Ultimate Review Of Best Pool Tables In 2023

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I think we can all agree that a quality pool table is the ultimate home luxury as well as the best recreational item for any commercial setting ranging from bars to office break rooms. 

However, anyone that’s ever had the misfortune of playing on a poor quality table will confirm that they are a waste of money. This is one item where it pays to choose a premium grade product that will provide years of enjoyment. Because, frankly, if you buy a bad pool table, it’s inevitably do little more than collect dust while eating up your floor space.

With so many options on the market, finding a quality pool table can seem even harder than getting yourself out from behind a cluster when trapped inside the jaws of the pocket. Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you by compiling a short list of the five best pool tables that offer value for money currently on the market. Here’s all you need to know.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Weight (Pounds)


Coin-operation. 7’ playing surface. Traditional appearanc


Modern style. Suited to outdoor play. Easy installation


Smooth play. 8’ playing surface. Choices on styling


Other Great Recommendations

Exceptional styling. 8’ playing surface. 


Stylish charcoal finish. Built for tournament play. Very sturdy


The Best Pool Table In The Market For The Money!

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With so many different pool tables on the market, finding the perfect item for your home or commercial setting isn’t easy. While the above comparison table provides a brief insight into some of the best options available, this is a significant purchase that requires far more detail if you’re going to make the right choice. Here are the features, pros, and cons of the top-rated pool tables that money can buy.

Valley-Dynamo Dynamo Sedona Coin Op 7’ Pool Table with DBA 

Valley-Dynamo Dynamo Sedona Coin Op 7’ Pool Table with DBA

The Valley-Dynamo coin-operated 7’ table is an exceptional model that carries a traditional green felt table cloth, brown hardwood styling, and metal trimmings on the corner pockets. However, it’s not only the traditional yet modern and sleek design that cements the Sedona’s position among the best tables on the market.

Everything from the cloth and slate to the rails and cushions is built with fast, smooth running play in action. It replicates the play of professional-standard pool tables without compromising on the fun while pocket jaws, linings, and diamond dimensions are ideal too. Meanwhile, 7’ playing surface is a great size that’s big enough to provide a challenge without being too large for kids or smaller users. Likewise, it won’t completely swamp the room.

Given its performance and esthetic, the Valley-Dynamo 7’ table is particularly ideal for traditional settings and look particularly good in rooms that are heavily decorated in wood. When teamed up with overhead lighting, this is perfect for more serious play as well as the casual games. Thanks to the quality, those using it in commercial setting are likely to get their money back in no time too – even if the pricing is set to the minimum rate of 25 cents per game.

When you picture a traditional-looking pool table, the Valley-Dynamo is essentially what springs to mind. Frankly, every aspect lives up to expectations 


  • A traditional looking pool table that’s sure to suit any home or commercial setting.
  • Deep ball retrieval opening, which also has space for a triangle/diamond above.
  • Coin-operated mechanism can be set to 8 prices ranging from 25c to $2 per game.
  • High-quality cushions and rails that are built to last.
  • Ball view shows the order that balls were potted, removing arguments regarding fouls.
  • Pocket lining uses a soft plastic to prevent unnatural bounce outs.
  • Legs are easily adjusted to help level the table on uneven surfaces.
  • Includes balls and four cues.


  • Fairly long delivery times (roughly 4 weeks).
  • Programming the payment mechanism can be a little hassle.

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Imperial Outdoor Pool Table 8ft

Imperial Outdoor Pool Table 8ft

With its futuristic silver and rose gold metallic coloring, the 8’ Imperial outdoor instantly stands out from the crowd as a modern pool table that’s focused on fun. However, the table is far from being a novelty table and should be considered as arguably the best option of its kind thanks to a durability and performance level that’s sure to bring many hours of fun.

The simple design makes it very easy to assemble the table as you simply add the legs in a matter of minutes. Moreover, the ability to adjust the legs allows you to combat the uneven ground that is quite likely for the outdoor setting. With two snazzy silver and black cues, along with American style pool balls included, you’ll be ready to start playing in no time.

