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Last year there was great speculation about New DJI Phantom 3 Release in 2015. Would it be similar to the DJI Phantom 2, or would it be completely different from the other DJI flying drones on the market? Fortunately, the waiting has ended, and the new DJI Phantom 3 looks similar in appearance to the 2, in quadcopter style with a white glossy finish, but with upgraded gold banded markings. The gold metallic paint confirms that you’re going to be paying for this flying drone, but it’s going to be worth it. As with the Phantom 2, a video camera worthy of any professional videographer is tucked underneath to record breathtaking video and to take crystal clear snapshots. The 3 is still packed full of all the features of the 2, with many improvements, making it easier to control, and to take photographs and video worthy of the film aficionado.

Who is DJI?

DJI makes a line of professional quality flying drones built with exceptionally high definition video cameras, that have many commercial applications. DJI specializes in flight control technology and camera stability, to make them an industry leader in flying drones.

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These flying drones are used by filmmakers, real estate agents, and photographers, to capture stunning video and still images, to be used for promotional and entertainment purposes. The DJI Phantom 3 has been eagerly anticipated by both professionals and hobbyists alike. DJI encourages flying drone pilot education to protect your investment. There are many courses and clubs you can join to learn how to fly a DJI Phantom 3, before deciding on a purchase.

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Exciting Features of the Phantom 3

The Phantom 3 will record professional quality footage from a perspective that you can’t reach with a traditional video camera. The camera lens promises crystal clear resolution, and a real-time high definition video display. Intuitive flight controls promise instant flight changes, without lag time.

Incredible Camera Images

The integrated camera on the DJI Phantom 3 is integrated into the drone and provides exceptional video and still image quality, that’s suitable for playing on a big movie screen. The camera stabilization system will capture crisp, clear images, with high definition resolution, and bright colors. New DJI Phantom 3 ReleasePhoto by
Two camera options include the Phantom 3 Professional, which has a 4K camera, while the Phantom 3 Advanced comes with a 1080p HD camera. You’ll be able to merely watch the landscape pass by, or have the option to press the record button to capture video and images, which can be edited into film for later usage. The Phantom 3 Professional camera will film 4K video at 30 frames per second, and take snapshots at a high resolution of 12 megapixels. Photos will be sharper and crisper than on the earlier Phantom 2 model. The 3 has a special camera lens that eliminates the usual distortion from the air. Its f/2.8 and a 94 degree field of view aids in filming from the air. This camera is built in nine parts. Two aspherical parts reduce the weight of the camera, allowing the DJI Phantom 3 to soar higher than ever before. The camera shoots what you actually see, with no distortion of colors, shades, or hues. The Phantom 3 advanced camera is perfect for the professional who needs perfect video for their business. This camera shoots at 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second. Like the Pro, it also has a twelve megapixel camera. It also has an f/2.8 and a 94 degree field of view, preventing distortion when filming from the air. A 3-axis gimbal will keep your camera in perfect alignment with the horizon, so that your footage is always stable.

Live HD View

Your smart phone or tablet can be attached to the radio controller unit, and this is where you can view live streaming video from your DJI Phantom 3, as it soars through the skies. As your flying drone flies through the air, you’ll be able to see what it sees, in the exact same time. This is possible through the DJI Lightbridge image transmission technology, which is similar to what is used in most professional industry quality equipment.

Phantom 3 Remote Controller

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The remote controller has the standard two controller sticks, and a power on/off button, and return to home button. It comes in matching white finish with grey highlights. The remote controller will ergonomically fit in your hands, to eliminate long flight fatigue. The DJI Phantom 3 can also be controlled through the use of an Android or iOS smart app.

Incredible Range

Whether you’re using the 3 for commercial purposes or for your hobby, the DJI Phantom 3 is for more than flying around your home or neighborhood. You can take it with you on vacations, in addition to using it for commercial purposes. You’ll be able to fly your new DJI Phantom 3 out to a range of 1.2 miles, or 2 kilometers. But don’t worry, it won’t get lost, with its return to home button feature, or internal sensor that tells it when it’s gone out of range.

Control the 3 with the Mobile App

In addition to the flight controller unit, you can control the Phantom 3 through the smart phone or tablet app. The radio controller can still be used for take offs and landings. Simply attach your device to the controller unit, and install the app. You’ll be able to control your camera, and the flight settings, all from here. The user interface is easy to use for full camera functions, and flight coordinates. You can do on the spot video editing, so your footage is ready for viewing. Upload to Youtube to share immediately with friends, family, or colleagues. You’ll also be able to livestream all video to Youtube, so everyone can watch in real time. A live map will help you to track your flying drone’s location. The mobile app works with all devices that run iOS and Android.

Enhanced Flight Controls

The vision positioning system of the DJI Phantom 3 allows for accuracy. You’ll be able to safely fly it indoors, and low to the ground. In areas where there is no GPS, you’ll be able to rely on its vision positioning system. The quadcopter will be able to detect its positioning and move accurately through the air.

Automatic Flight Controls

While the different flight controls of the DJI Phantom 3 can make flying sound difficult, this quadcopter is actually easy to fly. It’ll make the flying experience intuitive, and easy to understand. You’ll be able to have complete control of your drone, while it automatically handles the complexity of flying. There will be no more worries about losing your DJI Phantom 3 in the air. The auto pilot system will allow for worry-free piloting. It’s available with the touch of a button, should you start feeling fatigued, or not want to manually fly your drone back to home. Three exceptional features are at your command. 1. Auto Takeoff: There’s no need to fiddle with the controllers, simply tap the “button” in the smart app, and your DJI Phantom 3 will rise into the air, and hover at a pre-set height, until you enter directional controls. 2. Auto Return-Home: If GPS is available in the area you’re flying, you can tap the auto return-home control in the app and the DJI Phantom 3 will be able to remember its original coordinates, and fly back to its exact starting position. 3. Failsafe: If your Phantom 3 detects its battery running low, or if it flies far out of range of your controller, it will automatically turn itself around, and return to you.

Propulsion System

Each of the four quadcopter motors gives your Phantom 3 the power it needs to fly out to distances of nearly 1.2 miles. Its brushless motors work with fast ESCs to make your Phantom 3 faster, and more agile than the Phantom 2.

How to Fly the new DJI Phantom 3

You’ll enjoy flying the DJI Phantom 3, but it’s important to read all the flight literature first. Ensure that you’re conforming to local UAS flight regulations, and find a large open space to fly your drone. Remove from the packaging, and install propeller guards and ensure the battery is charged up, as well as spare ones. Remove the lens cap on the camera, and the gimbal clamp. Install your Micro SD card. Be sure to take your time to familiarize yourself with flying the DJI Phantom 3, and take your time practicing basic moves. When beginning, the S1 and S2 switches need to be in position 1, or the most upward position.

Intelligent Battery to Keep the DJI Phantom 3 in the Air Longer

The battery is equipped with higher voltage, so your quadcopter stays in the air longer. The battery pack is equipped with sensors, so you’ll know exactly how much power you have left. Recharging is quick and easy, and has been upgraded from the Phantom 2 to provide a faster charging time. DJI has fine tuned the DJI Phantom 2 into the DJI Phantom 3. You’ll be impressed by the advanced flight controls and incredible video quality of this flying drone. It’s hard to say how DJI is going to top this flying drone one or two years from now. The DJI manufacturer is definitely worth keeping an eye on to see what the next Phantom offering will be.

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