brand come with DPI buttons that allow you to check the settings using the following method:

  1. Locate the DPI button on the gaming mouse. You can find it at the side or top of the mouse, next to the scroll wheel
  2. Depending on the button, you can slide or press the button depending on your model
  3. When you change the DPI settings, you’ll see the new settings displayed on your screen, and you’ll also get a notification about the change

How to Check Mouse DPI With a Logitech Mouse

If your Logitech mouse doesn’t have a DPI button, you can still check the DPI using Logitech Gaming Software. You can download and install the software or install it from the CD that comes with the peripherals. 

After installing the software on your device, it’s time to check the DPI. 

  1. Go to your Home screen and look for the Automatic Game Detection option

Logitech game center

2. Click the On button to activate the option. Open a new window by clicking the pointer-gear symbol

3. Depending on your mouse model, you can now see the DPI

How to Check the Mouse DPI Online    

You can also check the DPI of your mouse online. 

One of the methods you can use to check your mouse DPI online includes checking the manufacturer’s specifications. 

You can get the manufacturer’s specifications on the box or the instructions manual when you buy your mouse. 

Alternatively, you can check online for the specifications. Ensure you use the correct model of the mouse to get the right details, including the DPI. 

Another method you can check mouse DPI online is using an online tool such as DPI Analyzer. 

Start by downloading and installing the DPI calculator on your device. Additionally, you should uncheck the Enhance pointer precision box on your mouse settings. You should also disable pointer acceleration if you’ve any muse driver software installed on your device. 

You’ll also require a ruler to help you measure the distance your mouse needs to make to move the cursor from one end of the screen to the next. 

After measuring the distance, you should enter it in the Target distance box on the online tool. 

Next, go to the bottom of the page, click on the red crosshair, and drag it to the right. Move the mouse to the same distance you specified in the Target distance box. You can move it slowly to ensure you’re accurate.

Check DPI online

Ensure you don’t move the cursor to the end of the monitor as it’d lead to inaccurate results. When you release the button, you’ll get a figure ‘Actual DPI.’ The figure represents the approximate DPI value of your mouse. 

How to Check the Mouse DPI Razer

To check the DPI of a razor mouse, you can use the DPI buttons next to the scroll wheel. Pressing the button can lower or raise the DPI. You’ll get a notification of the new DPI settings on the bottom-right section of your screen. 

How to Use the DPI Button on Your Mouse 

Depending on the model, your mouse can come with one or more DPI buttons. However, the different buttons have the same functions. 

The button comes with a default DPI setting for normal or everyday use. If you are a gamer, you can use the DPI button to lower or raise the settings to your preference. Changing the settings offers you more control and precision. 

If the mouse comes with multiple DPI buttons, you can customize the settings for each. 

Mouse DPI Software

Every mouse has a specific software. For instance, Logitech mice have the Logitech Gaming Software. 

You can download the software from the internet, or the mouse can come with a CD that you can use to install the software. 

The software comes in handy in helping you check the mouse DPI and change it. 

Wrap up

Before you can change your mouse DPI, it’ll help a lot to know the current DPI settings. Thus, you can decide whether to lower to raise the DPI to achieve your desired results. Above are some of the methods you can use to check your mouse DPI.  


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