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witcher 4 release dates

Two years from now, you may be swirling around in your gaming chair playing the sequel to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the game of the year of 2016. However, the Beauclair sun has set on Geralt’s adventures. So, who will be the protagonists in Witcher 4? When is its release date? What can you expect? All of these questions and more will be answered below as you read through. 

For many people, Wild Hunt is the game of the decade. With over 33 million copies sold worldwide, it’s no wonder that hundreds of thousands of people in all walks of life are excited about the Witcher 4 release date trailer news and rumors.

Garnering more than 800 awards, the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is both immersive and thrilling. Set in a medieval fantasy world, Wild Hunt takes players into a dark, but captivating world.

Based on Spalovski popular novels, the world of Witcher 1 to 3 was set in the dark ages of Europe. Witcher 4 will probably have the same setting and atmosphere as the first three games. However, you can expect that Geralt will not be playable anymore.

Geralt Is Gone

Nevertheless, Wild Hunt will not be the last The Witcher video game, even with the death of your favorite witcher.

Latest News from the Witcher 3 Game Creators

CD Projekt Red, the game’s developer, suggested that the next game for the popular franchise will probably launch on 2021. Donata Poplawska, CD Projekt’s Red moderator, suggested this on their official forum.

Donata confirmed that the group plans to release their second AAA video game by 2021. This plan remains unchanged to this day. Currently, they’re focusing on the promotion and production of Cyberpunk 2077. This game’s trailer won over 100 awards at E3 2018.

The next Witcher video game is still not in the production stage. The developers from CD Projekt Red are still furnishing Cyberpunk 2077. 350 developers are working on the game, and the beta version has already been released.

So, it won’t be long until they turn their hands to Witcher 4. In addition, some team members may be working on the sequel since Donata posted that fans need to only wait for 2 years.

The Witcher 1-3 is based on Spakowski’s Witcher trilogy. Because of this fact, many players have speculated that Wild Hunt could be the last installment in the franchise. One of the game’s endings also indicated that Geralt may be dead, along with Ciri. But they are wrong.

It is true that if Ciri, Geralt’s adopted daughter, dies, the protagonist (Geralt) would look for her medallion. In that ending, monsters will surround Geralt, and his fate becomes unknown.

Nevertheless, the other endings are conclusive.


Furthermore, the first Witcher game was released more than a decade ago. The protagonist in the first 3 video games is Geralt of Rivia. Also, the Witcher novel and short stories revolve around him. Being a Witcher, a Vedmak, a traveling monster hunter, he has taken players into various adventures.

Players have uncovered his roots, got to know his numerous lovers, and became attached to his hardy adopted daughter. In the game, Geralt, who was once an amnesiac vagabond, has become a legendary witcher with ties in different realms.

Many fans would still want to continue Geralt’s journey, but this may seem impossible.

Adam Kicinski, the CEO of CD Projekt Red, told Bankier, a Polish finance site, his plans for the game. Here are the very own words of the man behind this amazing video game franchise.

“Like the novel, the first 3 Witcher games were part of a trilogy. Hence, the next game might not be named ‘The Witcher 4.’”

“Of course, this doesn’t imply our team will leave the witcher world that we created for almost 12 years.”

“Witcher 1 and 2 established the foundation of CD Projekt Red. And we are still planning to include another game that is based on Wild Hunt in our future endeavors. For now, I can’t reveal anything more.”

With his words, it’s confirmed that players can get more from the world of the witchers. But it’s also clear that the sun has set for Geralt.

Witcher CIri Rumours

In spite of that, Wild Hunt had many endings, so Geralt could still be a supporting character in the sequel. This isn’t a surprise for those who have finished Witcher 3’s main storyline.

Martin Iwinski, the founder of CD Projekt Red, told Game Informer, “It will be unfair to Witcher fans to end everything with Wild Hunt.”

He also said, “we won’t publish games annually, for we take time developing the lore, world, and story of our video games. The Witcher’s world is enormous, and it is great to create stories based on it.”

Like Adam Kicinski, Martin Iwinski also expressed his sentimentality during the interview. He said that he did not want to end everything with Wild Hunt and they won’t forget the brand.

Also, Gamereactor has interviewed Doug Cockle, Geralt’s voice actor in the video games.

He suggested, “In favor of his protege, Ciri, I think Geralt should step aside in the next sequel.”

The interviewers also asked him whether or not Geralt’s appearance in Soul Calibur would be his last time to voice the character. He answered matter-of-factly, “I have no idea. In my own opinion, I think it should be.”

“CD Projekt Red knows what they’re doing, but I do think they will be focusing on Ciri.”

Will you invest in a Witcher game without Geralt? Do you think it’s time for Ciri to take the reins? Well, the voice actor of the White Wolf thinks so.

The Witcher 4 Story

Wild Hunt had conclusive endings. In the expansions, Geralt expressed his desire to settle down, and the witcher world seems to be peaceful after everything that has happened.

