Ultimate Review Of Best Frisbee Cleats In 2023

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Just a while ago, Frisbee was considered a relaxing sport that people played while lounging in parks or on picnics with their friends, kids or even dogs. Throwing a frisbee disc around the park was a major occurrence in movies and pop culture as well but the times and sport have now changed. Ultimate Frisbee is now considered to be a major sport that is competitive and requires ultimate throwing techniques, strategies, and strength.

The requirements to participate in Ultimate Frisbee are still minimal with only a pair of Ultimate Frisbee cleats and a quality frisbee disc. It is for the former i.e. Ultimate Frisbee cleats that this guide has been curated comprehensively to cover all that you need to know about the best Ultimate Frisbee cleats out there.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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#1 Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial

The Adidas Copa Mundial is widely considered to be the best cleats in sports footwear and is worn by a lot of professionals as well as the general players of not just soccer and football but also Ultimate Frisbee. They have been on the market for around 50 years and are still looking well set to last another 50 due to the amount of good quality craftsmanship and detailing is done in these cleats. It is impossible to imagine a pair of cleats more widely acknowledged than the Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial.

Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial

The Copa Mundial is ideal for playing on turf or grass and you will have to attach studs use them on wet surfaces. The rubberized sole on these cleats provides great contact and resistance with the ground which is quite better than the plastic soles that also wear easily. The materials used to create a pair of Copa Mundial is high-quality and better than most of the all-plastic cleats that are available on the market. This though is the reason why they are costlier than most of the generic cleats out there.

One of the major USP with the Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial is also that it accommodates people with wide feet very comfortable which cannot be said for the other options generally available. The K-leather material used is known to stretch in all the right places after a few uses to become a tailor-fit pair for your feet. Leather construction also makes sure that these pair of cleats will be sturdy, provide better support and greater stability, all things important for Ultimate Frisbee performance. Opt for the Adidas Copa Mundial if you want a pair of cleats that are comfortable, sturdy and made to last for a long time.


  • Ideal for wide feet
  • Breaking in the shoes will not take long 
  • Great stability & support
  • Sturdy and durable and many found the shoe to last for much more than a season


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Some people found this model to run one size larger than their actual size

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#2 Nike Men’s Phantom Vision Academy

A snugly-fitting and premium pair of cleats with a fair price tag is the best way to describe the Nike Men’s Phantom. The Phantom Vision Academy are laceless boot-look alike with studs on them and are quite good at enduring a lot of damage in Ultimate Frisbee games. If you prefer having no laces on your cleats but also need to have them fit snugly around your feet than the Phantom Vision is your best bet as it mixes the aesthetic of a Chelsea boot and functioning of a pair of cleats.

Nike Men’s Phantom Vision Academy

The Phantoms provide a tight grip overall and are comfortable in the soles to allow for great balance and control in playing condition. The designing is effective in ensuring that you don’t lose any amount of balance or face slipping in extreme wet conditions. The Dynamic Fit collar around the ankle is stretchy so as to allow more movement of the feet but also wrapping the ankle safely. The designing and material both combine to ensure that you can perform multi-directional cuts or full-length sprints at a moment’s notice while playing Ultimate Frisbee. The rubber outsole removes any worry about having to play on different types of fields like natural grass, synthetic turf or dirt surfaces. The whole outsole has been so designed and duly marketed by Nike as providing efficient performance on all types of grounds. 

The fit being snuggly on the Nike Men’s Phantom Vision Academy though has its disadvantages as it can be a bit narrow for some people which is why we recommend you to go for a size bigger for the perfect fit. The material is also extremely durable and stronger than the other options but does trap heat inside which can cause a bit of discomfort if you wear them for hours at a stretch.


  • Concealed laces and an overall modern look
  • Allows great amount of foot movement  
  • Good amount of responsiveness needed to move quickly 
  • Outsole suitable for any surface


  • A few users found this football boot to be tough to put on quickly as it is narrow in the middle

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#3 New Balance Men’s Burn Mid Speed Lacrosse Shoe

The New Balance pair of cleats are the best cleats for downhill play in Ultimate Frisbee sports. Although officially made for lacrosse, their design allows for safe and easy pacing down a hill or a slope while chasing an object like a frisbee. This pair of cleats are the most highly reviewed and suggested pair for players who need to play in sloping or uneven environments as they provide a perfect mix of protection and acceleration while being on a player’s feet.