Aluminum rails and corners are built with longevity in mind, even against the harshest weather conditions while a cover will keep the camel-colored Taclon cloth suitably protected at all times too. The cloth itself is waterproof and fire-retardant, ensuring safe play even when used in commercial settings where alcohol, smoking, and other activities take place. Despite the use of practical materials, the function of the table is particularly impressive, offering enjoyable play. This is supported greatly by the use of K66 rubber cushions.

For outdoor recreation at home or commercial locations, the Imperial 8’ table is a winner.


  • Easily installed and adjusted for a level playing surface.
  • A versatile pool table that can be used outside and indoors.
  • A large 8’ by 4’ playing cloth.
  • Built from aluminium and strong materials for long-term playing.
  • Boasts an exceptionally fun, quirky, and futuristic appearance. 
  • Includes a set of balls, rack, and two cues.
  • Very sturdy thanks to the 350lb weight and solid structure.
  • Fast delivery and conveniently packaged.


  • Requires some self-assembly (it’s probably a three or four-person job).
  • If being used inside, will only suit contemporary rooms.

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Great American 8 Monarch Home Billiard Pool Table

Great American 8 Monarch Home Billiard Pool Table

The Great American manufactured home billiard pool table is an 8’ table designed primarily with internal use in mind. Its traditional appearance (light brown finish, chrome trim, black legs, and green cloth) is ideal for the home games room as well as local bars andpool halls while the cues even carry a traditional vibe. However, you can request for the cloth color to be changed.

Tables are crafted from one piece slate is supported by double rollers on release for smooth play and reduced wear over time. The 947lb model is very heavy, but that makes it particularly stable. Meanwhile, it can be used with most table lifts should you ever find yourself requiring this option. The shake-proof washers on the railboots and corners also lend themselves to fantastic durability over time. 

Great American also produces a non-coin version that returns the ball to the retrieval opening straight away, which may be deemed preferetial by many home users. However, the coin-operated option, which works through the use of a 2 1/4” or 2 3/8" cue ball, can turn the table into a sound investment. The table works with exceptional reliability while the cloth is resistant to fading caused by the overhead lights, ensuring it continues to look great for years.

Either way, this is an affordable entry-level table that brings professional play with slightly cheaper – yet still functional – elements. 


  • Great pricing for an 8’ table.
  • Coin-operation can be set to various price settings.
  • Lexan display tray shows order of potting and keeps balls stored when not being played.
  • The option to choose a gold trim rather than the standard silver chrome option.
  • Legs are sturdy and can be adjusted for a flat playing surface.
  • Corner pockets are extremely well made for reliable potting over a long period of time.
  • The plywood finish looks far more expensive than it is.
  • A practical design includes a tray for your triangle/diamond and chalk.


  • Outside construction uses plywood rather than higher quality materials.
  • Long delivery time.

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Brunswick 8-Foot Glen Oaks Pool Table with Free Contender Play Package Accessories & Brunswick Contender Cloth

Brunswick 8-Foot Glen Oaks Pool Table

Brunswick has long been associated with crafting quality billiard tables. The 8’ Glen Oaks pool table is arguably the best it currently has to offer. It screams luxury and class from the moment you start playing, and those sentiments cover everything from first impressions to long-term play. For home users or more traditional commercial settings (pool halls rather than bars), this is an ideal option.

The beautifully crafted table Espresso finish and a Contender colored woolen cloth (although Green, Regatta Blue, Merlot and Sahara variants are available). The thick and detailed ball and claw legs are supported by a quality arched baseframe while every aspect of the stitching on pockets is of the highest standard too. Cabinet sides, top rails, and blinds all carry a distinct class while the dimensions allow for comfortable play.

Brunswick’s commitment to providing that sense of premium and exclusive luxury to the home pool arena extends to the accessories that are included. Cues, balls, and racks are supported with bridges, a table brush, and 12 pieces of chalk. All items are presented in immaculate style, which is exactly how the table plays for the long haul too. When supported by the right lighting, this is an item that can take center stage in any luxury games room. 