Nevertheless, a new evil or cataclysmic event can prompt the white-haired witcher to roam the Northern Kingdoms again. He might be back exploring islands in Skellige and navigating alleyways in Novigrad.

However, although this is possible, there are many attestations that Geralt may hand over the role of the protagonist to Ciri. Repeatedly, CD Projekt Red has described Wild Hunt as the last chapter in Geralt’s tale.

Yet, with his popularity, he may appear as an NPC or an ally. This may happen if the developers will base the game on the other endings. All in all, Wild Hunt has 40 different endings.

The Different Endings

The ending you’ll see depends on the choices you’ve made. If Cirilla is alive, the white wolf can retire with Triss or Yennefer or become a lone witcher again. If he brings Ciri to Nilfgaar in order to meet his real father, the emperor, she becomes the empress.

If she doesn’t meet the emperor, Geralt will fake her death and make her a full-fledged witcher. If Cirilla dies, Geralt will look for her medallion. Players consider this ending the bad route, for the credits will roll after numerous monsters surround Geralt.

Ciri the Witcher Trailer

The 4th ending is like a cliffhanger. You will not know what happened to Geralt. If CD Projekt D will base the next sequel on this ending, the game will be intriguing and people may get to know a new witcher.

With Wild Hunt’s numerous routes, there are many possibilities for Witcher 4. But, it’s clear that Geralt may not be the protagonist in the upcoming game.

Whether you wrung every drop of the griffin’s blood or checked every question mark, Geralt of Rivia’s last adventure ended definitively. Indeed, there are forty various endings, but each ending is a great conclusion to his epic tale.

On the other hand, Ciri has many roads to take. For Witcher 3 players, the best ending is the part when Ciri becomes a roaming Witcher. Ciri has unique abilities. Her skills can become the basis of story arcs and plot twists.

In fact, many fans are speculating that she may appear in Cyberpunk 2077. Ciri can time travel. Also, in Wild Hunt, she mentioned, “I have visited a time when there are towering buildings and flying cars.”

The ending wherein she becomes an Empress can also be expounded further. In Witcher 3, she vowed to bring peace to the continent and to mend the broken bonds between humans and magical creatures. This route could also be a wonderful starting point for the next game.

A New Witcher

A new witcher being mentored by Ciri is on the cards as well. CD Projekt Red might add character customization. With this, you can create and design your own witcher and make him or her the protagonist of the game.

WItcher 4 rumours and release

They have included this feature in Cyberpunk 2077. Being an RPG game, Witcher 4 may allow players to customize characters based on their style.


Jezza could also be the next main character in Witcher 4. Not much material and quests have been credited for her. But remember that Sapkowski’s books feature several short stories that star Jezza.

Still, the novels and the game’s story revolve around Yennefer, Ciri, and Geralt. The next game may also feature an age of dragons in which players can negotiate and command armies. If Ciri is an empress in Witcher 4, there will be lots of possibilities.

In Wild Hunt, it was noted that Eredin’s death heralded a new era. This implied that Ciri will have to face her destiny and that she’s the only one who can end the White Frost.

The Trial of the Grasses

The conclusion of the Trial of the Grasses could also be a good starting point. Many young witchers died in this painful trial, but it bore Geralt. Only three children survived the ordeal. One of them was him.

Witcher 4 may revolve around another survivor of the Trial of the Grasses. And, the characters you have known and loved could either be allies or NPCs.


Staying true to what made Wild Hunt a phenomenal game, CD Projekt D will probably retain the third-person gameplay. The Witcher games became popular because of its lore and its game mechanics.

All of the Witcher games feature adversaries with complex algorithms. They aren’t that easy to vanquish. But with the games’ combat system, players can defeat even the toughest boss if they can execute combos well.

Throughout the Witcher 1 to 3, the gameplay has been consistent. In each sequel, there have been some changes and additions. Still, the “3 fighting styles” remains.

Fast style

This technique enables you to execute fast, but low-damaging attacks. The fast style is efficient when you’re fighting against swift or bulky opponents.

Strong style

The strong style sacrifices attack speed and hit rate for high-damaging blows. The strong style can negate armor rating and resistances.

Group style

Designed for taking down several enemies at once, this style is used when you are facing a group. It features sweeping attacks.

You can switch between styles anytime. The gameplay of the previous Witcher games is flexible. CD Projekt Red may include the same elements in Witcher 4.


Here are the most recent witcher 4 release date trailer news and rumors.

The members of CD Projekt Red are divided into 3 teams. Two teams are working on Cyberpunk 2077. The remaining team is working on another project, which could be the sequel to Wild Hunt.

The official forum moderator of the publisher stated that the sequel might be released around 2021.

Adam Kicinski said that the next game will not be named “The Witcher 4.” Adam is the CEO of CD Projekt Red. Nevertheless, the game will still be based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s hit fantasy novels.

You may only have to wait for two years in order to play the sequel of Wild Hunt. So far, there hasn’t been an official release date for the game. But at least, its developers have given fans ideas of what to expect. Both` the CEO and the founder of CD Projekt Red have hinted that the wait is almost over.

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