New Balance Men’s Burn Mid Speed Lacrosse Shoe

The New Balance Burn Mid Speed is a quality investment at its somewhat higher price tag than the general Ultimate Frisbee cleats. Whatever extra price that you are paying is justified by the quality of material used in the construction of this shoe. The upper part of this cleat is made of textile fiber and synthetic which makes for a very stretch but solid upper build. Non-toxic ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR) is used in the outer sole of the New Balance Burns which is an artificial plastic with functions similar to rubber but no disadvantages of latex. This outer sole ensures that the cleats offer resistance to wear and tear, skidding or slipping on different types of surfaces. Deformation of the outsole due to regular play is also minimal as the material ensures durability and elasticity at the same time. The bottom is curated by using ThermoPlastic Polyurethane (TPU) cleats that offer a steady grip while aiding faster movements and twists-turns.

All of the quality material used in these cleats ensures the cleats remain lightweight while being resistant to slipping, splitting, abrasions, etc. Certainly go for the New Balance Men’s Burn Mid Speed Lacrosse shoe if you need a sturdy pair that hold you in the ground with a firm grip but aids quick movements at the same time.


  • Comes with unique plate for excellent push-offs and quick acceleration
  • Good grip and anti-slipping
  • Durable thanks to a thick rubber sole and TPU upper


  • The white colour can get dirty easily 

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#4 Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Low Jr. RM Shoes

Under Armour is now rightly considered a brand on par with bigwigs like Nike Adidas and the Leadoff Low RM is certainly a great pair of Ultimate Frisbee cleats from them. Although branded as a baseball shoe, we are sure that this type of cleats can be used quite effectively for Ultimate Frisbee. The Leadoff pair provides a high level of maneuverability with its low-top arch designing. The cleats are well-built with synthetic leather used on its upper portion to make it lightweight yet firm. The sole beneath is a full rubber molded sole that provides firmness but also allows the feet to fit and get comfortable inside.

Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Low Jr. RM Shoes

Color options with these pairs of cleats from Under Armour are also appealing with stylish looking pieces available in blue, black, white or red. The midsole of these cleats is made from high-quality material that is at full length to give a cushioning effect while dispersing even pressure on the foot throughout. The middle and sole combine together to absorb shocks are really tough and durable on any surface. Synthetic leather upper-part attached to them creates a potent combination with extreme comfort, good support and highly durable functioning of these Ultimate Frisbee cleats.

The cleats are breathable through with a mesh covering inside and do not trap any form of heat into the shoes. So, your feet remain comfortable, dry and most importantly, safe from sharp objects inside the Under Armour Men’ Leadoff Low RM cleats. Pick these up for their optimum performance on nearly every aspect of consideration.


  • Breathable thanks to a mesh tongue
  • Little to no time required to break in these shoes as they are soft and has a flexible upper
  • Protective due to the abrasion resistant forefoot


  • Some people suggest going up half a size

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#5 Vizari Striker FG

While the Vizari Striker FG might not be as well known as the other options on this list but it is surely a great pair of Ultimate Frisbee cleats that you can get your hands on. The brand in itself is not to be taken lightly as they are quite serious about the quality and services that offer people. The Striker FG is their offering which is best suited for small children and is available for cheap.

Vizari Striker FG

The USP for these pairs of Ultimate Frisbee cleats would be their price only passing the quality and the stability they provide by a small margin. The Striker FG cleats provide a good deal of safety to the feet along with the right stability and traction on the ground. The laces can be also be tucked inside a flexible tongue which saves you from tripping by getting under your own feet or somebody else. You can use the Vizari cleats right away for soccer, football and especially Ultimate Frisbee for the sport to an extremely long duration of time.

The actual pair of cleats run half a size higher than the other contemporary brands to be more accommodating for wide feet and toes. This also leaves enough room for growth if you are selecting these for your kids and they will be undergoing growth in their foot size. It also saves you from the hassle of having cleats that get small on the feet in a short while for children although probably for just a relatively longer period. 

