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Syma X1 4 Channel 2.4G RC QuadCopter

The Syma X1 4 Channel 2.4G RC Quad Copter comes with a plastic UFO body that is 26cm in diameter and metal arms that lead to four rotating blades for an out of this world look. With high Amazon reviews, this RC Quad Copter seems to please both old and young.

It body is shaped like a UFO that is grey with 4 black metal arms leading to grey and black blades. With the red accents and blue dome, this Syma X1 looks great as it flies through the air.

Being easy to fly, the Syma X1 is an excellent choice for beginners to the RC world. Being light weight and having the stability to avoid crashes afford for both indoor and outdoor flights, which is great for those windy days when outdoor flight should be avoided.

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Syma X1 Features

Adjustable gyro sensitivity provided by the built in 3-axis flight control system assists in providing an amazingly stable flight. In addition, agility is no issues when it comes to 3D Full flight that moves in six directions; up, down, left, right, forward, and backward with the three way precision controller. It has the moves that can only be considered amazing.

This 3D maneuverability gives the stability and agility to perform the pirouette like moves. This ability to carry out many fun flips; including, 360° Eversion rolls, and much more along with the speed up mode ensures that this Syma X1 is fun and exciting to fly. Any RC beginner or expert is sure to enjoy.

The controller has two joysticks for better maneuverability, switches for fine tuning and an eversion switch. It has an LCD display and power indicator. Also included, is an antenna to contribute to control, switches and buttons to select modes and an on/off button.


Syma X1 Specifications

The strong plastic and metal body frame is lightweight for better maneuverability and less power consumption. With a 3.7V/350mAH Li-po battery that is compact, you can get five to six minutes of flying time with around 40 minutes of charging on your Syma X1.

Long distance control of around 40 meters, strong anti-interference ability, and rapid response is provided the 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology and four channels available. No longer is there an issue with your model not doing what you want it to. The Syma X1 has this covered.

The Syma X1 4 Channel 2.4G RC Quad Copter comes with everything you need to get started. Included are the 3-axis quadcopter, the controller, battery, four blades, and user manual. At a shipping weight of 1.4 pounds, you should have no problem picking this model up.

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