How to Change Mouse DPI?

How to Change Mouse DPI

Is your mouse DPI high or low, affecting your control of the pointer. Are you lost on how you can change the DPI to 800?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change the DPI of your mouse to 800

  1. First, start by downloading and installing the specific software to set up your mouse. For instance, if you use a Logitech mouse for gaming, download and install the Logitech software on your device
  2. When you download the software, it’ll automatically detect your mouse
  3. Next, you’ll see a mouse symbol on the screen. Click on the table, and from the left side, click on the Assignments elective + symbol
  4. At this point, you can see a 3D representation of your mouse, and you can tell which mouse button carries out particular work 
  5. As you look at the 3D representation of your mouse, try to discover the DPI button on the mouse. 
  6. Next, you can tap the DPI button on the specific software and move it to 800 DPI.

800 DPI is ideal for basic gaming

How to Change Mouse DPI Windows 10 

Do you want to change the current DPI settings on your mouse to achieve lower or higher sensitivity? 

An excellent sensitivity offers you incredible control while gaming or carrying out other tasks such as browsing the internet. 

Changing the DPI of your mouse differs depending on the type of mouse you use. For instance, an office mouse mostly contains two buttons – the left and right buttons. On the other hand, a gaming mouse can have up to 8 buttons. 

If the mouse comes with DPI on-the-fly buttons, use the buttons to create new DPIs for each DPI. You’ll see the new DPI settings on your mouse LCD. 

You can change the DPI of your mouse using various methods. 

Mouse settings 

You can use the mouse settings method to change DPI if your mouse doesn’t feature a dedicated DPI button. Windows 10 developers came up with a method of enabling users to change their DPI. 

You can use the following steps:

  1. Bring up the Start menu by clicking on the Windows icon on the bottom left of your screen. When menu b opens, select the Settings app. Alternatively, the Windows + 1 shortcut comes in handy
  2. Next, click on Devices
  3. Use the left-side panel to switch to the Mouse tab
  4. On the right-side panel or at the bottom of the page, click on the Additional mouse options link
  5. Next, use the header menu of the Mouse Properties window to switch to the Pointer options
  6. Use the slider under Motion on a high-resolution screen to adjust the speed of your mouse. Moving the slider to the right helps increase the speed of your mouse while moving it to the left helps decrease the speed
  7. It’ll also be best to check off the box on Enhance pointer precision, as it can mess up your DPI
  8. Finally, click the Ok button. You should notice a change in your mouse speed the next time you try to move the cursor

DPI button

Besides using the settings app to change the DPI settings, you can also use the DPI button on your mouse

A gaming mouse comes with a button dedicated to changing the DPI on-the-fly. You can use the dedicated button to adjust to lower or higher DPI. 

You can change the DPI of your mouse between various presets that may or may not be customizable. The difference depends on the particular mouse. 

The dedicated button is usually smaller than the other buttons, and you’ll mostly find it below the scrolling roll. Sometimes, the dedicated button can come with the word DPI written on it. 

You can cycle through the various DPI presets by pressing the button once. After that, the DPI increases gradually with each press of the button. 

Alternatively, you can get a mouse that comes with two dedicated buttons, one for increasing the DPI and one for reducing it instead of cycling through the presets. 

You can use gaming mice strictly for games. On the other hand, you may have to lower the DPI of your mouse when you switch from gaming to normal use.

If you don’t know the dedicated DPI button for your mouse, you can check on the box your mouse came with. You’ll mostly find labels on all the buttons on the camera. 

Alternatively, you can search online for your mouse model and try to identify the DPI button. 

Video game itself

You can also change the DPI settings of your mouse on the video game itself. You can start with one DPI and then change the settings for other games. 

While the DPI settings for each game are different, you can use these general steps:

  1. Launch the game in which you want to change the DPI settings and allow it to load
  2. Go to the Settings or Options menu, which you can access using the title screen
  3. Next, look for the Controls menu. If there’s no menu on the game, you may not change the sensitivity of the game 

How to Change Mouse DPI on Valorant

Before you can change the DPI settings of your mouse on Valorant, you may want to determine the best sensitivity settings for your gameplay. You’ll have to practice firing at a range or play several games before you can get things right. 

Alternatively, you can take an Accuracy Test on Valorant. Your results from the test will help you decide whether the DPI of your mouse needs to be raised or not. 

How do you change the DPI settings of your mouse?

You should go to the General tab, where you’ll get your sensitivity settings. Adjust the settings depending on your needs and preferences and consider how they affect aiming down the scope. 

You can also change the settings during a match until you determine the perfect settings for your playing style. 

At the same time, you can try to play your games using different DPIs. If you choose low DPI, you may have to move your mouse a little more. On the other hand, using a higher DPI (more than 800) will take you less effort to navigate your mouse. 

Wrap Up

It’s possible to change the DPI settings of your mouse to enjoy more precision and accuracy. The process of changing the settings depends on the type of mouse. A gaming mouse comes with several buttons, including a DPI button. On the other hand, office mice only come with two buttons. 

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