Socks are also recommended as they can not only create a good, snug fit inside the cleats but also absorb the sweat and unnecessary heat-trapping inside the shoes. Buy the Vizari Striker FG if you are looking for a quality pair of Ultimate Frisbee cleats for your kids that won’t break the bank.


  • Good traction as the spikes provide a solid grip on grassy fields
  • Good value for money 
  • Caters to children from the age of 4 to 12 which is much more than other brands


  • Not available in adult sizes

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

Professional Kleats For Disc

Type of studs

There are generally very few cleats available specifically for Ultimate Frisbee and thus you will have to consider the ones used in other sports like soccer or football. That being said, the rounded cleats which help a lot in pivoting and turning will help soccer players but not Ultimate Frisbee enthusiasts. Oval or I-shaped studs beneath the shoes are what Ultimate Frisbee players should opt for as they offer a lot of resistance which is necessary for playing the sport.


While Ultimate Frisbee does not require as much movement as other sports like football but a good flexible pair of cleats can still go a long way in performance. Flexibility helps you to start and stop easily at moments and move freely without much resistance from a cleats' soles or upper part. Shock-absorbing cleats that are easily bendable should be a top choice for optimum performance and to avoid physical injuries like foot pain, soreness, muscle tears.


Weight of your shoes matters always, more so when you are opting for a pair that you have to play in. A good thumb rule is to always note the weight of your preferred Ultimate Frisbee cleats and select a pair that is as lightweight as possible. 

Even a few more ounces or grams of weight can impact the muscles and your feet severely in effect, inhibiting your best performance. Also, cleats are usually made from synthetic materials and heavy material will not allow for much air circulation, increasing perspiration, and heat. Lightweight material that has a few holes in it is the most comfortable pair you can opt for.


Durability is another important aspect of selecting the Ultimate Frisbee cleats. Synthetic material generally used in the cleats available in the market is durable for a short while only but leather ones are quite better. A leather cleat is durable even when exposed to harsh conditions like rain, mud, and other situations of daily wear. Leather is also less prone to shredding and tearing as are the underside or soles used in leather cleats. But if you are going for the easily available option then thick plastic ones are more durable than the rubber Ultimate Frisbee cleats.


The soles of your Ultimate Frisbee cleats should provide support to your feet and also comfort at the same time. A good sole is one that has been so shaped and designed so as to fit the curvature of your feet and help remove unnecessary pressure on the ball of your foot. While thin, lightweight soles are generally marketed as superior by companies, they wear out quickly and also get cracked very easily. Thick and durable soles that are not hefty and withstand wear and tear are best for Ultimate Frisbee in all soil conditions.


Now, your comprehensive list for Ultimate Frisbee cleats takes care of this area but if you are or want to opt for something else, make sure to go with a reputed brand. 

A good brand usually has a high-performance record and is also more bang for your buck. It is also to be noted that investing in a pair of high-quality Ultimate Frisbee cleats from a valuable brand is better than opting for cheap ones or knock-offs. Sticking to brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma and Under Armour will ensure you get relatively superior quality than the other options. 


Like any other sport, you’re only as good as your equipment allows and since the quality of your cleats is responsible for the traction you have on the field and fluidity of your movements. So consider factors beyond just the price tag before choosing one. 

Ultimate Frisbee is an emerging sport and the community is not as large or well-developed as other games like soccer, football or baseball. Purchasing a frisbee and its accessories will help in a small way into designing better products and funding teams!

Editor Notes:

Wrap Up: Our Choice

As you look for the best Frisbee cleats, it will help if you consider various factors such as durability, weight, and flexibility. Consider the brand selling the cleats. If it is a reputable brand, the cleats will most likely be of high-quality as the brand wouldn’t want to ruin its reputation. 

As such, if you want to choose the best frisbee cleats from the products on our list, we recommend you go for the Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial. Apart from offering the best features, the cleats are by Adidas, which is a reputable brand in the sports field. 

The cleats are ideal for professional players, and they stand out for their craftsmanship and high quality. Some of the Copa Mundial cleats' best features include the rubber sole that offers better contact and resistance.

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