For a table that you’ll fall in love with time and time again, this is the ideal option.


  • A luxury table made from premium materials and crafted with care.
  • The wood is detailed for a truly stunning design.
  • Comes with a beautifully presented accessory kit.
  • Includes a lifetime warranty as standard. 
  • Installation from a Dazadi Certified Installer is included for free.
  • Assembled with state-of-the-art heavy gauge steel for guaranteed perfection.
  • Cushions give a true rebound while rails are built with longevity in mind. 
  • Built from one of the best brands on the market, giving you even greater enjoyment.


  • Delivery takes up to six weeks.
  • The stunning table is only fully enjoyed when you have the right surroundings for it.

Check Brunswick 8’ Glen Oaks Price On Amazon

Valley 101” Panther Pool Table – Black Cat Finish

Valley 101” Panther Pool Table – Black Cat Finish

Valley Dynamo’s 101” panther pool table is crafted from a solid one-piece 3/4” thick slate and topped with a super stylish red cloth on the playing surface. This works well with the charcoal wood and chrome styling of the outer body, which is designed in a wedge style typically seen in bars. It can be made to coin-operational or non-coin specifications, allowing you to find the perfect option for the home or commercial venue.

The five bolt cushion rail system is supported by dual density rubber to provide professional standard consistency while the structure of the pockets is designed with longevity in mind. The Texas-made table uses Cheyenne leather (which is where the ‘black cat’ finish comes from) for a textured laminate finish that retains its glory for years. It looks a dream, and plays exceptionally well too.

The return chute is built from one piece, preventing the frustrating moment of having to dislodge stuck balls. Meanwhile, the legs can be set to suit the room. At 910lbs, the table will definitely stay in place once you’ve completed the installation. It’s ready for tournament play or more casual games, providing excellent fun with minimal maintenance requirements.

With 88” and 93” variants available too, the Valley Panther pool table is certainly a shortlist contender. 


  • Builds upon the success of ZD-X models to create an even greater pool table performance.
  • Option of coin-operated or no-coin.
  • Looks awesome with the charcoal wood and red felt (other felts can be requested).
  • Includes ballas and other accessories.
  • Very well priced for a table of this quality.
  • Durable Cheyenne leather prevents the table edges from getting destroyed over time.
  • The legs can be moved, and heavy unit stays in place.
  • Built in Texas from a very reputable company.


  • One piece slate.
  • A peculiar dimension at 8.4’.

Check Valley Dynamo’s 101” Panther Price On Amazon

Things To Consider

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1. Price

Given that the pool table is going to cost thousands, it’s impossible to make the best decision without considering the cost. You have to make a selection that sits within your budget while additionally seeking value for money based on the features and quality of materials.

2. Physical dimensions

In addition to your budget, you must respect the limitations of space. You will need enough room for the table as well as a clear space around the table for playing shots. Putting an 8’ table in an 8’6” room would be ridiculous. 

3. Table quality

A good quality hardwood table will be heavier and a little more expensive but also more durable and longer lasting. Weigh up the costs against the benefits, and you’ll find that it’s worth the extra investment. Be sure to choose a table with support beams too.

4. Table finish

It’s important to consider the surroundings of the room that the table will be going in. As such, choosing a table finish (light wood, dark wood, etc.) that suits the overall appearance of the game room or bar is essential if you want to make the right choice.

5. Cloth color

Similarly, the cloth color has a significant impact on the overall look of the pool table. A table cloth color that you love will naturally enhance the playing experience and the atmosphere within the room itself.

6. Leveling capabilities

A level playing surface is essential for good play. If you are using the pool table on an uneven surface, the addition of adjustable leg sizes will allow you to overcome those potential problems to start enjoying stress-free and smooth play.

