Drones for sale: Amazon or Ebay ?

by Pierce Lancaster
Drones for sale: amazon or ebay

We often have to buy various models of drones due to the sort of our activity. When we were rummaging through the tens or even hundreds of drones for sale offers at Amazon and Ebay we’ve found out, that finding a proper seller is quite a tough task. One of the common questions that gets asked is what's the best drone currently on eBay and Amazon?
The usual qualms are either the price is too high, or you may find out from the description that it's not a drone, but only the framework, or the shipping may be way too expensive.

That's why we've decided to dedicate the whole post to the places, or rather — links, where you can buy a drone.

So, below you can find the table with the collection of all the models of the drones, reviewed at our site. In the right column you may see the links to the specific models of drones, represented by the drone's price and the cost of its shipping.

Please note:
Prices for the specific drones can change several times a day and vary within 10-25% limit. We won't attempt to explain why it is so; you should address this question to the sellers.
In this article we will try to pubish the actual prices regularly, for you not to spend much time on studying them.

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The first are drones for sale in the price range under $100.
In fact, these are the toys for a home use: in large rooms or at your backyard. The difference between the prices at Amazon and Ebay is also minor. These drones are good as some gifts or as your first training drone, so that it’s not a big trouble to drown it, break it or lose it after landing.


Drones for sale less than $100

amazon priceebay price
Drones for saleSyma X13 way precision controller / 6 minutes of flying time / Distance control of around 40 meters / 2 Fly Mode / 360° Eversion.
(check review of Syma X1 )
Drones for saleSyma X5CHD camera / Flying time about 7 minutes / Control distance 50m / 6 AXIS Gyro / 4-Channels / 360° Eversion / USB Charging / Charging time about 100 minutes.
(check review of Syma X5C )
Drones for saleHubsan X4 H107CCamera 0.3 MP (video recording module included) / Flight time about 7-8 minutes / Controlling distance about 30 meters / 4-Channel 2.4GHz / Charging time about 50-60 minutes.
(check review of Hubsan X4 H107C )
Drones for saleGenuine Hubsan H107L6-axis flight control system / 4-ways flip / USB charging / Flight time about 9 minutes / Charging time about 30 minutes.
(check customer reviews of Genuine Hubsan H107L )
Drones for saleUDI U818AFlying time about 7-9 minutes / Video camera FPV / Control distance – 100 metres / 6 AXIS Gyro with posture control / Charging time 110-120 minutes / 4 Channels 2.4 GHz radio frequency.
(check review of UDI U818A )
Drones for saleWLtoys V959Quadcopter with Camera / Transmitter with LCD display / Flying time about 8-10 minutes / Control distance about 100-150 meters / Charging time 60-90 minutes / Micro SD Card.
(check more than 200 customer reviews of WLtoys V959 )
Drones for saleWLtoys V333Flying time about 8-10 minutes / Control distance about 100-15- meters / 6 axis GYRO system / Special design cover / Charging time 60-90 minutes.
(check customer reviews of WLtoys V333 )
Drones for saleWLtoys V222Upgraded version of V959 / Flying time about 10 minutes Control distance about 100-150 meters / Charging time 50 minutes / Camera / 360 Degree rotating / 6-Axis Gyro / 2.4G Transmitter.
(check customer reviews of WLtoys V222 )

Drones for sale in the price range of $100-200.
In practice, these models are the ones from the previous table, updated with one or two additional/enhanced gismos, like a camera or an upgraded battery. But, in this case, the difference in prices at Amazon and Ebay can reach up to  $20, and that’s rather significant. So watch out!

Drones for sale from $100 to $200
amazon priceebay price
Drones for saleWalkera QR W100SFlying time about 8 minutes / Control distance about 80 meters / Wifi RC Quadcopter For IOS/Android / HD camera / 4 2.4GHz transmitter / USB dual battery charger.
(check customer reviews of Walkera QR W100S )
Drones for saleGalaxy Visitor 2Flying time about 8 minutes / Charging time 30 minutes / USB battery charger / Anti-crash protector / Micro digital camera / Colorful LED navigation lights / Micro SD card / “Auto-Return” function .
(check review of Galaxy Visitor 2 )
Drones for saleHubsan H107DFlying time about 7 minutes / Control distance about 100 meters / Camera 0.3M pixels / Charging time 30 minutes / 2.4GHz 4 channels with 4.3 Inch LCD Transmitter / 6-axis flight control system / USB charging.
(check review of Hubsan H107D )
Drones for saleGalaxy Visitor 3Flying time about 15 minutes / “Auto-Return” function / Brake function / Colorful LED navigation lights / Video: 1280*720 30fps .avi / Image : 1280*720 96dpi .jpg / Signal loss protection function.
(check review of Galaxy Visitor 3 )


The category of drones for sale at the price range of $200-400. This is not a very homogeneous group, since it contains the guys from the previous table as well as quite mature models, which can provide you with some exciting experience.