7. Installation

Thinking about where the pool table will be installed is important too. Getting a heavy product up to the attic of your home could prove to be very difficult, albeit not impossible, so you will need to factor this into the decision.

8. Pockets

Soft rubber pockets offer far greater durability as hard plastic will crack from the repeated pressure of balls being potted. Meanwhile, the choice between pockets with rails or that are transported to the retrieval opening or traditional netted pockets should be considered too 

9. Ball retrieval 

Some pool tables will collect the balls and transport them to a ball retrieval opening at one end of the table while others will have rails under each pocket. It’s worth considering the choices while also thinking about whether the opening has space for a triangle.

10. Felt 

Felt should be made from more wool than nylon, with a 4:1 ratio providing the desired levels. An inferior quality felt will become worn far quicker. While it is possible to replace this element, opting for a longer lasting felt that also improves play is advised.

11. Slate

While you may not see the slate underneath the felt, it is the foundation of any great pool table. Diamond-honed, three-piece slate is the most popular option while the thickness is important too. Choose an inferior product here, and you’ll be asking for problems 

12. Railings

The rails will have a significant impact on how the table plays. Hardwood will absorb a lot of the shock and vibration when balls make contact while inferior products will lead to a lot unpredictable bouncing from the rails.

13. Cushions

Rials should be supported by high-quality cushions that are supported by a canvas backing. This provides shock absorption too, leading to far smoother play. Low-quality alternatives will break away from the rails over time too, which is the last thing you need.

14. Coin operated 

Coin operated pool tables provide commercial settings with a fantastic money-making solution while it also ensures that balls are safe and secure when the table isn’t in use. However, some venues charge by the hour and will prefer a standard table without the locking mechanism.

15. Delivery

While the delivery times are unlikely to be the most pressing issue, you don’t want to be waiting months for your pool table to arrive. While you’re not going to expect next day delivery, a faster delivery (at a convenient time) is advised.

16. Warranty

While choosing a quality pool table should give you years of enjoyment, it’s important to protect yourself with a good warranty plan. After all, the cost of replacing a faulty table is enough to bring most people to tears.


Buying a quality pool table will always be the priority, but it’s important to recognize the influence that quality accessories can bring to the games. Here are some of the items you may want to buy either at the time of purchase or a later date:

  • New balls – having the option to play solids v stripes or reds v yellows can make a difference
  • Cues – it’s impossible to play without them
  • Cue extenders – for those tricky shots, especially or shorter players
  • Cue racks – for storing cues in a tidy fashion and protecting their quality
  • 8-ball triangle – to make it easier to set the game up.
  • 9-ball diamond – to give players the option of playing the 9-ball variant
  • Chalk holders – to prevent chalk from missing
  • Table lights – for creating the desired atmosphere or even branding the table
  • Table covers – for added protection when they aren’t in use
  • Cloth care kits – to protect the cloth and complete basic maintenance tasks

Our Verdict

All five of the tables mentioned above will provide quality billiards and, when treated with care, will last for many years. In many ways, the choice is largely down to personal requirements regarding coin operation, color preferences, and the amount of available space you have in the room or outside setting that the pool table will be located.

We’d certainly be happy to play on any of these pool tables, but if pushed for an absolute favorite, we’d opt for the Brunswick 8-Foot Glen Oaks Pool Table. Just.


How do I care for the pool table cloth?

How best you take care of your pool table cloth determines its durability. If you want to clean the cloth, different manufacturers have different instructions on how you should do it. You should vacuum clean or brush it depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Should I cover the table?

Yes, you need a cover for your table. Every time the pool table is not in use, you should cover it. This will ensure that the pool table remains dust-free and prevents it from possible damage caused by direct sunlight or accidental damage. 

Is it okay if I move my pool table without taking it apart? 

As much as possible, you should seek a professional's services when you want to move your table. The table was placed in its current location as a single unit, and you shouldn’t try to move it as one heavy piece of furniture. The only exception is if you have a big opening to move the table as a whole. However, trying to move the table as a whole will most probably damage it.   

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