Drones for sale from $200 to $400
amazon priceebay price
Drones for saleParrot AR.Drone 2.0 classicFlying time about 18 minutes / 720p high-definition camera / Controlled by iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android / Automatic flight control system / Control distance about 50 meters.
(check review of Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 classic )
Drones for sale Walkera QR X350Flying time about 10-15 minutes / GoPro Camera Mount / GPS hold system / “One key” return options / FPV capability / 6 flight modes / WiFi Version.
(check review of Walkera QR X350 )
Drones for saleCX-20 CheersonFlying time about 15 minutes / Control distance about 300 meters / Charging time 120 minutes / GPS hold system / “Auto-Return” function / Horizontal flight speed is 10m/s / Vertical flight speed is 6 m/s.
(check customer reviews of CX-20 Cheerson )
Drones for saleParrot ar.drone 2.0 power editionSet of 2 HD batteries let you fly up to 36 minutes / AR.Drone 2.0 apps for iOS/Android / 720p HD video / Control distance about 50 meters.
(check review of Parrot ar.drone 2.0 power edition )

Drones for sale for $400-500. Any of these models will be a subject of desire for both – amateurs and prifessionals. The characteristics of these drones’ cameras will allow you to create real photo and video masterpieces. There are models with already built-in HD cameras; there are also drones, which can be equipped with anything you need, including the popular Go-Pros.

As for the differences in prices, this category is even more unpredictable, than the previous ones.

Drones for sale from $400 to $500
amazon priceebay price
Drones for saleDJI PhantomFlying time about 15 minutes / Control distance about 1000 meters / 7 Channels / Horizontal flight speed is 10m/s / Vertical flight speed is 6 m/s / High intensity LED lights / GoPro camera mount
(check more than 450 customer reviews of DJI Phantom )
Drones for saleParrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite EditionHD Camera 720p – 30FPS – H264 / Stabilization system / Carbon fiber tubes / Liquid Repellent Nano-Coating on ultrasound sensors / Wi-Fi b g n / AR.Drone 2.0 apps for iOS/Android.
(check review of Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition )
Drones for sale Parrot Bebop14 megapixels “Fisheye” camera / Video definition: 1920x1080p (30fps) / User-controlled 180° vision / Free piloting application Freeflight 3, for iOS/Android / GNSS chipset that associates the GPS + GLONASS data
(check review of Parrot Bebop )

Definitely, your choice of drones for sale from the price range of $500-1000 will show that you prefer to produce only professional high-class products. These models have large distance control (up to 1 km), which allows you to shoot far from your location, thus, you will be at a safe distance. All the drones are equipped with the powerful batteries; this gives the opportunity of 25 minutes working period without a stop to change the power source.

The prices are again unstable, the difference between Amazon and Ebay can reach up to $200, and no comments are needed in this case.

Drones for sale from $500 to $1000
amazon priceebay price
Drones for saleDJI Phantom 2Flying time about 25 minutes / Control distance about 1000 meters / Ready to fly, multifunctional quad-rotor system / Auto return-to-home & landing / Intelligent orientation control.
(check review of DJI Phantom 2 )
Drones for saleDJI Phantom 2 Vision+Flying time about 25 minutes / ‘Return-to-Home’ / Camera tilt control / Anti-static compass / 5.8 GHz Remote Control Transmitter / Control distance about 700 meters / Advanced GPS navigation.
(check review of DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ )
Drones for saleDJI Phantom 2 With GoPro With 3-Axis Zenmuse H3-3D
(check customer reviews of DJI Phantom 2 With GoPro )
Drones for saleWalkera TALI H500Flying time about 25 minutes / 12-channel FPV radio / 3-axis gimbal / 5’ LCD monitor / 13 Megapixel high-definition / GPS mode / Hyper IOC / Return-to-home function.


Drones for sale above $1,000 — we have only one of these.  This is a professional equipment for journalists, wild nature researchers, photographers or video-operators. Surprisingly, the difference in price between Amazon and Ebay is minor, that’s why we recommend you Amazon with a good conscience.

Drones for sale over $1000
amazon priceebay price
Drones for saleDJI T600 Inspire 1Professional DJI flight control system / Video: 4K 24-30 fps, or 1080p 24-60fps / Photos: 12 Megapixels / HD wireless video transmission / 3-axis, 360⁰ rotating gimbal / Max flight altitude 4500m / Flying time about 18 minutes / Control distance about 2 km.
(check customer reviews of DJI T600 Inspire 1 )

As a conclusion, our choice is definitely Amazon.

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I will always choose to buy from Amazon rather than E-bay, but which of those cheap drones would you recommend ?


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